Truth about Ukraine government and why Putin will de-nazify it and stop human trafficking

Putin said he will be targeting human trafficking in Ukraine. Cairns News received information an Antonov cargo plane in January 2022 was flying between Williamstown air base in NSW, via Cairns then non-stop to Ukraine. We have been unable to discover the cargo. India Today said the Antonov Mriya An-225 aircraft parked at the Kyiv airport was destroyed. Obviously Putin was onto the human traffickers but what about the Australian end?

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese supports the Ukranian Government and the federal government supplying them with arms

Why is the federal government supported by Labor Leader Anthony Albanese sending “deadly weapons” to the Ukraine Government to use against the Russians?

Why wouldn’t Cairns Airport disclose the cargo of the Antonov (now destroyed) plying between Australia and Ukraine.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. All criminal govts are known around the world Australia inc. We cannot tolerate criminal pedophile child trafficking and it must be abolished. And criminal govts supplying ARMS to rogue nations must all end.


  2. Hi Ed, re: “Why is the federal government supported by Labor Leader Anthony Albanese”. I’m sorry but you seem to have forgotten about the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Corp registered in Washington DC of which Albanese is Co-CEO in partnership with Sco Mo, the dipstick, that was sacked from both the NZ and Aust Tourist Commissions. Recall Cuba before Che and Fidel took over!


  3. Hermann: No dispute with the historical detail you’ve filled in. Point is that today’s Ukraine was a result of the consolidation by the Soviet Communists of different political, national and religious streams and regions into a single state. Each stream carrying its historical baggage.

    The differences and conflicts which were hidden (yet exacerbated) by the Soviet Communists are today again being exploited by external interests for the same reasons as they were in the past. Ukraine has historically been a popular staging ground and still remains so to this day.


  4. Peter: “They fight for the New World Order with our dollars.”

    Yes, they fight for the NWO with dollars we BORROW from them to then give back to them! We’re even bigger philanthropists than the Soros and Clinton Foundations.

    We now tolerate our treacherous politicians drowning us in EVEN MORE DEBT and BORROWING millions of dollars to directly finance NWO wars? Australia.. Lucky Country! Clever Country! But stupid people! Wake up, Aussies, the times they are a changin’ . 🙂


  5. David: yes you are somewhat correct with regards to the Ukrainian volunteers, but as can be expected, such a complex matter requires a deeper understanding into the pre-conditions of the time, which are far different than today. During the twentieth century, the government of Russia was a Jewish led Communist enterprise.

    Although rarely known, following the Communist Revolution of 1917, a large contingent of the Imperial German Army were stationed along Ukraine’s northern and eastern borders, as a protective buffer against the Communist terror. After the Armistice these troops were required to leave, – much against the will of the Ukrainians, – who knew what was coming.

    Upon their withdrawal, and as expected, Trotsky launched his orchestrated ‘Red Terror,’ through which to terrorise the Kulaks and collectivise their small-holdings. The success of Trotsky’s famine campaign left 20 million dead.

    At this time, the western regions you mentioned, i.e. Galicia, formed part of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire (and not Ukraine), indeed, the region had identified with the Austrians since crown rule in 1772. In 1921, the northern and southern regions were respectively seized by Poland and the Soviet Union. Then, as with Ukraine proper, the genocide followed.

    Fast forward to 1941, when the German Army returned, they were again received as liberators and protectors against Communist terror, just like the Imperial Army of 1917-1918.

    As the tide of war turned, in March 1943, Himmler organised the raising of a local defence force, which was strictly titled and badged as a ‘Galician Division,’ – and not Ukrainian, – as some surmise. This unit was finally designated as Waffen-Grenadier Division Nr. 14.

    Their insignia was predominantly Galician (i.e. lion), yet to satisfy the smaller group of Ukrainian volunteers, we also see the Ukrainian trident. Most of the officers were ex-Austro-Hungarian officers.

    For a more detailed understanding of Ukraine’s WWI defence force and political circumstances, the following study is highly recommended.

