NT Aboriginal Traditional Owners call on all tribes to ‘unite to stop the bioweapon’

What does the defence force and NT Chief Administrator Mr Gunner say about this SOS?

Cairns News cannot confirm anything until it has been officially denied.


 NITV: Senior Territory Aboriginal leaders have rejected claims the army is
vaccinating Aboriginal people against their will within their

Traditional Owners in the Northern Territory have denied claims the
Australian army is physically forcing remote residents into taking the
COVID-19 vaccine and removing children from communities.

A number of posts on social media claimed that the defence force was
holding down Aboriginal people, including children, and vaccinating
them against their will, with mentions of the communities Ramingining,
Oenpelli (Ganbalanya), Wadeye and Binjari.

The posts also said there was no confirmation of the events occurring
as “the government is controlling the communications.”

Traditional Owners in Binjari and Rockhole expressed their
disappointment in the allegations.

“People are very hurt by the untrue comments being made in the media
and social media about their situation,” they said in a statement to
NITV News, provided via the Wurli-Wurlinjang Health Service.

“We are in lockdown because we’re in the biggest fight of our lives.
We don’t need people out there creating another flood for us.”

“People on social media saying that our people are being mistreated
need to realise their comments are hurting the very people they claim
to care about.”

Kunwinjku man Andy Garnarrandj, a local council chairman in
Gunbalanya, also flatly denied the claims.

“It’s not happening here. I don’t see any military around this
community,” Mr Garnarradj told NITV News.

“This is the first time I heard that when I happened to be watching
Tiktok this morning.”

Mr Garnarradj said the only people driving around during the town’s
lockdown are the local police.

“There’s no army trucks driving around or removing people or forcing
people to get the vaccine,” he said.

NITV News has also reached out to the communities of Ramingining and Wadeye.

NT Labor Senator Malarndirri McCarthy, a Yanyuwa woman from Borroloola
whose family members are among the Territory’s infected, called for a
stop to “disappointing” negative messaging.

“I’ve not heard of anything other than people being assisted in the
right way,” she said.

“There is no segregating of people here in a way that hasn’t been
talked about with all those people involved.

Ms McCarthy said the spread of unconfirmed information is creating
division in a situation that is “traumatic enough” for families who
know that COVID is in their communities.

“They need support in the right way in working together in bringing
people together, not dividing them and terrorising them with messages
that are just simply untrue,” she said.

Border breacher confirmed as source of NT COVID outbreak
All 19 cases in the current outbreak are Aboriginal people, who have
been transferred to the Howard Springs quarantine facility.

A Defence spokesperson also denied the claims in a statement to NITV News.

“Defence is aware of social media posts claiming the Australian
Defence Force (ADF) is forcibly vaccinating or detaining members of
the Australian community,” it read.

“These claims are false.”


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thanks for the updated facts Tony.
    My email is ironrats@protonmail(dot)com if you are interested to communicate with Canada?


  2. AS far as I know, the only person making this claim was June Mills, who did not reply to my request for corroboration and liaison.

    However, an Aboriginal woman was removed from one of those communities, ostensibly for 14 days, even though she was jabbed and tested negative. Three weeks later she was refused a request for an ambulance and died that night of heart attack. Her daughter was interviewed by David Cole, and then by a lawyer.

    I read both interviews. Frankly, I don’t give a shit who drove her to the Howard Springs Concentration Camp, she should not have been taken there, and was held illegally, and died. Chalk that one up to Psycho Gunner.

    While I am on this subject, please stop calling people Traditional Owners unless they are actual traditional owners. This abuse detracts from genuine traditional owners, who can only be declared thus by all the old people of that specific Songline Locality.


  3. On the occult meaning of the term COVID. A succinct incursion into pattern recognition.

    Summary: Secret Societies always have two types of truths, one for the masses and one reserved for the initiates.Is COVID meant to be read in Hebrew? Does it mean possession by an evil spirit?

    If Covid-19 does exist it is covert and not overt amongst the many crowns in the Corona range.
    COVID-19: “It means possession by an evil spirit,” Hebrew divoc/dybukk

    19 stands for slaughter in the kabbalah.

    On the occult meaning of the term COVID. A succinct incursion into pattern recognition.


