ACT Police thugs incite violence at Canberra Convoy Rally

Cairns News video collage of Canberra convoy rally showing police solidarity and extreme control using sheer brutality and provocation by thugs in police uniform. Great soundtrack from Van Morrison and Eric Clapton “No More Lockdown”

Video link to pass around:

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I like to make comments on Cairns News, but I do not need to.

    Someone throws mud some always sticks. So I will venture off to another site but will still check Cairns News for the articles and the comments – keep up the valuable work.

    Good luck everyone.


  2. betty mac

    Here you go betty mac, I suggest that you put your brain into gear next time you want to throw mud at someone, If it is the truth, sure throw it, if it is not do you still throw it for a bit of fun, to get a bite?

    ron | February 3, 2022 at 6:37 pm

    Graham Hood

    Agree with all that you have said, you have an enormous amount or courage, you are a Aussie hero. you have my respect.

    ron | February 5, 2022 at 12:01 pm

    Graham Hood

    Just watched a video of one of my heroes,Graham Hood, he is on his way back to Canberra.
    Graham said that he does not want people to support him with any violence involved. I fully agree – no violence.


  3. Ron…. Weren’t the people like Bosi asked not to come to the protests by the people, because the people didn’t want it to be about elections and politicians?


  4. betty mac

    I did not say he ran off, please go to the Recent Posts Menu and click on “Many more trucks and people on their way to Canberra – remove flags and posters from vehicles”

    Read all of my comments for that article I am sure that you have wrongly accused me of disrespecting one of my heroes. I know what I wrote. you do not need to reply.


  5. Ron, Graham Hood didn’t ‘run off’ after his speech.He then joined the crowd .He actually put off surgery to be in Canberra.Had already been 2 days on the road…a great bloke…for the people.


  6. kaiwanshou

    Even the bible tells us that there will be many pretenders, we just have to weed them out when they are found.

    I am a member of The Common Law Court Great Britain and International,\.
    So i am not able to comment on any common law assemblies / courts in Australia – I am born and bread and always lived in Australia, family goes way back here.

    Joined the British one because at the time it was the easiest to get into and get an ID card that has my (reclaimed) Legal Fiction NAME and my new Common Law Name.on it.
    The assemblies are growing quite fast as I hope the Australian ones are.

    When we get enough of them in Australia, not all of them will be the same, for various reasons, They will just have to follow the 1901 constitution and crimes act, etc.

    The good assemblies will survive the bad close down, due to internal politics or by controlling bodies that keep an eye on the assemblies. This is all new so there will, for sure, be problems until all settles down. The good or better assemblies in Australia, no idea, I will have to have a look around.

    You got the flags right, the red the land flag the blue the sea/ ship flag. Politicians made the blue our national flag for political purposes, they did not want a red (communist) flag – does not matter now, we went communist anyway.
    Red land flag fought under by first and second war diggers so is OK by me.


  7. Kaiwanshou perhaps we should next be ‘educated’ on the differentiation between numerals.


  8. Ron. I have spent many months in a Common Law Assembly in SE Qld run by a pretender. We got sick of being mislead for the purposes of the convenor and self installed leader so we decided to set up our own, Common Law Gympie, but we got taken over by the fascist leader of the Assembly we left; MyCult! Then, by chance, we found an instrument that actually has power and as a result we have attained much more freedom without physical confrontation or force or even physical presence. With it we need not show ourselves. Meanwhile MyCult carries on with his charade.
    We also have the Australian Constitution that is still in force; “the pen is mightier than the sword!”
    If one actually studies the Constitution, especially the original Quick and Garran annotated, must be the original version, there can be many “light bulb in the mind” moments.
    You’ve got ask,”Why do so many people go to freedom demos baring the blue government flag?” Well, in school we were made to assemble at look at it and salute it and march holding it at inter-school sport carnivals. That we did all through Primary School. We dared not question in High School for if we did we got the cane or humiliating detention after caning was banned.
    So we succumbed to it until one day, by accident, we looked up flags in books or on the net. There we discovered that Blue Flag adorned with the Pacific Star is the flag of the Federal Government. OK, but I’m not in the federal government so is there a flag of the people? Yes, there is. It’s the same flag design of the government but it’s red. That’s the flag of the people!
    If you watch the live streams or video reports of the demonstrations going on in Canberra now many people are carrying the Red flag, lots of them. They have learned the difference between the blue and red. But still there are more blue flags but that will change by people noticing the different colours and thinking,”Why?”.


