Russia will not invade Ukraine

by Alison Ryan

President of Ukraine Reportedly Told Biden to Calm Down the Messaging to Stop Panic
January 31, 2022

Last Friday, a day after speaking with President Biden, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reportedly slammed Western powers for creating a “panic” by claiming Russia is planning to invade his country. An unidentified source reported that Zelensky told President Biden to “calm down” the messaging and warned against creating a panic. Two days earlier, presidential advisers from Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany met to discuss the Ukraine conflict and promised to uphold their cease-fire agreement.

In a recent video, Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams reminded listeners that the failed coup in Ukraine in 2014 was led by US Democrats and said the the current provocations against Russia are likely being used as a deflection from Democrats’ current domestic policy failures.

They pointed out that the CIA is training Ukrainian troops to kill Russians and the US has supplied weapons and nearly $500 million in taxpayer money to Ukrainian groups.

Ron Paul commented that politicians conveniently leave out the fact that the Russian troops we’re being told are encroaching on Ukraine as an act of “aggression” are within Russian borders. Meanwhile, America has troops in about 150 nations around the world, but we don’t want that viewed as “aggression.”

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard – The Telegraph

    Putin has ensured Fortress Russia can withstand a long siege
    The US has laid out a sanctions strategy but unity with European states is far from evident

    27 January 2022
    Fortress Russia can withstand a very long financial siege by the diminished West, and probably longer than the weakest links in the Atlantic alliance care to endure. Vladimir Putin is an order of magnitude less vulnerable to sanctions than he was after the annexation of Crimea in 2014 … Tim Ash from BlueBay Asset Management says the Kremlin has been methodically constructing a fortress economy able to resist almost anything thrown at it. The budget is in balance. Public debt is below 20 percent of GDP. A system of dynamic stabilizers helps the economy roll with the punches … Russia has eliminated its critical dependency on food imports. It is again self-sufficient in all but beef. Mr Granville says Russia is today a “net foreign creditor to the outside world” with $638bn of foreign reserves, greater than its external debt of $476 billion.



  2. The oil price is up $20 a barrel. If Putin is selling 2M bbl/day to Europe and China, that equates to around $15B USD a year in additional income for Russia.
    Biden talks up war to get it on the front page of the newspapers and on the MSM TV screens.
    A win-win for the democrats. It the US government buys $500M of weapons to give to Ukraine … that’s money to the arms industry which gives donations to the ….. democrats. What did Obama do? Started an uprising in Tunisia, then Egypt then a civil war in Syria. It kept domestic issues off the front page of the news and made the democrats lots of money.
    It’s all about oil and money and kick-backs.


  3. Apologies for a long, but interesting, read>

    The US/NATO/Ukraine/Russia controversy is not entirely new. We already saw the potential of serious trouble in 2014 when the US and European states interfered in the internal affairs of Ukraine and covertly/overtly colluded in the coup d’état against the democratically elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, because he was not playing the game assigned to him by the West. Of course, our media hailed the putsch as a “colour revolution” with all the trappings of democracy.

    The 2021/22 crisis is a logical continuation of the expansionist policies that NATO has pursued since the demise of the Soviet Union, as numerous Professors of international law and international relations have long indicated — including Richard Falk, John Mearsheimer, Stephen Kinzer and Francis Boyle. NATO’s approach implements the US claim to have a “mission” to export its socio-economic model to other countries, notwithstanding the preferences of sovereign states and the self-determination of peoples.

    Although the US and NATO narratives have been proven to be inaccurate and sometimes deliberately mendacious on numerous occasions, the fact is that a majority of citizens in the Western World uncritically believe what they are told. The “quality press” including the New York Times, Washington Post, The Times, Le Monde, El Pais, the NZZ and FAZ are all effective echo chambers of the Washington consensus and enthusiastically support the public relations and geopolitical propaganda offensive. I think that it can be said without fear of contradiction that the only war that NATO has ever won is the information war. A compliant and complicit corporate media has been successful in persuading millions of Americans and Europeans that the toxic narratives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs are really true. We believe in the myth of the “Arab Spring” and “EuroMaidan”, but we never hear about the right of self-determination of peoples, including the Russians of Donetsk and Lugansk, and what could easily be called the “Crimean Spring”.

