Aussie doctor blows whistle on entire Covid scamdemic at Covid Medical Network seminar

Dr Phillip Altmann exposes the entire Australian medical/political nexus. He warns against so-called covid mRNA vaxx and puts the political party duopoly right in his sights. Without doubt the best homespun doco we have seen from a highly qualified doctor who deserves a medal.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. As for that 17% surge in deaths by heart attacks in Australia 2022 – Big Jew msmedia honkers have to report it or loose all credibility now that the ABS is asking questions. The numbers are crunched – Catturd is across it.

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  2. The spike in the death rate from the CoVID vaccinations has taken the hospital morgues in the UK to full capacity. The gov’t has been forced to acquire makeshift morgues all over the country.

    They will never admit that IT IS THE VAXX.

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  3. Latest bombshell! FDA now claims Moderna hid blood data! Looks like the rats are scurrying for cover and looking for a patsy to hang.


  4. Danica Dejanovic

    I agree to not have any vacancies for corona.


  5. We have been duped.


  6. with all the damming evidence now available, why are the evil people still allowed to suppress this. Unless there are media stations that will allow these doctors to show the evidence we have no hope. The lies and brain washing must end for the sake of our children and their children (future)


  7. Here endeth the lesson. There is a moral to the stories of celebrities who became paid social influencers and used their status with the fans to promote the CoVID vaxx agenda, shamed the unvaccinated and especially parents seeking to protect their children .

    Australians vs the Agenda
    Former NFL Player That Wanted Unvaccinated People to be Jailed


  8. “The day after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest during Monday night’s NFL game, ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky said on air, “I heard the Buffalo Bills organization say that we believe in prayer, and maybe this is not the right thing to do, but it’s just on my heart and I want to pray for Damar Hamlin right now” (my italics). And so he did…….

    “The NFL is also experiencing a new tolerance for prayer. Every one of the 32 NFL teams amended their Twitter photo to say, “Pray for Damar.” In doing so, they followed the lead of the players who knelt in prayer on Monday night.

    “The NFL’s left-wing commissioner, Roger Goodell, got the memo and did not want to be seen as an outlier, especially given that most of the players who prayed were black: being the woke kind of guy he is, he did not want to be branded as insensitive, or worse.”

    Only God can help us. It is good to see the NFL follow the Buffalo Bills players recognize this.

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  9. Great information and well presented, everyone involved in the global moneymaking vaccine rollout should be punished severely for the unnecessary injuries and deaths of millions of people worldwide. Starting from the top down All WHO,WEF ,Politicians, media companies, medical practitioners and celebrities .

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  10. Time to pin them down force it on them as they did so many


  11. I lost my job cos of the Qld Govt Covid Vaccine mandate so l think the Qld Premier & Chief Health Officer have got the audacity to push this evil jab when they themselves have chosen to exercise their “right” not to be vaccinated & yet they will not allow me & hundreds of public servants to do the same. That’ hypocritical!!


  12. Thanks Ann it has been a terrible tragedy.Ed


  13. Thank you for posting Dr Altman’s speech. So clearly thought out and written. I feel this is the one speech I could send to friends who have been caught up in this catastrophe. I personally lost my son-in-law on Christmas Day 2021, the best friend of my closest friend two weeks later and my 72 year old ex-husband in March. All double jabbed and boosted. Two 50 year old doctors dropped dead, one of them being my cousins doctor. As for adverse affects I can give you a list of those.


  14. Most powerful speech in Australia so far deserves to be shared with your more stubborn friends and family members.
    Dr Altmann here wants to hope that the plandemic happened due to incompetence and that’s OK as the truth that we all know be the case is too much information to handle for the general public.

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  15. Drumming up the Fake Pandemic of the CoronaHoax. The real epidemic of prion disease is now here. IT IS THE VAXX and its transmission – the idea is to destroy the immune system. The United [Communist] Nations and its CoVID Regime in Australia IS RUNNING A GENOCIDE IN SLO-MO.

    One potato , 2 potato, 3 potato, four
    Five booster, 6 booster, 7 booster, more.

    Your immune system is crashed with VAIDs – vaxx aquired immune disease/s ? No problemo sheeple, you will depend on the communist state [as everything else] for your immunity to the epidemics of biotech diseases that are emerging from these patent recombinant biotech spike proteins of the vaxx.

    How Can It Be?

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  16. To Ron Chapman please take out half of the links in your comment and it should post. ED


  17. One Billion Dead: The Death Jab

    Human Race Post-Mortem
    By John Kaminski –

    If I could title my first published collection of essays Americas Autopsy Report (2004) about 9/11 and the phony wars which that deception triggered, it is even less of a stretch to call this essay Human Race Postmortem (2022), as our species marches zombie-like to its own funeral.

    Beyond all the misguided actions we commit and all the futile gestures we use to insist that we are independent, self-controlling beings, the overwhelming evidence reveals that we are neither. We are really stumbling simpletons consistently unable to determine our own destinies.

    We are pathetic, misinformation-driven puppets hurtling toward our doom with no solutions in sight and no powerful force or person willing to rescue us from our sorry slide into semi-conscious slavery, if not outright extinction.

    Statesmen have become stooges, soldiers now morph into sodomites, and doctors demonically devolve into demons, poisoning the blood of the patients they pretend to save. Our peripatetic human heroes have slithered into the swamp of their own greed, and are no longer trusted by sickly consumers who once idolized them………………..


  18. Dad of Queensland shooters speaks out after traumatic siege

    The dad of two men shot dead after ambushing and killing two police officers and an innocent bystander has spoken out.


  19. Conspiracy theorists –

    “………….Train was a noted conspiracy theorist who regularly posted about his extreme views online.

    An associate told The Guardian his descent into the world of conspiracy theories had been relatively recent, with Mr Train claiming the 1996 Port Arthur massacre was a false flag operation to “disarm the Australian population”, and repeatedly claimed the government was running “re-education camps”.

    “Re-education camps are located at the end of the line. Monitoring the rail system will ensure no escape. Dissenters will find themselves catching the long black train,” he bizarrely posted under a 2021 article about QLD Rail’s surveillance capabilities, adding “beware of the boogie monster”.

    He also voiced about his dislike for authorities, including the Queensland Special Emergency Response Team, and appeared to support the doomsday prepper movement ………….”


  20. Australian gov’t data reveals ‘incredibly high’ excess death rate in 2022, many with no link to COVID

    As the weight of evidence that the vaccines can kill, suddenly and silently – even weeks and months after administration – accumulates, the blanket denials that they are playing any role in the global trend of excess deaths ring increasingly hollow. ………………..


  21. Matt David Luszczak

    In australia, did they not run a scenario of a gunman before port arthur?


  22. crisscross 767, if I assume the Red Cross is going to organize the extraction, storage and distribution of most unvaccinated blood, that’s a problem.
    They have history –
    “1990 The Aus Red Cross commence screening the blood supply for hepatitis C, but instead of discarding blood from donors found to be contaminated with hepatitis C, they include it in the production of medicines for Australians . . ”

    For the better part of 100 years they deliberately poisoned people all over the world. They cannot be trusted, which begs the question – who can be trusted with storing unvaxxed blood? Gates, Schwab, Norman Swan, Dictator Dan?

    I place the Red Cross in the same circle of darkness as TGA, ATAGI, AHPRA, AMA, the body politic @ Greens, Labor, Liberals (with a few exceptions eg Rennick, Roberts, Antic, Canavan), the Judiciary with a few exceptions (eg Julian Gillepsie), MSM with a few exceptions (eg Ben Fordham @ 2GB, some presenters @ Sky News), Big Pharma.
    When the majority of doctors stand up for ‘First do no harm’, this ends.

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  23. Demand For Unvaccinated Blood Soaring Worldwide

    GGI Staff

    Nov 24

    Demand for unvaccinated blood is surging worldwide. Bacteria, viruses, prions, and parasites can be transmitted by blood transfusions likewise people vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine have the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (read below) in their blood. The spike protein (travels the entire body) caused by the COVID-19 vaccination last for months (potentially permanently in the body for those who frequently take booster shots).

    Read more of this post

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  24. There is a clear timeline of bio-terrorism from Fauci to Gates to Daszak for those who follow the money instead of ‘the science’.

    Ecohealth Alliance asked DARPA to fund Gain of Function Research for bat bourne coronaviruses in 2018. DARPA refused. (And that is saying a lot). Naturally these bio-weapons labs were ‘outsourced’ to other states – like Ukraine. Now they are in the hands of the Soviet Union – all that research will be making a bee line back to Vlad’s bioweapons labs in the secret cities in the Urals. And these will not be on Google Earth.

    So what about Australia? Beijing Genomics is in Australia. The head of Beijing Genomics is in the Big Pineapple in Briz. Our own federal and state Traitors who are transitioning us to Great China could certainly be depended upon to get a CCP pipeline into any Fauci/Gates/Daszak facilities in Australia. The Counter Revolution in the US operates within subverted US structures at a much higher level than the Counter Revolution Australia and they will certainly make it their business to find out any such facilities in Australia and their connections to the CCP and so should we.

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  25. These Premiers and politicians ought to be arrested and jailed for what they have done to humanity! We the people are very aware that they are obeying their masters, the Cabal!

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    “So is there graphene oxide in the Pfizer shots? What Nixon found, and filmed, is bizarre to say the least. Inside a droplet of vaccine are strange mechanical structures. They seem motionless at first but when Nixon used time-lapse photography to condense 48 hours of footage into two minutes, it showed what appear to be mechanical arms assembling and disassembling glowing rectangular structures that look like circuitry and micro chips.

    These are not ‘manufactured products’ in the CDC’s words because they construct and deconstruct themselves but the formation of the crystals seems to be stimulated by electromagnetic radiation and stops when the slide with the vaccine is shielded by a Faraday bag. Nixon’s findings are similar to those of teams in New Zealand, Germany, Spain and South Korea.”

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  27. What does “virus” really mean? A pandemic etymology
    Posted on April 12, 2020 by David Porush

    According to the Internet god of all things virtually true, the word virus comes from the Latin root meaning “snake’s venom.”

    “Virus: [L(atin) ‘slimy liquid, poison…] 1. venom such as emitted by a poisonous animal.”

    The “vaccine” is a poison, the snake being the pharmaceutical companies.

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  28. The “Mark of the Beast”

    Who or what is the beast?

    Strongs Concordance 2342 describes it as a venomous dangerous animal.

    “Mark “Strongs concordance 5482 to sharpen to a point

    Why does the pharmaceutical industry symbolise itself with serpents slithering up a pole?

    “I” is the first letter in Greek of the name – Jesus.
    Comments –

    Carolyn Southam April 26, 2021 at 4:43 pm – Reply
    If you study the word abomination in the Bible, it relates very much to v’s. Scientists use, for example: aborted foetal cell lines, dog kidneys, horseshoe crabs, squalene from shark liver, animal blood. And the needle itself is modeled on a snake fang. It was interesting to find that when the Jews resurrected the Hebrew language, they combined two words from the original Hebrew to cover v a c c i n e, i.e., “liquid poison.”

    Jerry+Clifford+Kays December 12, 2021 at 9:57 am – Reply
    ” the needle / snake fang ” , good analogy!

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  29. Re the slandering of Poornimah Wagh

    Poornimah Wagh has never given permission to any one to obtain her records from the London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine.

    Poornima Wagh With Regis Tremblay: On the Questioning of Her Credentials & Public Assaults on Her Character [Updated September 3, 2022]


  30. Crisscross767
    That is not Jackson Warne; it’s Blair Cottrell; in the video.
    Your comments will sorely be missed if they go.


