Canberra truck convoy is about lost freedoms and the totalitarian state

Letter to the Editor

For those who actually think this Canberra convoy is an anti-vaxx protest…….

It’s the cancelled surgeries.

It’s the family and friends we haven’t been allowed to see. The elderly parents passing away alone.

It’s the funerals of loved ones we haven’t been allowed to attend, and the limit to how many can celebrate their death or even attend at all.

This pair of drongos are supposed to be the leaders of the LNP/ALP duopoly. They started the Covid totalitarian regime. We the people will finish it

It’s the kids cancelled birthday parties. The 2+ year olds that have never had a birthday party yet, nor attended one.

It’s the sharp decline in mental health. Because the worst thing for depression is being lonely. It’s the cancelled vacations, work trips, festivals, concerts, parties, reunions, and weddings.

It’s telling us how many people are allowed to attend our weddings.

It’s masking our children while they sit in class, run during gym, and play outside.

It’s having to choose between a vaccine that’s given your neighbour heart problems, or your mother Bell’s Palsy or losing your job.

It’s our health care workers, our hero’s, losing their jobs. Our public servants losing their jobs. Our health care workers exhausted from trying to keep it together day after day!It’s the parents that have been forced to leave work to homeschooling their kids.

It’s missing work and defaulting on mortgages and bills.

It’s creating it to be so easy to choose to stay home instead of work and being rewarded with “free” money.

It’s that money, that “free” money that we’re all going to have to pay back through taxes eventually.

It’s the isolation, the separation. It’s telling us how many can come over for Christmas.

It’s the hours spent listening to our government officials dictate every inch of our lives.

It’s the fear mongering that’s been instilled upon us by our leaders and every single news outlet.

It’s the vacationers that have been stranded on cruise ships, resorts and in airports.

It’s been the excuse for nearly every single business to jack it’s prices up, “because Covid”.

It’s the reason many were no longer able to build their dream homes, or move provinces away to their newly bought homes.

It’s the dads not being able to be present for their unborn babies ultrasound.

It’s the mothers giving birth and being told both our husbands and mother can’t be there unless both vaccinated.

It’s the hugs we’ve missed out on.

It’s the pro sports cancelled. Kids sports cancelled. Gym classes cancelled. Rec classes cancelled. Competitions cancelled. Hair appointment cancelled. Photography sessions cancelled. Everything. Cancelled.

It’s not being able to take your kid to their hockey game.

It’s the 10 year old that’s choosing a needled in her arm just so she can attend her dance competition. It’s trying to explain to our 2 year olds who are now 4 year olds why they have to wear a mask.

It’s the burnt out teachers. Burnt out doctors. Burnt out nurses. Burnt out fast food workers. Burnt out moms. Burnt out grocery workers. Burnt out gas station attendants.

It’s the constant contradiction and changing of rules. Our leaders, now dictators. Dividing us. Separating us even more. I could go on, and on, and on.

But it’s really been our freedom that’s been impacted the most. The freedom of choice. So whether you agree with this Convoy or not, I think the majority of us are ready to have that back now please. This is why I stand with the truckers. – supplied

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The majority of personnel involved in the compiling, finalising the rules, at the original Nuremberg trials – “Yes the majority (>192) all of them* Jews”…
    Now 2022 we have the descendants* committing worse crimes against the Whole human race, and all of them now are again Jews. So about time they* now have to be prosecuted by their own rules, and more…


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  3. Well written article CN!
    “Claiming a $291-a-night allowance to stay in their own apartment in Canberra” clearly shows the state of mind of these “scavengers/drongos”.

    Canberra is not the capital of Australia it is the clogged sewer of the Come On Wealth.

    While those who loose their homes/jobs/lifes due to treachery these gone wrong images of mankind having a well paid ball. Even though, some Aussies have been changing their minds about our sleep infused continent the majority of (IN)HABITANTS have a habit to blindly trust “Authority” – even if it hurts beyond imagination.
    Protests against the regime will always be classified as “right, left or any other kind of extremists” that will create havoc to the system (of corruption and deceit). Canberra & Australia will need a complete and thorough pest control and disinfection while all horded savings of these criminal critters have to be confiscated and are exchanged for a honorable wellness camp of their own making. Happy living but without any travel allowance, salary lime light or potential bribery. Instead, masks have to be mandatory for the (in) mates of the camp to protect the “honorable” ones from any natural fresh air or oxygen. The mask will have its own sustainable pure supply of organic produced “greenhouse gases” coming from their own internal unspoiled resources from the rear – just to protect THEM from all the infectious evil that has taken over the world. Once accustomed to breathing and living happily in ones own exhaust fumes they would be ready to join Elon Musk & Co on their brand new humanoid colony on mars. With all the talents and adopted life skills gained through political correctness these ex politicians will go through the transition with ease – as long as they wear their life saving gadgets and stay away from Earth.

