This grinning idiot McDonald, from the NSW parliament, is supposed to be a medical practitioner.

He should know how dangerous S7 poisons are.

Why would he want to pour it into your water supplies?

ANDREW DOMINIC MCDONALD member of the NSW parliament with a private members Bill proposal to poison the people of NSW.

Thanks for this note.

In 2004 we returned to NZ from Aus to do house renovations for 20 months. One of our friends son aged 35 had cancer of the tongue and had his tongue removed and a new tongue built from his stomach muscle as his arm muscles were not large enough. The Oncologist on the ward at Hutt Hospital in Wellington said that they were seeing more and more people with cancer of the tongue and the pharynx. It was believed to be caused by mouth wash and toothpastes.

They removed all of Ian’s lymph glands around his face and as a result his face filled with fluid. He was choking on his own phlegm and the doctors told Beryl and Gordon that he would not choke. He choked to death in their arms on News Eve as para medics could not get through the scar tissue around his throat to allow him to breathe. It was a dreadful time for them.

Well we all know that fluoride is being touted in these products. Also I cannot remember exactly when but Listerine reduced/removed the alcohol content of its mouthwash. I know at home that I have a lot of information on this. – contributed by a cancer sufferer