We must ask the questions:

Why did the 2016 online census form crash?

Was it sheer volume of traffic on and untested system – or was it a

Denial of Service attack that breached the ABS site?

Why was the website not protected for Denial of Service (DoS) attack that must have been first consideration to the projected national millions of logins on the ABS website, especially after the Minister and that conga line of government politicians spouting chest beating accolades of the first cyber census being impregnable, very secure and compulsory ?


What happened?

Until we the people get evidence the system did not crash from government incompetence utilising an external force attacked the site, we can only wallow in the media puppets feeding out Canberra whitewash.

We have been informed that;


  • That data has not been compromised.


  • That a computer router failed the system but not the reason.


  • That the system was showing problems during the day yet David Kalisch, head of the Australian Bureau of  Statistics at 3pm assured all Australians from a media meeting that all was well and ready to go.


In plain speak it seems there was glitches in the system before the alleged attacks started so to proceed without rectification of problems is suicide for any system. So can we assume IBM being the system contractor gave the go ahead?

If a suspected Denial of Service- attacks [DoC] was happening, the first move would be to set in place blocking software. A quick explanation of DoC is a person or person simulating millions of website access and viewing thus overloading servers.

It does not take a computer engineer of experience hacker to conduct a DoS Denial of Service-attacks. A wide array of programs are used by hackers and youths to launch an attack via a variety of computer software tools available, including paid and free versions, with different features.

Suggestion the DoS came from outside Australia can only but generate laughter for free software on any home/office computer can show it is in any country of the world and random location on a continuous carousel of countries.

Enter the Government SPOOKS of Cybrespace. Australian Signal Directorate are the spooks with clandestine expertise we are led to believe hold all the answers. Expect a well worded smokescreen to appease damage control in Canberra.

We must suspect the problem being government and their historic consistency of cover-up all threats to their power-base, there is a reason for all to be concerned.