    Often I ask myself how this is possible when we know that the US deliberately lied in earlier conflicts in order to make aggression appear as “defense”. We were lied to in connection with the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident, the alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There is abundant evidence that the CIA and M15 have organized “false flag” events in the Middle East and elsewhere. Why is it that masses of educated people fail to take some distance and question more? I dare postulate the hypothesis that the best way to understand the NATO phenomenon is to see it as a secular religion. Then we are allowed to believe its implausible narratives, because we can take them on faith.

    Of Course – NATO is hardly a religion of Beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount (Matthew V, 3-10), except for one typically Western Beatitude — Beati Possidetis – blessed are those who possess and occupy. What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable. What I occupy, I stole it fair and square. When we look at NATO as a religion, we can better understand certain political developments in Europe and the Middle East, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Iraq.

    NATO’s credo is somewhat Calvinistic – a credo for and by the “elect”. And by definition, we in the West are the “elect”, which means “the good guys”. Only we shall have salvation. This can all be taken on faith. As every religion, the NATO religion has its own dogma and lexicon. In NATO’s Lexicon a “colour revolution” is a coup d’état, democracy is co-terminous with capitalism, humanitarian intervention entails “regime change”, “rule of law” means OUR rules, “Satan Nr. 1” is Putin, and Satan Nr. 2 is Xi Jinping.

    Can we believe in the NATO religion? Sure. As the Roman/Carthaginian philosopher Tertullian wrote in the third century AD – credo quia absurdum. I believe it because it is absurd. Worse than garden variety absurdity – it necessitates constant lying to the American people, to the world, to the UN.

    Examples? The WMD propaganda concoction in 2003 was not just a simple “pia fraus” – or white lie. It was well orchestrated and there were many players. The sad part is that a million Iraqis paid with their lives and their country was devastated. As an American, I and many others shouted “not in our name”. But who listened? UN Secretary General Kofi Annan repeatedly called the invasion contrary to the UN Charter, and when cornered by journalists for clarification, he affirmed that the invasion was “an illegal war”. Worse than merely an illegal war, it was the most serious violation of the Nuremberg Principles since the Nuremberg Trials – a veritable revolt against international law. Not only the US but the so-called “coalition of the willing”, 43 States ostensibly committed to the UN Charter and to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, deliberately assaulted the international rule of law.

    One would think that after one has been lied to in matters of life and death, a healthy skepticism, some degree of caution would set in, that rational people would think “haven’t we heard this kind of propaganda before?” But no, if NATO is indeed a religion, we a priori take its pronouncements on faith. We do not question Jens Stoltenberg. There seems to be a tacit agreement that lying in matters of state is “honourable” and that questioning it is “unpatriotic” – again the Machiavellian principle that the supposedly good end justifies the evil means.

    Apostasy is one of the problems with any religion. This happens often when the leaders of a religion brazenly lie to the faithful. When people lose faith in the present leadership, they look for something else to believe in, e.g. history, heritage, tradition. I dare consider myself a US patriot – and an apostate from the NATO religion — because I reject the idea “my country right or wrong”. I want my country to be right and to do justice – and when the country is on the wrong track, I want it to return to the ideals of the Constitution, of our Declaration of Independence, of the Gettysburg address — something I can still believe in.

    NATO has emerged as the perfect religion for bullies and war-mongers, not unlike other expansive ideologies of the past. Deep down, the Romans were proud of their legions, the French grenadiers gladly died for Napoleon’s glories, GIs by the thousands applauded the bombing campaigns over Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

    Personally, I view NATO in the tradition of the village bully. But most Americans cannot jump over their own shadows. Emotionally most Americans do not have the temerity to reject our leadership. Perhaps because NATOauto-proclaims itself to be a positive force for democracy and human rights. I would ask the victims of drones and depleted uranium in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia what they think about NATO’s pedigree.

    Many religions are solipsistic, self-aggrandizing, based on the premise that it and it alone possesses the truth – and that the devil is threatening that truth. NATO is a classical solipsist religion, self-contained, self-serving, based on the premise that NATO is by definition the good Force. A solipsist is incapable of self-reflection, self-criticism, incapable to see others like himself — with strengths and frailties, and possibly with some truths too.

    NATO builds on the “exceptionalist” dogma practiced by the United States for more than two centuries. Pursuant to the doctrine of “exceptionalism”, the US and NATO are both above international law – even above natural law. “Exceptionalism” is another expression for the Roman slogan “quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi” – that which Jupiter can do — is certainly not allowed for common mortals like us – We are the “Bovi”, the bovines.

    Moreover, we in the West have gotten so used to our “culture of cheating” — that we react surprised when another country does not simply accept that we cheated them. This culture of cheating has become so second nature to us, that we do not even realize it when we cheat someone else. It is a form of predator behaviour that civilization has not succeeded yet in eradicating.

    But, honestly, isn’t NATO also a reflection of 21st century imperialism, akin to neo-colonialism? NATO does not only provoke and threaten geopolitical rivals, it actually loots and exploits its own member States — not for their own security—but for the benefit of the military-industrial complex. It should seem obvious to everyone – but it isn’t obvious at all – that Europe’s security lies in dialogue and compromise, in understanding the views of all human beings living in the continent. Security was never identical with the arms race and sabre-rattling.

    According to the mainstream narrative, the crimes committed by NATO over the past 73 years are not crimes but regrettable errors. As a historian – not only a jurist – I acknowledge that we may be losing the battle for truth. It is quite probable that in thirty, fifty, eighty years, NATO’s propaganda will emerge as the accepted historical truth — solidly cemented and repeated in history books. This is partly because most historians, like lawyers, are pens for hire. Forget about the illusion that as time passes historical objectivity increases. On the contrary, all the canards that eyewitnesses can debunk today ultimately become the accepted historical narrative once the experts are all dead and can no longer challenge the narrative. Forget declassified documents that contradict the narrative, because experience shows that only very seldom can they overthrow a well-entrenched political lie. Indeed, the political lie will not die until it has ceased to be politically useful.

    Unfortunately, many Americans and Europeans continue to buy the NATO narrative – perhaps because it is easy and comforting to think that we are the “good guys” and that the grave dangers “out there” make NATO necessary for our survival. As Julius Caesar wrote in his “De bello civile” – quae volumus, ea credimus libenter. What we want to believe, we believe – in other words, mundus vult decepi – the world actually wants to be deceived

    Objectively seen, NATO’s expansion and non-stop provocation of Russia was and is a dangerous geopolitical error, a betrayal of the trust owed by us to the Russian people – worse yet — a betrayal of the hope for peace shared by the great majority of humanity. 1989/91 we had the opportunity and the responsibility to guarantee global peace. Hubris and megalomania killed that hope. The military-industrial-financial complex relies on perpetual war tocontinue making billions of dollars in profits. 1989 could have ushered in an era of UN Charter implementation, of respect for international law, a conversion of military-first economies into human security and human services economies, the slashing of useless military budgets and the direction of the liberated funds into eradicating poverty, malaria, pandemics, devoting greater funds to research and development in the health sector, improving hospitals and infrastructure, addressing climate change, maintaining roads and bridges …

    Who bears the responsibility for this massive betrayal of the world? The late President George H.W. Bush and the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, together with their successors and all their neo-con advisors and proponents of “exceptionalism”, together with the think tanks and pundits that cheered them on.

    How was this betrayal possible? Only through dis-information and propaganda. Only with the complicity of the corporate media, which applauded Fukuyama’s idea of “the end of history” and “winner takes all”. For a while NATO reveled in the illusion of being the only hegemon. How long did this chimera of the unipolar world last? And how many atrocities were committed by NATO to impose its hegemony on the world – how many crimes against humanity were committed in the name of “democracy” and “European values”?

    The corporate media dutifully played the game by declaring Russia and China to be our sworn enemies. Any reasonable discussion with the Russians and Chinese was and is decried as “appeasement”. But shouldn’t we look in the mirror and acknowledge that the only ones who should “appease” themselves is us? Indeed, we need to calm down and stop aggressing everybody else – stop both military and information offensives.

    If there is a country that cares precious little for the international rule of law – otherwise known as Blinken’s “rules-based international order” – it is – alas, my country, the United States of America.

    Among the treaties that the US has failed to ratify are the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, the ICC Statute, The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the Open Skies Treaty, the Optional Protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the Optional Protocol to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on Migrant Workers, the Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights…

    At the end of the day we understand that neither Huntington nor Fukuyama got the 21st century right – Orwell did.

    Alfred de Zayas is a professor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and served as a UN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order 2012-18.


  4. Frydenberg has not borrowed a cent. He like all other national governments simply create whatever electronic
    currency is needed for whatever scam comes next. We have quite a few articles about money creation. Ed


  5. In order to reveal the reasoning and TRUTH behind Obiden’s propagated false narrative of Ukraine/Russia tensions, one need look no further than back to the Ukraine/Trump corruption investigation into the Obiden family. This involved ‘lap top’ Hunter’s Burisma Holdings and daddy Obiden’s subsequent bribery attempt of the Ukrainian government to shut down the investigation. By firing the Ukrainian general prosecutor Viktor Shokin, Obiden thought that would be the end of it. But the Ukrainian government knows where all the bodies are buried. As does Trump. Hence his (failed) impeachment for assisting in the investigation. This investigation; having never ceased, is now nearing boiling point and the net is rapidly closing on Obiden and all his Democrat cohorts. Simple as that.


  6. Purely a Stock Market play any seasoned financial person with trading background knowledge that knows fundamental / technically charting analysis coupled with psychology will know this now this was needed to clear some stagnant levels. chaos causes money tranfers.. from the informed to the ill-informed.


  7. “the US has supplied weapons and nearly $500 million in “taxpayer money”. I have noticed that many US journalists often mention “taxpayer money”. It’s true that the USA has a debt of in excess of $40Trillion that also belongs to the US taxpayer. It’s just a totally ridiculous inclusion Our politicians have racked up a massive debt that belongs to us taxpayers. I do not recall any politician, anywhere, asking us to allow them to borrow money, yet when they retire they don’t have to pay any of it back. They get fantastic retirement benefits. If I borrow money I have to pay it back. I’ve paid a lot of tax throughout my working life and I have to provide myself with my own retirement benefits as well. How come? I wasn’t a politician, that’s how come!
    Well, one of my former professions was as business consultant and all the businesses I consulted to none of them paid any tax. They all had family trusts or other lurks. Yet all of them complained about how much their workers gave them untold headaches despite the workers paying tax which they never got back!
    Then I found out, more recently that the ATO is a private corporation and that our governments are all foreign registered corporations, even the Police are all corporations, the Courts also. My local council is a subsidary corporation of US Gold Mining corporation. It’s very easy to find all that online.
    So who is paying for all the infrastructure and everything else we must have? We are! Well, not all of us, because your accountant will tell you how to not pay taxes and rates, and utilities.
    Oh, by the way, our foreign registered private corporation Federal Government quietly snuck in the “Bail In Legislation”, recently!
    Malcolm Roberts One Nation man made up the numbers, he crossed the floor to pass the Bill to bring in foreign forces to control us should we need that as decided by our foreign registered governments.


  8. Ukraine and Belarus are states of border tension between Russia and the Visegrad corridor of nations (long history of resisting Russian advances). The Ukraine continually calls for support to reinforce against Russian military presence in the Donbass. And they have to contend with the Russian proxy Belarus and its policies.

    The proposed Soviet merger between the EUSSR (which sovereign European nations detest) and the formation of one entity from Lisbon to Vladivostock will not be pretty. But if they achieve Eurasia, it will be the centrepiece of the real NWO.


  9. This merry-go-round is getting tiresome. This is the final time I will say this….FALSE FLAG. Lying Hilary made sure of obtaining Russian fingerprints with her Uranium One deal which she then fleeced them with. But they’ll totally overplay their hand once again because they are just sooooo stupid.


  10. Based on history the JuwSA knows it is losing the hegemonic status, and will do anything to maintain status quo. Yes this means starting a war against Russia and China, and all the lackey countries have to follow as well.


  11. Ho hum, another weapons of mass destruction story. The actors are different but the script is ALWAYS the same. You will live in constant fear yet you will be happy.

    The jokers behind all the nonsense should be jailed for psychological abuse of their populations..


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