15 February 2012: KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has praised the ACCC for their swift response to his call for an immediate investigation into the supermarket giants using their stronghold on the market to drive down the price they pay to farmers for produce.

We had discussions with Rob Sims and the ACCC earlier this week.

We are terrifically gratified and heartened that at least someone is trying for us. Every farmer in Australia now has a platform to voice their desperate plight.

Previously, we have been very disappointed with the ACCCs performance. One of our famous farm leaders referred to them as not the watch dog but the lap dog.

We have been putting continuous pressure on Rob Sims and we are enormously grateful with the ACCCs swift response.

The farmers of Australia have been beaten, battered and bullied by these supermarkets and now they will finally get the chance to tell their side of the story.

With the supermarket giants wielding such great buying power, Mr Katter has pleaded with every farmer in Australia to write an anonymous letter submitting their strongest support of the investigation.

There will be incredible pressure upon every farmer in Australia now. I plead with every farmer to write to Mr Sims anonymously.

Mr Katter will further address the ACCC investigation at a press conference held in Banyo at midday today.