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  4. AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT PROTESTS Why did the mainstream media hide this? Huge Crowds assemble at Australian Parliament to demand Freedom!” Watch

    The entire system is totally corrupted including the deeply deeply conflicted mainstream media empires


  5. It is perfectly clear that we Australians have been sold out by those who keep trying to convince us that it is a privilege for them to serve us.


  6. Bless those like the writer and the many truckies who recognise what’s going on!

    Where is the silent majority? Haven’t had enough yet? Still waiting for the brief pause in its abuse by treacherous politicians and psychopaths to slide down the slippery slope of detention camps and gulags?

    Oh yes, the majority is waiting to see how happy they will get when they are stripped of everything and own nothing… not even their self respect.


  7. Thank you for that litany.

    That is the truth of life 2022.

    I think there will be a new Bible and you just sang out the verses.

    I hope I live to be one of the avenging angels.

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  8. What a truly beautifully written letter. Thank you


  9. Alida Engelbrecht

    AMEN !


  10. Aussies Besiege Parliament House – vlog / social media. Jan 31 2022

    “It has finally dawned on Australians that our goverment does not serve the interests of the people but of its foreign masters.”
    Strong Cities Network is part of the permanent, world-wide Communist Revolution. .


  11. It is about: – time we all stood up and said “piss off” to the government, when 25 million folks do that they’re finished, no matter what their agenda.
    That’s when magistrates will not dare to cancel cases on a technicality, criminals will be brought before the REAL courts and dealt with.


  12. Ross Graham Cairns

    Its about time that the sheeples woke up to the fact that they have been the recipients of the greatest and most successful scare campaign in Australias history. We need to stand united and oppose the Government campaign or else we will lose our freedom forever. This plandemic must be halted and the One World Government Plan sent packing along with the Government Leaders supporting it. For heavens sake sheeples, wake up Australia needs you.


  13. Excellent letter to the editor covering the impact that Government and our professional elite are now imposing on uninformed Australians. The Main stream Media had sold its soul way before Covid and has now continuously promoted this evil attack on the people using exclusion and distortion.
    May they hang in peace.


  14. The sooner AustraliaOne gets into power the better off we will all be.

    The sooner we have a VERY small group of people leading the country rather than a mob of oxygen thieves communist politicians sucking up our money…. the better off we will be

    As soon as we bring back councils managing ONLY bins and parks….the better off we will be.

    The sooner we bring back small Australia based business…the better off we will be

    Whether you like his swearing or not you just need to get over it. We are in a life or death situation and this is this guy (Riccado Bossi) has the real life experience, military training, “gonads” and Italian gene that has lived through this BS before.

    He has done his home work and he knows exactly where he is going to lead us out of this shit hole fairly and squarely for us all. Black white and brindle!

    I haven’t noticed this in any other party


  15. Great letter, and I am fully supportive of the convoys of the world. It is also about being able to just live your life freely and with certainty, and without nonsensical & whimsical Government control. Once upon a time you could decide you wanted to take a trip, booked it and went. We need those days back again.

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  16. Derek: The treacherous Australian LNP-Labour Greens DUOPOLY and the corrupt MSM will ensure the “right” message gets out. The real truth is an entirely separate matter. That’s for human beings. The cattle get fed straw man fodder. 🙂


  17. Just in case anyone has any doubts about the SCAM. The most telling part is that for the first time in human history the “common flu” has all but DISAPPEARED. A tell tale sign something is very wrong with the official story.!


  18. I stand with TruckIES/AussIES, just wish they’d fly the RED DUSTER, the flag that flies in the Shrine of Remembrance 24/7! The blue flag they are mostly flying is the Government Flag!


  19. More simply it’s about forcing us, human beings, into becoming cattle.


  20. Sincerely hope the Sheep get this message. Should be on Television news


  21. Very well said!

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  22. The original Nuremberg trial is available to watch on SBS at the moment!…yes you read that right, socialist SBS
    It’s a reminder of what our communist criminal scum politicians are leading us all toward.
    Be warned, some images are not easy to watch.
    Remember while you are viewing this, our politicians are building concentration camps around Australia!
    May it also be a reminder to all those that comply with this lunacy that they too, will be charged and held accountable for crimes against humanity.

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  23. And lets not forget the impact we have yet to see developing over the next few years as people keep getting their boosters. They’ve already started the fear mongering machine with a new Omicron variant or is this a variant of the original Covid flu bug? Confusing>


  24. Hear Hear


  25. It is about EVERY DAY is Queensland’s ‘deadliest day’ and the PsychosInCharge are now floating the 5th injection.


  26. Lets Vote these C..TS Out into Oblivion !!


  27. Lets Vote These Traitorous C_ _TS Out Into Oblivion!!


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