George Soros, Klaus Schwab and minions like Hillary Clinton crying the hardest over Ukraine

by Alexandra Bruce

Hillary Clinton was on Morning Joe with the daughter of Globalist Godfather, Zbigniew Brzezinski on Monday to say, “We have to also make sure that in our country, we are calling out those people who are giving aid and comfort to Vladimir Putin.”

I’d ask Madame Secretary if importing 600,000 barrels of Russian oil every day counts as giving “aid and comfort” to Putin, especially as it is financing his invasion of Ukraine?

If so, why did the Democrats defeat GOP sanctions on the Nordstream 2 pipeline last January? And how are we supposed to pay for this 600,000 barrels of oil per day, now that SWIFT has blocked Russia from its payment system?

And if Hillary Clinton is so gravely concerned over Vladimir Putin, why did she sell him 20% of the US uranium stockpile?

Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton; importing 600,000 barrels of Russian oil every day counts as giving “aid and comfort” to Putin, especially as it is financing his invasion of Ukraine?

The SWIFT sanctions could ultimately have the effect of discouraging the use of the Petrodollar and ending the dollar’s Reserve Currency status, which appears to be one of the purposes of this war in Ukraine.

World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders graduate, Transportation Secretary “Deep State Pete” Buttigieg was on CBS News yesterday morning and he was asked about expanding US energy production to lower gas prices.

He responded by talking about using diplomacy to increase *foreign* oil production and talking about all of his electric vehicle (EV) initiatives. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had dissembled almost verbatim along these lines. They both said everything except admit the obvious: that the US must restart the Keystone Pipeline.

CIA asset Buttigieg explained that, “We are in the middle of a long-term transformation,” that telltale Globalist buzzword evocative of a Satanic Babalon Working.

The main winner of that “transformation” is China, which has monopolized the EV industry, despite Buttigieg’s assurances that Americans will actually get to keep our car production on US soil, after the Globalists have reduced it into a smoking pile of ash.

Pete Buttigieg was trained by Klaus Schwab and others on how to sabotage the US from within and that’s exactly what he’s up to, as we speak.

I lived in Brazil when they released cars that run on 100% ethanol in the 1980s. Brazil had not yet found any petroleum in their territory and they were enslaved by IMF and World Bank loans.

Their currency was hyperinflating, so they had to find a way to fuel the industrial powerhouse of Latin America. Sugarcane alcohol was marshaled to make that country into the world’s first “sustainable” biofuels economy and the world’s biofuel industry leader.

I did not see Brazil shut down petroleum or intentionally crush their citizens financially, in this sadistic, behaviorist scorched-Earth way that the Green New Deal is currently inflicting on Americans, by intentionally causing fuel prices to increase by a factor of ten over a two-year period, forcing us to adopt electric vehicles that simply transfer carbon emissions from cars to power plants – that STILL require fossil fuels to generate electricity – and which enslave African children to mine the cobalt and which cause much more toxic pollution at the end of their life cycle than fossil fuel-powered vehicles – and the infrastructure for which is not even in place!

The same people who transferred our manufacturing base and intellectual property to China, who stole the 2020 Election to install the most compromised and corrupt clown on Earth, who collapsed the global economy, who launched the global genocidal Death Shot, who suppressed early effective cheap treatment, who disbarred doctors for administering such treatment and who lied to us about masks and gave us mass formation psychosis for the past two years; they now want us to trust them about a war half a world away – which they pretend that they didn’t instigate!

Literally, all of the worst people on the planet now want us to cry about how evil Putin is, with George Soros, Klaus Schwab and minions like Hillary Clinton crying the hardest.

What did they expect him to do, by creating a “Bay of Pigs”-like first strike thermonuclear advantage, by putting NATO nukes on his doorstep?

These Globalists WANT this war, they NEED it to implode virtually EVERYTHING in order to get away with their endless war crimes. Oh, and to “Build Back Better”.

The SWIFT sanctions against Russia means Russians can’t transfer money online, can’t withdraw from ATM, can’t use POS machines for transactions, can’t import and export products, can’t pay workers’ salaries, can’t buy or pay for anything.

They want the Russians to overthrow Putin, like they wanted us to overthrow Trump.

I feel awful about the the hapless everyday people on the ground on both sides, whose neighborhoods are getting bombed and who are being forcibly drafted into the war, who can’t withdraw cash and who are trapped in the subway because Google Pay has locked them out.

If you thought the de-banking of some Canadian citizens a couple of weeks ago was bad, the de-banking of the entire Russian nation is a horrifying sight to behold.

It could easily be us, next.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. *** WHY??? are we getting a re-run here on March posts/comments?? ***


  2. Angelo Garcia

    Right on Brother. Right on!


