Julia Gillards tenure at the helm started with the knifing of a colleague, backed by union thugs, and will end with an NDIS hoax and a Gonski scheme that even Gonski says her implementation of is flawed… all in between is a thoroughly expensive mess.

Its impossible to list the disasters of Gillards three destructive years but any disinterested observer will expose her Governments initiatives to a cost/benefit analysis retrospectively. That will be $350 billion versus minus zero.

But what will burn deep in the hearts of voters in 20 marginal seats where they cast their vote on Sept 14?

Why do they hate her so much?

Her endless lies? No, all politicians lie.

Rudds assassination? Not really, he was already a disaster and became an unpopular union footstool for Gillards ascension.

Perhaps a Carbon Tax? Nup, we are resilient enough to withstand a global warming scam.

Gillards criminal past? That should be a factor but the Left of the media has resolutely refused to confront it.

Endemic ALP corruption? That should also be a factor but even that wont drive the anti Gillard vote.

The faceless men? No, most of them have been paid off or are sitting in Parliament.

The wasted billions? Not really, massive debt is expected from Labor.

The NBN fiasco? Well, you have to ask why historic Europe hasnt dug up its cobble stone roads, but ALP computer geeks will love it until radio renders it obsolete. (If it hasnt already.)

A Gonski dream? Mmm, money cant buy Prime Ministerial literacy but if it assists in her numeracy, that would be a plus.

The NDIS hoax? I guess converting Parliament House to a hospice for the mentally disabled will be quite expensive but well worth it.

Gillards predilection for married men? No, it takes two to tango and anyway a single hot-blooded woman is entitled to her various sexual escapades.

The threat of arrest by the Fraud Squad? Nar, Vicpol cant be seen to be politicising an election… later maybe.

A One World Government from her UN seat? Dont think so. Not after that Eurozone test case.

No, and none of a hundred other reasons not to vote ALP will matter… except one:

Australians will vent their wrath over their broken borders and the violent Islamisation of their suburbs.

It could have easily been prevented but UN political correctness has rendered Gillard spayed and incapable of stemming the unprocessed tide of Islamic unknowns.

This Government remains blind to the tragedy of European multiculturalism and to the resultant terrorism it has wreaked on its people who are now frightened to walk home at night.

The laissez faire approach taken by Labor toward what can only be described as an illegal Islamic marine invasion is why Gillard is a dead woman walking.

We Aussies are normally a forgiving lot but Gillard’s deliberate trashing of our border security is beyond absolution.

The Islamic ghettos of Sydneys lawless west (the west that was once Labors nursery) are now set to destroy it.

Islamic voters might treasure Gillards social largesse but their vote means nothing when they congregate in the one electorate… an electorate that was formerly safely Labor anyway.

Voters’ hatred of Gillard is intense and unprecedented… those sandwiches thrown by kids reflect their parents deep-seated anger.

Gillard is already condemned to the wrong side of history and she doesnt even realise it.