  31. I tried twice to post, but this sites censors do not like the link. Just join the gap I made.

    Lawful and Legal

    https ://


  32. Australian cricketer Shane Warne’s son, reveals the true causes of his dad’s recent death from a heart attack.


  33. Experimental bio-engineering injections are certainly not “vaccines”.

    Referring to experimental bio-engineering injections as “vaccines” is misleading and false marketing. A pig with lipstick is still a pig with lipstick no matter what the peddlers call it.

    The moment you refer to the bio-engineering injections as “vaccines” you’ve instantly bought into their game and you’ve instantly lost it. And smart people never play somebody else’s game according to someone else’s rules. Especially not when they can see the rules being changed as they go along!

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  34. Where are you going Jen? Ed back online.


  35. Jen

    Thanks for all of your comments, you gave a lot very good and useful info.
    I hope that we are all able to get together when this is all over – when we get rid of the grubs.


  36. All the best, Jen.


  37. Jen, the same thing happened to me recently. Difference is I am too old to care.


  38. Well its time to leave here for me folks… will still look up Cairns News… but my full name jut appeared on here !! So its goodbye from me… and all the best to everyone.


  39. Well that 1981 film was spot on, minus the ‘virus’, which is an extra no doubt to cull the people and make them easier to manage. I hope the world wakes up in time. Everyone needs to get EMF protection asap.

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  40. Health

    How a university, its major funders and a newspaper killed research into the toxicity of aluminium adjuvants in vaccines

    This long read was originally published in The Looking Glass, a New Zealand blog.

    This is a story about how a British university stifled ground-breaking public interest science, ostensibly to satisfy powerful interests — and save their own bacon.

    As far as the general public is concerned, universities, those hallowed halls, remain places where academics can pursue knowledge unhindered. But many universities and higher education institutions are compromised by the interests of their funders and an increasingly narrow and corporate view of science.

    Professor Christopher Exley, a lauded biologist, the world’s pre-eminent expert on aluminium and a fellow of the Royal Society of Biology — a recognition few scientists achieve — last year lost research funding for his longstanding work on aluminium toxicity in diseases like Alzheimer’s and autism, and its role as an adjuvant in vaccines.

    It took place through a series of politically motivated moves that ultimately ended with his funding being completely cut off.

    Aluminium is toxic

    If you take the time to listen to one of Exley’s many lectures — and you should — you will learn that aluminium is ubiquitous. It is everywhere in the environment, and it is highly toxic to human beings.

    In the 1980s, Exley was doing research into why fish were dying in acidified lakes and rivers; he came to understand they were dying of aluminium toxicity. Aluminium — previously locked up in rocks and clays or recycled in the environment by silicic acid — had, through the process of acidification due to acid rain, become bioavailable and entered into biological life cycles.

    Today, we ingest aluminium through processed foods, drink it in water, and cook in aluminium pots and pans (many pans are now made of anodised aluminium). It is found in baby formula, cosmetics and is a key ingredient in many vaccines………………………”

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  41. crisscross767 – They are not vaccines.. that’s why, his agenda is the same. A new ‘wave’ is predicted for NSW and they say Vic. Think about that word ‘wave’ and what it really means. The answer is hiding in plain sight.

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  42. Tuesday, 1 November 2022
    AGENDA 230

    “Why would a man like Bill Gates who wants to see the worlds population lowered be so keen to make vaccines to supposedly keep us healthy”

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  43. blisskit… I think things may be a lot worse than we think… what do you make of this.. comments anyone? Satan at work here..

    Re the boycotting… good idea. Has anyone else noticed that the size of things is smaller in size but the price is higher? Also went to look at some shoes last week and noticed that exact same pair of every day slip ons I bought last year for $15 are now $45… is everyone just jumping on the bandwagon to rip people off?

    Also Geert Vanden Bossche made a dire prediction.. see Frontnieuws.. in several languages.

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  44. And this is a very short version couple minutes of total presentation. As it encompasses spike protein, prion disease and amyloid (linked with dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases). See here

    I am currently watching full version available at (around 50 mins).

    At least watch the short version.

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  45. Thankyou Ron. And today another new variant, coming to a town near you or already there. Called XBB the acronyms with that.

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  46. Blisskitt – “The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation”

    Thanks for your well researched articles – very good info.

    Until mandated out I was in the health system for many years, during that time I had reason to delve into a lot of the health related legislation.
    That is when I found that in concern of most legislation the people (voters) are no longer consulted or fully informed about legislation because it would be a waste of time, it would make no difference to any outcomes – why?

    Because the likes of the UN and the large number of entities under the control of the UN, and many of those who control treaties” that we, sorry, I mean our corporation governments have agreed to / signed us under – have the powers and authority to instruct,tell, order, or demand that our governments follow and put into our laws and legislation whatever suits the purposes of those overseas entities, who now fully control our country.

    First our federal government is told, they then enact the required laws/legislation, then the states do the same and if necessary the local governments then follow. The titles of the legislation, regulation, code, etc, can differ but the content must follow the dictates of the UN, WHO, Treaty, etc.

    So, the Australian Medical Professionals Society, the AMA, health systems, Universities, etc, etc, can do whatever they like – as long as it adheres to what the controllers (the UN, etc) have already dictated will happen or will be accepted. No arguments.

    Those who run the medical systems and those who profit from the systems (AMA, etc) would certainly know how it all works and that they have no say in the matters. It is all a big con job, a charade, we are supposed to just follow on like sheep, nothing to see here folks, trust us we are professionals.

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  47. I believe I read and trying to find our debt is something like 36% of GDP and we couldn’t possibly be in front till something like 2050. Our kids are faarked and parents are doing nothing about. Milk has gone up 50cents a 2 litre (Ashgrove brand) which I don’t think is even available on the mainland. It 50km from where I live. F… all to do with Ukraine and I don’t believe it Ashgrove making the money. Every single Australian should boycott supermarkets for a day, boycott petrol stations for a day and refuse to go to a doctor for a week. Soon fix this crap.

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  48. Totally agree, Blisskit. I actually told my doctor (rather nicely I dare say) that he and the AMA need to stand up and defend the doctor-patient relationship if they mean to stay credible rather than being seen as bureaucratic/technocratic “yes sir, yes sir three bags full sir” pawns.

    Surprisingly, he was inclined to agree and hoped the AMA would stand up and be counted on his behalf.

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  49. David
    I am not defending doctors in any way shape or form. Personally I believe they have been overpaid for far too long and too happy to prescribe pharmaceuticals, call for x rays, tests etc all where they get paid additionally for you to go back and get results. Years ago they would call you. Medicare the scam, now in the news how apt. Doctors are in no way immune to the disaster of the last almost 3 years now, however it remains this legislation is scary.

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  50. Blisskit: “Seriously how much f…ing money are they wasting on this COVID scam? Where is it going?”

    It’s going to Mammon’s Little Helpers.

    See below! And then add ANOTHER $1 TRILLION ($1,000,000,000,000) since 2017!!!!!!

    “Total Government Debt is the gross sum of liabilities across federal, state and local Government in Australia.

    Total Australian Government Debt increased by a mere 13.5% from December 1989 to December 2007, from AU$81.2 billion to AU$92.1 billion.

    However, from December 2008 to December 2017 Total Australian Government debt increased by over 520% from AU$115.4 billion to AU$716.3 billion.”


    Today it’s $1.6 TRILLION! Wanna guess why we’re getting wiped out with inflation? Oh yes, the Ukraine war (not!). LOL

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  51. Jen: “Latest from Malcolm Roberts… how are they going to sidestep this …

    Nice one! A politician that’s grown a pair, at last! Could someone please clone a few more?

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  52. BLISSKIT: “The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 refocuses the guiding principles of medicine to prioritise public confidence over public health and safety. It allows bureaucrats to name and shame doctors, a move which the AMA described as ‘incoherent zealotry’.”

    Seems to me the doctors already prioritised public confidence over public health and safety by sitting on their hands and being so silent for so long.

    Now that the politicians and bureaucrats are openly putting a “cracker up their clacker” they are feeling a little uncomfortable? Awww… the price of shameless pusillanimity.

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  53. And has anyone really looked at the budget?

    The Government will provide additional funding of $845.4 million in 2022–23 to support older Australians and the aged care sector with managing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding includes:
    • $810.2 million for claims made by aged care providers for additional costs incurred due to COVID-19 outbreaks that occur until 31 December 2022
    • $34.9 million to extend the current in-reach testing arrangements in Residential Aged Care Facilities to 31 December 2022
    • $0.3 million to extend the operation of the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre from 30 June 2022 to 30 September 2022 to enable the continued support of residential aged care facilities to manage COVID-19 outbreaks in Victoria during Winter 2022.


    The Government will provide $808.2 million in 2022–23 to extend elements of the Government’s response to COVID-19 until 31 December 2022. Funding includes:
    • $759.9 million to extend the National Partnership on COVID-19 Response, which provides for 50 per cent of the cost of state and territory COVID-19 responses including vaccine delivery, testing and treatments
    • $48.3 million in 2022–23 to extend the GP-led Respiratory Clinics program, which delivers face-to-face care, respiratory assessments, COVID-19 testing and treatment of COVID-positive patients
    • extending medical indemnity legislative arrangements to continue access to the Run-Off Cover Scheme to support eligible doctors and midwives returning to the workforce to help address shortages arising from COVID-19.


    The Government will provide $162.4 million in 2022–23 for COVID-19 related items. Funding includes:
    • $145.1 million to extend Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) rebates for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing for COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses
    • $6.3 million to establish a new temporary MBS item for general practitioners (GPs) to undertake telehealth consultations to evaluate eligible COVID-positive patients’ suitability for oral antivirals
    • $5.7 million to extend the temporary MBS item to support GPs and other medical practitioners to manage COVID-positive patients in the community
    • $5.4 million to continue access to Medicare rebates for telehealth appointments for patients with COVID-19, regardless of whether they have an existing clinical relationship with the GP.

    The Government will provide $410.3 million in 2022–23 for the procurement and distribution of rapid antigen tests (RATs) and personal protective equipment (PPE) to support COVID-19 outbreak management and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in high risk settings. Funding includes:
    • $234.9 million to purchase 261 million units of PPE for the National Medical Stockpile (NMS) for distribution to Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs), the disability sector, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHs), General Practices (GPs), GP Respiratory Clinics (GPRCs), and vaccinating pharmacies
    • $174.8 million to purchase 31 million additional RATs to replenish supplies in the NMS for distribution to vulnerable population cohorts
    • $0.6 million to continue independent verification laboratory testing to determine and publicly report on the effectiveness of RATs approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.
    The Government will extend temporary access to PPE from the NMS to eligible health, aged care and residential disability care providers, including RACFs, ACCHs, GPs, GPRCs, vaccinating pharmacies and National Disability Insurance Scheme participants in supported independent living arrangements and their carers until 31 December 2022.


    The Government will provide $355.8 million in 2022–23 for the distribution and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines across Australia. Funding includes:
    • $314.0 million for the distribution of fourth vaccine doses in primary care settings, pharmacies, state-based clinical sites, aged and disability care facilities, and First Nations communities
    • $41.8 million for communication activities to drive uptake with a specific focus on people at risk of severe disease and those with lower access to mainstream media.
    The cost of this measure will be partially met from within the existing resourcing of the Department of Health and Aged Care. Partial funding for this measure has already been provided for by the Government.
    The Government has also provisioned $500.0 million in 2022–23 for the procurement of additional vaccines and treatments on the National Medical Stockpile.

