On the morning of March 9 2021, Dan Andrews, Premier of Victoria, Australia, is reported to have slipped and fallen on wet stairs while holidaying on the Mornington Peninsula.

No legitimate photograph or footage of Andrews was published anywhere in Australia between the time of his alleged accident and when he returned to work.

Incident at High-Flyers Party

He returned to work after three months off with full pay, while Melbournians were suffering repeated lockdowns, business closures and some of the strictest enforced Covid regulations in the world. During this time rumors circulated, that he was involved in an incident at a high-flyers party with a seventeen-year-old girl and was beaten up by the father.

Cairns News received further information that it was actually a girlfriend of a party attendee whom Andrews allegedly tried to hit onto.

The party attendee allegedly bashed Andrews.

Shadow Treasurer, Louise Stayley received a backlash from the Labor Party for calling on Andrews to answer questions about the matter.

After his return to work on June 28, 2021 Andrews eventually spoke to the media about the incident. What can we learn from his words through Statement Analysis? He is the one who knows what happened. We must listen to him. We do not interpret. We believe the subject and we allow them to tell us what happened. In order for us to conclude deception, we must be talked out of this position. –contributed

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