Sydney cops swamped by protest and international calls after Cossack arrest

Many in the NSW Police Force will be embarrassed by this dramatic arrest on a charge of failing to follow a “CHO order”.

SYDNEY’S Burwood police station had to take hundreds of calls from the UK, US, Poland, Canada and from across the nation as news of Simeon Boykoff aka Aussie Cossack’s arrest went worldwide. The station was also beseiged by honking cars prompting a call out of the riot squad.

SYDNEY’S Burwood police station had to take hundreds of calls from the UK, US, Poland, Canada and from across the nation as news of Simeon Boykoff’s arrest went viral. The station was also beseiged by honking cars prompting a call out of the riot squad.

News of the arrest on October 8th was spread on Telegram by United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly MP to his thousands of followers and pushed the Cossack’s YouTube channel to over 100,000 subscribers. The cowards from the media cabal ignored the story.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are facing a Gestapo police campaign against the population,” Boykoff said on a livestream broadcast on Monday, the so-called Freedom Day for NSW people who have been illegally locked down for months.Boykoff’s dramatic arrest for not wearing a mask on October 4th made the cops from Burwood Highway Patrol division look like clowns. Did they take any hints from the resignation of the corrupt leftie Liberal Party dictator Gladys Berejiklian? Apparently not.

This video by the Aussie Cossack team tells it all

No, these cops still seem to think there’s a COVID dictatorship in place and are making themselves look like a bunch of KGB Stalinists in their relentless harassment of Boykoff, a good-humoured Aussie patriot who has been making videos exposing the Berejiklian-Hazzard-Chant “public health order” lunacy.

If the cops knew their job, they would know it’s not about enforcing PHOs. That is a corruption of their true role which is to uphold the common law – to “serve and protect” the people. But Aussie Cossack used the harrassment to brilliantly expose Berejiklian’s corrupt, lawless tyranny and unfortunately some NSW cops got caught in the middle.

Burwood cops like Leading Senior Constable Kingston and Sgt Tanny(?) the plainclothes cop with the red beard, whose name is unclear on the arrest video, should read the 1995 Commonwealth Criminal Code Act and learn the difference between a common criminal and someone who is staging political protests.

As reported widely across alternative media, including in the US on big channels like, Aussie Cossack was arrested after SC Kingston started making making threats against Boykoff during one of the many traffic stops organised against him.

Apart from that, Aussie Cossack has been the subject of a so-called Firearms Protection Order, which allowed the cops to search his home and vehicles without a warrant. Boykoff asked them if they expected to find a Kalashnikov automatic.

Kingston and others have apparently been irritated by Boykoff’s filming and Kingston in particular has been all hot under the collar about it, and called the Cossack “an absolute menace”. “I actually know who you are and will be taking action against you,” Kingston said in a sidewalk encounter. “We know this is for your YouTube channel, we’re not stupid. The thing is, you’re being too smart for your own good.”

The trouble is, Lead Senior Constable Kingston, SC Chang and your red bearded mate, you are being stupid. Cops smarter than you spoke out against the idiotic so-called public health orders months ago. The NSW law does not support them – even the so-called emergency powers. Cruising the streets and harassing people for not wearing a mask or being out of their 5km zone is La La Land stuff out of some Hollywood future dystopia.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. latest street gangs..nsw and vic police


  2. A 4 x 2 across the forehead should be the second part of his enforcer training program .. ED2


  3. That little police constable has some issues. I would recommend a compulsory psychiatric test for him before he delivers some grief to some member of the public. He should be regularly assessed and monitored for fitness to carry a firearm.

    Further, his mum might offer him some basic lessons in decency and proper human behaviour. Being a cop is no cause for being exempt. A little bit more love from her might not go astray either.


  4. I watched over 1 hour in-depth interview from Vic Police Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell on Discernable. Krystle around 16 years enjoyed being a Police Officer until Dictator Dan getting the Police to go against their sacred Oath to Serve and Protect. Which has caused a division with Peaceful Protesters and The Police. Krystle said it best there is a small amount of Police that will treat Protesters like Terrorists “my emphasis added” and small amount of Protesters that go and attack the Police will hide behind people,then creep to the front and throw bricks etc at the Police line.

    With these Vaccine Mandates it’s causing segregation in Australia and the World. Waiting eagerly for Judge to bring the verdict on the NSW Court Case and it can flip this entire Covid 19 Narrative on its head!


  5. Yes, this was yet another police disgrace, what for….not wearing a mask, your treated like a low down dog. These cops will all be remembered, and never be trusted again. I can see them all being sued now too. They say they are only following orders, that’s BS, if they know it’s wrong they should all walk off the job like the pilots and air staff over there, with hundreds of flights being cancelled, only way to treat these mongrels.

