Hollywood arrives in Ukraine making fake war movies for western news media

It should be noted lead bullets do not create sparks when hitting concrete. Hollywood effects have created this myth and a stage hand can be seen with an gel pistol firing into the set to make dust.

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  1. Where was Sylvester Stallone ?? Why wasn’t he in Ukraine wooping all those Russkies ??
    Why wasn’t he dispatched to Marioupol to rescue all those in Azovstal Underground ??
    There are the question, that I would like to be answered ??


  2. I lived in West Berlin for around a year (1988-89), when it was still an island behind the Iron Curtain. My German friends would get me to watch these East German Soviet movies about WWII, just to experience the intense propaganda techniques in their depiction of Germans and the war itself.

    They were so ridiculous that we would be laughing hysterically, because only a seven year old could believe their portrayal of people and history as presented.

    But what I see coming out of Hollywood, (Spielberg, etc) are almost on par with that old Soviet nonsense, except they are no longer shot in black and white and incorporate a better technology. But the narratives are just as ridiculous.

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  3. RT news stated the propaganda footage was allegedly sponsored by the British government.

    The Russian Defense Ministry claimed the staged combat scenes were filmed on behalf of the Ukrainian government and paid for by the British government. The ministry named the date of May 28 and place of Meshkovka in Ukraine’s Nikolaev Region for the filmimg.

    According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the videos are meant to inspire confidence in Kiev’s fighting abilities both in Ukraine and Western nations, and to showcase the “supposed effectiveness” of Western weapons supplied to the country.

    The shootout scene, according to the statement, is meant to be a recreation of a heroic Ukrainian stand against overwhelming Russian forces that never actually happened.

    The first video, the Russian military claimed, is supposed to show advancing Russian troops, who were played by a group of Ukrainian militias. The statement claimed the film crew couldn’t get any actual Russian armored vehicles for the scene and used Ukrainian ones instead.

    “The next filming session is scheduled for June 5 and 6,” Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov claimed. “The footage will be of staged testimony by ‘ordinary Ukrainians’ accusing Russia of supposedly firing at peaceful communities on purpose.”

    The ministry claimed that the UK not only funded the filming, but also offered its creative input. The project was launched “amid Kiev’s political disaster in Mariupol and military defeats in the Donbass,” the statement said.



  4. Hi Janicew37, Yes. And a very sick disturbed person. Having walked away from and barely surviving two very psychologically abusive relationships myself (from male partners), what I did see of her ‘performances’ were most reminiscent and resonating to say the least. Exactly the same MO.
    Just happy that it has dispelled the myth that men are always the perpetrators of DV.
    Regardless of gender, these sociopaths zero in on people that they perceive as ‘victim material’. Their aim is soley to destroy in another person, that which they envy and can never themselves possess.
    Johnny’s departed but dearly loved friend and mentor Hunter S Thompson would be overjoyed at his victory. I don’t doubt for a second that he was giving Johnny strength throughout his ordeal.
    (Earlier works of Hunter’s details their often hilarious close bond – resulting in Johnny’s own funding of funeral proceedings and his tribute to him).


  5. Hi D Johnston….. bloody hell, wasn’t her acting shocking? I only watched bits and pieces of it but that was enough for me. The whole episode was bullshit and while I know it was a distraction, it should never have got airtime.

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  6. Hi robirobrobyn, Lol or maybe a vodka bottle this time rather than bourbon…


  7. robirobrobyn

    Amber gets my vote on Rotten Tomatoes for actor of the year.
    Brilliant C grade acting that would of been perfect back in the 1950s/60s C grade Si-Fi and monster films such as The Creature from the Black Lagoon to name just one.

    Without going into to much details, In the Ukraine war film she replaces Johnny with the bottle with a Russian Soldier with a rifle.

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  8. Hi Janicew37, Actually, since she will probably never be offered another role EVER (hahaha), they should send Amber Turd…her bad acting and pathological lying ‘skills’ would be perfect.


  9. Hi Janicew37, re: “As long as they don’t give Alec Baldwin a part……”
    LOL was just about to make practically the same comment.

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  10. robirobrobyn

    No doubt that they will be using CGI as well.
    That can be seen if they do.

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  11. I think Hollywood has been there for some time. An English guy went over there on a tourist visa to check it all out – he said it was like a giant movie set… heaps of cameras, large stage lights etc.. Showing Ukraine people crowding into the railway station as though fleeing – but they had locked all the doors and there was only one entry exit point they all had to go through…!!

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  12. The “Juwywood” has been making movies from day one, (Ben Hur/10 Commandments) and so many crap movies). But the SHEEP – people believe that’s how the past was. Bloody SICK… Sorry, still happens today with MSM and JuwyNetflix… It is like so-called, Religious studies, I was always told by the so-called religious teachers, “You will end up in Jail because you do not believe and accept the past.” I still remember and replied often, “Those stories don’t make bloody Sense – No Logic, PERIOD.” Was often told, “You are an extremely difficult student.” I had my last laugh when my mother shut the front door into the face of this black-dressed lying bastard. Religious studies stopped from then on…

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  13. Hope they resurrect John Wayne and the Green Berets

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  14. As long as they don’t give Alec Baldwin a part……

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  15. The entire MSM reporting of this war has been Hollywood.

    WWIII is shaping up to be Hollywood’s greatest triumph.

    However, the directors may find scene management a bit difficult when the real Russkis fire real bullets at the actors. The Hollywood awards night will feature dozens of glittering coffins carried by jab zombies in tuxedos.

    Award categories might have to change too: “Best splatter design”, “Most curdling death scream”, and best of all, the “Headless Awards”.

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  16. sound like 22 rounds going off , a real battlefield rifle chambered in 7.62 mm or 5.56 mm make a deafening roar in a confined space, first shot virtually deafens you but the mindless plebs will soak this up also a 7.62 mm round hitting masonry will shatter it to pieces creating shrapnel , why do you think soldiers wear ballistic glasses for.

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