    Seriously how much f…ing money are they wasting on this COVID scam? Where is it going?

    We really do need to wake the hell up who is asking any questions over this absolute wicked misuse of taxpayer money?

    Not to mention the rest of the budget.

    Click to access bp2_2022-23.pdf

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  54. Meanwhile this has passed

    “On Wednesday, October 12, the Queensland Labor government – with support from the LNP opposition – passed a dystopian and dangerous bill.

    The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 refocuses the guiding principles of medicine to prioritise public confidence over public health and safety. It allows bureaucrats to name and shame doctors, a move which the AMA described as ‘incoherent zealotry’.

    see article

    and more from the article

    “Whenever governments want to enact laws to suppress free expression, censor and punish dissenters through threats to careers and livelihood, to control public perception as a means of creating confidence through enforced public ignorance, it is time to ask some serious questions.

    If this bill passes nationally and the government becomes the single authority on all health advice, then unquestioning compliance becomes the new accepted standard of good medical practice. That is the end of medicine and the death of science. George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth has arrived. Public confidence in politicians and their bureaucrats should never come at the expense of people’s right to full, free, and unhindered access to scientific evidence and emerging data.

    The Australian Medical Professionals Society is dedicated to fighting for medical free speech for the safety of those we swore to protect, our patients. Prioritising public confidence in government through censorship has led to what Professor Bhattacharya has said is the single biggest public health mistake in human history. With Dr Aseem Malhotra, a British Cardiologist, recently describing the mandates as ‘perhaps the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will witness in our lifetime’. We must stop medical censorship and allow doctors to be doctors. This bill is dangerous to the future of medicine and the health of our nation.”

    Kara Thomas is the Secretary of the Australian Medical Professionals Society

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  55. daviddd2 – Perhaps that can happen here too. Not only reinstatement with back pay but reimburse all businesses that went broke because of this. Maybe people can all get together and do a class action? I think it would be worth a try.

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  56. OUCH!!! This will hurt a few moron employers.

    New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated, orders backpay

    State Supreme Court found that being vaccinated ‘does not’ stop the spread of COVID-19

    The New York state Supreme Court has reinstated all employees who were fired for not being vaccinated, ordering back pay and saying their rights had been violated.

    The court found Monday that “being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19.” New York City Mayor Eric Adams claimed earlier this year that his administration would not rehire employees who had been fired over their vaccination status.

    NYC alone fired roughly 1,400 employees for being unvaccinated earlier this year after the city adopted a vaccine mandate under former Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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  57. It will all be buried beneath the MSM’s deafening sounds of silence.

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  58. daviddd2 – Maybe they are all moving to the Caribbean… because I saw many posts by people who will not forget who they are !!

    Its all coming out now… it was never safe or effective, it did not stop transmission. How are they going to cover this up – it is all out there in the public domain.

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  59. DJ – And Russia has documented proof those Ukraine biolobs were in contact with company in Melbourne…!

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  60. I would guess that once any old arseholes disappear nobody is going to ask too many questions and demand answers from the new ones. We’ll be told that’s ancient history and we need to move forward rather than live in the past. lol

    Don’t you just love the gig, they have it down to a fine art. I’d love to see if any numbered Swiss bank accounts have ballooned in the last couple of years.


  61. daviddd2 – Whilst looking at who David Eliott is I stumbled onto couple other articles that more than 2 dozen pollies in NSW and Vic are quitting before next elections. Made their dough and doing a runner do you think?

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  62. daviddd2 – Just heard that Brad Hazzar,. NSW Health Minister resigned yesterday apparently after his younger brother died, what of I wonder? or can we guess. David Elliott also resigned.. NSW pollie. Well they can run, but I don’t think they can hide…

    Saw that on Aussie Cossack on Telegram.. and a few other interesting things on that site.. Well worth a look.

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  63. daviddd2 – Valid point… lol


  64. lol Could be real, Jen, at this point it’s certainly not in their interest to keep the old fart going from catastrophic to even worse, unless of course they’re planning a “nutcase unleashes nuclear catastrophe” show. In which case he’ll be eminently disposable.


  65. daviddd2 – Oh yes deliberate.

    Many of the attributes of Ivermectin are also available in some Asian herbs – antiparasitic, antimalarial, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial, effective for snake bite also. Ivermectin is also great as snake bite venom.. (Dr Ardis was not a nut job!)

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  66. daviddd2 – Photo of actual vial given at the time with Batch Number shown please…


  67. Jen, I’m leaning more towards calculated fraud, myself. The banning of prophylactic treatment I don’t believe is a matter of omission but rather deliberate design. How else could one possibly avoid the empirical evidence, particularly given the demonstrated safety profile of the prophylactics.

    It appears “anti inflammatory agents” such as Ivermectin may have many other therapeutic effects which we are not supposed to find out about and which might have come to light if Ivermectin had been available for wider use. A serious blow to the marketing of many “preferred and patented” concoctions and to the Pharma cash registers.

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  68. Meanwhile, the “leader of the Free World” gets his 5th injection! Dementia obviously has its advantages.

    ” Not enough people vaccinated – Biden”

    “The president got his latest dose on camera, but Americans aren’t enthusiastic about another jab

    “US President Joe Biden received his fifth Covid-19 vaccine dose on Tuesday, and urged Americans to do the same. While the president is pushing for a yearly vaccine schedule, less than 10% of the eligible population has gotten the latest omicron-specific shot.

    “Get vaccinated,” Biden said at a White House event. “It’s incredibly effective, but the truth is, not enough people are getting it. We’ve got to change that so we all can have a safe and healthy holiday season.”

    “Biden, who caught a recurring case of Covid-19 earlier this summer despite having received a total of four vaccine doses at the time, then rolled up his sleeve and received his fifth dose – this time of Pfizer’s omicron-specific bivalent booster – on camera.”

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  69. daviddd2 – Criminal negligence indeed !!


  70. davidddw – Well it seems the CDC is controlled by Big Pharma and is covering up for them… but maybe this will bring things out into the open as with Pfizer paper release..

    Slowly, it is starting to unravel..

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  71. Kevin Moore | October 25, 2022 at 9:25 pm

    Someone else wrote that.


  72. Thanks for the link, Jen.

    It’s highly instructive and revealing of the fraud and crime we’ve been subjected to. It’s simply criminal by any objective standard! Especially in view of denial of prophylactic treatment and the following:

    “This spectacular public health failure was undoubtedly exacerbated by the failure to heed the lessons of early treatment of Covid-19. This time last year, on 26 June, NSW entered its long Delta lockdown. At that time, India was just emerging from its Delta spike. On 26 June 2021, Covid deaths in India were 284 per million, while in Australia they were only 35 per million. A year later on 26 June, deaths per million in Australia and India are identical – 376 per million. What happened?

    “A year ago, health officials in Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India, with 240 million inhabitants, advised that they were using a multi-drug cocktail of repurposed medications including ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid with astonishing success. From a peak of 34,455 on 29 April, cases plunged to 178 on 26 June. A year later there is an average of one death per day.

    “The contrast with Australia could not be more stark. Australia’s public health officers weren’t content simply to disregard the evidence of Uttar Pradesh’s success with a multi-drug therapy that included ivermectin, the TGA went further than any other country in the world and on 10 September 2021 banned the use of ivermectin for the treatment of Covid.”



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  73. WTF!!!!! Why would a court need to order CDC to release its data?

    It’s the CDC’s job to collect it and publish it!!! The fact that it refused to RELEASE THE DATA simply says they are NOT WORKING IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.

    The CDC hierarchy should be instantly sacked and replaced by people dedicated to serving the public interest. Any stooges for vested interests have no place in public administration.

    The Swamp is obviously not confined just to the politicians..

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  74. Yes, I’m in Ireland, I’d like to get PDF of Dr Philip Altmann’s speech, my Mum won’t watch anything I send her but she may read it, and I’d like to show other people

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  75. daviddd2 – here is other link…

    Interesting how they reinstead some doctors… perhaps why they made the new law… so they cannot speak out about that.

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  76. daviddd2 –

    There is another article on there about vanishing vaccine mandates… will do as a separate link.

    Also some very interesting things on Aussie Cossack Telegram.. thousands marched on 22 October for Australia to remain neutral – in every State… did you see anything in the news about that.

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  77. Elaine Mackay, I’m very sorry about your mum. We should be able to trust the Nursing Homes to give good care & especially not murder them! I’m so lucky that none of my close relatives had to enter one. It must have been a huge shock to you what happened. It’s okay to miss her & she’s always in your heart. Take care. All the best; Sophie.

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  78. I am sad because the first ones to be eliminated and become statistics were the nursing home residents and my Mom was one of the statistics at age 90 she passed 4 hours after the second jab ..I miss her terribly what better way to depopulate the world than have untested vaccines jabbed into our loved ones !!!

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  79. Protocols of Zion

    Protocol No5

    FOR A TIME PERHAPS WE MIGHT BE SUCCESSFULLY DEALT WITH BY A COALITION OF THE “GOYIM” OF ALL THE WORLD: but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up. We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the GOYIM, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries. This is the reason why there is not one State which would anywhere receive support if it were to raise its arm, for every one of them must bear in mind that any agreement against us would be unprofitable to itself. We are too strong – there is no evading our power. THE NATIONS CANNOT COME TO EVEN AN INCONSIDERABLE PRIVATE AGREEMENT WITHOUT OUR SECRETLY HAVING A HAND IN IT.


  80. Jim Taousanis | October 25, 2022 at 11:14 am

    Jewish Prime Minister of England, Benjamin Disraeli said – “the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” ……. “You never observe a great intellectual movement in Europe in which the Jews do not greatly participate. The first Jesuits were Jews;” …… (pp. 249-252)

    In his novel Coningsby (London, 1844), Disraeli drew in a picture form the life of the Jews ruling the world from behind the thrones as graphic as anything in the Protocols of Nilus.

    The head of the Jesuits is known as the Black Pope.

    Black symbolises Nimrod, the founder of Babylon which is why you see it so much in religious and ju dicial circles.


  81. Am I in Ireland? No, but I would love to get over there and visit my relations.


    Tonight the budget speech will be all about how the government is trying to please every body yet retain enough tax revenue to pay the interest owing on Australia’s foreign Bank loans. Thus the treasurer will be admitting that no politician is eligible under section 44 of the Constitution to sit in parliament, they being subject to a foreign power.


  82. Are you in Ireland Kev? Ed


  83. AUDIO BOOK – WHO’S behind it?
    * The Jesuit’s in history across the last 500years.
    * Official history is a lie.

    “The Omega War Conspiracy” Part One is now accessible and FREE.

    Press the link and listen.

    Extract from Jesuit extreme oath of induction – understand the psych of the puppet masters behind the NWO great reset.

    “I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus”

    Prof Eric Jon Phelps historian on the Jesuit American controls.

    Prof Leuren Moret -nuclear scientist and Prof Alfred Lambremont Webre International War Crimes Judge on the Templar’s and Jesuits’ world controls.
    I have written this book for you and all others that will participate in the gaining of freedom for humanity.
    My book is subject to copyright but you have my permission as the authour to share Part 1.

    If you have not read The Omega War Conspiracy already, the history and the plots will shock you. It will also enlighten and awken you. The contents are referenced, accurate and reliable.
    The narrator is actor & voice-over artist Toby Chitenden.

    Awareness and acceptance makes for better decisions.
    This book has the ability to alert the world in time to save the human race from genetic modification at the hand of the Jesuits.
    In time also, to remedy the death-Jabvaxx effects.

    Please share the information and make a difference.


