From Bernard Gaynor

The battle over pornographic children’s books is clearly more than just about those books.

It is about the eventual legalisation of paedophilia. It’s as simple as that. And we are witnessing it happen in Australia. 

On 3 April 2023, the Australian Classification Board decided to approve Gender Queer. It gave it an unrestricted rating.

This book, which shows its author fantasising about paedophilia while masturbating, can legally be lent to kids. In fact, it is an ‘award winning’ children’s book, stocked in libraries across Australia.

The Classification Board’s decision regarding Gender Queer marks a radical shift in Australia’s approach to child pornography.

Previously, the legal assumption was that images depicting children engaged in sex acts would be refused classification. Now, the assumption is that these pictures will only be banned if it is proven that they are so far beyond societal standards that they should not be allowed.

It means, as a result, that some imagery which is offensive will now be permitted because government bureaucrats do not consider it offensive enough to ban. Like the imagery in Gender Queer.

And it should come as no surprise that bureaucrats feel this way when elected politicians actually support this imagery. Like Sutherland Shire Councillor, Jen Armstrong, who defended imagery of paedophilia in Gender Queer as a ‘courting scene‘.

Further, under state laws it is a defence to charges relating to child pornography if the image is accepted by the Australian Classification Board. This decision will open the flood gates for ‘soft’ child porn in Australia. And the standards of ‘soft’ will constantly be lowered as this imagery is normalised.

We must challenge this decision. It is legally wrong. It is morally wrong. And it cannot be allowed to stand.

That is why I lodged an application to challenge this decision last week.

The fee to do so was $10,000!!!