Join Len Harris’ campaign to reverse the theft and destruction of Queensland paper property titles

Len Harris (in the van and below) has pledged to visit every town and city in Queensland to rally support for his campaign to fix the state’s property Title Deed scandal. He will be doing some live streaming on Facebook.

FORMER One Nation Senator Len Harris is on the road across Queensland for 20 weeks to expose the massive scandal of Queenslanders’ paper property Title Deeds being made void and placed under private corporate control.

In October 2019, under the Land, Explosives and Other Legislation Amendment Act, all Queensland property Title Deeds were changed into electronic form and placed under the control of three private companies – Purcell Partners Pty Ltd (PEXA), Sympli Australia Pty Ltd and Property Exchange Australia (PEXA).

One of the companies, Property Exchange Australia (PEXA), is in the throes of capitalizing on the control of those Title Deeds by either becoming a public company and issuing $1.8 billion worth of shares or in selling outright for $3.8 billion.

Harris says the concern with these corporate entities is that they can be bought and sold at the whim of the owners, or by hostile takeover if listed on the stock exchange. He wonders if the system will become one where property owners pay an annual fee to the companies for a permit to occupy the home. A forerunner of that is Microsoft switching from selling programs to paying an annual access fee.

“The question is, in the long term future, say 10, 20, or 50 years down the track, who will control the computer your land and home ownership is registered in?” Harris says.

For now, Queenslanders’ paper property titles have been seized, digitized and turned into assets for the benefit of few private corporations, their future shareholders or some other corporate entity we know nothing about. It’s akin to some entity taking money out of your bank, parking it and reaping interest without benefit to you, the owner.

Harris is also seeking public support for a judicial review of the covering legislation by a chief judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland, and an application to the Federal Court for directives to reverse and remedy the outrageous and high-handed action.

“The only solution and the best solution for this is to take the Queensland Government to the Federal Court of Australia and have this Act struck down,” Harris says in a video on website created for the campaign.

Harris agreed with Cairns News that Queenslanders should take special note of a bizarre World Economic Forum advertisement circulated in 2020: “It’s 2030. You will own nothing. But you will be happy”. It raises the question of whether losing possession and direct control of property title deeds is a step on the way to losing ownership of the property altogether in a global digital maze.

The electronic titles system has also been implemented in Victoria and NSW but with one important exception – the paper titles have not been voided in those states as they have been in Queensland. “The Queensland Government severely reduced our right to have documents that prove ownership of our homes to nothing other than historic artefacts to look at,” Len Harris states in a circular to Queensland business owners.

Some may argue that “it’s just the new electronic titles that have come in. No-one has actually stolen our titles.” But when paper titles have been made void i.e. of no legal standing, you then become entirely reliant for the proof of your ownership on the grace of the private corporation to show it when you ask. In other words, your personal ability to show ownership of your property has been taken out of your hands.

Even now, the document provided upon request from Titles Queensland (formerly the Registrar of Titles Office) acknowledging your name as existing on an electronic title with one of the holding companies, has no legal weight.

Property Exchange Australia is wholly owned by The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) Lightyear Investments B.V., a subsidiary of North Haven Infrastructure Partners II, a fund managed by Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners (MSIP). They are collectively deciding to either float PEXA on the stock exchange or sell it outright. PEXA currently holds 70% of all electronically lodged conveyancing records in Australia.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It’s a disgrace , more WEF corporate take over of our rights and our properties. All property owners should be concerned and outraged


  2. Boris Boretski

    This can have serious consequences for the rest of Western Society, The sooner the decent folk of Qeensland act to take back their inalienable rights, the better. You may have to stand up and fight in any way you can for those rights, and may God bless you in your efforts, and make you successful.


  3. Check out on how to vote the duopoly of LNP and ALP, with the Greens, out of parliament. Take note of their “Classification of Political Parties for Election 2022”. Pass this on to all your contacts or the sheep will vote the corrupt back into power.
    Let’s unite and form our own Australian RE-SET by voting the corrupt treasonous bastards out of power permanently. Make sure the head perpetrators swing or face a firing squad. It’s time for Australian sheep to wake up, revolt and take possession of our country.


  4. So bloody wrong & needs to be rectified asap.


  5. Sadly I don’t think the people are well enough informed about this theft of OUR properties and our kids and grandkids future . We must find a way to get the message out .


