Letter to the Editor

I always watch Max Igan’s Crowhouse videos and in his last video, 12 April, 2022, he was talking about ATAGI, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation.

It is part of the Australian Government Department of Health.

According to Max:
“ATAGI is recommending that people are sedated for their jabs if they are showing a little bit of anxiety or they don’t want to be jabbed or whatever.

“Or perhaps they could be jabbed while they are sedated for an unrelated case. So basically, if you are in a car accident or whatever or if you are under sedation for anything in a hospital and you are sedated for any reason, they are saying it is now acceptable to hit you right with the COVID jab while you are sedated and not tell you about it.

“This is setting a whole new precedent, this is next level evil, folks. Opportunistic vaccination during unrelated procedures.”

Watch his video and fast forward to the 13:30 minute re ATAGI:

His video at the 15:25 minute mark is showing horrific footage of Shanghai where people are committing suicide by jumping out of windows of high-rise buildings.

from Seb