National protests on again, but battle broadens to courts and political action

Unions shun Andrews to join Melbourne rally


MELBOURNE anti-lockdown protesters have launched bold promotions for this Saturday’s freedom march in the city by projecting their message in bright letters across major buildings in defiance of the threats by Victoria’s KGB/Gestapo-style police chief Shane Patton to issue heavy (and illegal) fines and to shut down public transport in a desperate bid to stop the protest.

And now unions, traditionally the allies of Victoria’s Labor Party and Andrews himself, have put out notices to join the Saturday rally. This could be the main reason for Patton and Andrews threatening their “tough action”.

The corrupt psycopath premier Andrews thinks the imposition of a “hard border” around the Melbourne CBD is some sort of noble act to save the population from a virus. The message is broadcast unquestioningly by the media cowards who line up at his briefings like Chinese Communist Party sycophants when “The Great Leader” makes an appearance.

Victoria, as we have repeatedly stated, has become a totalitarian nightmare. On Saturday “essential workers” who need to travel will still be able to enter the city but will need to carry their workers permit on them to gain access. It’s a page out of Kim Jong Sun’s North Korea, Stalinist Russia or the CCP’s China.

Andrews and his hateful cultural Marxist sycophants have already criminalized prayer for anyone who “identifies as LGBTIQ” and now using COVID to attack parental authority and divide families by demanding only one parent accompany children to playgrounds. They further attack churches and other religious groups by prohibiting eating at community venues.

Dan Andrews’ enforcer of COVID fascism, chief cop Shane Patton.

The public transport lockdown (from 8am to 2pm) method has been used previously in Brisbane, but did not stop the thousands from converging on the city for the two previous major protests. But so far Queensland seems to be different in that police there have shown themselves less willing to transform themselves into the fascist thugs endorsed by Andrews and his Victorian Labor Party circle and Berejiklian and her NSW Liberal-Nationals.

The anti-protester heavy handedness of these state regimes will only blow back on themselves because it will draw more local and international attention and underline the gravity of their criminality in trying to enforce an unlawful medical tyranny.

And regardless of the effectiveness or otherwise of intimidation tactics, public protests are are now less important due to the multiple legal battles opening up against the COVID tyranny across Australia. Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party is also transforming itself into a mass political movement and is about to become the biggest political party by membership in Australia.

The Labor-Coalition duopoly is under threat like never before and they will be less able to resort to dirty rigging deals with the multinational vote trafficking network once the US state forensic audits expand, as is happening already.

The Victorian chief cop Patton has gone to his media friends trying to gain the moral high ground by claiming that he and his 2000 boys and girls in black are actually stopping viral transmission by going out and intimidating and assaulting protesters. It’s a con and a lie not supported by science.

In his media brief Patton went on to repeat the lie that the August 21 protest was ‘one of the most violent the city has seen in 20 years’. Patton is delusional. It was his own heavily protected officers who let loose with tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets after a weak police line was broken and scuffles broke out for less than a minute.

Ninety-nine percent of the protest was people of all ages and backgrounds simply walking and making their voices heard around the streets of Melbourne.

Andrews’ and Patton’s policy of intimidation and thuggery was exposed even further with the release of police video of the attack on the small Christian protest group John8 and recently shown by Avi Yemeni and Rebel News. The small group, who verbally challenged the lawfulness of police tactics during a confrontation on the street, agreed to move on.

As they continued to walk they were shadowed by dozens of cops for block after block. They even yelled out to the cops that they were going home, but to no avail. Several of the cops broke away, crossed the street and literally attacked them front on, swinging punches.

But according to the Labor lunatic Andrews and his minions, all this is justified because a virus is circulating and showing up as “thousands of active cases” as gauged by a PCR test condemned by a panel of 22 scientists a year ago a “totally unscientific” and thrown out by courts as evidence for lockdowns and quarantine.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Dan ‘fans’ may enjoy this bit of information from Benjamin Fulford. Remember that Dan had to take leave from the job for a while because he’d injured his back falling down stairs? Well, the truth seems to be that poor Dan was actually beaten to a pulp. My heart bleeds for him (NOT!). Here’s how the story goes apparently …
    “This is the true story as revealed by Australian intelligence sources:

    “Daniel Andrews has a Chinese mafia business partner in the background. Multiple millions have been funneled to Andrews for green-lighting numerous projects in Victoria (Funds from his Chinese handlers).

