Crime Stoppers NSW encourage dobbing in and spying on friends and businesses over covid

Crime Stoppers encouraging people in complete confidence to dob in a covid violator or someone you dislike to have the enforcers battering down your door. This was done when Hitler Youth utilised kids to spy on their families and friends.

This is an all time low set in place and needs to be ground into the dirt.

Time to take action. Start thinking how you can help by surveilling government offices, council gardens and walkways, swimming pools for social distancing violation, police without masks, etc, etc. When you are out and about, keep a look out

They want information? well lets give it to them from their own back yard.

Remember to use your phone camera and call recorder for evidence, hey now your a Crime Stoppers spy.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Most Victorians like Queenslanders are so dumbed down they might not know why they were inoculated.Ed


  2. Andrews in Victoria is a “genius”!

    He’s got the most “vaccinations” ever seen in Victoria.
    He’s got the most lock ups ever seen in Victoria.
    He’s got the most curfews ever sen in Victoria.
    He’s got the most draconian measures ever seen in Victoria.
    He’s got the most Covid cases ever seen in Victoria!
    He’s got the most Covid deaths ever seen in Australia.

    And he STILL thinks Victoria is the gold standard for dealing with Covid.
    I’m most impressed. I don’t get to see genius like that every day.


  3. We need these war crimes documented for the future trials. We need a repository to send all the evidence we come across, especially the many video & photos seen in the various groups.

    We need to provide times/dates, location, ID of perpetrators, their name, rank, serial number, any social media, contact details & addresses for service of warrants. Let their neighbours know of what they are up to.

    Their BIG FEAR is being exposed, identified & doxxed, but the good guys know exactly who they are… someone always does. Maybe some are imported mercenaries so we need to find out who is hiding behind each mask firing projectiles at us. Blow their cover & start preparing for their judgement day.

    Give us a location to start the process now.


  4. Andrews 1700 cases crime against Victoria

    Following the most draconian restrictions and lockups anywhere in the world, Dan Andrews’ Victoria has today registered 867 Covid positives against some 49,000 tests.

    Compare that to NSW yesterday registering 964 Covid positives against over 100,000 tests.

    On a simple doubling of the tests in Victoria, Andrews’ strategy would present as approximately 1700 cases compared to NSW’s 964 yesterday.

    How are the lockups working for you, Victorians? You still thinks Andrews’ lock up and police brutality are working for you?


  5. Morrison stated earlier that CoVid virus was a war but failed to enlighten that it was a political war against the people by his Government. He must have read Sun Tzu’s book on divide and conquer.


  6. Janelise, We have many families with a history of defending Australia, mine included. It is so sad that the people themselves have elected this to happen to their Australia from blind obedience to corrupt political parties reliant totally on that dedication to remaining in power and dictate without consequence. The sad news is next election they will lineup to keep the duopoly government suppression alive, then again a groundswell of disenchanted party faithful is emerging.. ED


  7. Let me be the first! I wish to report the below crime to Crimestoppers A cowardly criminal assault!


  8. Your mother had first-hand experience it seems now you are getting that experience in Australia. “Vote them out reclaim your rights”


  9. sad you missed the point ..ED


  10. All the mandates are unlawful anyway. Are the people being fined really have to pay them or are they getting off in court?


  11. Astounding that any Australian government would suggest its people spy on each other. Shades of evil nazi and communist regimes where friends neighbprs and children were disappearing their loved ones by dobbing them in.

    Used to be that once upon a time in Australia dobbing in even an enemy was considered a vile and filthy act. Today this is just more evidence of the vile and filth in our government destroying the Australian way of life and pushing us into being more and more woke and un-Australian.

    The division and conflict these swill have been setting up in the Australian population are now in plandemic proportions. Sack the disgusting swill out of office before your woke children are taught to knife you in the back and you get knocks on your doors in the middle of the night.

    Ignore the lessons of the nazis and communists in Europe at your peril.


  12. Enough is Enough

    Yep that’s what yr socalled ‘friends’ (aka not actual friends), Ask yrselves are they REALLY ‘friends’? The evidence will surprise you.


  13. Crime Stopper, dob in all bad cops


  14. My Late mother told me in COMMUNIST Czechoslovakia that Neighbours dob each other to the Communists……….


  15. Great Idea everyone should Dob the government in on this app, start off with the constitution 51 23a, BioSecurity Act 2015 sec 60 & 61


  16. How and why are we letting our country become the second China or Nazi Germany!!!
    This is an absolute abomination and total disrespect to my grandfather P.G.Chaplin, who fought in WW1 for our freedom, to my Uncle Jim Martin who was the youngest soldier to die at Gallipoli “I have to fight for my country” and to my Father, William Glen Chaplin, who fought in WW11 for our freedom and died too young because of his service to his country.


  17. Flood the number with complaints about politicians….


  18. good timing with this article. earlier today I lodged a report with crime stoppers about the police violence toward peaceful citizens and against the government for placing “UNLAWFUL” restrictions on the people of Australia. I suggest everyone find a specific act of corruption or violence that breaches our freedom under the constitution and target the real criminals – the health department and police department.


  19. Hey, this only makes sense, now that you will give control of your country to the CCP. Remember Chairman Mao had young children spying on their parents and siblings, who were sometimes as a result summarily put to death.


  20. Good one , thanks. Keep up with all the great releases.


  21. Did not a lot of young Australians and others pay the full price because others were doing these things to people. Also did not a lot of young people put on a green suit to protect Australia’s way of life. I think now we wasted a lot of time as we have the most oppressive lot of State Premiers and a Federal Gov. who like the ground hog is frightened by their own shadow. Why don’t they invoke our Constitution of 1901 and get the ship steadied


  22. Not the Hitler Youth. That organisation was straight up and down wholesome, patriotic and family supportive. You are probably thinking of the Stasi in East Germany.


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