  6. All part of the Great Reset logo…” You will own nothing and be happy!” Like hell we will! I am angry!
    It won’t only be Queensland who suffer this.Andrews did the same in Victoria and I was laughed at when I said it was happening.He used his as mortgage to borrow the huge sums of money from China to build the Road deal.
    Again, Morrison has let this happen…if the PM does not have the power to stop the states, it tells us we do not need a PM!


  7. Communist idealism states no property ownership.
    This is Corporate Communism the new idealism supported by Government.
    The next step up from Democracy.
    “Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.” GB Shaw.


  8. Carol Keutmann

    When is Len touring and when will he be in Toowoomba


  9. bassiethoreau

    Yes it is bleak – Please view what is happening on the International front — and the dilemma the Fiduciary of the unincorporated USA is facing . These PIRATE BANKS are determined to steal everyone’s assets – not only their homes

    Bassie Thoreau


  10. I believe this has also happened in South Australia. This needs to be fought in the courts on the behalf of ALL Australians who own their prperties.


  11. truthtellertonni

    We should all email Morgan Stanley & tell them what we think of him lol.
    Ed, other than getting a live birth certificate & registering all our belongs with our Common Law Assembly Office & getting a print out of our bank statements, and stamped by the bank (as a way of proof) is there anything else we can do?
    Cheers for all your hard work.


  12. It’s a disgrace that not only have they missed identified as as enemy combatants belonging to their Admiralty Law – but also placed us in the CESTUI QUE VIE ESTATE Trusts and used our good names as Franchises to the Municipal US Govt Corporation dealing in drugs- obacco – alcohol either as distributors.. Transporting companies or storehouses for these illicit goods. BRING TGE WHOLE HOUSE OF CRIMINALS DOWN WORLDWIDE


  13. truthtellertonni

    When are we going to hang these maggots.
    WHEN? When we have nothing left.
    WHEN? What the heck will it take for ppl to build gallows ffs. Weak as piss.


  14. Where’s the contract?
    In order for this to occur there has to be a contract. In order for Beatty to have done that there must have been a contract between him and all the landowners at the time. No contract=no authority!
    People are not voting the duopoly in as the Editor Claims. When you go to vote you get a pencil, a pencil! Come on! We all know from school days how to change a word or symbol marked in pencil.
    Then you mark an X. What’s an ex? Everyone on the Electoral has the identifier as an X? An X is the mark of an illiterate man or woman. Doesn’t matter that you check in but as you do you do so by name. Yes, I know the family name is a corporation. If you don’t know that your Family Name, on a different line to your given names, is printed in all capital letters means that your Family Name, is a corporation. So when you check in to vote they are checking that you, a corporation, has arrived to vote. It’s a scam! Where’s the consent to contract? Where’s the wet ink signature to contract? There isn’t! Same applies to the Beattie scam.

    Voting per their system, not our agreed system, is not a contract.
    No individual agreement between any one not written in wet ink is “no contract”.
    In order for any one to govern there must be a contract between the individual voter and the “provisional elected member” in wet ink, that’s contract Law!


  15. How the New Zealand local and national governments are implementing the UN Agenda 2030 government:


  16. This is an outstanding article by Tony Mobilifonitis. Thanks a lot!

    I believe that the state governments of Australia (including the government of the Northern Territory) should be abolished so that there is only federal government and local government in Australia. The states as geographic entities should be retained in order to facilitate governmental administration and to minimise the disruption resulting from the abolishment of state governments (including the government of the Northern Territory).

    I believe that the existence of state governments in Australia (including the government of the Northern Territory) is an obstacle that has been deliberately established in order to prevent the federal government and local governments in Australia from operating effectively and efficiently in the best interests of Australian citizens.

    For example, it would be preferable if there was only one property titles system covering the entirety of Australia, administered by the federal government, rather than a separate property titles system for each state and territory in Australia.

    I believe that the federal government of Australia should be physically relocated from the Australian Capital Territory to a local government area in a warmer location somewhere between the north of New South Wales and the south of Queensland inclusive, so that the responsibilities of federal government can be discharged effectively and efficiently all year round.

    The government of the Australian Capital Territory should be abolished. The geographic entity of the Australian Capital Territory should also be abolished and divided into one or more local government areas belonging to the geographic entity of New South Wales.


