We know that our air and water
is polluted but studies have
shown that we are actually
exposed to more cancerous
toxins within our own homes
than we are from outside toxins,
starting with the outgassing of
PBDEs, flame retardants that
saturate clothing, carpeting and
electronics, such as computers,
the fumes from household cleaning
products, self-care products from
skin lotions to make-up to
deodorants, the EMF surrounding
us everywhere we go, but particularly
that come from cellphones and WiFi,
the Bisphenol A that is outgassing
from plastic products used to line
canned foods and is used in most
of the packaging in our food, the
preservatives, food coloring and
other questionable chemicals which
are present in processed foods –
down to the GMOs which are
altering our own DNA.

The best cure is prevention and
the avoidance or elimination of
these substances from our lives.

Video (around 3 minutes):

Cancer Is Curable Now – Full Film


– Alexandra

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