Today the Greens put a motion to the Senate calling on the government to table the current negotiating text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

This affects all of us. Last night, the Intellectual Property chapter of the TPPA was leaked which indicated Australians could end up paying more for movies, computer games and software, as well as drugs and medicines. Im particularly concerned about the potential of the TPPA to force internet providers to police your internet use, censor content, take down websites and impose harsh criminal penalties for non-commercial copyright infringements.

Apart from the occasional leak, the text has been kept a total secret from the public. US companies are heavily involved in drafting an agreement that Australian people wont get to see until its a done deal. The Abbott Government is pushing for it to be fast-tracked, behind closed doors.

Please support the Greens Senate motion to make the TPPA text public.

No agreement this important should be finalised without the informed input of the people it will affect. Australian governments should reject trade agreements that put the civil liberties, environment, public health and welfare of Australians at risk.

Thanks for helping to push the TPPA out into the open.


P.S. We are just weeks from this being a done deal. The next round of TPPA discussions will take place in Salt Lake City 19-24 November, followed by final negotiations scheduled for 7-9 December in Singapore. Please tell Tony Abbott to make the TPPA text public and share this message with others: