Robbie Katter tells Premier ‘no mandate’ needed only personal choice for vaxx

From Hansard October 27, 2021

Mr KATTER (Traeger—KAP) (4.54 pm): I rise to speak on behalf of the KAP against the government’s motion. The KAP has been quite clear on our position. We respect the job that any government is trying to do in rolling these vaccinations out.

From the start our message has been that we recommend that people consult their doctor or talk to their medical adviser and get advice from them and make their choice, and when they make that choice we respect that. We are a party that founded itself on personal freedoms and choices, so we are trying to be true to the principles that people voted for us on in that respect.

Robbie Katter speaks against vaccine mandates in state parliament in October. “When people trust the science and trust what people are telling them, they can make logical choices.” He later took aim at the Premier asking why there was no vaccine mandate for state politicians?

The government is faced with an extraordinary situation—we accept that—but there are some interesting points to reflect on in the context of this debate. I am told that childhood vaccinations are around 95 per cent, so no-one is holding a gun to their heads. When people trust the science and trust what people are telling them, they can make logical choices.

What we are consistently hearing is, ‘The more I’m being told by government I’m forced to do this, the more I don’t want to get it. I’ve got nothing against vaccinations.’ There is the question of trust here, because those of us in North Queensland have been fed garbage about tree-clearing science and we have been fed garbage about the reef science. Peter Ridd pulled out and was sacked for it, and no-one has proved him wrong.

 No-one is game to even try to prove him wrong; they just got rid of him out of the job. This is all flawing the trust in government and the science. It underscores the fact that under normal conditions people reasonably would say, ‘Yeah, I’ll get the vaccination. I’ve got no problem.’ However, when the government starts forcing and saying, ‘This is what’s got to be done,’ that is when it is encountering problems.

The other issue I want to raise is that, on reflection for me, we are having trouble keeping hospitals open in the electorate. Julia Creek was downgraded and I am told that it still will not go back to a 24-hour service. We cannot get nurses into hospitals in some areas. Some extra staffing does come, but if not they are still told to rollout this massive health program.  Someone said that it was only 20 per cent in Doomadgee. I rang up Doomadgee asking if there was a sentiment against it. I was told, ‘No, there’s not really a sentiment against it.’

Therefore, I made the assumption that they had not had proper exposure to getting either education or having the vaccine there available to them.  Another family pulled me up in town the other week to say that their kids were given one day to go into Richmond to get it. They were told, ‘You’ve got to go on this day to get it.’ They said, ‘We’re mustering cattle. We’re busy. We can’t get in that day.’ Tough luck! 

Then there is the question of health services. If we cannot even perform the primary health functions in regional and rural areas, how can we be expected to roll this out on top? Before the government starts mandating and enforcing this, it has to lift its game on the other things it can be doing. There is a lot more that can be done before forcing this down people’s throats.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. “I am told that childhood vaccinations are around 95 per cent, so no-one is holding a gun to their heads.” Was he asleep when Morrison forced the No Jab No Pay rules for childhood vaccinations upon us? Financial coercion is a gun to the head when you are low income.


  2. “We respect the job that any government is trying to do in rolling these vaccinations out.”

    Really?!! You can scratch Katter off. Fancy playing it that way with mealy mouthed nonsense like that while people are being blackmailed and forced to subject themselves to medical procedures and experimental human bio-engineering injections against their will!!

    Pussy footing around the issue is NOT going to change the direction Australia is headed in. And that happens to be not to the left or the right but DOWN!


  3. It seems to be a Katter characteristic is to rely on whatever information flys serendipitously into one’s head, and that constitutes wisdom and knowledge.

    In a political representative, I call this criminal negligence.

    Has Katter done no homework at all?

    First, government lied about Ivermectin, ignoring its astonishing success against covid in Uttar Pradesh and Goa. But Katter should know that Borody predicted this a year ago. Is Katter simply appallingly ignorant or a blatant liar.

    Then there is the evidence of deaths and serious adverse effects of the mRNA jab, which the TGA simply ignores. Just go out there in the community and the evidence is there. Is Katter blind and deaf, as well as ignorant and stupid?

    I am gradually developing a list of people who appear to be traitors. If we survive this, I back Bosi’s solution.


  4. I think Katter’s correct that the more the govt says we have no choice but to be jabbed, the more people become reluctant to comply. But we’re not refusing to get jabbed simply because we don’t like being forced, we’re refusing because everything that all governments have done since the start of this alleged pandemic is the antithesis of good science. Faked data on “covid-19” deaths to artificially inflate the numbers, a fake (PCR) test which can deem anyone has “covid” by ramping up the cycles, all the flu cases got included as “covid,” 2 weeks to flatten the curve became 2 years, masks are a health hazard, they promised no mandates at the start then reneged on that, the so-called “breakthrough” cases and new strains turn out to be the adverse reactions to the vax that wasn’t a vax until they changed the definition of vax, and now they’re wanting to jab the 5 to 11 yo group that is the least likely to contract or spread “covid.” Insane. People aren’t stupid, they can see that this has zero to do with a health issue and more to do with rolling out a Chinese model social credit compliance system.


  5. Just another self-serving, mealy-mouthed politician obliquely giving credence to the scamdemic.


  6. We should stay on the question of
    Why no mandates on higher Politicians and upper management of Police and there will be others.
    Stay on that and only that. What is in ‘The Science’ that lets them off?


  7. Strange about this Covid thing. They played the 201 game before they let the disease loose. I swear they are following a script.. Oh yes of course they are that was the game.
    Some people do not want to play, they do not like the rules. The stakes are really high.and the organizers have stacked the the cards in their favour.This game is different to the rest. This one you have to put your body on the line. I have never been a gambling woman, my dad was a loser at betting,I learned my lesson well. These people are acting under the guidance of Satan,
    I look and listen to them , they are so empty of compassion.The words slide out of their mouths They treat their trapped fellow humans in an inhumane way. There will be a day when they are judged, and they will be given their just rewards.I believe it is for the strong to defend the weaker , and the young. And we have to answer for our own actions.
    TComeinspinner,hank you to everyone who is speaking out , we all need your strength and encouragement.


  8. “When people trust the science and trust what people are telling them, they can make logical choices.”

    Katter, are you awake?

    The FDA/Pfizer crime gang, sought to hide the science from the World for 50 + years.

    Wake up man.


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