  3. It’s interesting to note; that Sberbank and Gazprombank were not sanctioned.

    Ivan says: non payment of gas bill – and we’ll cut your gas off! – now run your factories and economy.

    If people have been following this over the past fifteen years, they will have been monitoring Russia and China’s ongoing gold purchases.

    Us foreword thinking individuals were replicating this proven defensive strategy.


  4. Thanks Hermann surely Putin has prepared for this contingency. Ed


  5. dcjdee: “In taking my words out of intended context and misunderstanding…”

    Sorry, I’ll try and do better next time. lol

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  6. * bankers


  7. Even money anyone – the European Union will collapse under the pressure of their own sanctions on Russia?

    Germany the linchpin of EU cohesion, was coerced by the US, to leave the tap turned off on Russian gas negotiations.

    Russia targets US DoD sponsored labs in Ukraine.
    Ukrainian anal comedian glove puppet, under instructions from advisors no doubt, hands local crime gangs high powered weapons to create anarchy.

    The price of gas and food will bankrupt nations.

    The khazarian Mafia banisters win again, as planned.


  8. Latest RT-News article.

    EU cuts off seven major Russian banks from SWIFT

    VTB, VEB RF, Rossiya, and Otkritie are among those targeted
    EU cuts off seven major Russian banks from SWIFT

    The European Union has disconnected Russian banks subject to sanctions from the SWIFT global payment network. Seven major lenders in the country have been targeted, including VTB, Rossiya, Otkritie, Novikombank, Promsvyazbank, Sovcombank, and VEB.RF. Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, is not on the list for now. The news was announced in the EU’s official journal on Wednesday.

    The banks now have 10 days to stop their SWIFT operations. According to a senior EU official, those on the list were selected based on their connections to the Russian government.

    “All these banks that we have listed under SWIFT… are all [included] based on their connection to the state and the implicit connection to the war effort. We have not gone for a blanket ban across the whole banking system,” the official said.

    Neither Sberbank nor Gazprombank has so far been targeted, as they are the main channels for payments for Russian oil and gas, which have not yet faced EU penalties. The two will be subject to other sanctions, however, the official stated.


  9. As usual they are all inter owned. My understanding is that Vanguard is the ultimate owner – and they are owned by…a trust.. so we can’t find out who they are – i have a good idea – follow the blood.


  10. Daviddd2, In taking my words out of intended context and misunderstanding, you inadvertently verified my point. Lol.


  11. David, once the US “empire” goes up in flames while taking many of their minion states in the EU, their economically looted colonies and programmed allied forces down, as it is planned, there only will be the two “Easts” left to fill the void of power and to run the world’s economy – until a group of humble kosher oligarch will sponsor the “resistance” in regards to world domination. Rome was burned and “invented itself differently as an empire” but still kept power over most of the rest of the world.
    Same old game and script, just some new faces and directives. Australia will become Chinese territory without too many changes internally. For Aussies it will be “business as usual” as subjects, just minus a welfare state.


  12. There’s a lot of things being shaken up. The merchants of the world and their supporters have gotten into powerful positions, there’s no denying it, but all the world is not deceived, and that’s a good thing.

    Myanmar gives its support to Putin and blames the ‘Puppet’ Zelensky.
    2nd March 2022

    Myanmar’s military junta reiterated its support for Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, blaming the invasion of Ukraine on the country’s leader and people.

    The regime also accused the US and its NATO allies of plotting to pit Russia and Ukraine against each other in a commentary published in its Burmese-language mouthpiece Myanma Alin.

    The two-page commentary, titled “Lessons from Ukraine for Those Who Haven’t Learned from History,” was written by a writer using the pseudonym “Myint Myat.”

    While referring to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a puppet of the West, the author praises Putin as a visionary leader who had the foresight to build up his country’s military and economic strength quietly.

    On the other hand, according to the author, Zelensky is “incapable and lacks rationalism,” failings that have resulted in the destruction and casualties that his country must now endure.
    “It is not incorrect to say that the Ukrainian people are also to blame for what is happening now because they chose the wrong leader,” he adds.


  13. D Johnston: “There are no corners to push Russia into. Occam’s Razor.”

    I am still still to be convinced that the global Money Changers operate on the Occam’s Razor principle. 🙂 Otherwise there wouldn’t be too many spooks and counter spooks and shills involved in manipulating and misdirecting us..


  14. pcwwp: “Having saved the world”……. “I feel we must accept that every thing is owned by them.”

    I was being sarcastic as that is what we’ll be told. Certainly looks like they’ve got the lot covered, just depends if there are really any mavericks left. But I think it’s more controlled than necessarily owned at this point.

    Vanguard or Blackstone with 15% ownership can exert control over a company but the really sweet part for them would be getting the other 85% as well. And THAT would give TOTAL OWNERSHIP AND TOTAL CONTROL for the wealth hoarders.


