A peace deal is being made behind the scenes that Ukraine will not lose all of its territory

from Kev Moore

Objectives met, negotiations next

In Kherson City in southern Ukraine, it is being reported that the Russians are evacuating to the east side of the Dnieper River and will use the river as its new border. Kherson City itself is situated on the west side of the river, so the city is being evacuated after first removing Russian monuments and statues that have stood there for centuries.

Most are reporting this as a “tough decision” that is based on setting up defensible positions. Benjamin Fulford, however, wrote in his report on November 7,

“Russian Tass News Agency reports, for their part, confirm a secret deal negotiated between the Gnostic Illuminati and the WDS [White Dragon Society, represented by Fulford] is being put into motion. The deal is to return to an agreement between Frederick the Great and the Russian Tsar to use the Dnieper river as the border between their respective zones of interest.”


If Fulford is correct, then it appears that a peace deal is being made behind the scenes and that Ukraine will not lose all of its territory. The fact that the US government is now urging Ukraine to engage in peace talks with Russia seems to support Fulford’s report.


The US has achieved its goal of shifting Europe from dependency upon Russian oil and gas to a dependency on US oil and gas companies. This was the real goal of the sanctions. So now they are ready for peace talks. As Bush, Jr. would say, “Mission accomplished.”

From now on, Europe will have to pay much higher prices to meet its energy needs.

In addition to that, since the Bidenista regime has vowed to stop all new oil and gas drilling, the US has had to resume importing from other countries, so it is unlikely that the US will be able to supply Europe sufficiently. Whether the European economy can remain competitive or not is another matter. It is clear that with such high energy costs, Germany will no longer be able to compete with US companies, and if somehow they were able to find a way to compete, the US would simply raise prices once again to ensure that Germany can no longer compete.

It seems that Europe might not suffer too much this winter after all. In spite of the sanctions, they actually increased their imports of Russian gas over the summer, in order to fill their storage tanks for the winter. As of last June, their storage tanks were only half full.

As of November 7, their storage tanks were 95 percent filled.

Of course, they had to buy a lot of Russian gas through middlemen in other countries, which made it much more expensive.

And US companies have been more than willing to sell their liquid natural gas (LNG) to the Europeans for 4 times the price of Russian gas. Profits for the oil companies are skyrocketing, the stock market is up, US hegemony is secure, and everyone is happy this side of the Atlantic.

Nonetheless, it appears that because the storage tanks are nearly full at the start of winter, Europeans will not freeze to death this winter, unless they simply cannot afford the higher prices.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. More details coming to light. Also looks like Zelensky has problems with Ukrainian populists.


    The Kherson theatre may well be a distraction operation?


  2. NATO has been fighting with Ukraine in uniform for months. Ed


  3. He, he… That Zelensky clown really is a comedian! Has he changed his shirt yet or is he still waiting for the Ukro victory?


  4. Ukraine’s recent missile attack on Poland [which they now say was accidental], was allegedly, – an attempted false flag op to ‘legally’ draw NATO into the war.

    An attack on any NATO nation, means an attack on all NATO countries. So Ukraine’s attack on a NATO country, had to be ‘an accident,‘ or NATO would be obliged to attack Ukraine.

    Someone’s pushing for war escalation [whilst waving an Olive branch].


    Probably won’t be the last incident.


  5. What would be the point of discussing anything with Zelensky?

    He lied and broke his promise to implement the 2014 Minsk Agreements when he campaigned for the presidency. Now he’s in a pickle and it’s up to the Ukrainians themselves to sort him out! They need a bit of mettle to deal with their own slime.

    They can have all the agreements under the sun but it is Zelensky’s self inflicted idiocy for which the Ukrainian people are paying. And now so are we Australians!!! We don’t need to send $400 million from Albanese in order to demonstrate our own self inflicted idiocy in supporting Zelensky’s self inflicted idiocy.

    The treacherous slug could have given it all a miss by implementing his campaign promise which was also supposed to be guaranteed by France and Germany. That’s two more cases of self inflicted idiocy.

    Idiocy it turns out has become quite a lucrative business for its sponsors! Hmmmm.