  17. You already have lost the property by devious political manipulation by the duopoly … ED


  18. If we don’t have paper original of Title Deed we could lose our property by the push of a button on a computer


  19. I remember SOS-NEWS the first in your face blog in Australia publishing many articles 15 years ago to Queenslander’s and they could not convince readers from QLD this was a fact that they had lost their land rights ..”Government cannot take our land” was the most common comment back then and I will bet majority of QLD still do not believe it and keep voting the duopoly back into power.


  20. These politicians are allowed to continue unchecked and unaccountable by being voted into office. There is a simple solution


  21. Hello what do we do. How do we support you trying to support all of us? Do we right letters sign petitions. What?????


  22. truthtellertonni

    I recently rang the titles office here & Adelaide & told them that this Certificate of Title is a fraudulent document & i wanted my Deed of Grant.
    The lady didn’t know what I was talking about, as usual she was one of many minions, anyway she put me through to someone who did know, I repeated what I told the minion & this person hung up on me, probably in panic.
    I know that all deeds are kept in the old office building down south near Lonsdale but can’t remember the suburb atm.
    I rang back a few weeks later & asked to be put through to another department. This time I got a smart arse that knew exactly what I was talking about & he even mocked me while he said point blank that I was never going to get the deed.
    If I could have reached through the phone & strangled him I would have.


  23. Australia is like an apple that has been eaten away from the inside by greedy foreign objects that continuously consume their host while swinging the “Aussie flag” and saving the world along it. To change legislation through a democratic process is like trying to resell a soup to a customer that is decomposing. The true spirit of Australia has not been reborn yet – since a strange and different populace was forced upon the dream time continent! Maybe one of these days ALL of us “Australians” can embrace it thoroughly and without any forced upon us governmental rules and historical chains. A “Spirit” will never be born through democracy because it can be felt deep inside our hearts and souls while politics only fills the wallet (of a few). If a heart stays cold the body will follow and it has never lived LIFE.


  24. I have been saying that for a year or more.Andrews has done that in Victoria.He used properties as mortgage to the CCP.I wonder if that has been corrected?
    It is already happening in India and Africa.Gates has his corporations doing the dirty and destroying people’s lives.
    Over 10,000 Indian small time farmers have committed suicide because their small holdings of about 5 acres have been taken from them.
    They have managed to feed their families using this small plot of land for generations but not any more.They are paid a mere pittance by the Corporations, hardly enough to live on.
    Laws have been passed by Victoria and Queensland in the last couple of years making it legal for them to do this.
    All part of the Great Reset and UN.


  25. It’s so Bloody wrong of these companies defrauding the Queensland people of those documents.
    I congratulate you Mr Harris for bringing that to the people’s attention and standing up to these companies.


  26. selwyn noffke

    You,ve got me len , BUT this has been in operation since beattie bought it in , There was a case where some GRUB stole a ladies DEEDS and sold her houseand had a bloody hard job proving it which these government criminals DON,T issue in QLD


  27. When all “courts” are corrupt, and logically they must be because there is not a judge old enough to have been appointed and sworn in by Queen Elizabeth 11 (heir and successor of Queen Victoria, as opposed to QUEEN OF AUSTRALIA).
    Remember that the treasonous Gough Whitless dispensed with the 1901 constitution and replaced it with his own in or around 1972/3 and in so doing, replaced the “real” Queen with that paper copy, (which,incidentally, is a trading name owned by a company in the Noosa area, I think it’s Packer Marroo Pty Ltd).
    Since it is highly unlikely that a judge would be appointed under 30 years old, means that for a judge to have been appointed lawfully under 1901, he/she would now be 81 years old. I don’t think that there is any such animal still sitting.
    The result is that there is no judicial “separation”, therefore all judges are at the behest of their employers, THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT.
    Under these circumstances,where do you get your case heard, with a hope in Hades of winning??


  28. How much will it cost the landholder to obtain their deed ?


  29. Yes, so when, not if, cyber polygon hits …no records of title ownership exist. What then?
    I guess Herr Klause Anal-Schwabb’s wet-dream will come true.


  30. NWO… you will own nothing…. Wow, does that mean even our suburban homes as well? I can’t believe how fast this is all being heaped onto us.


  31. Frank Starcevich

    Great work Len. You have support here.


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