In true Liberal style Queensland leader of the Palmer United Party, Doctor Alexander Douglas and his PUP colleague Carl Judge have demonstrated they hate guns.

Yesterday in State Parliament former police officer Carl Judge introduced an amendment to the Weapons Act, ‘Weapons (Digital 3D and Printed Firearms) Amendment Bill’ to forbid the possession or manufacturing of 3D generated firearms.

Although 3D manufacturing of any object borders on the edge of science fiction, Dr Douglas is following the stated aims of his professional organisation, the Australian Medical Association, which hates guns or any citizen who possesses one.

Last year the president of the Police Union, Ian Leavers told ABC Radio only police officers should be allowed to possess firearms, causing uproar among farmers, hunters and competitive shooters.

Commenting on amendments to firearms legislation last year, former police officer now Police Minister Jack Dempsey and Premier Campbell Newman held a joint media conference to further demonise legitimate gun owners.

The erratic behaviour of Gold Coast doctor Alex Douglas was placed in question when some months ago he described the people of his Gaven electorate as ‘bogans’, a somewhat derogatory slang term meaning ‘a fool or hooligan, slow or sluggish, a backwater’ according to an online dictionary.

Dr Douglas and Carl Judge are former Liberals, who defected to the fledgling Palmer United Party in 2013.

According to a Queensland armourer the manufacturing of a 3D firearm is almost technically impossible in Australia because the materials and highly complex technology are not readily available and generally, gunsmiths have no training in this field.

The bill bans the distribution of digital 3D plans on the internet for reward or not, or to make, create, design or produce a digital 3D firearm.

Cairns News suspects the purpose of this Bill is to generate publicity for Mr Judge and Dr Douglas rather than preventing the manufacture of 3D firearms, a somewhat esoteric gesture from a former police officer whose union hates guns.

Regional Queensland we believe, based on its past treatment of politicians who have tried to restrict gun ownership, will judge the PUP and its former Liberal members rather harshly at the next state election.