Honing in on the perpetrator of world economic destruction

Klaus Schwab, owner and chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is the most dangerous man in the world. He has sleeper agents across every government in the world ready to implement the One World Government, a fusion of corporations and government where you will own nothing and be happy.

Schwab’s evil plan is almost completed. There are no longer freehold titles (deed of grant in trust) in Australia. All parchment deeds have been shredded, replaced by a computer printed title.

For example in Queensland the Labor Party began removing parchment deeds after Premier Wayne Goss took government in the early 1990’s. In October 2019, under the Land, Explosives and Other Legislation Amendment Act, all Queensland property Title Deeds were changed into electronic form and placed under the control of three private companies – Purcell Partners Pty Ltd (PEXA), Sympli Australia Pty Ltd and Property Exchange Australia (PEXA).

Your titles have been handed to these corporations and you no longer own any land. If the LNP or the ALP achieve power again at the next election you will definitely own nothing and finally be unhappy.


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The “FEW” Involved in the “WEF”

    Excerpts from link below:

    The following is the result of reviewing every WEF class of future global leaders since 1993.

    The Davos, Gates and mRNA Vaccines –

    Bill Gates (WEF 1993) Gates’ foundation, along with Schwab’s WEF launched the global GAVI-The Vaccine Alliance in 2000.

    José Manuel Barroso (WEF 1993) was named CEO of the Gates-financed GAVI vaccine alliance in January 2021 as the mRNA jabs were rolled out. Barroso now oversees global spending on the mRNA vaccines for Gates and WHO.

    Albert Bourla chief executive officer of Pfizer is a WEF Agenda Contributor. His Pfizer Vice President, Vasudha Vats (WEF 2021) is a WEF “global leader” recruit.

    Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel (WEF 2009) was selected in 2010 to be CEO of a new company, Moderna, in Massachusetts.
    In 2016, with no successful mRNA product yet approved, Bancel’s Moderna signed a global health project framework agreement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to advance mRNA-based development projects for various infectious diseases. The same year Bancel signed a global health project framework agreement with Tony Fauci and the NIAID. In a January 2018 speech to the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, more than a year before the world heard of COVID-19 out of Wuhan China, Gates declared, “We are backing companies like CureVac and Moderna on mRNA approaches for vaccine and drug development…”

    Davos Politicians –

    Germany’s former Chancellor Angela Merkel (WEF 1993) and her former Health Minister Jens Spahn (WEF 2012). Germany’s Philipp Rösler Minister of Health from 2009 until 2011 was appointed the WEF Managing Director by Schwab in 2014.
    Present Germany Chancellor Olaf Scholz was invited to give a Special Address to the January 2022 Davos Meeting by Schwab.
    Germany’s new Foreign Minister Green leader Annalena Baerbock (WEF 2020) was chosen to be a Global Leader just prior to her becoming Chancellor candidate. Baerbock is State Secretary for climate change diplomacy. Greenpeace head Jennifer Morgan (USA) is a WEF Agenda Contributor and close friend of WEF Board member Al Gore. Former German Green Party head Cem Özdemir (WEF 2002) is new Minister of Agriculture and Nutrition.

    In France President Emmanuel Macron (WEF 2016) mysteriously rose from an obscure Cabinet Minister to become President of France in 2017 with no party, just a year after being selected to join the WEF Global Leaders program.

    Other EU politicians from the Davos club include Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis (WEF 2003), Belgium Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (WEF 2015), Sanna Marin (WEF 2020) Prime Minister of Finland.
    UK former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown (WEF 1993) was named by WHO in April 2021 to promote a $60 billion program for COVID vaccination in “poor countries.” Brown became WHO Ambassador for Global Health Financing in September 2021.

    Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is a Davos WEF Agenda Contributor and frequent speaker at Davos. Schwab introduced Trudeau in 2016 stating, “I couldn’t imagine anyone who could represent more the world that will come out of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

    Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland is on the WEF Board of Trustees. Other WEF agents in Ottawa are Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly (WEF 2016) and Family Minister Karina Gould (WEF 2020).