  9. Exactly Editor. And if the EMF’s don’t get em the graphene hydroxide will….Bye bye.


  10. There are millions of poor pathetic brainwashed sheeples who are addicted to TV and cell phones. Thankfully,
    these will be the easy targets when the 5G mind control starts. Ed

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  11. Thanks for the Video Collage. Covid Regime Counter Terrorism can definitely be spotted in amongst the police – moving as a unit and picking the individuals they are going to bring down in front of the crowd. The coppers are acting pretty much like herd animals in confrontation with other herd animals. We haven’t really seen CT in action. But they are there and they are not getting paid by the Communist state to stand around and look like robocop. Did anyone get a zoom on the patch? Are they patched as foreign military? Or are they just all in black. (very original)

    It looks like right now they are using the coppers as a front against the Freedom Campers who come together around the police presence to confront / video their provocations. The police are in control of the space. They have herded the protesters into a designated area (corral) and are keeping them busy. Too busy I would say for the protesters to be methodical about finding the non-Freedom Campers tasked with non-Freedom Camping assignments which have been inserted into the group.

    This area has clearly been chosen for its advantages to the police and military in terms of confrontation. And this is where the convoys are headed? Vehicles in straight lines like a parking lot gives to much advantage to the police and the military in terms of sheeple control in the corral. Let’s hope the convoys can change this dynamic.

    Nothing I have seen in this video, suggests to me the police and CT are there to just oversee the right to protest and keep it under surveillance . On the part of the Communist State, this isn’t a photo-op Tent Embassy with permission to have a little fire and live action so an identity group on its payroll can make its point for a PR exercise. The NKVD will not be taking a knee. And they will be working with their counterparts in amongst the Freedom Campers / protesters.


  12. kaiwanshou

    Good info.

    If Australians started up enough community assemblies, they can have their own sheriffs and constables and militia, and common law courts, to protect their communities.from private corporations, the thugs, pedophiles, and other criminals who are now our police, courts, governments, etc..

    If the private corporation police were harming innocent community members (as they have been during lawful protests) those private police would end up being arrested by members of the communities.

    All that is needed is for the majority of Australians to wake up before it is too late,

    It may be very close to too late already.

    My main concern is the sheeple being a road block to our efforts to remove the lackeys of our, forced upon us, NWO.

    I can imagine them sitting at home in front of their overly large screen TV, commenting on how the elderly women at a protest who was bashed and pepper sprayed by the police thugs, deserved everything she got.

    Why in hell would I want to continue to support and protect those poor excuses for Australians – there are millions of them?

    Just asking!


  13. They’re all drank the cool aid!
    We are surrounded by monstrous tyrants and every Australian should be highly alarmed and extremely concerned.


  14. (jgb)australia


  15. jbgaustralia: Corrupt Coppers have been planting sh#it on people since the beginning of time, it’s their nack


  16. & if the truck can’t speak for itself, someone has to defend it’s right to what it “identifies itself as” Slam dunk!


  17. D Johnston: Yep, that’s a classic. Laughed my guts out over that one

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  18. “The truck actually identifies as a car now”. Solid gold Aussie humour. Will surely become a much used go to quote.

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  19. The cop who was laying his knee into the person on the ground should be charged and booted from the force.
    Can anyone get his identity and lay the complaint.
    What a bunch of goons and all wearing those unhealthy masks.


  20. Glenn Wheatley: 74-year-old “double vaccinated” Australia music icon dead after weeks suffering in hospital, mainstream media blame COVID-19 – The COVID Blog


  21. Inciting violence, or were they up to their usual trick of putting on a stage show, with actors?


  22. So where are our supposed on our side politicians we talk about on Cairns News, where is our illustrious leader Bossi.

    They should be on the front line with the protestors in Canberra facing off the thug coppers. They make well worded speeches to us, then leave us to the wishes and dictates of the grubs and parasites.

    At this time it appears as though the protestors are being used for political purposes and training for the poor excuses for human beings – the private corporation police.


  23. Great video of how the police run an offensive event. I suppose it would not be ok to copy them and train to do to them what they do to demonstrators. There’s an organised group that protects the Brisbane freedom demos by doing to the Police what was done to the demonstrators; they observed the Police tactics and trained a lot of volunteers to do back to the Police. The Police backed right off. That’s why Brisbane demos are very peaceful. You can buy a full set of body contact protective clothing, shields, helmets, even pepper spray, all for under $100, can get bullet proof clothing too, battons etc. Make a wish


  24. All police will one day regret their actions. Karma is a bitch but she always comes round when you least expect her…..

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  25. Emagine if police start planting firearms, drugs or other items to insite force and further intimidation on unarmed civilians?


  26. Definition of Terrorism:

    The unlawful use of violence or threats to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or government, with the goal of furthering political, social, or ideological objectives.


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