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Letter to the Editor

The ABA is a Special Account established under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 that benefits Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territory (NT). The ABA receives monies from the Commonwealth based on the value of royalties generated from mining on Aboriginal land in the NT.

The ABA grants process previously managed by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) has been discontinued. A new Aboriginal-led corporate Commonwealth entity, the Northern Territory Aboriginal Investment Corporation (NTAIC), has been established to invest funding from the ABA and manage a new grants process.

For further information on the NTAIC’s grants process and the structure and role of the NTAIC, please visit NT Aboriginal Investment Corporation.

The NIAA continues to manage ABA grants approved before 2023. The NIAA will also continue to manage the ABA Homelands Project. Please contact the NIAA ABA team on 1800 354 612 or for all queries relating to this funding.

From Bliskitt