    In the USA top Biden Administration appointees include Jeffrey Zients (WEF 2003) White House Coronavirus Coordinator. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg (WEF 2019) who suddenly announced for President after being chosen by Davos is another. US deep state operative Samantha Power (WEF 2003) is Biden’s head of USAID, the major foreign aid agency closely tied to CIA activities abroad. Rebecca Weintraub (WEF 2014) a Harvard professor who works for total vaccination of everyone in the world with mandatory vaccines even for children, is adviser to the Department of Health and Human Services’ National Vaccine Advisory Committee.

    California Governor Gavin Newsom (WEF 2005) imposed some of the nation’s most severe lockdowns and mask mandates as did Jared Polis (WEF 2013) Governor of Colorado, with a public health order that made Colorado one of the first states to require proof of full vaccination to be admitted into the large indoor events.

    In Australia, Health Minister Greg Hunt was WEF Director of Strategy in 2001 and WEF Global Leader in 2003. He controls the extreme government COVID-19 policies.

    In New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (WEF 2014) met with Bill Gates in New York in September 2019 as featured speaker at the Gates Foundation annual Sustainable Development Goals conference, just before the China COVID events and days before the October Event 201 “pandemic simulation” by World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Jeremy Howard (WEF 2013) is an Australian who at the start of the COVID-19 organized a worldwide campaign for mandatory face masks.

    Key Think Tanks and Academics –

    The Davos global network behind orchestrating global COVID-19 pandemic measures include Rockefeller Foundation President Rajiv Shah (WEF 2007) who promotes the Davos Great Reset where he is WEF Agenda Contributor. The New York Council on Foreign Relations Thomas Bollyky (WEF 2013) is Director of the CFR Global Health Program and is a former Gates Foundation as well as WHO consultant. He directed the CFR Task Force, Improving Pandemic Preparedness: Lessons from COVID-19 (2020). Mustapha Mokass (WEF 2015) developed a vaccine passport system for the Schwab 4th Industrial Revolution agenda.

    Mainstream Media –

    Davos and the WEF of Schwab are in the midst of this as well.
    CNN and Davos are well-connected. Dr. Sanjay Gupta (WEF 2010) chief medical correspondent for CNN played a key role promoting the official narrative in the COVID-19 deep event.
    Dr. Leana Sheryle Wen (WEF 2018) is a columnist with The Washington Post and a CNN medical analyst. Anderson Cooper (WEF 2008) a spooky former CIA “intern” is a major CNN host. Jeffrey Dean Zeleny (WEF 2013) is the Chief National Affairs Correspondent for CNN.

    Influential owners of social media corporations engage in censorship of covid criticism. Among them are Mark Zuckerberg (WEF 2009) the billionaire owner of CIA-backed Facebook, and Twitter board member Martha Lane Fox (WEF 2012) a member of the UK Joint Committee on National Security Strategy and on House of Lords COVID-19 Committee. Larry Page (WEF 2005) is a billionaire co-founder of Google, arguably the world’s most censored and most used search engine.

    Marc Benioff (WEF Board of Trustees) billionaire owner of Time magazine and Salesforce cloud computing is also connected to Bill Gates’s The Giving Pledge.
    Dawood Azami (WEF 2011) is multi-media editor at the BBC World Service, the influential UK state-owned broadcaster.
    Jimmy Wales (WEF 2007) is founder of Wikipedia which notoriously alters content of COVID-related entries to promote the WHO and Davos agenda.
    Lynn Forester de Rothschild (WEF 1995) with her third husband, Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, owns The Economist magazine, which promotes the COVID Davos agenda along with the coming Green reset.
    Other Davos global future leaders include Jamie Dimon (WEF 1996) CEO JP Morgan Chase, Nathaniel Rothschild (WEF 2005) son and heir apparent to Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild, and David Mayer de Rothschild (WEF 2007) a British billionaire green agenda advocate with a fortune of estimated 10 billion dollars.

