This is a shocking fraud, killing and injuring so many

girls and women in the world along with many boys in
the US and in Aus I believe though I never hear such stories

in Australia, most are likely well hidden by Murdoch’s media.

Below chart shows the reports in the US, and the figures
are said to be only 1-10% of actual number of victims
cause many don’t know such reporting system exists or

their doctors wouldn’t admit the relation.Many don’t
even realize their problem was caused by these
vaccines to begin with!

HPV Vaccine VAERS Reports up to Aug 2013

Description Total
Disabled 975
Deaths 139
Did Not Recover 6,154
Abnormal Pap Smear 537
Cervical Dysplasia 219
Cervical Cancer 66
Life Threatening 577
Emergency Room 10,741
Hospitalized 3,164
Extended Hospital Stay 238
Serious 4,209
Adverse Events 31,148

At least one girl in Australia and three in the US
were made absolutely infertile due to the jab. There must
be more and probably more to come in the future
along with various poisons the Illuminati’s feeding us
and our youth.

Also I’ve been screaming that HPV is not the cause of
cervical cancer
for some years especially on my
Japanese blog

When 99.85% of those who get infected with so-called

‘high risk HPV’ get rid of it without any medication nor
treatment, how can you call it a CAUSE?? It’s rather
immune deficiency that can’t get rid of it, is what I wrote.