Culling of cattle herd and cattle stations on Cape York Peninsula

Part of the depopulation plan by disrupting food supplies

Shoot to kill cattle operations in Cape York must stop now, Member for Hill Shane Knuth said.

Mr Knuth said for years parks and wildlife had been performing shoot-to-kill operations, indiscriminately killing unbranded and branded cattle, often without any, or little notice to surrounding landowners who own most of the cattle.

KAP member for Hill Shane Knuth warns Qld Labor not to strangle any more cattle stations and cattle numbers on Cape York

“The department needs to communicate with landowners, who are rarely notified and often held up by government bureaucracy, sometimes waiting up to 50 days before they can obtain a permit to collect their branded cattle from national parks,” Mr Knuth said.

“Cattle are continually shot before landowners are given permission to enter parks to muster their cattle, which is a huge economic loss to the region.”

He said over the past three years more than 5,000 cattle, which could be worth more than $6m on today’s market, have been shot on orders from the Department of Environment.

“The question is, why are neighbouring properties to Cape York National Parks given only one week’s notice, or no notice before the killing of cattle occurs?” he said.

“And when adequate notice is given, it’s always during the wet season when it is far too difficult and dangerous to muster cattle.

“It is quite obvious that this Government wants to drive pastoralists out of the region, so they can lock it up to meet their environmental agenda.”

“I call on the Minister to fix this long-standing issue, streamline the permit process, instruct the department to give adequate notice and work with landowners to muster valuable cattle, instead of destroying this income stream.”

Sally Witherspoon, who has been involved in the cattle industry on Cape York for more than 50 years, (and still runs cattle on a northern Peninsula sublease) says, that National Parks are putting the final nail in the coffin of the beef industry in North Queensland.  

“There is a ridiculous rule that you must contact Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service 40 days before submitting a Permit to Muster application,” Mrs Witherspoon said.  

“The application takes time to be assessed and could then be denied for some reason. For example, too late in the season for a muster.

“National Parks should not be purchased unless there are funds to fully fence and maintain the Park. 

“They are the worst neighbours one could wish for with little to no weed control, no fences, nobody living on the property, little firefighting capability, and a propensity to shoot cattle.

“Shooting from a helicopter is often not humane and it is distressing to think our cattle are being cruelly “hunted” and maybe left to die a slow death.

“It is very telling that graziers on Cape York Peninsula and the north-eastern coast of Queensland are being forced out of business in the only areas of Queensland that have guaranteed rainfall. 

“It is my belief that this is part of a state government drive to disrupt food production.  A plan that is also evidenced by the recent slashing of the Queensland Mackerel quota.”#

Editor: The State Labor Party has just set aside $20m to purchase more cattle properties on Cape York. Since its recent $11.5m acquisition of Bramwell Station and Resort, there are few cattle stations left.

The Labor Party is intent on removing all of 15 remaining white pastoralists then turning Cape York Peninsula into a vast, unmanageable slab of impenetrable scrub. This has already occurred over much of the sterilised land area handed to Aborigines without a secure title.

It will become a potential firebomb of nuclear proportion already home to more than one million feral pigs and tens of thousands of wild dogs.

Yet feeble-minded city people keep voting for the ALP eco-fascists not even thinking about where their next beef steak will come from.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Time for Bob Katter to secede Northern Queensland away from the Commie South.


  2. Dear tonyryan43
    Remember Wayne Glew?

    “Whoever guards WA premier McGowan (described here by sovcit Wayne Glew as fleas) are to be singled out and locked up in private jails. Warrants authorised by officer of the court, Wayne Glew.”

    The rot of the political appartus is very distressing I know. However we must be patient in difficult times. I know that you have not believed that God hears our prayers. However God does deliver people out of their troubles and brings relief when we call upon him. Many can testify to this. However in this wicked world we are not immune from suffering, evil works and death. Ours is a sin-sick fallen world. But the creation is so wonderful and beautiful.