    WEF Strategic corporate “partners” helping mentor the Davos Global Leaders include Barclays Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Deutsche Bank AG, General Motors Company, The Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Google Inc., HSBC Holdings Plc, McKinsey & Company and UBS AG and such.

    Is this concentration of global power just coincidence or part of a genuine outright conspiracy?

    A reading of the current World Economic Forum Board of Trustees might help to answer.

    Copied from https://www.expandingawarenessrelations.com/the-few-involved-in-the-wef-davos-and-the-purloined-letter-conspiracy-klaus-schwabs-global-leaders-of-tomorrow/

    World Economic Forum Appoints New Members to Board of Trustees > Press releases |

    World Economic Forum (weforum.org)


  2. Reading Cairns News is a great way to expand one’s knowledge and learn something new …

    Definition of hone in:

    intransitive verb
    : to move toward or focus attention on an objective

    Courtesy of Merriam Webster

    You’re welcome!


  3. Hi Colin Foley,

    “Ones hones a knife but homes in on a target (as in homing pigeon)”

    Is It ‘Home In’ or ‘Hone In’? Both can be used.

    Hone in comes from the meaning of “hone” referring to sharpening or making more acute.
    It’s the narrowing or sharpening of focus implied in the figurative meaning of hone that seems to have made hone in seem like the right phrase to some, rather than home in.

    I prefer to use ‘hone in’ or ‘zero in’ instead of ‘home in’.


  4. Ones hones a knife but homes in on a target (as in homing pigeon)


  5. WEF’s goal isn’t to just control life on Earth but to fundamentally change it. Schwab’s top adviser, transhumanist Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, openly admits data might enable human elites to do more than “just build digital dictatorships.”

    “By hacking organisms,” Harari said, “elites may gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself. Because once you can hack something, you can usually also engineer it.”5 Soon, he says, some corporations and governments will be able to “systematically hack all the people.” And if they succeed in hacking life, he describes it as the “greatest revolution in biology since the beginning of life 4 billion years ago.”

    According to Harari:6 “For 4 billion years, nothing fundamental changed. Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design. Not the intelligent design of some god above the clouds, but our intelligent design, and the intelligent design of our clouds — the IBM cloud, the Microsoft cloud — these are the new driving forces of evolution.”


    “Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design.”
    INTELLIGENT DESIGN?! Whatever mankind has touched, created or designed (so far in history) has failed bitterly and collapsed one human civilization after another – by design.
    The design of the “elite” to groom their bio machine slave to serve their system is already doomed as the soul/life force of creation is incorruptible to human touch.

    $cience that is connected to the spin of the coin of money changers excluding God is no science. It is “black magic”. It is the design itself that will destroy itself from within as the “factor X – the unknown” is neither known to $cience, genuine human science itself nor to man.

    The “god particle” is a symphony of many ingredients (substance, spiritual, positive emotions and “LOVE for creation itself”) in a “perfect non physical environment where ALL is included as ONE” reacting and uniting in perfection in the right moment of space and time – flawlessly. It appears and disappears, can not be measured nor contained or influenced by humanity, machinery nor AI.

    Imperfection, like the creation of a human (sur)reality through very imperfect twisted human minds that are trying to clone perfection without being perfect oneself or to copy what is not there and can’t be understood – including natural law – is nothing but a wet psychopathic dream of those who are opposing (are not part of) creation itself.


  6. I tried to get our Certificate of Title back in 2006 after remortgaging at one time (it took us 30 years to pay off mortgage in total) and in 2006 was told we couldn’t have it as it was kept electronically at the Titles Office. We were really concerned and furious about that and now we know why.


  7. tonyryan: “Brian Johnston… You can read the list of names in oziz4oziz.com/ “Australia fights back”.

    Lovely piece! Essential reading for the deluded. I’ve not finished reading all of it yet but Hats off to you for putting it together.

    Very much worth sharing by everyone to everyone. Cheers.


