We live in a post Christian culture, yet for almost two thousand years the Laws, morals, hopes and beliefs that made us different from the pagan world, were a direct result of a direct intervention into human history by the living God himself.

We inherited our entire culture, what became known as Western European Christian Civilisation, a world view based on the acceptance that God is the sole arbiter of right and wrong and that all human life was precious because we are made in Gods image. Animals were created after their own type and aren’t made in the Creators image. Man was given dominion over nature by God, “to subdue it and replenish it”, not to worship it or to abuse it.

We owe our civilisation to the missionary efforts of St Paul and a few of the disciples of Jesus Christ who were living witnesses to the Lords life, ministry, death and resurrection. The impact of this unique intervention into human history by God the Creator has changed the world forever. Satanists today still hate St Paul for helping bring down the brutal Roman system. The very same satanic system that they again wish to impose with their “great global reset”.

The Old Testament

God Himself, has not left humanity in the dark about history, the future, or his purpose for mankind. The Bible makes it clear that history is not one great endless, meaningless cycle as heathen cultic religions assert. There was a beginning not that long ago and there is an end coming rapidly. Then the final Judgement.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, the Torah of Israel, in the Book of the Prophet Daniel, God gave an outline of all the Kingdoms or Empires that were to rule the world until the end comes, with Christ the Messiah’s return. In Chapter two of Daniel written about 2550 years ago, the Lord revealed many future events, often with precise dates. In a dream given to the great Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, God spelt out all the Empires that would rule the earth until the last day.

The Kings dream was of a huge terrifying edifice with a head of Gold, a neck and two arms of Silver, a torso of Bronze, two legs of Iron, two feet of Iron with ten toes of Iron mixed with sludge/clay. This image got to its feet and stood, then a stone “not cut out by any human hand” smashed down on the feet of this image and pounded it to dust until it all blew away, then all the rest was smashed and also blew away until none was left. The stone then grew until it filled the whole world.

God revealed to Daniel what the Dream was and its meaning. The head of Gold was the Babylonian Empire which morphed into the Median Empire of the neck of Silver. The Median King shared the throne with his nephew a young Persian Prince in his later years, hence two arms. Alexander the Great, the Bronze torso ended the Persian Empire and conquered vast dominions. The remnants of his Empire fell finally to the Romans. The Roman Empire consisted of the Western, based in Rome and the Eastern based on Constantinople.  Two legs of Iron. The legs became two feet of Iron, when the empire was split into competing forces with their own Emperors, It also represents the Holy Roman Empire of the Papacy “The Image of the Beast, That died” (Imperial Rome) and Eastern Orthodoxy. The Papacy had “two horns like a Lamb but spoke like a Dragon” (Satan).

The ten toes are the ten Kingdoms of Western Europe which came out of the lands held by the Romans. Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, etc. America, Australia, Canada etc are only surrogates or extensions of these ten Kingdoms. We still operate under the Legacy of that system. The European Union is an attempt to resurrect the old empire by the Vatican, as evidenced by the emergency meeting of the EU Countries with the pope shortly after the British Brexit vote. The Pope stated that this was a disaster for “OUR unified government”. Macron the French president agreed. The sludge/clay in the alloy of the ten toes, continually causes them to break apart. The constant European wars between these countries is more confirmation of Daniel’s prophesy.

This edifice gets to its feet to rule the world and the Stone “not cut out by any human hand” not a part of any human political or religious system, Christ, destroys this Satanic dictatorship. Christ is the “stone rejected by the builders”. Spoken of by King David in Psalm 118 verse 23-23. He is the cornerstone of everything. Humanity has no place for Christ in its World government.

This global Dictatorship is a composite of the features of all those Empires.  Babylon invented Usury (banking) and witchcraft (Freemasonry) as integral parts of government. Persia created the bureaucracy to tax and control the people. The Greeks exalted fallen human reason to be the standard for everything. The Romans introduced a number of ideas for the maintenance of the power by the old Satanic families who had pretty much run things since the age of the Babylonians. The application of Statute Law, the arrogant assertion that whatever laws the powerful elites instituted, were to be obeyed by the people without question. The State became god and declared that it was the sole arbiter of right and wrong.

This monolithic power structure hid the evil of their laws behind the façade of the “peoples” representatives the Senate. The Senate instituted the demands of the elites as “laws”. This is an exact copy of Socialist/Communist dictatorships today. The Romans were true multiculturalists. They worshiped multitudes of “gods” who were just Demons. All religions were tolerated as long as it wasn’t Christian, these they fed to the Lions. Like Comrade Dan in Victoria today.

The power structure of a global “Reset” government being foisted on the world by the likes of the U.N. Prince Charles, the Pope and the world Socialist Political parties including the Chinese dictatorship is a composite of all these kingdoms, it stands to rule the world but Christ, “the stone not cut out by any human hand smashes it to pieces”.  God showed Daniel the Prophet the rise and fall of all these Kingdoms and their ultimate destruction by Christ when he returns to rule. The fact that these events were foretold often thousands of years before they came about should create respect for His word.

