Letter to Slater and Gordon, the shameless law firm which protected alleged fraud by solicitor Juliar Gillard, this ALP dominated bunch of lawyers should have been struck off by the Law Society years ago…….

‘I write on behalf of some of my peers and fellow Australians with regard to your action in pursuing compensation for the illegal immigrants on Manus Island.

These immigrants came to Australia without invitation, were rescued by our Defence personnel who put their own lives at risk, were fed and lodged at cost to Australian taxpayers and, were free to return to their own country at any time. The conditions in which they lived on Manus Island are no worse than many legal immigrants who have arrived here for many years and who, in times past, lived in conditions much less well outfitted than those on Manus. They were able to communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world courtesy of the Australian people paying for the privilege of providing the internet and telephone services.

You have stolen money from all Australians, with your alleged human rights claim. We have people in our communities who are homeless, aged and sick who need assistance also. Will you provide legal aid to them free of charge and pay your own costs to represent them ? I think not.

My disdain for your company and their ilk is immeasurable.

I sincerely wish that I could afford to take you to Court and that my request that every illegal on Manus pay back the cost of their rescue and board and lodging, would be granted. That will not of course happen due to the fact that people like yourself have no shame and are willing to extort monies from Australian taxpayers.’

Forwarded by Ray Payne OAM