Letter to the Editor

AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY, ALP National Constitution Objectives (m) reform of the Australian Constitution and other political institutions to ensure that they reflect the will of the majority of Australian citizens and the existence of Australia as an independent republic;

The Federal Referendum 1999, to become a Republic or stay as a Constitutional Monarchy. The people explicitly said No, this is a binding Act on all Political Parties, Australian Parliaments, Governments and Courts.

When Australian Parliaments, Governments, Political Parties and Courts don’t listen to Referendums they enact “TREASON” upon themselves. The only excuse they have is to throw their Governor-General under the bus as he is a Traitor to the Office he sits in, as well as acting in Treason being outside Our Primary Law, Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as Proclaimed and Gazetted.

From Dick Yardley