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  6. the globalist elites need to have all their riches they have robbed distributed to the people they have damaged ,then made an example of and pay the ultimate penalty


  7. Massive statements from Russian Permanent Representative to the UN pertaining to the US Biolabs in Ukraine have been made. It appears that a formal investigation is inevitable.

    Today, 29 October 2022, United Nations Security Council (UNSC) carried out debate on the possible enactment of Article VI of the Biological Weapons Convention, which would be an investigation into the United States and their Biolabs in Ukraine.

    Russia presented their final draft to the UNSC, covering all of the evidence compiled in their dossier, and it is currently being reviewed by experts from the various nations. The contents of the dossier include the evidence presented over the course of the past 8 months.

    Russia requested to convene this meeting of the Security Council on the basis of Article 6 of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) in order for the Council to consider a complaint lodged on 24 October 2022 that contains evidence of violations of the BTWC by Ukraine and the United States in the context of activities of biological laboratories in Ukraine. The complaint is contained in the letter that was circulated on 25 October 2022 as official document of the Security Council S/2022/796. Read the full Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia at UNSC meeting considering the complaint by the Russian Federation under Article 6 of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention here: russiaun.ru/en/news/271022_nb

    These allegations are historic. Hunter Biden’s Metabiota, Black and Veatch, negligence of deadly pathogens, drones equipped with aerosol canisters to disperse airborne water particles containing pathogens, aerial release of infected mosquito armies, all of it.

    All of the allegations brought forth over the past 8 months via the Special Military Operation in Ukraine are in the draft. These allegations are not new for those who have been paying attention, this is just an accumulation of all the evidence being presented at once. It’s a great review and complete of the exact crimes alleged.

    However, something that is new, is the timeline. Russia had some interesting comments pertaining to when they expect some progress via a “relevant report” from the UNSC and their commission “no later than November 30, 2022”. The same time as the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Treaty.

    “We expect that the commission would manage to clarify all circumstances of Washington and Kiev’s possible non-compliance with their obligations under the BTWC in the context of biolaboratories’ activities in the Ukrainian territory with a view to stimulate the American and Ukrainian sides to remedy the outstanding intolerable situation. We also expect that the commission would present a relevant report on the issue containing recommendations to the Council no later than November 30, 2022 and inform the BTWC states-parties of the results of the investigation at the Ninth Review Conference to be held in Geneva on November 28 – December 16, 2022.

    Russia will articulate its further approach to ensuring national, regional, and global biological security depending on the results of the consideration of our complaint and the draft UNSC resolution. The outcomes of this work will also define our position with regard to the strengthening of the BTWC and resolving the situation with violations of the BTWC by the US and Ukraine in the context of the activity of US biolabs on the Ukrainian territory.”

    In conclusion, Russia have proposed these allegations via the proper diplomatic channels, presented their case in a convincing and consistent manner, conducted themselves with transparency, while the US/NATO have simply cried “disinformation” the entire time.

    This performance has generated a lot of global support for Russia and generated doubts about the US and the West. Not only is the leadership of the US under scrutiny, they are alleged of the most severe crimes against humanity known to international law.
    Source: bioclandestine.substack.com/p/final-draft-on-us-biological-activity


  8. Dr, from your source:
    “Zelensky last week reiterated that while he’s open to talks, Ukraine will never agree to territorial concessions, which makes the possibility of negotiations unlikely, given President Putin has signed into law the Russian Federation’s annexation over the four territories of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. Putin recently called this “non-negotiable” and irreversible.

    Ukraine’s US-funded army defends democracy in Kherson by capturing and torturing civilians accused of collaboration – this one apparently because his old military ID identified him as Russian pic.twitter.com/lkBeUiDQ4S
    — Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) November 14, 2022

    “Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reacted to Zelensky’s appearance in Kherson on Monday, saying “We leave this without comment.” He added: “You know, this territory is part of the Russian Federation.”


  9. The Crimean hinterland and most of the Russian Ukrainian lands have been secured by the Russians. Some 10-15 million Russian Ukrainians can now breathe more easily without being wrenched from their centuries old homelands.

    End of SMO. If Zelensky still remains unhappy and keeps shelling he’ll end up losing Odessa too!