  84. c-vid is racist? Oh dear!

    “The susceptibility of different populations to SARS-CoV-2 infection is not yet understood. Here, we combined ACE2 coding variants’ analysis in different populations and computational chemistry calculations to probe the effects on SARS-CoV-2/ACE2 interaction. ACE2-K26R; which is most frequent in Ashkenazi Jewish population decreased the SARS-CoV-2/ACE2 electrostatic attraction. On the contrary, ACE2-I468V, R219C, K341R, D206G, G211R increased the electrostatic attraction; ordered by binding strength from weakest to strongest. The aforementioned variants are most frequent in East Asian, South Asian, African and African American, European, European and South Asian populations, respectively.”

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    Well, when it comes to being susceptible to co-vid, it seems not all “races” are equal. How about that? A natural selection capable virus? Who would have thought it possible?

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  86. Amazing thank you so much for your courage to speak the truth of the COVID LIE.. the TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE..all nations need to hear this..the media have been complicit in ensuring the lie is carried and fear is the key 🔑.

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  87. And when it comes to catching “c-vid” spike proteins, it seems some racial groups are more equal than others? So it must be all natural rather than man made, right?

    “ACE2 coding variants in different populations and their potential impact on SARS-CoV-2 binding affinity”

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  88. Hi, great you are reporting this fabulous talk by an Australian truth teller, but wasn’t it an AMPS conference? Perhaps I missed it being also organised by CMN?

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  89. Hi, greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪,, is it possible to get a transcript of this speech sent to me in PDF format as I’d like to get it printed, thanks very much

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  90. We have seen this plandemic and “ vaccination “ as Big Pharma scare tactics from March 2020 onwards. Aussie FRACGP and RSA Spec Fam prac and DAME CASA and RSA.

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  91. I’ve been saying this since the start. Luckily I never had the jab.

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  92. Do yourself a favour and check out something called “Todoxin”. Natural herb preparation with excellent results.

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  93. After reading all this I was so glad I never took the vaccine. Luckily South African govt did not force people to take the vaccine.
    I have AIDS since 1992, asthma, overweight due ARV s so prime candidate for Covid. I did not get.
    December 2021 I picked up a virus and they said it was Covid but recovered 3 days later
    This was the biggest scam out

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  94. “If we can filter out the few good doctors remaining, we might have the seeds with which to tear down the whole sorry facade and start over. Burning down all the hospital death-camps and imprisoning their management their might be a good place to start”


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  95. European Union BLASTS Pfizer For Hiding Data

    45,841 views Oct 21, 2022 Here in the United States we may treat Big Pharma with kid gloves, delivering only slaps on the wrist for even the industry’s most egregious crimes against humanity, but that’s not the case in Europe. Recently some members of the European Parliament have raised serious questions about the COVID vaccines – specifically the information provided about vaccines’ effectiveness and side effects, and it appears these European political figures are serious about challenging the corruption that rots to the very core of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Jimmy and America’s Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the backbone demonstrated by EU pols and why no domestic elected official will ever challenge Big Pharma.

    Here in the United States we may treat Big Pharma with kid gloves, delivering only slaps on the wrist for even the industry’s most egregious crimes against humanity, but that’s not the case in Europe. Recently some members of the European Parliament have raised serious questions about the COVID vaccines – specifically the information provided about vaccines’ effectiveness and side effects, and it appears these European political figures are serious about challenging the corruption that rots to the very core of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Jimmy and America’s Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the backbone demonstrated by EU pols and why no domestic elected official will ever challenge Big Pharma.

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  96. AMEN! Keep fighting and we the people will do the same! 🙏🏻💥♥️

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  97. T – “All politicians should be the only one’s mandated
    To be quadruple vaccinated for the rest of
    Us we can make own choices……then we
    Can do study on them ….lol”

    Very good idea, for the next (already planned) scamdemic / plandemic, the politicians, police, military, and clinicians, should receive (provable genuine) quadruple jabs; then we wait to see how that goes before making a choice to follow their advice and their forced and coerced mandates, and bullying and thuggish and cowardly actions against us.

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  98. crisscross… Don’t really watch TV much any more, especially not the news. I just spent a few days away in Northern Rivers on a lovely property, no TV or phone reception – it was beautiful, like living on a different planet!

    Hollywood is owned by the CIA i hope people realise, the American heroes are always fighting the evil Russians and Chinese… of course people start to believe its all true… I never watch those kinds of movies. And TV reality shows are for the dumbing down of the population..

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  99. Mass Mind Control Through Network Television: Are Your Thoughts Your Own?

    “Experiments conducted by researcher Herbert Krugman reveal that when a person watches television, brain activity switches from the left to the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is the seat of logical thought. Here, information is broken down into its component parts and critically analyzed. The right brain, however, treats incoming data uncritically, processing information in wholes, leading to emotional, rather than logical responses. The shift from left to right brain activity also causes the release of endorphins, the body’s own natural opiates–thus, it is possible to become physically addicted to watching television, a hypothesis borne out by numerous studies which have shown that very few people are able to kick the television habit.

    “………….. During World War I, Lippman and Bernays were hired by then United States President, Woodrow Wilson, to participate in the Creel Commission, the mission of which was to sway popular opinion in favor of entering the war, on the side of Britain. Edward Bernays said in his 1928 book Propaganda that,

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” ………….”

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  100. daviddd2 – Thanks for that. It is astonishing that the family of these doctors are silent.

    Here is another link that is dated a year ago… so figures would be much higher now, and it contains a lot of information about everything..

    Click to access vaccinereport.pdf

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  101. Nothing like the chickens coming home to roost, is there? And STILL the Mainstream Media stays silentan d the experimental bio-engineering injections are being promoted and mandated through fraud, treachery and evil. Which booster shot for the kids are they up to today?

    The silence of our lambs is tragic but the silence of our sheep triggers pure disgust. It’s bitterly sad to see and hear.

    “Dozens of young Canadian doctors die suddenly, prompting call for an end to COVID vax mandate
    by: Sara Middleton | October 19, 2022”

    “Sad news out of Canada: there’s been dozens of deaths among practicing doctors in the North American country. In fact, an alarming 80 young doctors have died since the rollout of this so-called “vaccine.”

    The deaths includes five Toronto-area physicians since just this summer. Among them: 27-year-old pediatrics resident Dr. Candace Nayman, 50-year-old emergency physician Dr. Paul Hannam, 49-year-old otolaryngologist Dr. Lorne Segall, 68-year-old neurologist Dr. Stephen McKenzie, and Dr. Jakub Sawicki (believed to be in his mid-30s at the time of his death).

    The hospitals and healthcare systems associated with these and dozens of other young Canadian physicians insist that these deaths had nothing to do with the COVID shots and boosters these doctors were forced to take. And perhaps this is true in at least some cases (the obituaries for Dr. Sawicki, Dr. Segall, and Dr. McKenzie, for example, all state the clinicians passed away due to cancer … more on this in a moment). But another Canadian doctor is urging public health officials to take another look.

    In public letter, physician urges Canadian Medical Association to end “illegal and unscientific” vax mandates for healthcare workers

    Dr. William Makis is a Nuclear Medicine Physician trained in oncology and radiology whose career associations include McGill University and the University of Alberta.

    According to Exposé News, Dr. Makis’s medical license was revoked prior to COVID-19 for what he claims was “blowing the whistle regarding the corruption in cancer research.” (Upon further investigation, we found that Dr. Makis was accused of “unprofessional conduct” by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta for an alleged verbal confrontation between him and an unnamed colleague on April 21, 2017, in which he accused this colleague of lying about him. Reading through the hearing tribunal documents does sound oddly like a “he said, she said” attempt to silence or get rid of anyone who challenges the status quo. We digress but do share this context for the sake of transparency.)

    Despite his colorful professional history, Dr. Makis has remained an astute observer of the state of healthcare in Canada, and he recently wrote a letter to the current and former Presidents of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), Dr. Alika and Dr. Katharine Smart.

    The letter discusses the sudden deaths of “32 young Canadian doctors since rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.”

    Dr. Makis notes that beginning in December 2020, “CMA has aggressively and unethically promoted the use of experimental COVID-19 Vaccines in populations where risks of serious vaccine injury far outweighed any potential benefits (including children of all ages, teens, pregnant women, healthy adults < age 70).

    “CMA also supported illegal and unscientific COVID-19 Vaccine mandates that were forced upon Canada’s 92,000 doctors by corrupt health bureaucrats,” a move Dr. Makis claims was in violation of CMA’s own Code of Ethics. Mincing no words, he accuses Dr. Lafontaine and Dr. Smart of betraying “not only your physician members but the Canadian public that CMA serves.”

    Dr. Makis goes on to share “photos and information of 32 young Canadian doctors who died suddenly and unexpectedly in the past 16 months, all of whom were double, triple or quadruple COVID-19 vaccinated.”

    He considers each of these cases “highly suspicious for COVID-19 Vaccine Injury” due to the nature of the unexpected deaths, which include:

    Death during regular physical activity
    Death during sleep
    Death due to “unusual accidents”
    Death due to “sudden onset aggressive cancers” (this was the case for Dr. Sawicki and Dr. Segall, for example—both received their cancer diagnosis no more than a year before passing away)

    “You cannot stay silent”

    That so many young, practicing, and otherwise healthy Canadian doctors are passing away unexpectedly is questionable and tragic. But like others, Dr. Makis also believes it is unethical to overlook these sudden deaths and write them off as “unrelated” to COVID shots, especially since the CMA is forcing healthcare workers to take dose after dose of these drugs during this same time period.

    Indeed, Dr. Makis believes that this makes CMA “legally liable” for these deaths, should a causal link be proven, even if Pfizer and Moderna aren’t.

    “You cannot stay silent while illegally mandated COVID-19 Vaccines may be killing dozens of young Canadian doctors and putting thousands of doctors at high risk of severe injury and death,” Dr. Makis urges Dr. Smart and Dr. Lafontaine.

    “I am urging you to remember your ethics, and Oath and use your platform as Presidents of CMA to publicly call for the immediate termination of all COVID-19 Vaccine mandates in Canada’s healthcare, and call for urgent Investigations and Public Inquiries into what is killing fully COVID-19 vaccinated young Canadian doctors.”

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  102. Yeah, the youngest children (then 15 & 18) left to board in Sydney in April last year & in June lockdown started until December & we missed his 16th birthday, because we weren’t jabbed.
    Apologies everyone to get to far off topic. I admire doctors & others, who speak out for informed consent. A family member used to experiment on people in hospital in the 70’s & even though he got told off by the Lancet & other’s & got called insane, he continued, using the excuse that he saved lives & they would have died anyway. A wonder he didn’t go to jail, but later it got acknowledged that the treatment works, but is not suitable for everyone. A natural approach may have saved them too.

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  103. All politicians should be the only one’s mandated
    To be quadruple vaccinated for the rest of
    Us we can make own choices……then we
    Can do study on them ….lol

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  104. mulgawilga… I think you should stick to the old traditional ways, it is much healthier for you all and your children – like it was before colonials came. Good to hear that your friend eats organic and looks after all her children so well – you do the same. Make sure those that are sick after the jabs are doing all they can to try and repair the immune system – look into supplements that enhance the immune system and herbs that grow on the land that will help – and of course they should not have any more of these shots..!

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  105. crisscross767 – It should be in everyone’s cupboard… 1/2 – 1 tsp in water, morning and night alkalises the body. Great for indigestion and whitens teeth if you brush with it. Choose aluminium free brand.