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  6. “These cops are fully trained having graduated from the academy intensive two day training course..ED2 ”

    At the Windgap Academy, no doubt.


  7. Who sat the IQ test for the lead copper?


  8. These cops are fully trained having graduated from the academy intensive two day training course..ED2


  9. Hi

    Has Cairns News been closed down by the Gastapo Police and Brad Hazzard.???

    We have noticed NO posts from you on the Hazzard NSW Supreme Court Ruling.

    Aussie Cossak is being held in confinement in the Surrey Hills Police Detention Centre Sydney on fabricated charges without Bail.

    James Hunter Newcastle Hospital has had many many deaths by 1st and 2nd Covid Injections in recent days including many teenagers. Ambulance Paramedics are at breaking point. Teenage Girls have developed severe bleeding. Whats left of the Nurses and Drs after the mass walk out all have been instructed NOT TO WRITE UP THE MANDATORY TGA REPORTS. They dont have the staff to do the reports.

    60% of James Hunter Staff have walked out over Mandatory Leathal Vaccine Directives from Hazzard.

    We all Rely on Cairns News. Keep up the Truth Reporting.


    Don Odell Brisbane

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  10. It was perfect KEYSTONE COPS operation ..ED2


  11. So WHO is going to curb this excess abuse of police power? The Commissioner? The Police Minister? The Premier? The Courts? The Parliament?

    It’s soul destroying to see this sort of black shirt sht happening in Australia. And no one will lift even a finger to stop it. We obviously don’t deserve better.

    Australia is being destroyed before our very eyes. Don’t forget to vote for more of the same, folks!

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  12. Thank you Mavis, we have got the video on file here at CairnsNews and will be publishing it .. ERD2


  13. We are in Duopoly Land and until that serpent is crushed agenda-driven pandemic political persecution of the people will thrive ..ED2


  14. If the cops and health care establishments educated themselves just a little bit, then they would see how as a pawn they are being manipulated.
    Here is a well researched documentary of the amount of coverup and fraud that took place in the U.S. of Covid-19. Whistleblowers exposing the truth, Polititians on both sides are in the thick of it. Here is no different.

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  15. I watched the fiasco live . a really pathetic effort . the thing to realize is these thug,s ,with out a badge and gun , & a corrupt govt sanction would be absolutely piss weak. this rubbish only serves to alienate decent police even further . they need to step up . are they on the side of right …… or wrong.

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  16. Can you check this out? Asap because there’s concern this will be tagged or taken down. There’s short breaks in the viewing. Thanks, Mavis >


  17. The Aussie Cossac is and AUSTRALIAN LEGEND and he knows how to push these COPPERS BUTTONS AND PREOCUPY THEM TEN COPPERS FOR ONE BLOKE what does that cost the Aussie Tax Payer / she will be right mate we will just print another million bucks off even though we are BANK RUPT . That BIG FAT COPPER that went to his home to arrested THE CRAZY FUNNY AUSSIE COSAC , he didnt like being shamed and shown up for what a BULLY he is out on the streets of Sydney , it didnt work and he didnt like that one little bit, thats why they use there corrupt people behind the scenes to bring THIS GOOD MAN DOWN BUT IT BACK FIRED AND IT WILL CONTINUE BECAUSE YOU CANT KEEP HONEST PEOPLE DOWN LIKE THE AUSSIE COSAC AND PEOPLE LIKE PASTOR ARTER IN CANADA THEY JUST DONT GIVE IN THEY ARE THE REAL MEN OF AUSTRALIA AND CANADA AND THERE IS MILLIONS MORE LIKE THEM COMING OUT THAT WILL TAKE THESE TURDS ON . Cairns News keep up your great reporting and putting out the truth ,the real Aussie love people like you ,AVI / REBEL NEWS / STEW PETERS SHOW / WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE ,the list is phernominal on social media putting out THE TRUTH KEEP IT UP FOLKS THE WORLD NEEDS YOU BIG TIME AND THEY ARE LISTENING THANK YOU FROM AN OLD FART IN FAR NTH QLD LOVE YOU ALL Thats My Rant

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  18. Don’t mess with the (Aussie) Cossack or Putin might “crush you” too, just like he threaten Facebook if he kept posting kiddy fiddler posts in his country
    The police have lost the plot. This guy loves Australia, he is respectful so leave him alone and go after our corrupt politicians instead

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  19. Editor, “La La Land stuff” perfect description


  20. Where is the Warrant?

    Did they actually serve any Warrant at the time of the apprehension and arrest or did they lie in offence of their oath of office and just say that they had a Warrant without a Warrant being created and in existence?


