Did you know that a solar storm in 1921 knocked the entire national
telegraph system completely offline?

Or that a relatively minor solar storm in 1989 caused an enormous
blackout in Quebec?

Scary stuff. And here’s more bad news…

Experts are predicting that solar storm eruptions will get really bad
over the next 12 months and many are warning that our electric
grid is extremely vulnerable

Yes, a solar storm could knock your lights out.

In fact, a former power engineer predicted in the May 15th issue of
the Wall Street Journal that we could soon face blackouts lasting
weeks or months
, leaving major cities temporarily uninhabitable.


Wall Street Journal warned recently that the US electrical grid is
dangerously vulnerable to approaching solar storms and widespread
blackouts are possible.
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“We already know that the danger to society is great enough to warrant
taking immediate action” said an electrical expert in the Wall Street Journal.

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