    I can hear from these pages, posts and links on Cairnsnews, that people all over the world are engaged in the spiritual and physical fight for truth. Additionally, in Christ Jesus we know and believe that “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” Evil shall not conquer you, for Christ in you is greater than the devil. If all the nations and peoples turned back to Christ, today would be a different story.

    As much as we all hate evil – and we should hate the evil and not the people deceived by the evil one – or else we are become like them – murderers – and we don’t want that to be added to our account when we all have to stand before the judgment seat of God. It is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment. Believers will pass from death into God’s blessing of eternal life, but the doers of evil will be cast by God into everlasting darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth. God is just – that’s why he sent the Saviour into the world. Mercy and grace are offered to all people, at the cost of the death of Jesus on that cross for man’s sin. God loves us. Hell was made for the devil and the evil angels; God wants no man to perish. So this is definitely the time for people to turn to Christ because these signs around us are the beginning of sorrows. But the end is not yet. Therefore, let’s be encouraged to stand in the truth, having the breastplate of righteousness over our hearts, our feet guided by the gospel of peace; holding up the shield of faith by which we quench all the fiery darts of the wicked, and take the helmut of salvation upon our heads and use the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God against the lies and deceit of error. God is above all things and he rewards those who diligently seek him. So let’s soldier on as good soldiers, pray for others and do all that God enables us to do.


  3. This sounds familiar auntieet and precisely what happens. Ed


  4. & if you see your livestock on the wrong side of the fence? because their tree took the fence out, don’t you dare go onto their forest/land to muster them up without a precious permit, you’ll get fined & livestock taken if they catch you, while your fingernails are growing long waiting for that piece of ticked ticket you’ll hear the choppers come in…
    And don’t cut down the whole tree at the base leaning towards your fence when you go about your fence repair, only allowed to chop what’s hanging over & smashed through, until another day it takes the fence out again…


  5. The author is so damn right, in all points.
    “They are the worst neighbours one could wish for with little or no weed control (in my neck of the woods there was none), no fences, nobody living on the property (ie: no watchful eye or anyone keeping on top of any problems), little fire fighting capabilities (in my case, none, they just didn’t give a fck and no fire breaks) & a propensity to shoot cattle”. This is all so sadly correct.
    I had the misfortune of sharing 3 boundaries of a property with these useless landowners for near 15 years. My land jutted into the forest, I fenced my cattle in, or should I say I fenced their property out, the only land owner in the district that did. I was fortunate, I could spy my property up from a top of a hill, 2/3rds anyway. We kept control of the feral pigs & more wild dogs I shot that I can count (never took any pleasure shooting the dogs, just had to), we kept their weeds out, we repaired the fences when their trees took out a fence & the pastoral neighbours on one side thanked us regularly for stopping the vermin pests, weeds & animals before they got to their properties. All the sh#it in the world came from their ‘property’ but was my duty & responsibility to deal with it.
    NatParks came to visit me one day, met them at my gate, long story, asked them “while you’re here can you identify this” showed them a plant thought was a weed, growing like mad from their forest, taking over pasture & forest. They didn’t know jack sh#it. Eventually a 70+ year old hobbyist forest & plant lover identified it, yep a noxious weed, we kept on top of that too.
    Anyone privvy with the vegetation maps?, If it’s white, it’s alright? & You’re responsibility as a pastoralist or landowner to keep up to date with any changes. Only thing they don’t tell you is when it’s going to change. So you can get on their website for a couple of years, every day, then one day you see the colour change, you figure & know, they’re locking up some of your land. Happened to me, so I phoned the useless pricks. Seems another Gestapo department looks at photos (satellite) from above, they recognised “re-growth” from their forest encroaching onto my land, only thing was is that so called “re-growth” was actually shadows from their forest casting onto land. I challenged them to come & look at the shadows… they never came… just maps & rules from behind their desks. Departmental Gestapos that know nothing above their fantasy perceptions of themselves


  6. Brian Johnston

    Editor. Eco-fascists? A terrible misuse of the term. The German National Socialists cared for the environment – see Vril Society. Mussolini sought to restore the environment.
    Fascism is not the problem. The wrong people are. Start with Kalergi and Churchill.