  8. Yuval Hariri: The Sick Mind of Pax Judaica = New World Order.

    “Your Highnesses, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, a very very good morning on what is the first official day of World Government Summit here at Dubai Expo 2022 and the title of this session:
    Are we ready for a New World Order?” WHAAATTT???!!!…

    Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari donates $1 million to WHO after US cuts funding.
    Hariri and husband Itzik Yahav say that while Trump has cut aid, “luckily, there are more than 7 billion other humans on this earth, and we can do better’. – Times of Israel, 17 April 2020.

    Hariri lives outside Tel Aviv with his husband Itzik Yahav, they’ve been together for nearly 20 years.

    Why is this Psycho promoted by the NWO, Klaus Schwab and his WEF, etc., to a world celebrity? Why do so many in the world swallow his Utter BS?

    The New York Times, the main NWO propaganda outlet called his book ‘Homo Deus – A Brief History of Tomorrow’, “Provocative…. The handiwork of a gifted thinker.” and it became a New York Times Bestseller.

    His second book ’21 Lessons for the 21st Century’ also became a NYT bestseller.
    “Offers a helpful framework for processing the news and thinking about the challenges we face.” – Bill Gates, in ‘5 Books I loved in 2018’.

    Those two books have sold more than 35 million copies and have been translated into 65 languages and have been recommended by President Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.


    New surveillance technologies are now deployed just to deal with this Corona virus outbreak. When it’s over some governments may say: Yes, but there is a second wave of Corona coming so we have to be prepared. And there is Ebola, also the regular flu, so why not protect the people against that too with this new surveillance system?

    So, the tendency would be to prolong it indefinitely also the moment when surveillance goes really under the skin. Governments are now not just interested in where we go and who we meet, but even what is happening inside our bodies.

    What we have seen so far is Corporations and Governments collecting data about where we go, who we meet, what movies we watch. The next phase is the surveillance going under our skin.

    People could look back in a hundred years and then identify the Corona virus epidemic as the moment when a new Regime of Surveillance took over, especially surveillance under the skin, which I think is the most important development of the 21st century is this ability to hack human beings, to go under the skin, collect biometric data, analyse it and understand people better than they understand themselves.

    This, I believe, is maybe the most important event of the 21st century. We will soon have the power to re-engineer our bodies and brains whether it is with genetic engineering or by directly connecting
    brains to computers or by creating completely non-organic entities, artificial intelligence which is not based at all on the organic body and the organic brain and this technology developing at breakneck speed.

    By hacking organisms Elites may gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself because once you can hack something you can usually also engineer it.

    In the coming decades AI and biotechnology will give us Godlike abilities to re-engineer life and even to create completely new life. We are about to enter a new era of inorganic life shaped by intelligent design. OUR intelligent design.

    So, the self-driving car will need to make ethical decisions. Like suddenly a kid jumps in front of the car and the only way to prevent running over the kid is to swerve to the side and be hit by a truck and your own owner who is asleep in the backseat will… might be killed.

    You need to tell the algorithm what to do in this situation. So, you need to actually solve the philosophical question who to kill.


  9. Schwab takes advice (orders) from this bloke apparently from the WEF. Delusional the whole damn lot of them


  10. Klaus Schwab is a jew, Rothschilds are jewish


  11. Schwab’s mother was born a Rothschild. His father a NAZI.


  12. Chris Hutchison

    he is to be known as ANAL SWAB from now on please


  13. Thank GOD the pricks have been defeated and Schwab and aDR HARIRI ARE WELL AND TRULY GONE(: Barbara J Gibbs, Dip.Diet& Nut:BA/BSc:Grad.Cert.OSH;TEFL Cert Ganoderma Distributor http://www.online-ganoderma.com/gibbsbj e’mail: positive7yes@gmail.com


  14. The WEF and the Pandemic Published: October 2021 Updated: March 2022

    How is the Davos World Economic Forum involved in the coronavirus pandemic?