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  106. I think it will work & I’ll let my children know too. Sadly some had the jab & seem to be sick very often. 2 grand kids with autism, since no one believes it is the childhood vaccines & it’s all genetic… My friend, another Jen, got 8 vaccine free children & none of them got born in a hospital; my namesake got born under a tree & full moon. They are all healthy & have no need to see a doctor. They only eat Organic & Biodynamic food. They sell their Biodynamic produce at Northey street in Brisbane every Sunday. They didn’t miss a market in 5 years, when they leased a farm in Obi Obi. Wish that everyone would care about their children, as much as they do.

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  107. mulgawilga…That’s good news re the NAC… marshmallow root is good too and for the gut as well.

    My brother in law said the banana skins worked better than anything else he tried for his psoriasis. Hope it works for you too.

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  108. Thanks again. We got NAC from healthwise. Apparently Marshmallow root is supposed be good too. We had thousands here in the yard, but not so many left now. We’re lucky to have lots of bananas given to us too! (:

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  109. mulgawilga… Any hydrating eye drops that are preservative free will do the job.. doesn’t have to be Murine but I think they are cheaper. For chronic mucus cough which is usually due to post nasal drip from sinuses – get some NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) – really good for lung health, thins mucus…from – its a US company. I use the NOW brand 120 tablets, 600mg or 1000mg per tab. This is also very good for anyone who has had the jab.. Make sure you order in AUD. Also tsp honey taken couple of times per day will loosen mucus or hot tea – and cough it out as much as possible – also drink lots of water.

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  110. Thanks Jen, so much. Used a herbal supplement from USA & am not sure, if it helped. I consider getting L-Carnosine eye drops & have Organic Castor oil in the cupboard, that is said to help as eye drops too. We’re going to Bourke tomorrow, live on a station
    ~ 80 K away, so can get preservative free murine drops there, I hope. I had a chronic cough for years, but it’s improving, but if I start coughing, it may not look so good… I have faith that they will come to their senses. Your comments in general, by the way, are very much appreciated! Have a lovely evening; sophie.

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  111. crisscross767… And don’t forget fluoride… contributes to a whole list of diseases including inhibiting the production of melatonin which is much more than just a sleep aid. It also calcifies the pineal gland, aka The Third Eye, that controls intuition, reason, – maybe that’s what is wrong with some people..

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  112. mulgawilga… Yes, wait til February.. In the meantime for inflamed eyes get some hydrating eye drops like Murine, without preservatives added – and use morning and night and see if your eyes feel better. I don’t see why the panic over your mask exemption.. unless they think they will catch something from you. Its the other way around, a vaxxed person is more dangerous to you if you are unvaxxed… lol

    Re cannula, its like a temporary needle they affix to a vein in your hand so they can control dosage of a drug, in this case it will probably be midozolam, a sedative they will use at low dose to put you in a twilight state, not fully under anaesthetic.. you will be aware of what is happening – however the surgery is not painful at all. See how your eyes feel in February..

    Re psoriasis… rub inside of a banana skin on patches… My brother in law said it really worked !

    Very sorry to hear about the harm caused to your friends and others by the jabs. People have to think first and consider that it is after all an experimental gene therapy and in spite of the media censorship re the harm it is causing, we all know people who have been harmed by it. Tell people to question everything, especially the ingredients in this stuff.

    Stay well, and enjoy that garden… everything we need is provided by Mother Earth ..

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  113. Excess baby deaths investigation
    156,046 views Oct 20, 2022 Review of spikes in Neonatal Mortality ordered by Scotland

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  114. The Sodium Bicarbonate Solution for Cancer

    Enter sodium bicarbonate. Unlike other anti-fungal remedies to which the fungus (a living organism) can become immune, sodium bicarbonate is both fast and effective, penetrating the tumor and disintegrating it. Methods of Treatment Dr. Simoncini has tested his theory on patients with outstanding results.

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  115. The Sodium Bicarbonate Solution for Cancer

    Enter sodium bicarbonate. Unlike other anti-fungal remedies to which the fungus (a living organism) can become immune, sodium bicarbonate is both fast and effective, penetrating the tumor and disintegrating it. Methods of Treatment Dr. Simoncini has tested his theory on patients with outstanding results.

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  116. Hi again Jen. I just finished some calls & when I told them that I got a mask exemption, they freaked out & said that they’ll have to treat me as if I have covid…
    Then, after speaking to the surgeon, I got asked if I’m willing to have a needle in my arm & I asked “what kind of needle?” Then got told “a cannula”, but then started talking about something else & didn’t get to know what they planned to have in it… It was cutting out too, but we managed to agree on that we can meet up in February & discuss what to do. Nice getting dropped like a hot potato!

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    These scientists all shared a common trait; they had all discovered that Nagalase enzyme protein was being added to vaccines which were then administrated to humans. Nagalese is what prevents vitamin D from being produced in the body, which is the body’s main defense to naturally kill cancer cells. (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO) ……………..

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  118. Researchers Finally Confirm That Cancer Is A Purely Man-Made Disease

    Researchers from the University Of Manchester, United Kingdom, have concluded that cancer is a purely modern, man-made disease. In the United Kingdom alone, Cancer claims more than 150,000 lives each year…………….

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  119. The Cancer-Causing Metal Millions Eat, Wear or Have Injected Into Their Kids

    Aluminum is considered by most health authorities perfectly acceptable to eat, wear as an antiperspirant, and inject into your body as a vaccine adjuvant, but research indicates it has cancer-causing properties, even at levels 100,000 times lower than found in certain consumer products……………….”

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  120. I thank you Jen for your advice. I am supposed to have the surgery in Bourke hospital NSW, through the Outback Eye Service. It may well be a Bourke thing. The jab rate is high & friends have been having side effects, including very likely; death. One of them, even had 2 heart attacks & died, both times, but got revived. He’s absolutely terrified & won’t have any more. At election time, we couldn’t convince the National supporters, that IMOP is telling the truth, instead citing that it’s science, so that’s that. One of the Aboriginal elders, who we know, said the same thing, on the front page, of the local paper. Wish that I would have gotten Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison out here, to speak & set the community straight, but he passed last year. Some woke up, after the jab & some went on the convoy to Canberra. I know an 18 year old & her dad died of the jab in WA early this year & to top it off, her beloved step dad died of kidney failure in June & her mother, (8 kids) has to run & pay off their Biodynamic farm in Queensland. I have saved some money for a rainy day & my eyes feel inflamed, so maybe should wait anyway & go private.
    I believe that the tetanus shot & many RhoGAM shots, may well be responsible for developing psoriatic arthritis. We got a good garden out there & will soon have enough, that it may be all, with what else is on this beautiful huge place, that we are looking after, to live entirely out of. Love; sophie.

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  121. mulgawilga… I had private cover and had to pay a gap so I guess it was a matter of money for them and maybe that is why my vax status was not an issue.


  122. mulgawilga… I had cataract surgery last year and think I could have waited a few more years. I am not vaxxed and was not asked to have a rat test and would have said no. Leave it awhile and see if things change. Do not comply.

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  123. crisscross767 – This is not such a big secret for those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear.. it is quite obvious they have been poisoning people for many years. People don’t seriously believe that the health industry is the health industry do they? Quite simply, there is no money to be made from healthy people so everyone needs to take responsibility for their own health –

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  124. Yesterday, I got a phone call, before my scheduled cataract surgery tomorrow, asking the usual stupid covid questions, including my jab status. Finding out that I didn’t have any covid shots, I got asked to have a rat test & I politely declined. I got told that they’ll get back to me. They still don’t know that I wrote myself a mask exemption… I did hope, that they would have started with the cataract operation, that leave stemcells in the eye, so that the eye can grow a new natural lens & therefore, there’s no need for a plastic lens. I could still wait some more. I will not comply.

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  125. The Secret Covenant: A Member of the Illuminati Tells All

    “An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception.

    “………………“We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite. We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle ways so they will never see what is happening. We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water, also in the air. They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn.

    The soft metals will cause them to lose their minds. We will promise to find a cure from our many fronts, yet we will feed them more poison. The poisons will be absorbed through their skin and mouths, they will destroy their minds and reproductive systems. From all this, their children will be born dead, and we will conceal this information.

    The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them, in what they drink, eat, breathe and wear. We must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons for they can see far. We will teach them that the poisons are good, with fun images and musical tones. Those they look up to will help. We will enlist them to push our poisons.

    “They will see our products being used in film and will grow accustomed to them and will never know their true effect. When they give birth we will inject poisons into the blood of their children and convince them its for their help. We will start early on, when their minds are young, we will target their children with what children love most, sweet things.

    When their teeth decay we will fill them with metals that will kill their mind and steal their future. When their ability to learn has been affected, we will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other diseases for which we will create yet more medicine. We will render them docile and weak before us by our power. They will grow depressed, slow and obese, and when they come to us for help, we will give them more poison…………………”

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  126. crisscross: “How do you inject a virus that you cannot even see…”

    Too easy! You can’t see it, but you can see and modify its “dead” DNA lol

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  127. The MOST EVIL and criminal aspect is that the politicians and the medical establishment PROHIBITED genuinely successful options in order to promote their EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS fraught with safety issues!

    Even to this day they have not genuinely even looked at the then existing SAFE preventative options which were so successful in many other countries! THAT SPELLS FRAUDULENT SCAM AND RORT OR ULTIMATE STUPIDITY! Take your pick.

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  128. I took ivermectin. I have all the things that covid loves. I’m fat. High bp . Asthma and my Drs wouldn’t give me anything. Ivermectin saved my life.

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  129. Re all of the so called lab created deadly viruses –

    How do you inject a virus that you cannot even see with something that will alter its potential?


  130. About time someone ‘blew the whistle’ congratulations.

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  131. They are still at it …US scientists create new lethal covid variant.

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  132. Shaun Woolley: “Why Is nothing on TV this is unbelievable”

    Our good shepherds don’t like us gathering around the water cooler and discussing things around the sheep dip.


  133. Why Is nothing on TV this is unbelievable


  134. Spot on, Ron. Never again! It’s like getting raped and hoping the next rapist will be more polite. WTF!!!!!!!! I guess some people still haven’t cottoned on what really happened and how they were violated.

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  135. Ron… Well said.

    And when the Royal Commission releases the names of the 26 or 28 paedophiles found from that study done years ago, then I might have a little more faith in them.

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  136. AJHANS… Just a reminder that mRNA is not a vaccine, its gene therapy – DNA altering gene therapy! All the test animals died in Pfizer tests, and some 1200 people also. Read the Pfizer papers that were released.

    Also very safe and effective treatments were already available in the form of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine but were banned ! This was not a mistake, it was deliberate…

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  137. daviddd2 – An excellent aid for them indeed.. but I think many may not want to know just for the sake of keeping their jobs and incomes… however they are all criminals and murderers and will pay the price either in this life or the next..they will not escape. Even the ones that are now speaking out, how many did they harm in the last couple of years? I don’t trust any of them one inch!


  138. AJHANS – “It’s obvious to me that to some extent everyone was flying by the seat of their pants during this pandemic.
    Let’s hope this experience serves to enable a better coordinated and more learned response next time.”

    Thanks for your comments, I took onboard the info.

    i was not flying by the seat of my pants. I left the Hospital system because I realized what was going on early in the plandemic, and I am not all that bright. The so called medical and science experts are way more intelligent than I am, surely they figured it all out well before I did.

    I do worry about the last sentence of your comments “Let’s hope this experience serves to enable a better coordinated and more learned response next time.”

    There should be no next time. If we let it happen again we have learnt little to nothing, do we forget the harm and deaths?

