If the foundation is wonky the building shall surely fall!

By Allison

Will Hillsong Church’s representative be in charge when the national flag changes over Australia?

The Minister’s foreword “Australians are keen and willing to adapt to challenges” (https://www.digitalidentity.gov.au/have-your-say/phase-3/ministers-foreword) – is surely an overstatement of the fact.

Most Australians have not a clue of just how they have been led along the Global Governance pathway by our politicians.

On Dec 15, 2015, The Age newspaper scribbled at the end of an article, “Fairfax Media is a partner of United Nations Foundation”.

So much for an independent news source!

For one example, Australians have been forced and purposefully driven to get the covid19 injection put into their bodies, which is a bio-weaponized injection containing bio-technological and bio-engineered poison.

Now this SAME Govt is going to legislate for a digital ID system so that every Australian citizen will be hooked into the production and consumption processes of the new economic international order. The digital ID system means that human to human communication will diminish. Data will be managed and controlled according to the evolving dictates of the global system. Eventually, the Revelation of God to apostle John tells us, the system will enslave your soul. The beast is the final world dictator before the return of Jesus Christ, and to buy and sell under his rule, a person must take his “mark”.

UN has been spreading its Global Citizenship agenda into the nations for almost a decade now. This is yet a further development in the plan for universal control of all resources on earth, inc human ‘resources’. Because Digital ID will be able to track, monitor and control personal and economic behavior we will have to find other ways to interact with others.

The Digital Identity Factsheet p1 says: In 2015, the Australian Government took the first steps to develop a digital identity system after a financial inquiry highlighted the benefits of digital identity for the economy. From the AFR Oct 20, 2015, “David Murray’s financial system inquiry recommended: Develop a national strategy for a federated-style model of trusted digital identities.” Outcomes were The Digital Transformation Office, a Trusted Digital Identity Framework, and Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda. https://www.afr.com/technology/how-the-tech-changes-from-david-murrays-financial-system-inquiry-rated-20151020-gkdnuz

The Digital Identity Factsheet p4 says: “We’re working to develop a fair and transparent charging framework that will support the expansion of the system and ensure it is sustainable in the long-term. While this isn’t included in this legislation, it will be enabled by it.” The “it” refers to expansion of the Digital ID system for sustainably protecting Mother Earth, goddesss of the Earth Charter.

The Identification for Development (ID4D) uses Australian Aid. To accelerating the ID4D work at global, regional and country levels, the ID4D Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) was established with catalytic contributions from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation followed by the UK Government, the French Government, the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT and the Omidyar Network. This MDTF provides a platform for partners to cohesively advance progress across ID4D’s three pillars with a common vision and shared actions; and shapes global approaches and a shared vision on identification.

I think we could say a lot in any Submission to this draft Trusted Digital Identity Bill .

Thanks for the notification Cairnsnews.

Patrick Wood’s Technocracy News and Trends is a good source of information too.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The simple point is that if you haven’t got something on paper in your hand, you haven’t got proof of anything.

    But then again, shortly you won’t need proof of anything in your hand as you’ll have NOTHING and you’ll still be happy. Happy enough simply to be permitted to exist, assuming you’re not deemed a “useless eater”.

    You say it can’t happen in Australia? Lie back a while longer and someone will wake you up .


    After reading the first page click on the Description at the second tab along . Its worth plowing through all the points to see how the elites plan to use and reward their slave labor . Remember we are classified as item 145.


  3. Approval Process (page 18)Applications for accreditation are assessed by the Oversight Authority.
    An entity may only apply for accreditation with the Oversight Authority’s approval.
    The Bill outlines matters the Oversight Authority must consider in deciding to accredit
    or refuse to accredit an entity, including that the entity can comply with obligations set
    out in the Act and the TDIF accreditation rules.
    The Oversight Authority may also consider whether the entity is a fit and proper
    person, or other relevant matters -(probably have to be doublevaxed to be approved)

    Really who do they think they are…. we have already seen massive abuses of power packaged in a medical bag to keep people safe. They’re are not to be trusted. We give an inch and they take a mile. Flatten the curve for 2 weeks and spend 2 years suffering under megalomaniac tyrants.

    I foresee it as something like a QRcode that records your whereabouts, shopping preferences, your spending that is using the code instead of cash, your health status etc. Therefore if you are not doublevaxxed then you won’t be able to enter the shop let alone get to the counter with a product, hell you might not even be able to leave your house. The bank can freeze your access to your money. All gov licences can be flagged including driving, govt can take you off all their systems and basically isolate you and starve you to death or to get vaxxed.


  4. We have overindulged in partying, partying is what caused this problem today, why not try the constitution way and have elected representatives of constituents in parliament, not a party, no prime minister just the peoples voice, could be an idea .. ED2


  5. If you want to know what’s wrong in our Country. Track the top public servants. In the 1960s when I worked for the Government we had 60 Government departments; Now we have around 140 most mandated by the U.N. Not working for us but for Globalization. We need small parties, including National and breakaway good politicians to form a new party.


  6. No problem, Ed! If the truth serum fails then the treacherously honorable member must be prohibited from entry to any parliament, considered as unfit for purpose, and ineligible to screw us any further.

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  7. I feel the Truth Serum injected into politicians would reject the body and fail .. ED2

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  8. Never mind the experimental injections! The Australian population must insist that every Australian politician needs to be vaccinated with a TRUTH SERUM before being permitted to enter Parliament. No exceptions. There’s no point in us barking as the caravan keeps rolling on and on .

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  9. THats right the DUOPOLY government LNP or ALP they work together to maintain their two party control by bluff and bull***t .. ED2

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  10. Allan Maxwell Pleming

    A Pedo pick up pretend Church


  11. Sounds just great where do we reciprocate on this agenda? so as well as every citizen of OZ being tracked tracked to their whereabouts, I’ll sign up right away provided that I have the same intelligence to track every politician the same way, their habits and meeting places etc. otherwise no deal SCOMO, Lets put it to them & see their response to being tracked by every Australian who has the smart app. If we are all to go down this path the politicians have to lead by example and put everything they do on the table first and foremost.

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  12. It’s not just the Liberals pushing this Labour Party is in on it too….I witnessed this taking shape working in our Federal government departments…. Eventually they will be giving us all microchips implants as it will be easier to track everyone and it will stamp out fraud and loss they will have you believe…..rather than retain our identity as individuals and as a nation they are leading all of us to be controlled and poor …no need for middle class as the governments are already conditioning people to live off their handouts ….what a wonderful system we are developing for our future generations- I THINK NOT

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