  7. Correct Tom the Qld ALP is bereft on any semblance of intelligence. Just look at the Cabinet. Just shows the limited intelligence of those eco fascists and brain dead unionists who put them there. Ed


  8. Quite incredibly stupid, about 11 years ago animal protector Lynn white destroyed the live cattle trade with our neighbor ,Indonesia with a fake video, alleging the Indonesian abattoirs were inhumane, of course this crap was promoted by the ABC, and caused a cooling of diplomatic relationship with our most important neighbor, subsequently the then dopey Labor minister Ludwick was found guilty of malfeasance and the pastoralists compensated, what I find is incredible is that NO animal rights, ABC or other lefties are offended by the grossly inhumane treatment of cattle on an industrial scale in NQ, the subsequent buildup of feral dogs and pigs which destroy ANY NATURAL VALUE THAT A NATIONAL PARK IS SUPPOSED TO PROMOTE,


  9. Guillotine…


  10. Unfortunately this all part of their New World Order. Control over our lives. This is Australia, put the 4 major parties last at the election, we do not want to become communist china.

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  11. As long as there’s demonstrations organised on Saturday afternoons in parks with face-painting, bands and do good speakers nothing will change. Remember the huge demos against sending our military to Iraq, bigger than anti-Vietnam War demos. But Howard sent them anyway and set up the Bali Bombing to bring the demos to a halt and it worked. Our biggest problem is our geographical isolation and no near neighbours to combine with. We never hold our leaders to account because “she’ll be right mate”! Scummo just signed us up to the WHO to rule us see here:


  12. About 20 years ago I lived in Victoria.At that time there was a great push to get the cattle-men and their stock out of the ” High Country .” There was a large rally in Melbourne. There were cattle-men ,women ,Horses dogs.And about ten thousand people I recall.They also were locking out fossickers,and miners of course.I lived in the country,and a leader in the old town hired a bus.It was packed , people turned up from every where. Did we achieve anything ? It would seem not.The greenies are so ignorant of how most of our basic requirements come from the country. All the food magically appears on the shelves of the supermarkets.

    People are in for a hell of a shock.This type of thing is happening world wide.reports from Europe and America speak of tough times coming..Can they be wrong ? Of course, but I do not think so. I have been telling my family to grow vegies, are they ? No.

    We are getting our rules from the UN and the WHO. do you know the WHO now tells Australia how to run our health system.Look up APRHA and the WHO.

    We should never joined the UN., but thanks to our traitorous governments ,they bought us for a pot of porridge.

    Wait till we become a cashless society , that is just around the corner. There will be complete and utter control of everything Everything you buy , everywhere you go. The food you eat, the drinks you drink. I recall clearly before cards came in, no-one wanted them, An invasion of privacy,But like the sheeple we are, it didn’t take too long before cards were every where. And do you recall they brought in cards for aborigines, to help them of course, they bought too much booze or cigarettes., so this would help them be healthier.Well that was the excuse.

    So do not forget,our politicians have sold us to the New World Order. Who do we vote for? Look up a feller called Topher and look at his video on voting. And watch out for Independents who are really greenies in disguise.The climate is changing of course.Bill Gates and his sprays,with geo-engineering , Chem-trails. Anastasia with her cloud-seeding.Then more floods at Lismore.

    Where are all the suggestions about how we get out of this ?


  13. chris mcilrath

    Interesting. I hear there are incentive to not grow food on farms but I have not seen actual evidence Christopher F. McIlrath Whatsapp (when available) +67077323351


  14. I am losing patience with my fellow Australians.

    While foreign lobbies are controlling idiot politicians, people write letters and even protest, ignoring the accumulating mountain of evidence that nobody is listening or cares.

    Rise up and throw these complicit politicians in the street. Sack them. Lock them up and prosecute. And where the enormity of the crime merits this, as in treason, execute them.

    All human communities have this right, now exercise it.

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