    Click to access Born%20At%20Versailles.pdf


  6. Han Barkmeyer

    Riley Waggaman on Russian Myths vs. Russian Reality

    James Corbett interviewing Riley Waggaman:

    As Corbett is saying: “Unfortunately, as always, in times of War people are rallying around flags.
    Of course, for the Normies in the CNN propaganda swilling audience that would be rallying around the NATO flags: Go Ukraine!

    Unfortunately for the independent media that means rallying around the Russian flag, because if NATO is the bad guy, Putin must be the good guy.”

    Riley Waggaman, who has now been living in Russia for 7 years, worked for Russia Insider, PressTV and RT for 4 years.

    He shows that Putin is doing exactly the same thing Scott Moronson, all the other Western leaders and the Chinese leaders are doing to their own peoples: Waging War on them on behalf of the World Economic Forum.

    Very interesting 31 minute interview


  7. I very my doubt that Svaboda, etc, are genuine National Socialists, – working for the betterment of their nation.

    They are just underworld thugs.

    Adorning themselves with the Trident of St. Vladimir, does not conceal this fact.

    Just another U.S. ‘proxy army.’ – mercenaries for Mr. Global.


  8. Daviddd2… Probably because poo poo pants O’Biden is so far gone in his belfry. Can’t even find his soup bowl he’s so short sighted.


  9. Can’t wait for the bio-warfare story! Russia got rid of all its gear and the US has been straggling along for years. It still hasn’t got rid of its own gear.

    Now that they’ve relocated their labs away from the US to a “safe location”, i.e. Ukraine, they could shut their labs in the US, except the “safe location” doesn’t seem so safe anymore.

    Gospodin Putin it seems is also taking exception to having AT LEAST FIFTEEN bio-warfare labs in his backyard particularly by hostile parties which have a historical record of aggression towards Russia and who have recently again declared Russia their enemy!

    It begs the question why historically ‘peaceful’ ‘democratic’ countries like the US and Ukraine have been busy building so many bio-warfare labs at Russia’s front gate and delivering massive arms shipments into Ukraine over the last couple of years in particular.


  10. Trudy said – “The Antonov is a Russian Airliner”

    No, the Antonov An-225 is a Ukranian heavy lift strategic transport developed and manufactured by the Ukranian Antonov Design Bureau back in the 1980’s. It was based on the already largest plane in the world, the An-124, but made even larger and more powerful to carry the Soviet Buran Space Shuttle on its back cross-country between production and launch sites.

    There was only one An-225 ever produced, because it’s purpose was very specific – to carry the Buran between sites.

    Is this the end of an era? Is the An-225 now extinct? Possibly not, because a second An-225 was partially manufactured before being mothballed – so it still exists somewhere in Ukraine, and the remote possibility exists that it may be resurrected and completed. However, there would have to be a powerful business case put forward for that to ever happen.

    Is human trafficking sufficiently lucrative to warrant funding completion of the second An-225 (when so many alternative modes of transport exist)? Doubtful.


  11. The truth is that the Russians aren’t prepared to sit on their hands again and lose another 20 million people.

    The German Wehrmacht launched Barbarossa through Ukraine, the western part of which was happy to supply its own SS troops in the operation against Russia courtesy of the fascist nazi Bandera.who is today widely feted in Ukraine as a national hero, except in the non nazi parts.

    Today, the neo fascist Bandera supporters are a paramilitary “national guard” which rivals the Ukrainian Army in terms of influence. The Azov Brigades today carry nazi like insignia and worship Bandera who was a heavy duty Catholic clerico-fascist supporter rabidly against the Orthodox Christians and the communists in Ukraine.

    Wikipedia: “Stepan Andriyovych Bandera was a Ukrainian politician and theorist of the militant wing of the far-right Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and a leader and ideologist of Ukrainian ultranationalists known for his involvement in terrorist activities”

    Feel free to dispute any of the above if you know any better..


  12. They fight for the New World Order with our dollars.


    Hi Editor, don’t know if this link works, but the story is currently being updated on Sputnik.


