By Alexandra Bruce

Why would any voters bother voting in Queensland? The latest national poll results released Friday for the Voice referendum show less than 50 per cent approval rating and declining, but that will not deter the Labor/unions/AEC/GetUp nexus from getting the result over the line.

Cybersecurity expert, Nate Cain joins Jeffrey Prather on the April 14th episode of the Prather Point as the third whistleblower to come forward in the Konnech election software case.

Nate says his company was hired last year by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office to aid with serving the court-ordered search and arrest warrants to Konnech CEO, Eugene Yu.

Nate tells Jeff, “We had skills in cyber forensic capture, and they were dealing with something they’d never dealt with before – which was the potential for capturing information potentially on foreign servers, as well as dealing with a potential Chinese spy ring…

“When you’re dealing with a criminal case, you have to be very careful about evidence handling. We took extreme procedures to make sure that we documented and recorded everything that we were doing. And that we were using forensically-wiped drives and hashing all of the evidence files.”

What he and his team found was that Konnech’s data on poll workers, election judges and election inventory systems was connecting to servers in Wuhan, China.

They also found documents showing that a Chinese company doing software development and maintenance for elections for Konnech had ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Nate adds that Konnech CEO Eugene Yu had perjured himself, when he said that his company’s software was developed in the US and that data was not being held on foreign servers.

Given their findings, Nate says he had no choice but to take the information to the Defense Counterintelligence Security Agency (DCSA), as Konnech appeared to be a Chinese espionage operation.

He tells Jeff, “It’s interesting, because when we took this information to the DCSA, the DCSA actually went through their process of validating the data. [They had] an analyst review it, and they determined that it needed to be investigated by the FBI. And so, they had submitted a request to the FBI to investigate this. But the fact that the FBI completely ignored this County’s request, I thought, was interesting.”

LA County District Attorney George Gascon also wasn’t happy about their findings and his office ghosted them and refused to pay. Nate is now suing LA County for payment.

Nate and Jeff discuss the possibility of putting together a Class Action lawsuit for all of the people whose Personal Identifiable Information (PII) was sent to China by Konnech, which was illegal beyond belief. Nate still has all of that information in his possession and he’d need to talk to his lawyer about this, first but such a legal action could be one way to outflank them.

This is not Nate’s first rodeo with government corruption. In 2016, he was working as a cybersecurity contractor for the FBI when he stumbled on some files related to Hillary Clinton that were way worse than Uranium One, involving several countries, shell NGOs and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Hillary’s email scandal was raging at the time but the data Nate found was unrelated to anything that has ever been disclosed publicly.

The details of what he found are still classified but in 2020, he told Scott Kesterson of the Bards of War podcast that it involved money-laundering, securities fraud, public corruption and terrorism financing.

He was very upset by what he saw but he could also see that case numbers had been assigned, so he assumed that the FBI was investigating it and that due to the preponderance of evidence, Hillary would be indicted.

Instead, then-FBI Director James Comey exonerated Hillary, which left him aghast. After much prayer and soul-searching, he obtained official whistleblower status with Inspector General Michael Horowitz and he legally transmitted the files to the Senate and House Intelligence committees.

This did nothing to stop 16 FBI agents from raiding his home for six hours on the morning of November 19, 2018 via an illegally-issued court order signed on November 15, 2018 by federal magistrate judge Stephanie A Gallagher in the US District Court for Baltimore, falsely charging him with illegal possession of stolen federal property.

For weeks, the FBI proceeded to harass Cain and his neighbors, determined to get his community to rat him out. The ordeal left him financially destroyed but he was never charged with anything and he never lost his clearance.

And it brought him closer to God and it made him completely unafraid.

Nate is now running for US Congress in the 2nd District of West Virginia and if there was ever a candidate who deserved our support and our vote (if we lived in the panhandles of West Virginia), it would be Nate Cain!

In related news on Wednesday, Konnech, Inc (aka Eugene Yu) dropped his frivolous defamation lawsuit in Texas against Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, for which they were jailed for several days last November after they refused to identify a confidential informant who was present with them during the exposure of Konnech’s CCP spy network.