When NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden
was asked, “What would we do if we detected
an asteroid, small like the one that hit Russia
and headed for New York City in 3 weeks?”
His answer was: “If it’s coming in 3 weeks,

Here’s the deal. When the closest fly-by of
an asteroid ever predicted occurred on
February 15, 2013 – but instead, it was another,
*unpredicted* asteroid, on that same day, which
exploded over the skies of Chelyabinsk, Russia,
imploding weak structures and shattering
thousands of windows and sending over 1,000
people to the hospital with related wounds,
there were many who regarded this explanation
of an “unexpected” coincidence of two near-miss
asteroids on the same day with some suspicion
(since nobody trusts the government, anymore).

But in this case, the US Government was actually
telling the truth. As John P. Holdren, Senior Advisor
to President Obama on Science and Technology
said, “The meteorite that hit Russia came in the
direction of the Sun…in the direction the telescopes
could not see.”

However, there are those who would say that
this statement was just partially true – more like
the tip of the proverbial iceberg. They claim that
in 1983, NASA discovered the ever-elusive
“Planet X,” a brown dwarf companion star to our
Sun, referred to as “Nibiru” in some circles and
“Nemesis” in others and more recently,
“The Shiva Hypothesis” by NYU’s Michael
Rampino – but that it has kept mum about it
ever since. The reason for this is because there
is nothing they can do about it – and it is also
difficult to track, due to its location in a kind of
‘zone of avoidance’, in the midst of its binary
orbit, behind our Sun.

The implications of this brown dwarf’s approach
are dire: nothing less than a series of extinction
level events, as the trail of cosmic effluvia that
this brown dwarf is gravitationally dragging
along with it become ensnared by the stronger
gravitational pull of the Earth, and then all this
meteoric detritus begins to rain down upon us.

So, the fact that the Chelyabinsk meteor came
closer than the *predicted* meteor (which sailed
away safely) – from the direction of the Sun,
“the direction the telescopes can’t see” – this can
mean that the doom and destruction of Nemesis
may not be far off – or just that this little biddy
meteor was just a harbinger of inevitable events,
which will occur long after our lifespans are over –
and not necessarily the *cause* of the end of our

Ancient and traditional cultures, all over the
world have what is known as “World Age
Doctrines”, which have been correlated to
what’s known as the precession of the
equinoxes, which describes the slow changes
the position of the stars in our sky over the
millennia, due to a slight wobble in the Earth’s
rotation but they have also been related to both
the comings and goings not only of this brown
dwarf Star but also of our own Solar System’s
revolutions around the Galactic Center. These
cultures include the Hindu, the Greek, the Roman,
the Maya, the Aztec, the Hopi, the Buddhist and
the Babylonian, upon which the Western system
of astrology is based.

In brief, these cultures believe/d in cycles of
creation and destruction, which begin with a
Golden Age, followed by periods of increasing
decadence, the final one known as the Kali Yuga,
in the Hindu religion. The belief of many Hindu
adherents is that we are currently in the Dark
Age of Kali, within these large cycles of time. I
would guess that the ultimate purpose of these
various ancient systems of astrology was to keep
track of this bigger clock of cyclical purges, which
regularly occur on this planet, as verified by
countless geologists and zoologists.

There is a spiritual and civilizational component to
all of this, as well. As 19th century Hindu astrologer,
Sri Yukteswar wrote:

“…the Sun, with its planets and their moons, takes
some star for its dual and revolves around it in
about 24,000 years of our Earth–a celestial
phenomenon which causes the backward movement
of the equinoctial points around the zodiac. The Sun
also has another motion by which it revolves round a
grand center called Vishnunabhi, which is the seat of
the creative power, Brahma, the universal magnetism.
Brahma regulates dharma, the mental virtue of the
internal world.”

Sri Yukteswar is saying a mouthful here. Not only
is he suggesting that our solar system is binary, he’s
also saying that we are orbiting around the Galactic
Center and/or the center of the universe and that our
orbital position with respect to “the seat of the creative
power” has a direct relationship with our inner lives
and with the manner in which we are expressed, as
civilizations and as individuals.

It is only the civilizations with worldviews derived
from the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity
and Islam, which do not seem to remember anything
past the last world cataclysm, a.k.a. “The Great Deluge,”
which is thought to have occurred almost 12,000 years
ago and from which our current civilizations have crawled
out and been reborn. All the other traditions say these
cycles have been going on as long as the Earth has been
around. (Most meteors and asteroids land in the ocean,
due to its predominance on the Earth’s surface – so the
consequences of bolide impacts are most often in the
form of megatsunamis).

In Hinduism, even planets reincarnate, so all of this is
no biggie and is not really seen as “fear-mongering”
but just the way Creation works…and perhaps NASA
prefers not to monger fear when there is nothing to be
done about events which are so vast and beyond our

Even this long article is just the tip of a very large
discussion, which I went into great depth in my last
book, ‘2012: Science or Superstition?’ If you’re
interested getting *really* deep into this and all
related subjects, you can get the book here.
Video (about 5 mins):

Asteroids Heading to Earth? ‘Pray,’ Says NASA


– Alexandra Bruce