  21. These cops are tin-pot psychopaths let off the leash by corrupt governments. I am hoping and praying to see ALL these wasters punished themselves for their absolutely disgusting, over-the-top behaviour. I’m sure I’m not to only one totally sickened and angered by these rotten creeps defecating all over our community!!

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  22. The problem remains is that Aussie Cossack is travelling at a much higher I.Q level than the smash and destroy Police grunts who will charge at brick walls if instructed by superiors.
    Aussie’s humour in showcasing their attempts to charge at brick walls caused some in the ranks to turn his humour into criminal activity.
    What the Police didn’t understand is that by their ridiculous arrest they increased Aussies base support some ten fold.

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  23. Good to hear that these Muppets are being shown up for their bullying tactics… it seems to be the same red beard and Sarge and Chang at many of these absurd attacks on Australian citizens ….auzzie cossack is a brave man and he is actually standing up for Australians…
    I applaud him👏👏👏👏

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  24. Mr and Mrs Aussie Cossack, I want to thank you for the courage to stand up to these monsters. Our government has sold us out to the New World Order. They cannot and will not be allowed to take it so easily. I am not going to say “” our Government ” in future. I believe we should name them individually .We should see who is selling everything we are and own.They make me sick.
    They have betrayed our Constitution.They betray us individually, daily. You traitors are ruining the lives of all Australians. I have kids , grand-kids, and great-grand kids. And I am a proud tenth generation Australian.. It is my WILL all traitors should be removed ,they have been sucking off the tits of the hard-working men and women far too long. I fully understand Australia is not alone. I thank all the men and women around the world who are prepared to stand up for freedom. It is no exaggeration to say they have declared war against the working class people and fully believe can control us like sheep and lead us to the slaughter. I am not asking anyone to take my word for it. Take note of what our leaders are saying.Pat attention to those in our midst who are selling us out. Remember their faces and names. They are not our friends. And remember , we did not declare this war .We are never going back to normal.The people are waking .

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  25. Our wonderful police ‘forces’ are doing just that. I have seen a great deal of the same on history channels only their ‘forces’ wore Nazi SS style uniforms.

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  26. Check the regulations for NSW police and stop with the US “Serve and Protect” the people phrase. If you look at the other states you will see pretty much the same. Nothing about serving and protecting the people. More like penal colony laws to control us whom they view as convicts.

    Oath or affirmation of office for recognised law enforcement officers
    141 Oath or affirmation of office for recognised law enforcement officers
    (1) The form of the oath required to be taken by a recognised law enforcement officer under section 207D of the Act is as follows–
    I,, do swear that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady the Queen as a recognised law enforcement officer without favour or affection, malice or ill-will until I am legally discharged, that I will cause Her Majesty’s peace to be kept and preserved, and that I will prevent to the best of my power all offences against that peace, and that while I continue to be a recognised law enforcement officer I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all my duties faithfully according to law. So help me God.
    (2) The form of the affirmation is the same as the form of the oath, except that–
    (a) the words “solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm” are to be substituted for the word “swear”, and
    (b) the words “So help me God” are to be omitted.
    (3) An oath may be administered, or an affirmation may be made, in New South Wales or elsewhere.
    (4) An oath is to be administered by, and an affirmation is to be made before–
    (a) in a case where the recognised law enforcement officer taking the oath or making the affirmation is a police officer in the Police Force of another jurisdiction–
    (i) a commissioned police officer in that Police Force who is above the rank of the recognised law enforcement officer, or
    (ii) a person who has the authority to administer an oath in that jurisdiction, or
    (b) in any other case, a commissioned police officer in the NSW Police Force who is above the rank of the recognised law enforcement officer.
    (5) In subclause (4) (a),
    “commissioned police officer” means–
    (a) in relation to the Commonwealth or the Australian Capital Territory, a person declared to be a commissioned police officer under section 40D of the Australian Federal Police Act 1979 of the Commonwealth, or
    (b) in relation to any other State or Territory (except New South Wales), a police officer of or above the rank of Inspector.
    (6) A person who was appointed as a special constable under section 101 (1A) (a) of the Police (Special Provisions) Act 1901 and holds that position at the commencement of this clause is exempt from the operation of section 207D of the Police Act 1990 if the person is appointed as a recognised law enforcement officer.
    (7) A person who was appointed as a recognised law enforcement officer and ceased to be so appointed is exempt from the operation of section 207D of the Act if the person–
    (a) is reappointed as a recognised law enforcement officer, and
    (b) had previously taken the oath or made the affirmation in accordance with this clause.


  27. Evelyn mcmenamin

    I am sending dear sergeant Kingston an award certificate for making Aussie cossack an international and national hero because he is doing such a good job

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