As the US Government and it’s
criminal Representatives in Congress
and the mockingbird media set up
ISIS as the new "all-powerful"
Boogeyman to be feared, Lt. General
McInerney says, "We May Not Have
Seen the Last of Flight 370" and that
we should go to DEFCON 1.

Astoundingly, he claims we might see
MH370 re-emerge on 9/11/2014!
Meanwhile, Mike Honda, a criminal
Democrat from California has introduced
a Bill to BAN Americans from buying or
owning body armor.

As I detail at 23:40 in this interview, we
see FALSE FLAG operations again and again,
with the underwear bomber, on 7/7 in London,
and on 9/11 to name just a few recent
examples. Beware of the very real possibility
of yet another False Flag event in the days,
weeks and months ahead.

Video (under 37 mins):

US Funds Sent to Iraq Inssted Diverted to Create:
MH370 and ISIS – US Soil – Terror Alert

– Alexandra

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