    Andrews was caught in a hotel room with the young daughter of his Chinese boss. (could it have been a setup?) He was beaten close to death. His head was badly bruised resulting in a fractured skull. His vertebrae and several ribs were fractured. He was almost paralyzed. He was told that from that day onward he was their boy and must do everything they told him. (His wife knows the truth of what happened). Failure to abide by orders from his CCP handlers means certain elimination for him and his family. As Andrews was told, ‘accidents happen every day’.

    Now you understand the reason for shutting down the construction industry for 2 weeks in all of Victoria. Look at the riots that are taking place. Watch carefully what group comes back to work. Andrews must push the Vax on all Victorians. These are his marching orders”

    Juicy, eh?


  2. I am feeling exhausted and very saddened by the , (in my opinion ), brutal tactics used by the (are they police?) anyway those who have fired on, beaten, battery Australians.

    Surely those (police?) do not honestly think what they did/do to the citizens, re: construction workers ex-ectera, is right use of policing. Surely not?


  3. You have stepped way over the mark Truthtellertonni, Cairns News is about downfalling the duopoly dictators with a pen, not the sword. Violence is met with violence with no winner, Removal of power, funding, and seats in parliament is a far greater result with a term in the slammer for good measure. The next comment from you inciting personal opinionated violence you will be removed from participating with Cairns News .. ED


  4. Black eyes = soulless.
    Their will be no trials for them.
    What most of you don’t understand is that there is no one to arrest them.
    No police & no military.
    They are all in it together.


  5. Brian! wow “know your history” so you have made it to Messiah mode, now you can have my volunteer job


  6. sarahmayabigpondcom

    Bring on nuremburg trials…this time hang them all,…all crimes against humanity,children should be persecuted……enough is enough!


  7. I do not like the use of Gestapo. KGB is sufficient. NKVD even better.

    Germany went up against the Cabal. Know your history.


  8. And right on cue, John Setka tries to cover his own arse.


  9. Dan, the unions, the union bosses, the companies that get gummint contracts have all benefitted mightily from the graft. The union wukkas benefit from wages they wouldn’t get anywhere else. If one at the top goes down, they all go down. Apparently the wukkas are striking for a week from Monday and picketting public offices. They all have lifestyles that need to be funded. Watching with interest. I’m thinking Dan might have to meet some higher stairs to make it go away.


  10. Chris How come they can all milk us of billions of bucks? I don’t recall giving consent.No accountability.It’s ‘legalised theft’.


  11. hps16 Thanks for your reply. That’s what I thought. A virus is a virus is a virus. I rarely get ill but viruses have been around since the beginning of time and it’s til now that this one is being used against us.


  12. I have this on very good authority. No whispers on grapevines etc.

    The QLD Government is going to actively be allowing covid to infect as many as possible QLDers during the summer. The plan is to open back up and actively encourage transmission of covid. They want to do this in the summer, rather than wait for next winter.

    I know it sounds crazy after all the lockdowns etc and worrying about the odd case. Oh, there will still be lockdowns, but they are going to be “actively encouraging” covid 19 transmission in the Cairns (and QLD) community.

    QLD Health have been prepped as to what is going to happen, and to brace for an all hands on deck scenario.
    It was again said it will be “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

    I know people will think this is crazy stuff and I’m making it up, but it is 100% their plan, released today, straight from the horses mouth.
    Please consider options. As in, if you’re in a supposedly vulnerable group via age or other medical conditions and are against the injection (like the vast majority on here are) then it might be wise to stay away from people for a while, especially if the injected are running around as super spreaders.

    OK I’ve done my bit for forewarning you all.