    Do we say what the tyrants say when they want us to forget what they have done to us – “we are moving on from that”

    NO NEXT TIME, if we let this happen again – I will give up, we will deserve everything that the grubs throw at us.

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  139. Oh dear! Any doctor who didn’t notice that the flu disappeared during “co-vid” needs to stop imitating a doctor and be given hormone replacement.

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  140. AJHANS: “So the lack of testing for stopping transmission ‘scandal’ is a bit of a red herring.”

    Point is that it was claimed by the drug companies, CMOs, MSM and the politicians, etc., that it would prevent transmission. Let’s be generous and say they really meant REDUCE transmission.

    It still doesn’t wash because the claim was baseless given that no trials referred to the question of transmission. The claims were FALSE and MISLEADING as at the time the claims were made no data regarding transmission was available .

    In fact, what we note is that transmission wasn’t reduced but MASSIVELY INCREASED once the injection campaigns were rolled out!

    PS The injections are NOT the classic vaccinations as people know them. Classic vaccinations were NEVER engineered to get one’s body to PRODUCE ITS OWN PATHOGENS!

    Given the experimental nature of the injections and the inevitable “unknowns” the mere label “vaccination” is substantially misleading in itself. Notwithstanding the manipulation of the known data and the notions of relative versus absolute risk.

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  141. Your post fails to acknowledge the downsides of mRNA Cov id fake vaccines, such as spike protien shedding, permanent DNA damage, failure to prevent tranmission to others over time, failure to promote full immunity to the virus, etc. Traditional (pre mRNA) vaccines did promote a strong immune response which gave protection against disease for which it was designed. The mRNA fails miserably at this. Hospitals are overloaded with mRNA vaxed Cov id patients.
    I suspect that you elected not to be “vaxed” against Cov id.

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  142. Couple of points…

    The good doctor-presenter Phillip Altmann may not be a medical doctor but has more than sufficiently good credentials to knowledgeably comment on drugs like the mRNA so-called ‘vaccines’ imo.
    Family doctors generally do not have more knowledge about these ‘vaccines’ than do pharmacists or medical researchers for example.
    And I’m sure that some doctors have themselves been injured by these novel ‘vaccines’.

    Some posts here raise the issue of transmission. Vaccines are designed to enhance the immunity of the individual receiving any given vaccine for the disease that specific vaccine was intended to protect against.
    Vaccines on their own, at the individual level, can never completely stop transmission. They can only help the individual’s immune system better fight off the invading virus. In fact until the given virus gets into the body, the immune system does not actually activate against it.
    What any injected vaccine is designed to do is to raise the immunological response in an inoculated individual above the level it would have been in the absence of vaccination.
    Such a vaccinated individual could theoretically still transmit the specific virus to a different person but any transmitted viral load would be smaller and the window of opportunity for such transfer would be much shorter.
    Just because Big Pharma did not test for “preventing transmission” of the Covid virus does not mean much since no vaccine can stop all transmission. Vaccines can only suppress transmission because they help shorten interpersonal transmission windows and help reduce viral loads within the infected (vaccinated) person, who presumably can eliminate that virus from their body more quickly than a comparable unvaccinated individual. So the lack of testing for stopping transmission ‘scandal’ is a bit of a red herring.

    However that does not mean that the mRNA vaccines are all ok. Development and testing were rushed and done under time pressure. Was risk enhanced by rushing (even if Big Pharma had supposedly done a lot of work on mRNA beforehand) or were “corners cut”?

    A Royal Commission is logical imo because only in that way can all the things that should be learned and retained and documented be accomplished. And thereby applied in the future when a similar situation arises.

    It’s obvious to me that to some extent everyone was flying by the seat of their pants during this pandemic.
    Let’s hope this experience serves to enable a better coordinated and more learned response next time.


  143. Here’s a little aid for the doctors, Jen. Over 1000 study references.

    “COVID-19 Vaccines: Proof of Lethality. Over One Thousand Scientific Studies”

    Over One Thousand Scientific Studies Prove That the COVID-19 Vaccines Are Dangerous, and All Those Pushing This Agenda Are Committing the Indictable Crime of Gross Misconduct in Public Office

    Just over 12 months from deployment of the COVID 19 emergency use experimental vaccines, scientific studies in the thousands, and reports of criminal complaints of assault and murder from the illegal, unlawful use of biochemical poisons made to police forces around the country, verify an assault on an unsuspecting UK population. Irrefutable science shows that the COVID 19 vaccine is not safe and not effective in limiting transmission or infection from the SARS-CoV-2, coronavirus pathogens.

    The “safe and effective” false propaganda, put out by public officials who now are continuing to push this vaccine, is a clear breach of duty. A public office holder is subject to, and aware of, a duty to prevent death or serious injury that arises only by virtue of the functions of the public office.

    Many have breached that duty and, in doing so, are recklessly causing a risk of death or serious injury, by carrying on regardless of the now-confirmed dangers associated with COVID 19 injections. Some of these risks are blood clotting, myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre, cancer including deaths, etc.

    All of these are confirmed in the following science-and-government-gathered data from the UK Health and Security agency on COVID 19 regarding vaccine damage.

    The term “vaccine” was changed recently to incorporate this illegal, unlawful medical experiment to facilitate usage of mRNA technology that is demonstrably not a vaccine, and which contains biologically toxic nano-metamaterials associated with 5G urban data gathering capability.

    Metal nanoparticulates are known in science to be genotoxic—a poison that can also cause sterilization. The dangers posed to the victims in the near term from this medical battery are now known. However, the long term lethality of this weapon is not as yet realized due to the debilitating effects it has on the immune system, causing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome(AIDS).

    The Medicines and Healthcare (products) Regulatory Agency (MHRA) had prior warning of the expected large numbers of adverse reactions before the deployment—confirming the premeditated nature of the crime and public conduct offences then and now.

    (followed by over 1000 references to studies!)

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  144. All these doctors that say they didn’t know and only now two years later the penny has suddenly dropped… really? What did they think when they got the letter from TGA or APHRA or whoever it was, telling them that they were not allowed to question the safe and effective narrative under threat of being disbarred or sacked? It should have raised a red flag for them all, enough for them to carry out their own checks..

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  145. Lindon Thompson

    That is a great speech.


  146. Praise the lord please checking your Facebook and message


  147. German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer observed: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

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  148. Bravo Dr. Altman! Bravo! My refusal to be vaccinated with MRNA jabs is finally and completely vindicated. Those who have been complicit in forcing these unsafe drugs on Australians must be held fully accountable. Looking forward to a Royal Commission to look into the breakdown of our Australian way of Life. Thank you.

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  149. I am in full agreement with Doug Bright.I was the second person in Australia accompanied by Community Members to serve both the International & Australian Common Law Court of Justice documents Jan 15th 2022 on Tweed Byron Police & Murwillumbah Police .
    (International document) Big Pharma,China,Vatican convicted of Genocide and Criminal Conspiracy by International Court – COVID vaccines prohibited as arrest of leaders and seizure of assets ordered.Reads” The convicted individuals include Albert Bourla and Emma Walmsley, the CEO’s of Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals,Xi Jinping,President of China, Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio),Queen Elizabeth(Windsor) and Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada.
    Full version can be found on
    Australian Common Law Court Orders 24th October 2020 reads-
    Respondents : David Hurley, ‘Purported’ Governor of the Commonwealth of Australia
    Margaret Beazley, ‘Purported’ Governor of New South Wales

    Linda Dessau,’Purported’ Governor of Victoria

    Paul de Jersey,’Purported’ Governor of Queensland

    Hein Van Le,’Purported’ Governor of South Australia

    Kim Beazley, ‘Purported’ Governor of Western Australia

    Vicki O’Halloran, Purported’ Administrator of Northern Territory
    Scott Morrison ,’Purported Prime Minister of Australia
    All ‘Purported’ State Premiers
    Gladys Berejiklian NSW, Daniel Andrews Vic,Annastacia Palaszcuk QLD,
    Steven Marshall SA,Peter Gutwein Tasmania,Mark McGowan WA.
    ‘Purported’ Chief Ministers Micheal Gunner NT & Andrew Barr ACT.
    ALL Guilty of
    1. Treason
    2. Using the statutory system to commit crimes against the people.
    3.Criminal Coercion
    4. Uttering
    6.Child Abduction & Abuse
    7.Personate Officers of the Crown
    9.Refusal to comply with the UN Human Rights Charter 1948
    10. Parental Alienation
    As a representative of WE the People
    ALL the above mentioned Should be IMPRISIONED for LIFE ,No peroll EVER.
    Full document
    This NEEDS to be Acted upon.

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  150. FLUVID-19 (2022)

    Did the plannedemic not help your neighbor WAKE UP?!
    “FLUVID-19” is the simplest way to help them
    understand that COVID-19 was a HOAX.

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  151. Excellent airing of the truth that should or cannot be ignored by government and health administrators.

    I notice that he only alludes to the possible “sinister” component behind the entire scamDemic, but the excellent work being done by people like Dr David Martin show that there is only one conclusion that can be drawn from the wilful “gain of function” work undertaken in various laboratories around the world including the Wuhan and US university and CDC laboratories and that is very deliberately related to
    wilful mass murder.

    Those responsible for any component of this are already walking back many of their statements and ducking for cover fearful of retribution, and a potential huge raft of insurance claims yet to come.

    They must not be allowed to crawl back under their rocks but all need to be rounded up, exposed, stripped of their areas of responsibility, charged and incercerated for life if found guilty.

    Just because millions of individuals in government, health administrations and supervisory organisations promoted this in an orchestrated synchronicity does not lessen their guilt, but rather emphasises their wilful ignorance at best or criminal complicity at worst.

    The complete absence of a single enquiring mind in exploring alternative medications and lack of appropriate testing should tell us that “the science is never settled” when politics and sheer bastardry are at play.

    I’ll leave the rest of what would otherwise be a very long post for another day.

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  152. Big thanks to Dr Altmann, now to convince the rest of the community who fell for the lies…hook line and sinker… what a travesty !!

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  153. Faith: “whats the justification NOW for a global ID (vaxx complisnce) card?”

    Some mfs believe they have a right to brand and serial number their livestock.

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  154. 🔥Pfizer exec appears to admit COVID vaccine not tested to prevent transmission – FISM TV

    See short bottom vid of Roos…guy who questioned Pfizer exec…hes livid, as we should be. The greatest hoax ever pulled on global populations, ever! So much for their Covid Passport ID! If vaxx never had ability to halt transmissiin, as we found out BEFORE Pfizers 10/10 admission, whats the justification NOW for a global ID (vaxx complisnce) card?

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  155. Hi daviddd2, Yep. The gift that just keeps on giving. Re: “U.S. D.O.D issued a contract for COVID-19 Research to a company in Ukraine, 3 months before COVID-19 was known to exist.” I remember way back at the very beginning of all the BS – Nick Hudson of released documented proof/evidence that the patent for ‘it’ was actually dated several years earlier. Can’t remember off the top of my head, but it will still be accessible on Pandata. They were the front-runners in exposing the scamdemic and at that time, (early 2020) practically the only ‘myth busters’ and reliable source of information.


  156. So a Pfizer spokeswoman has apparently confirmed to a MEP that the Pfizer trials did NOT encompass the question of transmission. Yet we were told by our governments, by our MSM shills and the medical honchos that the bio-engineering injections would provide herd immunity and protect the public from transmission.

    Billions of dollars later, either we were lied to or the injections were not fit for purpose. Who is going to pay for the scandalous, MASSIVE, PUBLIC, FRAUDULENT OR NEGLIGENT MARKETING CLAIMS?

