The aroma of burning rubber, the awe of 7000 spectators and the thrill of 360 degree burnouts proved too much for Bob Katter when he jumped into the co-pilot’s seat of a super charged Monaro at Springmount drag races in the burn-out competition on Saturday.


The superb Monaro belongs to Ross Heasley of Victoria who is leading in the  points score on the national drag circuit.

The 1000 horse power drag machine proved to be the ultimate rush for the Member for Kennedy  when he took katter-drags-3to the track for the second time, ensuring there was no hat waving from this mean machine.

The enthusiastic crowd cheered when the seasoned Member told them after the ride it was the “ultimate terror” because his ‘brothers, uncles and cousins’ from Cloncurry would not be able to recognise him as he had just turned white.