    How TV has embraced dybbuks, golems and other Jewish lore

    By Esther D. Kustanowitz | May 21, 2021



  4. There is so much confusion going around BLESS YOU ALL IN THE NORTHERN TERRITORY KEEP SAFE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS. WE ARE WITH YOU ALL. sometimes the social media uses things for their own political gain instead of looking at the truth


  5. A call to action for all of humanity:
    The Governments we have allowed to run this circus are corrupt and drunk with power.
    This is our fault. We sat back and ‘Let someone else do the work and solve the problems.’
    We have been cowardly and lazy.
    If you don’t like the way things are, you are a fool to think some Entity is going to fix it for FREE while you live your life!
    If we won’t stand up and stop what is happening to ourselves and to others???
    Trust me, It starts with YOU!
    The leash that binds you and keeps you a slave is in your own head!
    All of us have to fight it every day.


  6. No chance mate. They know whats going down. Ed


  7. They can’t take down our video. Ed


  8. Andrea, you disappoint us. Mr Gunner said the ADF was transporting people to various clinics and Howard Springs quarantine camp. But did these poor people agree to go? No Andrea and every independent report says the same.
    It is totally irrelevant if complainants are from the community or not. Every blackfella in the NT is related to the other. Their communications are beyond reproach. Most of them have cell phones and the bush telegraph operates at ten times the speed of NBN. Take it from us Andrea we have lived there. Ed


  9. The ones rejecting the real narrative are in the pay and pockets of the federal or NT Administration. Ed


  10. An accurate observation Ron. Ed


  11. Yeah Tony we figured that as soon as the Land Council was mentioned we knew it was another scam. How about a story? Ed


  12. OSTF has had a reply from Aussie Cossack. This just up from Sydney.

    Blackhawk Helicopters over Sydney


  13. Where there is smoke there is fire. Sounds like a government coverup.

    Get Outlook for Android ________________________________


  14. The NGOs that Gunner names are all multi-lateral partners with the UN and new world order.

    NT Aboriginal Owners vs Lurnpa David Cole (OSTF)


  15. Andrew Mackinnon

    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, August, 2021:

    “Employers need to consider these matters and make their own decisions remembering we do not have a mandatory vaccination policy in this country, we do not have that, we are not proposing to have that, that is not changing.”


    Given that there is not a policy of mandatory vaccination for COVID-19 in Australia, according to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, why have Australian soldiers belonging to the Australian Department of Defence been forcibly vaccinating indigenous Aboriginal Australian citizens for non-existent COVID-19 in recent days and thereby egregiously violating their human rights, including their right to refuse vaccination?


  16. Seems MSM and social media are getting it wrong a lot lately, good reason not to tune in.


  17. I believe the indigenous people have been compromised. There were photos of a tank and two army personnel in an aboriginal community only yesterday. Think about it. The army is involved in jabbing individuals with the clot shot! When will people wake up that this is not about a pretend pandemic? Plandemic. But the army against its own people?


  18. So who do we believe, the NT politicians, NT police, main stream media, the ADF, or those from the communities who are supplying information?

    An Army General is in control of the vaccine jabbing for Australia, and the ADF are in fact jabbing Australians.
    Remember what the politicians, police, and ADF did in Victoria?

    Do I believe those who have spoken in the above video? I have no reason to doubt what they have said.

    Any person, please prove to me that there has not been any first nation people intimidated, coerced, conned, or frightened into taking the jab. It is highly likely that they have been, as have many thousands, if not many millions, of other Australians have been, due to the mandates.


  19. “Defence is aware of social media posts claiming the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is forcibly vaccinating or detaining members of the Australian community,” might be false, but are the ADF assisting Police to test, question or remove residents against their will? They (ADF) might not be vaccinating them, might not be detaining them, but assisting Police to remove them, bus them to quarantine facilities? It’s all in the carefully scripted language. Hope to have proof of either, but I heard the communities affected have no phones or had them removed, so no footage available.


  20. So who are the indigenous who are putting the news out there? Why are they doing it? Why would they make it up?


  21. So what is the truth? is this happening or not? we have yet to see footage of any of these allegations taking place. Could this be like the boy who cried wolf? and if so, when and if anything untoward happen to the indigenous it just may fall flat on deaf ears.Or is this a clever tactic or block by the Indigenous to put out to the public the malfeasance that may have happened and at the same time getting the denials from their enemies preventing them to carryout what they may have planned from the get go..
    The Indigenous are the rightful owners of this land the fraudulent governments really need to be careful.as their expiry time is long over due. It is the WILL of the people to remove this trash once and for all and never let it ever happen again.


