Putin’s approval rating among the Russian people has hovered between 75-85%

by Alison Ryan

The War Against Putin, written by Mike King: What the Government-Media Complex Isn’t Telling You About Russia –
“this work intends to set forth a body of evidence which will strongly support the Russian majority’s perception. Ever since his rise to power, Putin’s approval rating among the Russian people has hovered between 75-85%; far higher than that of any American President or European Prime Minister. Indeed, many Russians regard him as the savior of Mother Russia; with some referring to him as “Putin the Great”.

Vladimir Putin is considered as ‘Putin the Great’

This pdf is an organized, concise collection of hard and proven facts which, when weaved together, will state their own conclusions; conclusions which the Western “Powers That Be” have concealed from you, but cannot refute.

Just pretend that you have never even heard of Vladimir Putin, until now. With
confrontation looming (if certain players have their way), the people of the “free world” cannot afford to be misled any longer. (turns out to be quite a prophetic statement by Mike King)

Of course, you will render your own final verdict regarding Mr. Putin. But how can it be a just one until you have at least considered the organized array of facts which are about to be presented?”


>After WW2, with so much of Europe in ruins, the “Master Plan” plan was for the Western Globalists to establish the blueprint for a European Federation that would emerge decades later.
>In the East, it was agreed that the nations now under Soviet occupation (Eastern Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Yugoslavia and Hungary) would, in time, hold elections and eventually be brought into “the community of European nations” as well.
>One by one, under Stalin’s guidance, the nations of Eastern Europe became Communist
dictatorships; vassal states of the Kremlin in Moscow.
>Globalists such as George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski were, and still are, motivated solely by a desire to subdue Eurasia.
> In 1954, Khrushchev made the purely symbolic public relations gesture of internally transferring the Crimean peninsula from the Soviet Russian Republic to the Soviet Ukrainian Republic. The transfer was meant as a show of respect and friendship for Russia’s Ukrainian brothers. But the Crimea, historic home of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, was and still is predominantly Russian. As you can guess, this event will also be revisited later on in the narrative.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Mmmmm interesting Tony. Ed


  2. Han Barkmeyer

    Mike King:
    “Vladimir Putin rescued Russia from the clutches of the evil NWO Globalists. That’s why the Fake News hates him so much!”

    Mike King is clearly deluded when it comes to his Heroes Trump and Putin, who is a prominent member “of the evil NWO Globalists”
    Putin’s approval rating hits 83% in Russia (2 April, 2022).
    That always happens during War times. Margaret Thatcher was very unpopular, but her approval rating shot up when the Falkland’s War started.

    Just a tiny list of what Putin the Jewish Communist Globalist Stooge stands for:

    Censorship, arrests, shutdowns, crushing Russian media, making criticising the State illegal
    “No War” an arrestable offence, even printing photos of “No War” graffiti is illegal
    Protester arrested by Russian jackboots for holding sign that says “Two Words”
    Putin says Russia needs to step up vaccination campaign
    Moscow and St. Petersburg Restaurants to “Hire” Robots to Check QR Codes for Vaccinations
    Putin and Herman Gref at Sberbank’s Artificial intelligence conference
    Putin praises China’s achievements in combating COVID-19
    Putin and Kissinger have maintained warm personal relations over many years
    Putin and Kissinger have held more than a dozen meetings
    Putin Welcomes Kissinger, the Jewish War Criminal, as an “Old Friend” to Talk Shop
    Russia Joins Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network
    Bank of Russia Proceeds With Digital Ruble, Renews Push for Crypto Ban

    Watch this Corbett Report exposing Putin as the World Economic Forum Stooge.
    Start at the 14th minute mark of the video.

    Riley Waggaman on Russian Myths vs. Russian Reality

    Riley Waggaman, aka “Edward Slavsquat,” joins us today to dissect the propaganda myths that continue to swirl about Putin and Russia in the so-called alternative media and the sobering reality that Russia is neither singularly evil nor singularly good and that Putin is not a freedom fighter valiantly battling the globalists.