  15. Hi Roland13021954…Yes, and you make a very astute point regarding Skylab. Was wondering about that myself just yesterday. Mind you, the US would sacrifice them in a heartbeat and then most likely try to pin that on Russia as well right?


  16. Russia has it’s version of swift so it’s not going to cause problems internally. There are a plethora of systems to transfer money internationally, even bitcoin or monero


  17. Daviddd2: “Having saved the world from “ogre”s such as Russia and China , the globalists ” – hmm.. I feel we must accept that every thing is owned by them. I now this is hard – but Vanguard – the old blood lines – owns us. They are not saving us – this is a cull and financial deposition.


  18. roland13021954



  19. daviddd2, Ain’t gonna happen. There are no corners to push Russia into. Occam’s Razor. Not Shrodinger’s Cat.
    Just a few more random but sequential thoughts lol.


  20. pcwwp: He says the right things and even goes out on a limb verbally but it remains to be seen what he does as the show progresses. I think it’s actually a rescue line for the EU and NATO and a huge attempt to galvanise them as they were just about to tank. The former from bankruptcy and the latter from lack of raison d’etre.

    At the same time it will all serve to mask the global economic melt down too. But then I have been accused of being a little overly cynical. lol


  21. A few random but sequential thoughts…. lol

    By pushing Russia into a corner the globalists have achieved one major goal. They’ve stopped the EU from tanking and galvanised the frightened sheep at least for a little while.

    The sheep now have someone to fear and distract them from their all but collapsed economies. And NATO is again taken off life support and rehabilitated to its original role as the protector of all the European sheep. Its extended role as the global peacekeeper will soon be accelerated.

    At the same time, any sheep elsewhere that are not already in the globalist pen will be sucked more firmly into it as they will not be able to deal with those who are not with the globalists, i.e. Russia and probably China too in the very near future.

    Having saved the world from “ogre”s such as Russia and China, the globalists will set the rules which will facilitate the security of their pen and the Reset they dream of. Eventually, having been isolated globally, the Russians and the Chinese will press their leaders to be eased into the globalist pen by their own desire to avoid isolation.

    How Putin in Russia and Xi in China respond to the pressure applied will tell us whether it’s all theater or whether there’s a chance to avoid a unipolar globalist world.. But at what cost?


  22. benellitre, As I’ve said numerous times, any retaliatory actions/ sanctions including Swift, bear zero consequence or affect to Russia. Russia has long since prepared for this. The globalists in their panic for survival are too stupid to realise they are cutting off their nose to spite their face and that it will all backfire on them big time. Bring it on!

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  23. If Germany managed to raise itself from its ashes after Versailles without SWIFT, I reckon Russia might be able to cope. Might do even better as the US$ goes under.

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  24. I feel he is just another puppet – perhaps a little errant – but this thing is another distraction.. in my view..


  25. Thank you, Alexandra Bruce.

    Bounced in from Glenn Beck, YT: 5 facts that DON’T MAKE SENSE about Putin, Russia, & Ukraine. Mar 1, 2022

    Adding it up … something isn’t right – agreed. What about from a lens where Putin is a “graduate” of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and very good friends with Klaus Schwab. What about policies in Russia and policies (supposed and actual sanctions) within the US against Putin (Russia) and how that might play out – globally. What we might be looking at is a total and global economic collapse. During or after that collapse, WEF comes to the world’s rescue and negotiates with Putin. Then Putin appears to calm down and agrees to a “deal” with WEF.

    With the SWIFT ban on banking, and the consequences as alluded to by you (Glenn Beck) here, we will see trillions of $’s flush into the US economy to keep things afloat for a while. So, it could be that leading up to Putin going to (is summoned) the table for a “deal”, the US economy is truly in the shit. They do a deal and everyone is happy “they” totally control the global banking system and the vast majority of us have become unwilling slaves to WEF. Don’t worry. You will own nothing but you will be happy.

    Furthermore, because of “our” engineered collapse of much of the financial system, including banking, what you did own before that very unfortunate and un-see-able collapse, has now devalued a lot of what you own by more than a lot. Sorry about that. We had to avert a world war. That cost all of us a lot. So, suck it up. Go stoic. But “we” know a lot of you will suffer [at our hands – but don’t tell anyone] for what we did (and what we are doing) and we want to let you know we will stand by you. Especially for those who you lost your job and can’t find work. So, we will set up a global trust fund (a non-profit probably) and pay you all a “living wage”. Eventually, we know this amount will not be sufficient for you to pay the mortgage or own a car.

    We’re truly sorry about that. But once you fire-sale all of your assets to us, and sell to us the remaining things you own to stay financially afloat (running the global trust fund), we’ll help you out with a slight raise in your level of “free” basic income. Then, and only then, you will be free of the shackles of going to work every day to own stuff that, let’s face it, only gives you a headache. Would “you” be much more headache free if we took over everything for you. I think so. Don’t you?

