Mr. Scott Morrison MP.

Minister for Immigration & Border Protection.

P.O Box 6022,

Parliament House,

Canberra, ACT. 2600.

Dear Mr. Morrison,

Sir, I had the pleasure of attending a question and answer forum conducted by you, at Tea Tree Gully, SA. just prior to the federal election. During that forum I made a suggestion, Australia should never grant Australian citizenship to illegal immigrants. Whether that was seen as politically incorrect, or perhaps racially motivated, I make absolutely no apologies. I am not driven, nor choked by political correctness, nor am I racially biased, though I openly state a singular concern, being the Islamic threat. I pray that the democratic process is in order, sufficient for you to address the concerns of this sixty eight year old, retiree, war service credited & deeply concerned Australian.

The media is again priming us for the news, Australia is about to embark on yet another U.S led war jaunt against the evil of Islam. Sir, I beg your indulgence in taking the time to view that, which, I offer up for consideration, hopefully, effecting a total rethink on the Islamic problem in total.

It is my belief; the war against Islam has already been lost. Whatever effort in resources of materials and men the Americans and her allies intend pitting against radical Islam, shall prove, as previous, simply another valuable benefit to Islam. The strategic and tactical brilliance employed by Islam, far exceeds the single minded and predictable response by a side, both fearful of the world of Islam and grossly ignorant

of the mechanism that drives it.

Three blindingly obvious points of evidence support my appraisal of the situation:

1. U.S and its allies appear convinced Islamic terror groups are simply fragmented groups, working independently without a central leadership – I believe this notion to be totally without foundation.

2. Islam has studied mythology well, and in so doing, conceived a strategy that is as successful as the story relates. I refer to the myth of the “Trojan Horse”, in which the unsuspecting Trojans, gladly and willingly, drew in the very people who were to destroy them.

By committing such unbelievable horrors, as perpetrated by Islam in the Middle East, destroying property and killing unknown numbers of their own, they are in fact creating an Islamic “Trojan Horse”. The effect is creating vast numbers of Islamic refugees, sufficient to swamp the western world. Such refugees, many of whom are taken to the bosom of unknowing and ignorant western countries, who’s self imposed, nonsensical culture of Christian benevolence is a blinding weakness. Why, on Gods earth, does Government even possess a notion that Muslim refugees are a different breed to those fundamentalists, who behead and torture. Islamic refugees are simply the pawns, ripe for radicalisation, ready to be called upon to unleash the same murderous treatment on their hosts. Already, Australia has too many concealed Islamic terrorists calling Australia home, but ready to challenge its peace in the most awful way.

3. The west has already lost through fear of Islam, and is able to respond only in total desperation. The value of injecting fear into the enemy has been proven so effective in the past, sufficient to win the battle before the battle. Vlad the Impaler, displayed twenty thousand impaled souls before an invading army. The fear, rapidly infused, was sufficient and the invaders fled. Our strategies and tactics only work against us. Islam shall have its day. Once the fear has been absorbed, there is little else to do.

The election outcome should have provided sufficient evidence to all, the general concern of the Australian people with regards the unfettered flood of illegal Muslim immigrants. Even we, the uneducated and unwashed members of the public, are able to make judgement as to whom, constitute value as citizens. In every Islamic country there is bloodshed. Every country that has supported Muslim immigration, now suffer deep regret.

Islam is the greatest threat to world peace. Mr. Abbott has stated that terrorism is a possibility in Australia. I would say to Mr. Abbott, “Terrorism is a certainty”, already brewing and under construction right under his nose.

The Government, according to reports via the Government tightly controlled media would have us believe, have successfully dealt with the tide of unwanted illegal’s, in accordance with its pre election promise.

However, this apparently leaves sufficient space for four thousand Syrian, Islamic refugees. The “Trojan Horse” is being well oiled.

May I be sufficiently impudent to enquire as to the inferred gain – stopping illegal Muslims by boat, or sending the humanitarian boat to pick them up? As the UK has found to its horror, home grown Muslims are so easily radicalised by the teachings of Allah. National pride is absent and observance of the laws of the country, systematically displaced by Islamic terrorist doctrine. Know your friends, but better to know your enemies.

The media display dead, injured and displaced Muslim children, victims of Israeli war criminals – an orchestrated and clever ruse to provide the grist for the “Trojan Horse”. Islamic children dead and displaced shall very soon be replaced by Australian, British, American and other western, dead and displaced children – unless Islamic strategy is quickly recognised and countered. The media appears to condemn Israel for its stand against Islam – the only country with the guts to do so. We in the west are not led, but being dragged along a very, very dark path, without the protection of the fundamentals of democracy to protect us.

Sir, I realise your time is valuable, but time spent with the truth, is time well spent. I pray that my knowledge is taken seriously.

Sir, my kindest regards,

An Australian