  22. 1. Some Traditional Owners in the Northern Territory have MADE claims the
    Australian army is physically forcing remote residents into taking the
    COVID-19 vaccine and removing children from communities.

    2. Some Traditional Owners in the Northern Territory have DENIED claims the
    Australian army is physically forcing remote residents into taking the
    COVID-19 vaccine and removing children from communities.


    I for one find that rather difficult to accept. I would more likely conclude that SOME of the Traditional Owners are not yet experiencing certain things that others are.


  23. Thank you for posting the video of the OSTF. I believe they are telling the truth.

    Traditional Owners brought to us by NITV News via the Wurli-Wurlinjang Health Services – now why am I skeptical? It is the Gov’t money/pressure behind NITV and Health Services speaking “”We are in lockdown because we are in the fight of our lives”. A fight against SARS-Cov-2? There is no SARS-Cov-2. This is a hoax. So who is terrifying who?

    The Australian government [ corporate agents impersonating an Australian government ] and the mainstream health services are still running this hoax on the rest of the population and has terrified / pressured and forced many into the spike protein injection.


  24. “Covid outbreak”, and the “need to transfer Aboriginal people to the quarantine facility”….lies at the heart of it.
    It starts there.
    Anything else is presented for damage control.

    1. What is Covid?
    Is it a flu?
    Is it a coronavirus cold?
    Is it a certificate of vaccine ID?
    Is it a god named covid that requires obedience and a death sacrifice?
    or is it an asymptomatic version of the plague that blew in from the 4 winds?

    They still can’t give that simple answer.
    It sure as hell didn’t come from a 100 year old Chinese market.
    No Scientist can even honestly say that.

    2. What test was used? (It can’t be the old WHO PCR test because they have legally had to remove that one as it was a false test.
    I hope our sickness Industry is keeping up with these changes.

    3. Were these new “covid” cases vaccinated, once or twice?
    Or did they receive a flu vaccine?
    Once vaccinated is enough to give a positive PCR test of a viral fragment “variant” that the person was “vaccinated” with.

    Vaccinated means they received a shot.
    That’s logical
    Not the WHO version of having 2 shots.
    So if you have one shot you are not vaccinated according to them.
    Just so we get that clear

    It is good to hear they were not coerced and our Defence Force are not doing anything against their will.
    Except if they are diagnosed with ‘covid’ then they get taken away.
    Of their own free will of course

    It’s the stuff of head banging.
    No point arguing with stupid


  25. First it was $500 a jab coercion (hard evidence of that) by NT Health & police teams, now numerous reports of ADF as well targeting communities for removal to “quarantine” camps and the hardest lockdowns in the world proudly boasted by a hysterical Chief Minister.

    All based on the universally discredited PCR test that can be manipulated to provide whatever result will suit the moment. And right now it’s “White fella medicine man week” in the NT.

    What’s next? A local version of “voluntary euthenasia” to further eradicate threats?


  26. So…none of that is proof of what is or not going on, as those in the video are not from that region. They are just ‘hearing’ the same as the rest of us..with no proof. Yes they ARE moving sick into quarantine…but if you’ve ever been into a diabetic ward in a hospital…2/3 are indig, and with heart issues. A really bad pneumonia could almost wipe a community out. Until actual footage or first hand accounts come out…it’s all heresay.


  27. Or are the indigenous being threatened in some way? Why have 7 elders gone onto rumble asking for international help?


    The other one I had of June Mills asking for help has been taken down. And usually when that happens, someone is getting too close to the truth.


  28. Remember the famous quote:
    First the came for the Communists, but I said nothing because I wasn’t a Communist.
    Then they came for me…..”
    Well in Australia’s case they came for the Aborigines…
    In Canada they are coming for the children and even the not yet born..
    This is of course “Debunked”..But, Dr. Nagase is still walking free?
    Here is some truth:


  29. Sounds like bought off pollie speak to me.
    I wonder how much an indigenous leader’s word, is worth.


  30. Interesting I wonder if they were forced to say these Comments????


  31. “Defence is aware of social media posts claiming the Australian
    Defence Force (ADF) is forcibly vaccinating or detaining members of
    the Australian community,” it read.

    “These claims are false.”

    for now!

    Liked by 1 person

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