    “We” will tell you where to live and where you can go – even in your own country. Don’t worry about the stress of a job interview, we’ve got that covered too. We love you, of course. We care for “you”, of course. So, everyone (mostly) will be assigned jobs where jobs exist. Of course, there won’t be enough jobs for everyone. So, “we’ll” have to have a lottery system. Those who miss out will not get a raise in their basic income. They will have to try again next year. For those who get a job, and stay with it for 6 months or more, they will see an increase in their basic income of 20% – like everyone else working, to be paid monthly.

    We are also aware that some people live in medium-to-large dwellings (houses or apartments usually), and they will not be able to afford them now. We feel for you. We all have to make a sacrifice. Glad you understand. That’s because our new basic income model, the one now being rolled out with flashing lights, coloured balloons and the big horn is a cry for all of us to be equal. We must all pitch in. YOU KNOW, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Since that is so, and we feel for those who lost everything, people who lost their home will be assigned a new home – free.

    Well, almost free. Free to get into it, anyway. We’ll flush out the details later. OK? And to boot, just so you can see and feel our vibrating compassion to our fellow human beings, for those who do go broke and get a new free home, they will have their basic income reduced by 20%. Of course, if “he, she or they” move out, we will restore their 20%. That’s only fair. For many though, “we” hope they remain in their assigned dwellings for the longer term.

    Of course, because of the recent financial collapse we are “all” managing now, we had the economists, the engineers and the profiteers came up with a plan of putting a roof over the heads of those millions upon millions who are now broke and living on a basic income. They came up with a brilliant plan. Its a least cost version to provide basic “safe” living conditions for millions. We (and they, our best friends) are going to build millions of blocks of basic living high-rise flats and basic living high-rise units as well as some “factory-like” lockdown camps for those with nowhere to go.

    We believe these camps are a cost effective way of containing those in the community who don’t share our “all in this together” values. Those are the ones, the angry and objectionable ones. Don’t worry, to protect you, “we” will sort them out for you and help protect you from harm. Anyway, back to those new units, the ones that are better than being in the camps, it appears central heating will be optional and super expensive.

    Also, due to large scale and long-lived electricity bottlenecks, none of our owned (your) units will have air conditioning. The living quarters will be a bit tiny. Probably a little bit uncomfortable at times as well. Sorry. But the dwelling will do the job of providing you with shelter. You do understand, its a tight budget. We all have to pitch in as we all climb out of the mess.

    I mean, we do have to get ourselves out of this financial catastrophe. “We” know all of its all your fault – as “we” laugh from on-high and scapegoat away on our magic horses and go home to our palaces we do own. Don’t worry, we’ll be back.

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  26. The Ukrainian gov’t is indeed infested with corruptos. Both ZOG West and ZOG East crime syndicates operate through its governments. The Ukrainian people are attempting to claim a Ukrainian government for themselves – pretty much like we are attempting to do in Australia.

    Vlad is shelling Ukrainian cities. Civilians under bombardment are living in the subway stations or fleeing the country. Both the Eurasianists [ 4th Political Agenda for the real NWO] and the WEF, EUSSR , new world orderlies want a war to create Eurasia and do away with NATO which is an obstacle to a Soviet Union / EUSSR merger.

    The central banking cartel is consolidating the nations it owns as assets of its corporate structure. To do that they have to have WW3.

    If Russia were really set upon a path of independent , national sovereignty of Russian nationhood – a government of , by and for Russian people – first of all they wouldn’t need Ukraine and they would be cleaning up their own crime syndicate corruptos instead of laundering the proceeds to Israel. They would welcome getting ‘de-banked’ and off-loading ownership of their nation by the central banking cartel.

    Rhodesia got ‘de-banked’ when Britain seized all assets of the old bank of the Southern Crown Colony and froze all assets. The former colony (from which the Crown had abdicated) declared themselves independent and fought a war of independence against ZOG East and ZOG West. They chartered their own national bank and ran a booming first world economy backed by their own currency which was a parity with the British pound throughout the war.


  27. Hi Marie read this and then post if you can this has exposed who is behind this war and its not Putin they are using him to get this one world order in place.

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  28. At our level:
    Ukraine is about the US fermenting conflict, installing their puppet and then the main prize – Uknaine into NATO. Then the US can weaponize the border and foment more conflict because as we all know, fear is the currency of the communist.

    Up with the controllers:
    Just another distraction whilst they continue on with our enslavement and culling.

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  29. When “George Soros, Klaus Schwab and minions like Hillary Clinton” say somebody is bad, you can’t get a better recommendation than that. lol

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  30. It is possible that the SWIFT sanction could work against WEF and US interests by encouraging use of the Russian/Chinese alternate payments system


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