By Alex Bruce

Witnessing the erosion of our legal system, while the Mainstream Media cheers it along and gaslights hundreds of millions of Americans that it is justified has been one of the most distressing features of the past three years.

We’ve all been subjected to the psychological civil war and endless coup that began in January 2017, that is ultimately not about Donald Trump. It’s an attack on the US legal system and a daily attempt to overthrow our system of government.

California Representative, Devin Nunes sat down with Siraj Hashmi from the Washington Examiner in a rare interview, in which he is actually treated fairly.

Hashmi is a Left-leaning journalist during a time when his colleagues in the corrupt, Dinosaur Media do not practice fairness, let alone journalism, in their mission to obscure decades of Deep State corruption now coming to light.

Nunes gives an overview of the situation; the criminality, the laws that have been broken and that continue to be broken every day and the legal steps that are being taken.

“It went from a campaign dirty trick to an attempted coup on the presidency of the United States and now we’re in a status of a permanent coup, where, you know we’re gonna have these Ukraine Hoaxes and every day is gonna be something new.”

The politicization of the highest levels of US intelligence agencies under the Obama Administration created fertile ground to germinate this endless barrage of politically-motivated, manipulated intelligence that we’ve been seeing, starting with the “Intelligence Community Assessment” on Russian inteference in the 2016 elections to the Sham Impeachment in 2020.

Nunes explains, the previous administration was rife with cover-ups. “Whether it was the Benghazi attack or the rise of ISIS or the Iran nuclear agreement…all of those things were cover-ups.

“So, it was kind of a slow, rotten decay at the top levels.”

First, there were massive leaks of very sensitive information, such as Lt Gen Michael Flynn’s phone call, as incoming National Security Adviser with the Russian Ambassador.

“Every FBI agent in Washington DC should have been descending on that to figure out how did that leak out… There’s been no investigation. Nobody’s been brought to justice for high-level leaks.”

The “Intelligence Community Assessment”, that Nunes calls the “Obama Dossier” was delivered on January 6, 2017, before Trump was sworn in, alleging that Russia had interfered with the 2016 Presidential Election. It’s ridden with false statements, deceptive word tricks, DNC talking points, partisan media hit pieces and with claims that originated in the discredited Steele Dossier. It appears to have been written by public relations agents, rather than by intelligence analysts. This document, like the Mueller Report and the Sham Impeachment represents a conspiracy by a group of people to defraud the US Government.

The illegally-obtained FISA warrants in the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign involved a fraud on the court and a violation of the civil rights of those illegally spied-upon.  

With a DOJ and other branches of the Government still infested with members the Resistance, Nunes’ office is currently dealing with an Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) who is refusing to provide evidence to back up their claim that the so-called whistleblower followed all the rules as they relate to the Ukraine Hoax.

“We’re asking for documentation for what the ICIG has said – not to mention that the whistleblower lied on the form and said that he had not spoken to Congress. We now know that he had spoken to the Democrats; the House Intelligence Committee.

“We don’t know who they talked to, because that’s all murky but likely, this is someone who was tied closely and to have known Schiff and/or his staff for for many years. So, another operative…

“If we don’t get that documentation, we will have another referral, based on that.” The criminal referrals are piling up as fast as the crimes daily committed.

It’s obvious, from the synchronization and scripting of fraudulent talking points, that the Dinosaur Media are co-conspirators in this endless coup.

About this, Nunes says, “The days of newspapers and Legacy Media networks, they’re all on a slow trajectory downward.

“You can see how many millions of Americans have been poisoned by the content of Legacy Media and Billionaire Media…[and] people don’t know what the Hell is going on anymore.”

As a workaround to the foot-dragging of the DOJ, Nunes is civilly suing CNN, Twitter, McClatchey and Fusion GPS for defamation and libel.

“McClatchy, which is one of the largest newspaper companies in the country, they slander, libel me virtually every day and they’ve refused to retract their stories. Obviously, we spoke about Fusion GPS, which I believe is a racketeering outfit. They’ve destroyed a lot of innocent US citizens and others, so we’re looking at them.

“And then you have the mother of all the Fake News, which is CNN. After the Republicans in the house, even with no witnesses, our [in]ability to call… witnesses, we destroyed their witnesses. By all practical measurement, the House Republicans on the Intelligence Committee destroyed the Democrat’s witnesses.

“Right when that got finished…they slandered me immediately, when we finished that round of hearings, before we left for Thanksgiving. That was a planned and calculated attack on me, to go after my credibility and therefore, the Republican Party’s credibility, all part of the narrative-building that these assassins prostitute themselves in the media to do…”

The Fake News has been engaging in the axiom that, “If you tell a lie enough times, it just becomes true, which is kind of almost a Marxist and Socialist concept, is that and I think the Mainstream Media have convinced themselves, because they want to…believe this, that they just have a right to go out and say whatever the Hell they want about public figures.

“But the truth is, it’s not legal. Especially, if you do it with with malice. So we have a little bit of a higher bar but I don’t think one can argue that that in all of these cases that the malice isn’t clearly there…

“So far, the courts have been ruling in my favor and ironically, none of these slanderous organizations want to meet us in court because they’re refusing to – they’ve slowed down the process to just a crawl, so it’s going to take time but in the end, I have to have faith in that the courts will step in and they’ll enforce the law and ultimately, all of these Fake News stories will come down [be taken off the Internet] and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

“We still haven’t gotten to the bottom of the Black Ledger, yet, OK?…It originated in Ukraine and it was used to to investigate Paul Manafort. So, this was money that Paul Manafort and many other swamp creatures around here, Republican and Democrat, they’ve long been gleaning onto money that’s coming out of the former Soviet countries, especially Ukraine.

“So, somebody wrote essentially a fake document, we believe that dirtied-up Manafort, that triggered a criminal investigation. Now, it looks like later, they did find something that Manafort had done wrong, but it had nothing to do the Trump campaign.

“But that document was fraudulent. Why would people in Ukraine, who created that document, how did it end up in the in the hands of our intelligence agencies and be used to justify this investigation into the Trump campaign, which we now know is all a hoax and wrong?

So, the idea that myself or Rudy Giuliani would be investigating Ukraine and there’s something wrong with that is nonsense and the media tried to spin that all kinds of different ways. I’ve always said the same thing for a long time: we’ve been looking at Ukraine and continue to look at figures in Ukraine because we want to figure out what the Hell was going on there.”