In 2020, Trump federalized the US National Guard

By Lyndesy Symonds

There has been a Communist Takeover of the US government. I think there is good reason to be believe this happened before Trump’s election. A hijacked party, the DNP – a Communist front – was supposed to win the presidential election 2016 and consolidate the victory so to speak. Did not happen. Incredible that it did not happen, but it didn’t.

One of the first things President Trump did when he took office 2017 was to place the US under Continuity of Government by Executive Order. January 17, 2017. Federal Continuity Directive 1:

The US government has been under the wartime powers of the president since that time. He is not acting as president of the Executive branch under the Constitution 1787.

Donald Trump arrives at Miami courthouse (pic Miami Herald)

Biden has never rescinded any of Trump’s Executive Orders.

All branches of the US government have been taken over and configured to the interests of the Judenstaat starting with the constitution of the US as a Federal Corporation 1871 and then on to the establishment of the Federal Reserve 1913 in which there was an abrogation of the Constitutional power (1787) of the US Dept of Treasury to issue the US currency. This most corrupt institution in the history of the US was found to be bankrupt by Congressman Louis T McFaddon as Chairman of the US House Committee on Banking and Currency 1931. So the process of subversion has proceeded apace through the 20th century with political assassinations, treason, nation wrecking, false flag deceptions and war.

But the actual Manifesto of the Takeover was reserved for Obama in the 21st century.

I find it incredible that the Democrats could have lost in 2016, but they did. And virtually the first thing Trump did after taking office was to place the US government under the US military with himself as Commander in Chief. In 2020, Trump federalized the US National Guard and they have been tasked both nationally and internationally under Executive Orders signed by Trump as Commander in Chief of the US armed forces – even after the Biden ‘election’.

Just as there is a UN military operation which is being pursued through these subverted corporate governments of ALL UN member nations [ yes Russia and the BRICs too] , there is also US military operation under way that is both national and international as Biden and the Democrats square off with the Russian Federation.

The heavy lifting is all taking place behind the Schmo Screen. The US military is not taking orders from Biden as Commander in Chief. They are taking orders from Trump. As a nation, the US is under Continuity of Government and the wartime powers of the Executive Office recognized in the Constitution 1787. This has never been rescinded. The American nation at present is under the military not the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government subverted by the constitution of the federal incorporation 1871 and the Communist Takeover. Under the Takeover and the Biden admin, these subverted branches continue to wreak havoc on Americans and other nations which are being wrecked by the United [Communist] Nations in cahoots with their own corporate pretenders.

Last week as the fighting waxed furious in the US Congress over the weaponized DOJ and FBI, Trump was arraigned in Miami on Federal charges at the hands of the same weaponized DOJ acting for the Communist state under the Fake US constitution 1871.

Trump motorcade arrives at Miami court

Have a look at an aerial view of the Trump motorcade into Miami from the freeway to the courthouse. What do you see? State police, federal police, SECRET SERVICE running beside the motorcade, military with patches we have never seen – all with with assault rifles clearing the area and creating a perimeter. Are we to think this is a prisoner of the Communist state they are guarding carefully? I am sure that is what they want us to think.

I think what we are looking at is the US military guarding its Commander in Chief from the CIA, FBI, DOJ – a commander who is still issuing Executive Orders that is being obeyed by the US military BTW.

As the song says: Ya gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em. I think Trump has decided to hold ’em. This is not over.