  14. Hi Editor, Great. That should be a popcorn accompanied read.


  15. “story to justify his unilateral invasion of a resource-rich sovereign neighbour.”

    Sure, Russia is resource poor and needs more land! lol Try getting something more than an MSM education for yourself.


  16. I would also be particularly interested in what Putin is going to do about the 15 BIO-WARFARE LABORATORIES installed throughout Ukraine by the US!


  17. Hi Tony B, “Karma delivered” indeed. Real Instant Karma at that! Haven’t laughed so much in ages…Keep envisioning Scummo’s face.


  18. Laurie your post is full of lies. Please do yourself a favour and properly research Ukrainian/Russian history, especially around the 2014 Maidan Square coup. Patrick Henningsen sums up well here-


  19. Hi Editor, I couldn’t agree more.
    And I feel that we should all pray for Laurie and others, who are suffering so greatly from the heinous MFP of which they have unwittingly fallen victim to. Amen.


  20. You need to do more research Laurie. After McGovern one would think you have woken up. We will back Purin in Ukraine. The evidence of US and Deep State control is overwhelming. Ed


  21. The video is self effacing with the neo Nazis in Ukraine. They exist. Ed


  22. The question of human trafficking overseen by Australian corporate agents pretending to be our Commonwealth government and the Australian elites is a question that keeps getting suppressed but we should keep it on the boil here. And we should settle the question of human trafficking here with our end of the business. All connections must be exposed and investigated.

    With Vlad and Volodyrmyr it has been Reds under the bed and Nazis in the bed from the get go. I am sure they have managed to recruit and outfit some Nazis from Ukrainian central casting. I am surprised they didn’t stage a false flag Black Op prior to the invasion for the purposes of atrocity propaganda.

    The Nazi Card is a dangerous Card and when it doesn’t take the trick it can be a game changer.

    Even the Israelis finds this Jewish requirement for neo-Nazis in Ukraine amusing. “Putin calls upon Ukraine’s Jewish president to halt ‘frenzy of neo-Nazism’ : Russia has a history of accusing its neighbour of fascism and state sponsored anti-semitism. Toi Staff. Times of Israel. July 4, 2019.

    The Ukrainian Jews also think this is nuts


  23. Laurie Eastwood

    Hi Editor , If Putin said that , it must be true , eh – really , give me a break !!! His manufactured story to justify his unilateral invasion of a resource-rich sovereign neighbour. I would not be surprised at any of the alleged international machinations , but I fail to see how that would justify any of Putin’s murderous actions , or why Cairns News would be supporting the expansion of his atheistic , communist regime and territories . If the truth be known , the evil activities and Paedophilia and corruption going on in the USA and Russia are probably 10 times worse than what is being alleged in Ukraine , and it seems that 90% of the Ukrainian people love their country and are prepared to die for their freedom , whereas thousands of Russian people are demonstrating in the streets against their own autocrat’s actions – that should tell you something ! Or perhaps you would also support your mate Putin invading and taking over our country , expelling the big Media , big Tech , big Pharma , medical mafia – controlled Govt we have , and installing a socialistic , communist-controlled govt led by Albanese ??? Laurie Eastwood South Perth

    Sent from my iPhone



  24. Why are our Political cripples poking the Bear; what will it achieve apart from further imprisoning our Nation within the NATO/UN Western Communist umbrella.
    Do we need Russia as an enemy. It may come a time when we will need her as a friend.


  25. The Antonov Mriya An-225 made several flights to Australia in 2020 & 2021. Stopovers included Brisbane Airport Wellcamp. Cargo exchange. Contact NIOA for further details of cargo list. Ask for PYNEY +61 7 3621 9955. The world is a corporation, governments are an illusion. $$$$$$$$$$


  26. The Antonov is a Russian Airliner


  27. karma delivered, that’s what happens when you covertly transport weapons, our not so honest Aussie Govt at its best, Vlad isn’t stupid , he runs rings around our so called leaders


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