    God speed


  13. Remember this on polling day and get rid of the problem.


  14. How come Gladys, Kim Jong Dan, the medical officers, bureaucrats and coppers we see on TV everyday don’t need a haircut after months of lockdown, but the rest of us look like relics from the 1970’s, badly in need of a trip to the barber?

    How come ScoMo can travel from Canberra to Sydney to visit his family, but I face huge fines if I step out of the 5k limit from what is now Cumberland Council Concentration Camp to visit my family?

    One rule for the overlords and another for the serfs it seems.


  15. To Anna, if there are no lockdowns, less people will die of suicide, madness, murder. Viruses run their course and disappear, the,more lockdowns, the longer it takes. Sunlight, ultra violet light kills viruses so lockdowns keep us out of that wonderful natural healing property.


  16. Stupidity is not hereditary it is acquired by yourself


  17. Lots of skeletons in lots of closets and lots of ill-gotten gains in secret bank accounts. Lots of talk about politicians and the like “backing down”. Don’t be a mug, they can’t. Decades of secrets and cover-ups would be trickle-released (as in the US) if they did.



    If there are no lockdowns,how many people will die?


  19. By now, there’s no doubt that they are intending to kill us. “Wellcamp – You’ll be dying to stay”


  20. It is incredible that even after the TGA has released the (conservative) figure of more than 500 deaths and thousands of injuries from the vaccine, the zombies still support the premiers’ fascist actions against the people who dare to question the narrative. It would be interesting to know just how many people who have sound mental health are left in Australia.


  21. OMG. I am forever speechless. The lengths to which these dictatorial premiers/oppositions & gestapo police leaders / pricks & bureaucrats will go is astounding. Victoria has become a true communist state. I thought moving to Darwin between August 2020 and March 2021 would see it out but no. I just pray for the day when they all meet their accusers in courts of law, and pay heavily for their crimes against society. Remember, they are supposedly in place at OUR bequest, not theirs….and to look after OUR interest, not theirs. What a joke. Bring it on.


  22. prepaussie explains why jab doesn’t meet legal requirements of Health & Safety:


  23. Here is what I found regarding the website ( listed on the supposed union rally.
    “name”: “My Private Registration”,
    “organization”: “My Private Registration”,
    “street1”: “PO BOX 270”,
    “city”: “Broadway”,
    “state”: “NSW”,
    “postalCode”: “2007”,
    “country”: “AUSTRALIA”,
    “countryCode”: “AU”,
    “email”: “”,
    “telephone”: “61299340501”,
    Site registered through:


  24. AMWU stated on a union endorsed event.
    I would have been surprised if the unions gave a damn.


  25. Likely the only reason there will be violent protests will be due to:

    Police thugs being there – Not all police are thugs, but is heading that way fast.

    Police Sponsored Disruption (PSD).- Police use plain clothed police and / or members of the public to disrupt the protest. Police funnel protestors into a police ambush, police intimidate and / or assault protestors

    False Flag incident. – Planned and put into action by corporation / system players and then blamed on protestors.

    A few grubs – those taking advantage of the protest to assault police or protestors, Yes, those grubs should be arrested, they should be reported to police on-site and/or 000.
    They should be filmed and the footage given to police. No protest will be of any value if the Grubs are involved.

    Keep camera / video footage of incidents for future evidence of wrong doing by any of the above mentioned. Keep within the Real legislation / laws, otherwise we will be as guilty as the thugs and of no value to any protests.


  26. So when will any of these people be held accountable ?? I presume it will just go on as before… no one ever gets done in this country only the workers . Bring on the revolt!!


  27. Great article Tony. I am now starting to sense we may be able to beat these criminals. Unfortunately, our system does not presently allow for the proper punishment of these despicable, evil people. These are not normal crimes, so I believe especially Andrews, and any others whose actions have resulted in loss of life – they all should hang.


  28. I received an email letting me know that trains to the city are canceled on 18 Sep 21. Looks like they are doing their own plans.


  29. who would have thought? who would have an idea that this is a reality in Melbourne? and who would have thought that Freedom is at stake and that Dictatorship at its finest is here in Melbourne? I certainly never thought….Madness is but a fraction of this for millions are involved….


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