    Does the ACCC have anything to say about false marketing claims ?

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  157. Videotapes, Lies and Sex
    This video tape says we’ve been lied to and thoroughly sexed.


    “Pfizer did not know whether Covid vaccine stopped transmission before rollout, executive admits

    “A Pfizer exec has made a frank admission during a parliamentary hearing, with one representative describing it as “shocking, even criminal”.

    “A senior Pfizer executive has admitted that the drug company did not know whether its Covid vaccine prevented transmission of the virus when it began rolling out the shots globally.

    “Janine Small, Pfizer’s president of international developed markets, was testifying before the European Union Parliament on Monday when she was asked the question by Dutch MEP Rob Roos.

    “Was the Pfizer Covid vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?” Mr Roos asked.

    “If not, please say it clearly. If yes, are you willing to share the data with this committee? And I really want a straight answer, yes or no, and I’m looking forward to it.”

    “Ms Small — appearing in the place of Pfizer chief executive Albert Bourla, who had been called to testify but pulled out of the hearing earlier this month — replied that the company had to “move at the speed of science”.


    In COVID hearing, #Pfizer director admits: #vaccine was never tested on preventing transmission.

    “Get vaccinated for others” was always a lie.

    The only purpose of the #COVID passport: forcing people to get vaccinated.

    The world needs to know. Share this video! ⤵️
    — Rob Roos MEP 🇳🇱 (@Rob_Roos) October 11, 2022

    “Regarding the question around, um, did we know about stopping the immunisation [sic] before it entered the market? No, heh,” she said.

    “Uh, these, um, you know, we had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market, and from that point of view we had to do everything at risk. I think Dr Bourla, even though he’s not here, would turn around and say to you himself, ‘If not us then who?’”

    Ms Small said Dr Bourla “actually felt the importance of what was going on in the world, and therefore as a result of that, we actually, um, spent $US2 billion, at risk, of self-funded money from Pfizer, to be able to research, develop and manufacture at risk, to be able to make sure that we were in a position to be able to help with the pandemic”.

    Mr Roos shared a brief clip of Ms Small’s response on Twitter, describing the answer as “scandalous”.

    “Millions of people worldwide felt forced to get vaccinated because of the myth that ‘you do it for others’,” he said in the video, which has been viewed more than five million times.

    “Now this turned out to be a cheap lie. This should be exposed.”


  158. I am Paul jack
    That speach burnt 🔥 Deep in to my Heart.
    As a Sovereign Living man Of The Country I Love Australia.
    And a Member of Australia One Party.
    I will Die On My Feet Fighting For My Country Before I Live on My Knees kissing The Ass Of Tyranny………!


  159. Oh what? Why do I get the feeling I’ve been fooled by someone somewhere?

    “U.S. D.O.D issued a contract for COVID-19 Research to a company in Ukraine, 3 months before COVID-19 was known to exist”

    “The contract awarded in November 2019 for ‘COVID-19 Research’ was not only instructed to take place in Ukraine, but was in fact part of a much larger contract for a ‘Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine’.

    More at:


    The world first started to hear about a novel coronavirus in early January 2020, with reports of an alleged new pneumonia-like illness spreading across Wuhan, China. However, the world did not actually know of Covid-19 until February 2020, because it was not until the 11th of that month that the World Health Organisation officially named the novel coronavirus disease Covid-19.

    So with this being the official truth, why does United States Government data show that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) awarded a contract on the 12th November 2019 to Labyrinth Global Health INC. for ‘COVID-19 Research’, at least one month before the alleged emergence of the novel coronavirus, and three months before it was officially dubbed Covid-19?

    The shocking findings, however, do not end there. The contract awarded in November 2019 for ‘COVID-19 Research’ was not only instructed to take place in Ukraine, but was in fact part of a much larger contract for a ‘Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine’.

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  160. aapkoning.. Excellent link and should be read by those who need more information. Doctors everywhere are similarly gagged, not just in the US.


  161. When most people read this article, will they comprehend it? Do they understand that this is the Damn truth? – Explained by “The Good Dr. Phillip Altmann…”

    Here is a bit more information from the other side of the world:
    Why do doctors lie to you?
    website available in 13 different languages. And also you will find Dr, Mercola’s direct new link inside the above website…


  162. Hope he can make a difference but too late for some who have died or are injured


  163. There is NO COVID so the so called v (won’t use that word) experimental INJECTIONS were for another purpose. These medical people harp on about covid – the “thing” was never isolated. “It” exists as a computer generated gene sequence that has been patented. If something has a patent then it is NOT a naturally occurring thing!!!

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  164. The greatest scam of the century. It was a plandamic scamdamic. Never about health it was about wealth. To Pfizer AstraZeneca moderna etc Masks manufacturers covid shit fake testing inept When all Australians were mandated the federal government politicians their public servants staff and judges were exempt from getting the experimental jabs. Factual. We all have been had.

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  165. Great stuff.
    The truth will always out


  166. Listened to Mike Adams interview with Karen Kingston. Adds a further dimension to the evil that’s afoot.
    I needed to listen to this twice to understand some of what was said. If Karen is correct then really bad times approach and takes us into horrific SciFi territory. But then again the last three years are a sad sci-fi script.

    Doctors speaking out now … too little too late. More like the thief who’s sorry he got caught but not sorry that he stole.

    Think to quote Shakespeare:
    “something wicked this way comes”


  167. Brilliant, but when will it get through the thick skull of jacinda?


  168. Thankyou for getting the truth out. Amazing information and truth Dr.Phillip Altmann. 🙏🙏 we appreciate it as Aussies who have been fighting for over two years being belittled and ridiculed , segregated and called some nasty names and hurt in the process. Many losing families and friends and their lives, homes and businesses. 💔💔


  169. Helen Surawski

    Thank you & those few brave medical professionals for speaking the truth & standing up for our human rights & God given freedoms.


  170. Hi daviddd2, Awww she be ok…heard she was in talks with David Lynch for the sequel to Elephant Man… “I’m not an animal! I’m a human moron!”


  171. daviddd2 – totally and hopelessly brainwashed… stupid woman. And there are many like this, people having strokes after the shot and then lining up for another.


  172. Not a Dr, Jonathon? But so many happy to listen to a health minister who does not have a degree or experience in health at all. Rather listen to an observer with qualifications than one who has none, except an environmental and law degree and has worked as a teacher in science and no Idea if he uses his law degree.


  173. Thankyou Dr. Altman
    I have personally experienced PYZER adverse reactions from the death shot..
    I have had X2 unconscious callapses /burst blood vessel. to eye / excruciating cramps/ blurred vision/ and disgnosed post Bronchoscopy with “Sarcoidosis” I am Not African nor Aboriginal.
    I know my “unexplained” Auto immune disease is a gift from Phyzer…. I have reported to TGA.
    This whole PLANDEMIC is Control and all those responsible have committed First Degree MURDER.
    Thankyou for exposing.. More so.. Those responsible should be prosecuted

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  174. Canadian actress Jennifer Gibson ended up with Bell’s Palsy two weeks after her bio-engineering injections and declares she would do it again, because it’s what we have to do.

    Watch and cry and slash your wrists in desperation and pity. No lesson learned will stop her from doing what she has to do! Amazing.

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  175. Thankyou


  176. He isn’t a medical doctor. He has a Pharmacy degree and a Ph. D. I’m not suggesting his viewpoints are not valid – I agree with everything he says. But it doesn’t help when headlines are written that would suggest to the casual observer that he is a medical doctor.

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  177. Très embarrassante.


  178. criosscross767… Very sad indeed.. but they will realise much to their distress.


  179. One comment : One of the saddest inditements is that most Aussies will never know what’s been mentioned here.

    Australia: “Highest Death Rate in the World Per Capita”


  180. Victoria Hill: “this is all CHINA… they made the vax and then created the lie of a “virus”

    rotf Yes, of course, WEF and CDC and FDA and NIH and APHRA and all of the Big Pharma owners are Chinese. You must be a Daily Telegraph subscriber, right?


  181. this is all CHINA… they made the vax and then created the lie of a “virus”…working like a charm


  182. Hi Tony Qld does it better. There was no lawful requirement for any Qld politician to get jabbed and most didn’t, then the police
    commissioner exempted 200 top police executives from getting jabbed.Ed

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  183. Michelle vella

    Thankyou to you wonderful people for speaking the truth. 🙏


  184. Tony, she probably had a saline shot just like the rest of them or none at all. Don’t put your faith in anything you see on TV.

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  185. You say that premier has not been vaccinated they WHY was she on TV saying or showing vaccinated. If she did not receive the vaccine then she should be charged for human rights killing and injuries. Nothing else the Police should do their duty protecting us. Now making police take 4 vaccines if over 50 years.

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  186. Awesome that more and more doctors are speaking out about the truth everywhere worldwide.
    My grandmother used to say : ‘lies have short legs and don’t travel far’.
    Lol very well said.

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  187. Wasn’t it the doctors themselves who told us we were in danger of dying if we caught cold… er, I mean c-vid? So who do we trust… their Science or their $cience?


  188. BOOM! Thank you Steve for being yet another honest, rational and candid voice in the wilderness of misdirected blame apportioning.


  189. Doctors come out two years too late.
    People deserve what happens to them, regarding this hoax, for being stupid enough to ignore the lack of any evidence of a pandemic.

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  190. I am so glad there are some Doctors at last who have been able to see through this at last. Right at the beginning of all this I felt something was not right. As soon as they said they had a vax I said I am not having it it doesn’t seem right. Now I know why , .


  191. The Satanic Roots to Modern Medicine – The Mark of the Beast?

    by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News

    All the symbols and emblems for modern medicine have one thing in common: a serpent.

    The “Mark of the Beast”

    Who or what is the beast?

    Strongs Concordance 2342 describes it as a venomous dangerous animal.

    “Mark “Strongs concordance 5482 to sharpen to a point

    Why does the pharmaceutical industry symbolise itself with serpents slithering up a pole?

    “I” is the first letter in Greek of the name – Jesus.


  192. Here’s another little something to whet the good doctor’s whistle! This means Moderna essentially owns SARS-CoV-2.

    EXCLUSIVE – Official Documents confirm real reason Moderna is suing Pfizer: Moderna created & patented COVID Virus in 2013 following Gain of Function Research which allowed Moderna to develop COVID Vaccine before World knew COVID-19 existed

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  193. Thanks DJ – i found that… a good summation. As Mulder says, Trust No One.


  194. Meanwhile, moving right along, nothing to see here… Kids dying of “unknown causes”? What is killing the kids, it’s not c-vid or they’d be screaming it out loud!.

    “Europe officially records a shocking 691% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA first approved COVID Vaccine for Children

    full story:

    August 29, 2022

    “Official mortality figures for Europe show that there has been a shocking 691% increase in excess deaths among children since the European Medicines Agency extended the emergency use authorisation of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for use in children aged 12 to 15 in May 2021.

    “Before this decision by the European Medicines Agency, deaths among children in 2021 were below the expected rate. But following the emergency use authorisation, excess deaths among children by the end of the year had risen by a deeply troubling 1,599% compared to the 2017 to 2020 average.

    “Unfortunately, this trend has continued into 2022, with Europe officially recording a 381% increase in excess deaths among children this year so far, compared to the 2018 to 2021 average.


  195. Hi Jen, Just letting you know that sonny123 is an astute commentator on here who made a like comment earlier today at 12:29 pm. Well worth a read.


  196. Yes Tony, I like all the ones you mention also – they spoke out immediately. I was never sure about Malone. Those that are coming out now are starting to see the writing on the wall in my opinion. I also very much like Van Den Bossche. I don’t know of Sonnny123.

