STRANGE how the “great minds” of academia haven’t been able to work out that the Clintons are part of a global criminal cabal. Even before they moved from Arkansas to the White House in 1993, their criminal goings-on in the hillbilly state were being well documented.

Governor Bill Clinton and Hillary ran Arkansas while it was the location of a massive CIA black operation bringing drugs into the US from Central and South America. A fleet of planes carrying hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cocaine were based at Mena Airport in the state.

Governor Bill was once asked about the activities Mena Airport by a woman reporter from McClatchie News and Clinton, and as calm as ever responded: “We didn’t know anything about that.” As usual, Bill was lying. Almost everyone in Arkansas knew about it. Some Republican Party supporters made a long documentary about it called The Clinton Chronicles.

The Clintons were a key front family for the modern deep state along with the Bush family and the Obamas. In 2016 Hillary was supposed to sweep in to power as the first woman US president, but was thwarted by Trump.

The Clintons’ crimes are legion. There is a list of people who were their close associates and enemies who died in all sorts of suspicious circumstances. It is no accident Hillary was nicknamed Killary. Nevertheless, the couple have been relentlessly hailed heroes by all the big media and more recently academia – Queens College Belfast and Oxford University.

Queen’s College last year named a new women’s history professorship after Mrs Clinton. Oh how wonderful. In 2014, the Clintons visited Oxford to to see “their daughter” Chelsea graduate with a doctorate degree in international relations.

Bill Clinton also received an honorary degree in 1994 from the university, where he had previously been a Rhodes scholar at University College from 1968 to 1970 before dropping out. And now the former “First Lady” has been installed as Chancellor of Queen’s University – a rather odd reward for a life of crime, but no doubt money speaks – even among the “honourable academia”.

But the lie wasn’t going to be accepted by all the Irish people who demonstrated outside the university their disgust with her criminal carry-on.