    The Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) is a premier forum for governments, global corporations and international entrepreneurs. Founded in 1971 by engineer and economist Klaus Schwab, the WEF describes its mission as “shaping global, regional and industry agendas” and “improving the state of the world”. According to its website, “moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does.”

    The WEF has been involved in the coronavirus pandemic in several ways.

    WEF “Young Global Leaders”

    An overview of some WEF Young Global Leaders (2005-2021) and Global Leaders for Tomorrow (1993-2003) in politics and the media. The list is not exhaustive.
    Sources: Global Leaders for Tomorrow and Young Global Leaders on WikiSpooks.

    United States Politics and Policy

    Jeffrey Zients (White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator since 2021, selected in 2003), Jeremy Howard (co-founder of lobby group “masks for all”, selected in 2013), California Governor Gavin Newsom (selected in 2005), Pete Buttigieg (selected in 2019, candidate for US President in 2020, US secretary of transportation since 2021), Chelsea Clinton (Clinton Foundation board member), Huma Abedin (Hillary Clinton aide, selected in 2012), Nikki Haley (US ambassador to the UN, 2017-2018), Samantha Power (US ambassador to the UN, 2013-2017, USAID Administrator since 2021), Ian Bremmer (founder of Eurasia Group), Bill Browder (initiator of the Magnitsky Act), Jonathan Soros (son of George Soros), Kenneth Roth (director of “Human Rights Watch” since 1993), Paul Krugman (economist, selected in 1995), Lawrence Summers (former World Bank Chief Economist, former US Treasury Secretary, former Harvard University President, selected in 1993), Alicia Garza (co-founder of Black Lives Matter, selected in 2020), Stéphane Bancel (Moderna CEO).


    Covid Twitter personality Eric Feigl-Ding (a ‘WEF Global Shaper‘ since 2013), CNN medical analyst Leana Wen (selected in 2018), CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta (2010), CNN host Fareed Zakaria (2001), CNN anchor Anderson Cooper (2008), Andrew Ross Sorkin (New York Times financial columnist, 2007), Thomas Friedman (New York Times columnist, 1995), George Stephanopoulos (ABC News, 1993), Lachlan Murdoch (CEO of Fox Corporation, 1997).

    Technology and Social Media

    Microsoft founder Bill Gates (1993), former Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer (2000-2014, selected in 1995), Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (1998), Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page (2002/2005), former Google CEO Eric Schmidt (2001-2017, selected in 1997), Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales (2007), PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel (2007), eBay co-founder Pierre Omidyar (1999), Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (2009), Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg (2007).

    Great Britain

    Professor Devi Sridhar (a leading ‘zero covid’ proponent, selected in 2020/21), former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (both selected in 1993), BBC World Service journalist Dawood Azami, Lynn Forester de Rothschild (co-owner of The Economist), Nathaniel Rothschild (son of Lord Rothschild), historian Niall Ferguson (selected in 2005), William Hague (Foreign Secretary, 2010-2014), Charles Allen (CEO of ITV, 2004-2007; Chairman of EMI, 2008-2010).

    Australia and New Zealand

    New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (since 2017, selected in 2014) and Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt (selected in 2003; former WEF strategy director).


    In a speech in 2017, WEF founder Klaus Schwab mentioned Canada as an example of how the WEF “penetrated the Cabinets” and said that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and “more than half of his Cabinet” were Young Global Leaders (1:08:30), but this may have been an exaggeration.

    Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has been a WEF keynote speaker, but he is not a confirmed Young Global Leader. Confirmed Young Global Leaders in his Cabinets since 2015 include Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland (selected in 2001; former managing director of Reuters and a member of the WEF Board of Trustees), Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly (2016), President of the Treasury Board Scott Brison (2005), and Minister of families and social development Karina Gould (2020). Other Cabinet members were speakers at the annual WEF meeting in Davos. Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, is a member of WEF Board of Trustees.


