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APR Podcast 18-04-2019

Harry comments how China infiltrated Africa by stealth and money now holding that nation to ransom. Figures on your public service cost. Interesting titbit facts on Assange and Ecuador – “OZ-CHAT” with Harry and Mike covers extra info on the election, peoples rights, plus more…

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APR Podcast 14-04-2019

Harry comments on the election,news and plays Slim Dusty’s “Your countries been sold” – “OZ-CHAT” with Harry and Mike covers Julian Assange arrest, the election, peoples rights, plus more

Australian Patriot Radio



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APRadio – Governor General hands power to unaccountable politicians

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Mike Holt discusses with Wayne Glew how the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove revoked his power and ordered that matters be dealt with by our unaccountable government unvetted a total violation of the constitution. OZ CHAT with Mike Holt follows discussing the constitution and how you can halt the illegal local government practices.  Copy of the official Cosgove document can be downloaded from this link  “Cosgrove Download

APRadio Podcast 24-03-2019

Australian Patriot Radio

Harry comments on the NSW Homebush toxic waist dump known as Olympic Park/ANZ Stadium and the cracks appearing in the elite towers built on that dump plus ISIS retribution to NZ shootings. Harry and Mike discuss Fraiser Anning egging, NZ Shooting, NSW election … and much more … Click [HERE] to listen

Rod Culleton team sets Privy Council onto illegal Parliament

Australian Patriot Radio
Harry explains the podcast site sudden shut down. He chats with Rod Culleton who updates his case with the Australian Parliament illegally dismissing him as a senator, his submission to the British privy council to address our out of control political system which is circumnavigating our constitution…. and more.

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APRadio podcast 26-02-2019

Australian Patriot RadioHarry comments on Australian activist Shane Dowling  who posts Kangaroo Courts of Australia about his exposure of Peter Costello ex-treasurer feeding from the $Billions french corrupt contract to build submarines then there is  Julie Bishops brother making millions from the corrupt banks. A tax on the air we breath is the song we play.  Harry and Mike discuss Rod Culleton team successful submission to the Privy Council of England to step in on our corrupt government , Click Here to listen

APRadio has several new podcast

Australian Patriot Radio

APRadio has been updated and Cairns News was not on the list, that has been rectified and weekly podcast will continue to be posted here.

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Harry Palmer.



APRadio Latest Podcasts

Australian Patriot Radio

14 January 2019 – – Harry’s opening song is just released We can be mates by Ben Gunn.  Mike Holt interviews Phil J Watt who undertook co-ordinating of Australian Yellow Vest movements into one united organisation to deliver the peoples message to the establishment like no other message has ever been delivered before.  CLICK HERE

10 January 2019 – – Harry’s opening song is A tax on the air we Breathe. Harry and Mike start this new year “OZ CHAT” discussion on the Australian YELLOW JACKET public uniting as has occurred in France with that government under people power fighting to exist for ignoring the voice of the people. Mike explains how it seems for once Australians have removed the factions of tiny groups on different tact and now amalgamated one force of Yellow Jackets demanding their voice and country be removed from endemic political manipulation.  CLICK HERE

28 December 2018 – –  Mike Holt conducts this exclusive interview with French yellow vest spokes person Roman Light who explains the RIC (Referendum Initiated by Citizens) movement and French Government positions on the ground in France. Roman further exposes fake myth-information generated by government manipulated mainstream media, something all Australians need to hear with yellow vest rebellion about to explode across Australia for the same reason as the French people are



APRadio podcast 21-12-2018

Australian Patriot Radio

Harry’s Christmas message followed by a song “Shit happens when good men do nothing”. Harry and Mike Holt present their weekly “OZ CHAT” program that opens closed doors to government unaccountable corruption and mismanagement of your nation and closing features Frank Gallen and Mal E Bull’s song from 2003, “Over the hill on the dole” …… CLICK HERE

APRadio Podcast 06-12-2018

Australian Patriot Radio

Harry opens with a song- “We are dumb …..” – portraying the conga line of pollies who had dual citizenship – a little gem. Harry and Mike Holt present their weekly “OZ CHAT” program, discussion covers the bushfire bullshit allowing the ratbag greens to continue restricting very serious hazard reduction to reduce out of control fuel in government lands and more…… CLICK HERE

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