If you live in the bush or regional areas it is too late to call a cop!


Posted on March 25, 2015, in General. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Bloody Oath that is ever so true,today ! I’m now running around our street alone more nights helping others..l but, be warned if I get my HANDS ON THEM ! Cause I doubt they will see thy light of thy next day,when I do 😢😢😢 but, it’s them who will be feeding them crows in Oz…..

  2. Oh well, now I’ve said my thoughts here. I await to see how long it is before a knock on the door is, or a visit GONNA take them all ! 😱

  3. Peter Schuback

    22 Magnum , x 2 410 shot gun by 12 gauge , 223 long range plus , Break in while I am home . Do me a favour before you do and ring the body snatchers

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