    Chancellor Angela Merkel (selected in 1993, 12 years before becoming Chancellor), current Health Minister Jens Spahn and former Health Ministers Philipp Roesler and Daniel Bahr, current co-chair of the Green Party and failed Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock (selected in 2020), former co-chair of the Green Party Cem Özdemir (selected in 2002), media mogul and Axel Springer CEO Mathias Doepfner (selected in 2001), talk show host Sandra Maischberger, late Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor Guido Westerwelle (1997), former German President Christian Wulff (selected in 1995, 15 years before becoming President), Reto Francioni (former CEO of Deutsche Boerse).

    European Union

    EU Commission Presidents Jose Manuel Barroso (2004-2014, selected in 1993) and Jean-Claude Juncker (2014-2019, selected in 1995), French President Emanuel Macron (since 2017, selected in 2016), former French President Nicolas Sakozy (2007-2012, selected in 1993), Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (2014-2016, selected in 2012), former Spanish Prime Ministers José Maria Aznar (1996-2004, selected in 1993) and José Luis Zapatero (2004-2011, selected in 2001), Klaus Regling (CEO of the European Financial Stability Mechanism), Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo (since 2020, selected in 2015), Guy Verhofstadt (former Belgian Prime Minister, Chair of the Brexit Steering Group), Danish Minister for the Environment Lea Wermelin, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, former Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb, and Mark Leonard (founding director of the Soros-funded European Council on Foreign Relations).


    Natalie Rickli (Director of Health of the Canton of Zurich, selected in 2012), former Presidents of the Swiss National Council Christa Markwalder (selected in 2011) and Pascale Bruderer-Wyss (selected in 2009), Geneva politician Pierre Maudet (selected in 2013), NZZ media group CEO Felix R. Graf (selected in 2007), former Swiss Justice Minister Ruth Metzler (selected in 2002), former Swiss television CEO Roger de Weck (2011-2017, selected in 1994), former UBS CEOs Peter Wuffli (selected in 1994) and Marcel Rohner (selected in 2003), former Credit Suisse CEO Tidjane Tiam (1998), Swiss tennis player Roger Federer (selected in 2010), Patrick Chappatte (2006; news media cartoonist).


    In a speech in 2017, WEF founder Klaus Schwab mentioned Russian President Vladimir Putin as a Young Global Leader, but Putin is not mentioned on any archived member list of the Global Leaders. Putin was attending a 1992 WEF meeting in St. Petersburg, where he was head of the Committee for External Relations of the Mayor’s Office at the time.
    Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov, founder of social media platforms VKontakte and Telegram, was mentioned on the WEF website as a Young Global Leader in 2017, but he is not listed (anymore) in the official Young Global Leaders membership directory.
    Kirill Dmitriev (CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund) and Tigran Khudaverdian (Deputy CEO of IT company Yandex) are confirmed WEF Young Global Leaders from Russia. Furthermore, Herman Gref, CEO and Chairman of Russian Sberbank, was a member of the WEF Board of Trustees, but was removed in March 2022 after Russia invaded Ukraine.
    2005 YGL Nomination Committee

    The 2005 WEF Young Global Leaders Nomination Committee consisted primarily of major media publishers and editors, including Arthur Sulzberger and Steve Forbes (USA); James Murdoch, Jonathan Rothermere and Tom Glocer (UK); Arnaud Lagardère (France); Mathias Doepfner and Hubert Burda (Germany); Michael Ringer (Switzerland); and Carl-Johan Bonnier (Sweden).


  15. Thanks Tony
    From your website:

    Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Sassoons, Lazard, Erlanger, Baring, Warburg, Schroeder, Selingman, Speyers, Mirabaud, Mallet, JPMorgan, GoldmanSachs, Leub, Hill Samuel (Macquarie Bank), George Soros; and Rupert Murdoch


  16. Brian Johnston… You can read the list of names in oziz4oziz.com/ “Australia fights back”.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Sleeper agents???? Morrison, Arden, Trudeau etc aren’t obvious????


  18. @Brian Johnston, Schwab is linked/connected/related to Rothschild.

    He’s indeed a powerful & dangerous entity.

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  19. Brian Johnston

    Schwab the front man.
    Who does he represent? We need names.


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