    Mike King, the ardent Trump supporter, predicted that the US Military would intervene and reinstate Trump as the President of the US after “losing” the elections to Biden. When that didn’t happen, he admitted in his newsletter (I get his daily newsletters in my inbox) that he had egg on his face.

    Here Mike King, May12, 2021: https://www.realhistorychan.com/anyt-05122021.html

    This brings us to Trump and the nagging question of: “Why is Trump promoting the vaccine?”

    Answer: To appease and comfort heavily brainwashed normiedom so that the “Great Reset” can be thwarted and the world can get back to normal as he mounts his long-awaited counter-punch against the weakened Globalists.

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game. And Trump and the White Hats have played the game masterfully — first, by using Stupid-19 to make their own emergency moves and arrests; and now, by playing the vaccine card to finally end the operation and take the offensive on multiple fronts with the new, revamped, “America First” Republican Party behind him — a party which he — through four years of patient purging — has now been fashioned into his own image.

    Stay tuned. It seems that the “former President” — about whom the concerned Judenpresse simply cannot stop talking — is about to kick some post-Covid ass (no dates or timetables).

    One year later and there are more than 400,000 dead and millions injured in the US thanks to Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Vaccine Program. The Great Reset has not been thwarted.
    Trump’s “long-awaited counter-punch against the weakened Globalists” never eventuated and the Globalists have only grown stronger. They are now on the edge of total victory.

    It is Mike King who clearly has a ‘warped’ mind and has to be taken with a grain of salt.


  3. Allison Ryan… I am proud we share a name.

    I have been telling people for 20 years now that Putin is the most popular politician on this planet. He is clearly also the smartest. He is also the only national leader to have generated a spontaneous youth cult following. And, finally, most Russians believe he is motivated by a love of Russia and Russians.

    This does not mean that I necessarily support Putin. I am not Russian. But as a patriotic Australian, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. If Putin destroys the US, and every economist, military strategist, energy industry analyst, and global currency dealer whose words I have read, believe this is happening, this can only be good for Australia.

    The collapse of America will mean an end to military occupation, media monopoly, and US/Globalist control of our political process. It will also presage an end to the free trade deals that have demolished our industrial sector and food security.


  4. The ‘Russian’ people – a very small minority of people inside Russia.

    The Russian Federation has an assortment of ethnic demographics with Russian citizenship. The actual Russians – the White, European Russian ethnos – sufferred the “greatest human slaughter of all time” in the twentieth century – across the entire Russian land mass, the Ukraine and Belarus. Those who rule Russia today are Khazarian / Ashkhenazim Jews. They might appear to be ‘Russian’ because they come from families that captured a lot of European genetics. Putin (a former KGB) is Ashkhenazim. His mother was Jewish. He makes Aliyah. He puts on a beanie and prays for the Third Temple to built at The Wall. And, as part of his ‘conservative, traditionalist, Russian nationalist ‘ schtick he pretends to be a Russian Orthodox. There are lots of great photo-ops of Vlad lighting candles with a vacant , vaguely pious expression. He looks better in Israeli Nazi pornography naked and riding his war bear.

    The real Russian Orthodox Church inside Russia was martyred for the faith. The current Patirarch Kirill came up through the ranks of the KGB. After the Communist government [Wall to Wall Ashkhenazim ethnic Jews according to Putin himself] murdered the Russian Orthodox hierarchy, they trained KGB in some of the old RO rituals and bells / smells / chants etc.

    So who are these ‘Russians’?

    Criticizing Putin and the government of the Soviet Union / Russian Federation will get you turned over to the police. The dob / snitch system is ubiquitous. As we have seen with the Manifest of our own Communist Takeover in Australia, there is nothing easier than to set up a dob / snitch system among sheeple who just want to keep everyone safe and do the right thing.

    DaS Political Correctness operates throughout all social institutions in Russia.


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  5. Can you imagine, ,Scomo or Albo getting that 75 to 85% approval rating ??


  6. To “clean” up the deep state He is my hero too


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