    Every Dr out there right now who is still recommending the jabs is guilty of malpractice and worse. In fact any doctor still practising is one who is complicit.


  197. I have been analysing the positions of Australian and overseas medicos since Malone and Yeadon first spoke out and each one of them revealed what I regard as suspicious leanings. So far, I have been won over by Bhakdi, Luc Montagnier, Cory, the first protestor Joe Mercola, Judy Mikovits, Sherri Tenpenny, and very few others. So far, I align very much with Sonnny123. They had plenty of time to object from Day One but were silent. And it is not a professional medical corp but simply a well-resourced and ruthless Medical Mafia who should all be executed, after a fair trial of course.

    I have even become the architect for expeditious trial procedure:
    “You done it?”
    “I done it”.

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  198. Dandy… Yes… they must be seeing a big increase of illnesses in vaccinated patients. We all know someone by now who has been injured. I do not have a big social circle but so far have heard of myocarditis, brain aneurysm, clots in lungs and carotid artery and nervous system damage – and I am not a doctor so imagine what they must be seeing on a daily basis. Oh they know alright.


  199. The under reporting is problematic.
    Legally it has been proposed that a person may be able to sue their Doctor directly for not giving them fully informed consent.
    We are yet to see how that pans out.
    Will a Doctor’s Professional Indemnity Insurance protect them?
    Didn’t the Government protect them from liability too?

    Will they report any injury or death that they may have directly caused?
    Of course not.
    The extent of the reality we will probably never know except in our own backyard.

    Doctors are just humans in ‘white coats’.
    They have a long history of protecting their butts first.
    Show me anyone who has been successful in suing this protected species.

    Neither is ignorance an excuse by them.
    Doctors would well know that many drugs are clinically trialled on people and may still be pulled off the market at a later date, perhaps after too many strokes or heart attacks or bad side effects.
    It’s only the public who doesn’t know that.
    These vaccines were well known by the Health Professionals to be novel and a new technology.

    They became lazy in their enquiry and complicit in the outcomes.
    They saw the outcomes.
    They still see the outcomes and they still have their jobs.


  200. Ron… The thing is its not really out in the open. This must really reach people who have been vaxxed and are still lining up to be vaxxed – those who still think its safe and effective.

    Everything is censored so its up to us to share this information and spread the word – share the video with friends who can then share with their friends and so on. We need to wake people up.


  201. He can’t put lipstick on the Semashko. I am having my heart attack at home thank you.

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  202. So far all comments about this article are in the negative (excepting for the positives for Dr Altmann) I guess that makes it near enough to 100% unanimous; the Australian medical system must pay the penalty for harming and killing adults and children, especially when they well knew that the jabs and scam treatments were causing harm and death.

    Dr Phillip Altmann has at least put it out there for anybody with an interest to now know that there are members of the medical system giving correct professional opinion about the biggest lie in history.

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  203. DJ – You have a very good point there…

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  204. Hah! Speaking out over 2 1/2 years down the track, is not ‘whistleblowing’. It is playing the ‘get out of jail free’ card.

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  205. Excellent presentation but I have to agree with Tony… I do not trust doctors any more and the thought of even having to go to hospital for something terrifies me. I will see a Dr for something minor.. but prefer to stick to my herbs, supplements and vitamins to prevent any ailments so that I can keep doctor visits to absolute minimum. I just keep thinking that practising GPs have not done the job they are supposed to do.

    I know they have sent their paper onto every government political and medical body… but feel it would probably have been better directly put into people’s letterboxes around Australia – because they are the only ones who can stand up and call them out for what they are done, and are still doing.

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  206. Hi sonny123, Thank you for an excellent summarisation.

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  207. I will still maintain the large body of professional practitioners and all their associates were able as a group to confront the Health and Government bureaucracy, they had the “qualifications” to contest this fraudulent claim they chose not to. Judiciary and legal proceedings should now follow starting with No.1 Scomo.

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  208. I think we need to be aware, the orchestrators have planned this for decades. Not only is it reasonable for us to question everything and attempt to understand ‘civilised’ psychopaths, but the fact that they have planned the exit strategy process probably as much as they planned the premeditated holocaust.

    He still mentions the same so called ‘freedom fighting politicians’, who have shown themselves to be just the heroes we needed – as required controlled opposition.
    I’ve met Craig Kelly and spoken with him as he responded with grunts regarding the premeditation that wasnt being discussed until recently, and my gut says the only truth is ALL IN THIS TOGETHER
    There are doctors pushing critical lies amongst the truths, because that is exactly what deception is.
    Altmann and others could be legitimate, but there is no way they would risk having politicians who weren’t on board the new world order policies of enslavement and genocide, with what they are going for.
    Its illogical considering the preparation and money that has gone into the operation.

    When we understand the idea of controlled opposition is to never quite tell the whole truth, to reveal the reality of certain aspects of the assault, to often play a vital part in the theatre of the  trauma based mind control revealing more about the evil to really get us focused on the reality they wish to create, ( also revelation of the method ) and to keep us out of our creative capacity and in a state of fear, all these voices that seem to be able to catch our ears, they do seem to also have a ‘no go zone’ that maintains the narrative.
    If someone was really anything but another ALL IN THIS TOGETHER politician, talking head script reading sock puppet, counter narrative leader propped up by the establishment to capture the minds of the dissenters, they probably would not be in the brothel that we call parliament, the media, or propped up by social media platforms – that to me is logic.
    We’ve seen censorship, and we’ve seen orchestrated censorship.
    It’s a 3 trillion dollar propaganda campaign- a plan premeditated for decades, and decades – if not centuries- would  they really not have a plan A- Z?
    The puppet show to me has revealed that the only logical reason politicians are where they are at this time, is that they are the right actors for the show, as are many if not the majority of the talking heads we get to see and hear on any media platform.
    The whole show is meant to facilitate learned helplessness among other things
    They want us to know what they are doing, as that’s the way predictive programming of the predators works.
    22 years ago Pauline Hanson had a poster on the Agenda 21 goals, but I guarantee you this, you have not heard her say Agenda 21 once in the last few years of this holocaust, although Malcolm Roberts has slowly revealed this to the choir only, but not until it was clear we needed the illusion of at least some representative government to placate the mildly aware – only then did the narrative enforcement start allowing the script readers to start meteing out further degrees of truth – not that they don’t want us to know.- that’s what revelation of the method is. The same people that make our ‘entertainment’ that steers and engineers our views on this life, are spoon feeding us numerous select realities constantly, to the point where we dont even believe what we see with our own eyes – by design.
    I even voted because my wife cracked it at me saying to me that even if there was a minute chance it would make a difference,  I should vote, as immoral, corrupt, illegitimate and ridiculous as the construct is. Idiotic to encourage this establishment like every single so called freedom fighting politicians has of late.
    As we came closer to the last selection, the script was written long ago that ‘elbow’ was the next player in the show, and that was my view just  from painfully catching tidbits of mainstream media, and the scripted narratives over the months prior
    It wouldn’t matter what the votes said, he was in the next scenes in the show.

    Controlled opposition speak critical lies, in spite of all the truth they might say, and are complicit with the engineers manipulating the masses. They need polarized narratives and polarized populations- otherwise they might unite – and we cant have that while they push the new world order policies of enslavement and genocide.
    They will meet you wherever you are, and guide you to the learned helplessness, or the idols they always raise up to conveniently capture your attention and focus- they always provide another horse in the race where needed, – if you see them, they own them – this  may be cynical, but still logical
    Focus is what they want. People unaware of their co creative capacity in this life, are handing over their energy and power to self determine, to these ‘leaders’ , yet these constant spoon fed realities also capture that capacity, and we can start attracting what we are focused on – building the potential reality they feed us by not only manufacturing consent – but by capturing our focus.
    Be your own leader

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  209. Pat from Vic – “If we can filter out the few good doctors remaining, we might have the seeds with which to tear down the whole sorry facade and start over.”

    i agree.
    What happened to “first do no harm” appears to have been replaced with “hide the harm.”

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  210. i surely hope this good brave doctor does not have an accident,as have many others who have spoken out,,thank you doctor ALTMANN..


  211. “If we can filter out the few good doctors remaining”

    Lets have a look at some imaginary statistics that state exactly how many “doctors migrated” from 3rd world countries to Australia in the last 20years on behalf of AMA. Than let’s look at the “consultation time” and how it was shredded by the AMA and other AMA regulations that have slowly destroyed a doctor – patient relationship but helped a lot to “proce$$” as many patients as possible while utilizing all other “bound at the hip$” laboratories, day surgeries and any medical testing facilities that are part of the same “cost cutting”, but very effective in funneling government “benefits” into private pockets of chosen members attached to the pharmaceutical crime family.

    The Australian health system was never designed for health without profit but in the past at least most of the Aussie doctors of all colors were still capable “general practitioners” without a direct mandatory connection to the almighty pharmaceutical eye but with a healthy patient doctor relationship.

    What good would it do if Australia filters out good doctors if they are bound by the very same mechanisms that are destroying the country. The true blue Australian tradition, honesty, sympathies for others and all else that once mattered to Australian people is bred out of the very same subjects that now have become even more dependent on authority, on ones own greed for survival and the selfishness to love oneself (a lot more) than ones neighbor just to fit the “futuristic profile of an evolved member of society”.

    Drove to town yesterday and saw an interesting sign at a church which really did not fit any of the usual bible quotes: “To change is not taking the easy way”


  212. For some reason there’s no video and no link, Ed? Hope this one works…. Bitchute… Truth and Trust


  213. Haven’t gone to a doctor in over a year .. WILL NOT whilst they’re still allowing them to inject the poison surreptitiously .. they’re forcing the closure of medical centres and regional hospitals to force everyone to Cairns hospital the next CCP Labor smart city .. it’s quite blatant once you get out in the regions.


  214. I seriously doubt there is any actual viral pathogen known as SARS-COV-2 (other than in computer model) or hypothetical mRNA “therapies”. It appears, in the not so long run, the prime killing agent is/are the varying levels of graphene-oxide laced throughout the so-called “vaccine/s”.


  215. ron said – “Goes a long way toward putting some trust back into the medical system that has been busy harming and killing innocent Australians by way of the plandemic – the biggest lie ever.”

    Your sentiment is well intended, but I’d suggest that the so-called “medical system” is patently undeserving of any trust and broken utterly beyond repair – has been for decades, totally hijacked and owned body-and-soul by Big Pharma and now clearly and unambiguously by the anti-human Globalists, though it’s just been exposed for all to see over the last little while.

    If we can filter out the few good doctors remaining, we might have the seeds with which to tear down the whole sorry facade and start over. Burning down all the hospital death-camps and imprisoning their management their might be a good place to start.


  216. Well said Tony B, we for sure do need to rid the corrupt medical establishment from/ of the Rockefeller filth & influence ($$$).


  217. We certainly need more doctors to grow a set and stand up to this crappy system, my opinion only but at the moment I see hospitals as death camps, and doctors as murderers, sorry to be blunt about this, but the last couple of years has shown this to be the case, and lumped in with that is the pharmaceutical companies,


  218. Dr Phillip Altmann – Thanks doc, we are in desperate need of courageous, decent and caring doctors who are genuinely concerned for people and our country.

    Goes a long way toward putting some trust back into the medical system that has been busy harming and killing innocent Australians by way of the plandemic – the biggest lie ever.

    Can we please have many more like the good doctor. He is worth all of our federal, state and local politicians (except for a few) and all of the so called leaders in the TGA and main stream medical organizations.

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