    If it was good enough for the Israelis to take over the Western Bank and the Golan Heights in the name of security, there should be no problem understanding that Russian action is similarly consistent with Western “international rules” (as were applied in Palestine, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and dozens of other places that have been “liberated” by the West).

    Nevertheless the US has been particularly successful in wedging its own interests between Europe, Russia and the New Silk Route.

    Mission accomplished, with or without Biden.

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  10. Very interesting latest news. Zelensky implying an end to the war.

    What’s been going on behind closed doors?



  11. Ukraine so Poor, is a Den of Human Trafficking,Money laundering, Soros, the Zionists, Illuminati, Cabel , other Oligarts , American Biolabs its also full of Nazis from those that left Germany after W11, Putin knows all this

    Get Outlook for Androidhttps://aka.ms/AAb9ysg ________________________________


  12. ROTFL. Fulford with his New Age BS and Drago[o]n Society. Everything is gonna happen but never seems to.


  13. Kherson remains part of Russia – Kremlin

    Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that “Kherson Region remains part of the Russian Federation, and this status is legally fixed and defined, and there can be no changes to this status.”

    His comments come after the Defense Ministry announced that Russian forces had completed their redeployment to the left bank of the Dnieper River on Friday without suffering any loss of personnel, weapons, or vehicles.


    “It is Russia who today is forming the future world order,” the ex-president argued, stressing that “this new equitable world order will be formed.”



  14. White hats is BS.
    Just like Benjamin Fulford’s Gay Dragon Mafia that was gonna take the Rothchilds’ out “any week now” back in the early 2000’s.
    Just fake crap to make you sit your ass down and not take action.
    Believing in “kharma” has the same effect, sit on ass, do nothing.


  15. The article’s last paragraph was totally correct: whether the gas supplies are extant, or not, – does not matter. Due to Europe’s collapsing economy, which is now in overdrive, the fact remains, – that the people cannot afford it.

    We have reached peak energy, which will only make it more expensive to produce. This combined with Europe’s devaluating currency, confirms the obvious.

    For a more in depth analysis from Egon von Greyerz, start from the 37:35 mark.




  16. A good story, but only partially correct.

    The German gas mentioned ‘storage tanks for winter’ is a reserve supply,
    not a whole season of gas supply. This reserve is only 18% of a winter
    season, it is there as a buffer against short term supply shocks or
    unexpected price increases. Even if these reserves were fully topped up
    during the summer (which they weren’t) it is not enough to get them
    through the winter.

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  17. It is the EUSSR which prevents the nations of Europe from being independent in terms of energy. The rouble is now pegged to the gold standard – prevented by the EUSSR Communists from supplying their own energies, European nations will be compelled to go to other suppliers.


  18. There is another aspect of this that may well prove pivotal.

    The US fears a renewed British Empire, and is even more apprehensive about trade melding a political coalition between Germany and Russia. Hence the gas embargo. The British also fear such a coalition, hence their vigorous support for the Ukraine invasion.

    However, German industrialists may have their own set of values and their own ambitions. Thus, certain industrialists have quietly slipped past the US guards and into the Chinese camp. I am guessing these are BASF, Krupp, Messerschmitt-Blonkow-Bloom, and other heavy industry giants who have long suffered repression of their traditional innovations.

    If rumours are true, they will forge their own accords with Russia and China and actively undermine the American position. Typically, MI6 will be monitoring this move and will be plotting to manoeuvre the Germans and Russians into conflict whilst encouraging the US to go to war against China.

    Their thinking is that Rule Britainia will rise phoenix-like from the ashes of WWIII and outlive the radioactive sunset.

    My guess is that the German industrialists are too savvy for such 20th century manipulations and will establish a series of treaty spokes into the trade wheel that they construct, which will require joint decision-making by Germany, China, and Russia. When India’s Modi is seen to have polite discussions with both the German industrialists and the Chinese, we will know for sure this is actually happening.

    When Imran Khan resumes government in Pakistan we will know that the US is finally collapsing, closely followed by Israel. Russian/German reproachment will signal the final death of the British and American Empires.

    Then Australia will finally be free to expel our own invaders.

    Bye bye Biden good bye.

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  19. What can we say about the conflated nonsense that is ukraine https://youtu.be/GWn3VXnOFpo this sums it all up quite well


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