Russia has been making headlines lately, for having acquired gold reserves that are second only to South Africa’s. China, India and Iran are also leaders in the acquisition of gold.

What is this all about? Some believe that there is a concerted effort on behalf of these and other nations to implode the value of the dollar, leaving those holding the gold calling the shots.

Iran is already trading their oil for gold and it is this, according to Foster Gamble that is the real cause behind the saber-rattling that we have been hearing from the US and Israel for so long about threats to invade Iran.

And if we look back at history, we find that Saddam Hussein was making noises about moving away from the petrodollar, shortly before he was invaded. The propaganda around Iran sounds eerily similar to what happened in Iraq.

So, my question is, are Americans essentially being set up to support an invasion of Iran because the alternative would spell the destruction of the dollar?

It’s been suggested that the dollar’s collapse, would cause the collapse of all other fiat reserve currencies, such as the Euro, unleashing unimaginable havoc around the globe – but the biggest trading partner of all the gold-hoarding nations, listed above is the European Union…so, that being the case, would dollar death inexorably lead to the collapse of the Euro?

Maybe. Since the European Union’s biggest customer is the US.

Video (7 mins):

Iran: Follow the Money – with Foster Gamble

– Alexandra Bruce