by Alexandra Bruce

Hillary Clinton was on Morning Joe with the daughter of Globalist Godfather, Zbigniew Brzezinski on Monday to say, “We have to also make sure that in our country, we are calling out those people who are giving aid and comfort to Vladimir Putin.”

I’d ask Madame Secretary if importing 600,000 barrels of Russian oil every day counts as giving “aid and comfort” to Putin, especially as it is financing his invasion of Ukraine?

If so, why did the Democrats defeat GOP sanctions on the Nordstream 2 pipeline last January? And how are we supposed to pay for this 600,000 barrels of oil per day, now that SWIFT has blocked Russia from its payment system?

And if Hillary Clinton is so gravely concerned over Vladimir Putin, why did she sell him 20% of the US uranium stockpile?

Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton; importing 600,000 barrels of Russian oil every day counts as giving “aid and comfort” to Putin, especially as it is financing his invasion of Ukraine?

The SWIFT sanctions could ultimately have the effect of discouraging the use of the Petrodollar and ending the dollar’s Reserve Currency status, which appears to be one of the purposes of this war in Ukraine.

World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders graduate, Transportation Secretary “Deep State Pete” Buttigieg was on CBS News yesterday morning and he was asked about expanding US energy production to lower gas prices.

He responded by talking about using diplomacy to increase *foreign* oil production and talking about all of his electric vehicle (EV) initiatives. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had dissembled almost verbatim along these lines. They both said everything except admit the obvious: that the US must restart the Keystone Pipeline.

CIA asset Buttigieg explained that, “We are in the middle of a long-term transformation,” that telltale Globalist buzzword evocative of a Satanic Babalon Working.

The main winner of that “transformation” is China, which has monopolized the EV industry, despite Buttigieg’s assurances that Americans will actually get to keep our car production on US soil, after the Globalists have reduced it into a smoking pile of ash.

Pete Buttigieg was trained by Klaus Schwab and others on how to sabotage the US from within and that’s exactly what he’s up to, as we speak.

I lived in Brazil when they released cars that run on 100% ethanol in the 1980s. Brazil had not yet found any petroleum in their territory and they were enslaved by IMF and World Bank loans.

Their currency was hyperinflating, so they had to find a way to fuel the industrial powerhouse of Latin America. Sugarcane alcohol was marshaled to make that country into the world’s first “sustainable” biofuels economy and the world’s biofuel industry leader.

I did not see Brazil shut down petroleum or intentionally crush their citizens financially, in this sadistic, behaviorist scorched-Earth way that the Green New Deal is currently inflicting on Americans, by intentionally causing fuel prices to increase by a factor of ten over a two-year period, forcing us to adopt electric vehicles that simply transfer carbon emissions from cars to power plants – that STILL require fossil fuels to generate electricity – and which enslave African children to mine the cobalt and which cause much more toxic pollution at the end of their life cycle than fossil fuel-powered vehicles – and the infrastructure for which is not even in place!

The same people who transferred our manufacturing base and intellectual property to China, who stole the 2020 Election to install the most compromised and corrupt clown on Earth, who collapsed the global economy, who launched the global genocidal Death Shot, who suppressed early effective cheap treatment, who disbarred doctors for administering such treatment and who lied to us about masks and gave us mass formation psychosis for the past two years; they now want us to trust them about a war half a world away – which they pretend that they didn’t instigate!

Literally, all of the worst people on the planet now want us to cry about how evil Putin is, with George Soros, Klaus Schwab and minions like Hillary Clinton crying the hardest.

What did they expect him to do, by creating a “Bay of Pigs”-like first strike thermonuclear advantage, by putting NATO nukes on his doorstep?

These Globalists WANT this war, they NEED it to implode virtually EVERYTHING in order to get away with their endless war crimes. Oh, and to “Build Back Better”.

The SWIFT sanctions against Russia means Russians can’t transfer money online, can’t withdraw from ATM, can’t use POS machines for transactions, can’t import and export products, can’t pay workers’ salaries, can’t buy or pay for anything.

They want the Russians to overthrow Putin, like they wanted us to overthrow Trump.

I feel awful about the the hapless everyday people on the ground on both sides, whose neighborhoods are getting bombed and who are being forcibly drafted into the war, who can’t withdraw cash and who are trapped in the subway because Google Pay has locked them out.

If you thought the de-banking of some Canadian citizens a couple of weeks ago was bad, the de-banking of the entire Russian nation is a horrifying sight to behold.

It could easily be us, next.