The prophecy of Daniel is closely linked to the book of Revelation.  Many Christians believe that our place in history is close to the picture given in Revelation 17 verse 13-14. All the Kings and rulers have given their power to the beast including our Queen who has abandoned both her sworn oath of office and her people, to wage war on Our Lord Jesus Christ and the lawful, just and moral governance His word commands Nations to obey.  They will lose.


CHAPTER 2, 7 AND 8. Foretold all the Empires to exist to the Last day before Christs return. It begins with the Babylonian which was built on the Mesopotamians of the Sumerian Cities about 2800- 2400 BC. This led into the Assyrians of the New Empire about 625BC. They fell in 539BC. to King Darius the Mede and then to his relatives the Persians. Their empire ended in 333BC. With Alexander the Great crushing the Persian empire foretold in Chapter 8 verse 5-7. Alexanders death was shown in the next verse. And his empire given to his four generals (horns). These were crushed by the Romans ending with the 3rd Punic War 149BC.

Rome ruled until it collapsed under the weight of its own rottenness and after the Ostrogothic Kings ended, the Holy Roman Empire of the Papacy became the “Image of the Beast”. The New Testament Book of Revelation given by Christ, as a history of the world from about AD 50 to the Last Day goes into much more detail than Daniel.


Revelations is not written in a linear fashion,  but has insets of the same history given from different perspectives about the same events. Most of the History foretold has already been completed. The great tribulation which the Jesuits have muddied the waters about is long past. The early chapters concern the Churches which had been established by that time.  Of interest in passing is the Church at Pergamum in Chapter 2 verse 12-13. Christ twice says that this is “where Satan’s throne is” This place is in Turkey. Turkey of the Ottoman empire was largely responsible for spreading the power of the False prophet of Islam over a huge area. The Moslems destroyed all remnants of Christianity from this area.

The end of the “False Prophet” and the Beast of the political military faction of what was once the Christian West is told in Chapter 19 verse 19-20 and 21. The Seals of Chapter 6 covered the time periods as follows. Seal 1 AD 96-180. Seal 2 AD 183-211.Seal 3 AD 212-235. Seal 4 AD 235-303 Seal 5 AD 303-311. Seal 6 AD 311- 324 Seal 7 AD 324 to the End.

Chapter 8. The Trumpets.

Trumpet no 1. 395AD – 410 AD When Rome fell. “against the earth”

Trumpet no 2. 429AD- 477 AD “against the sea” Generic and the Vandals conquered the coasts of Spain, Gaul, Italy and Africa. In 455 he sacked Rome and destroyed a Roman fleet of 1113 ships.

Trumpet no 3. 450AD -453AD. Attila the Hun. Chapter 8 verse 10-11. “A great star fell from heaven. (not a literal star). Its name was wormwood” this is not a literal star, just like the earthquakes in Revelation aren’t physical but political. Wormwood is very bitter. Attila’s name Apsinthos means undrinkable-bitter. He ravaged the East empire from 433 and in 450 he came against the west along the heads of the rivers under the alps of Northern Italy. Until he was bought off with a huge ransom.

Trumpet 4. A.D. 476. Against the sun (imperial Rome.) the moon (the religious hierarchy of Catholic party) and the stars, all the ruling officials ceased to function. Emperor Romulus Augustulus the last of the western Emperors was overthrown and banished in 476AD.

The woe Trumpets from Number 5, in Chapter 8 verse 13 onwards foretold the Muslim destruction of the East Empire. It portrayed the Muslim hordes pouring up from Arabia.

Trumpet no 6. 1062-1453AD. This foretold the waves of Muslim invaders of the Turkish Caliphate then the crusades and the second wave of invaders, the Moguls and the Khans who conquered much of Europe and ruled until 1304. The third wave came under Tamerlane, which lasted from 1326- 1405AD. The fourth and last was the Ottoman Turks when Constantinople fell in 1453AD. The first use of gunpowder cannons was described in Chapter 9 verse 17-19.

This ended the Eastern Roman Empire. Roman Europe eventually devolved into 10 Kingdoms, which had previously been part of the old Empire. From the passing of the Ostrogothic Kings after 554AD. The Papacy began to greatly grow in power. The entirety of Chapter 13 shows the creation and rise of the Papacy. Satan gives over his authority to it to persecute the Saints for 42 months or 3 and a half years of days, or 1260 years. This time comes from the declaration by Emperor Phocas in 610 AD. that the Catholic Papacy was the Universal head of Christendom. This time period and false and blasphemous claim was ended when, first Napoleon then in 1870 Garibaldi finally stripped the Pope of all his possessions except the Vatican. This period covered the murderous Spanish Inquisition during which possibly millions were slaughtered for the Gospel. This was the great Tribulation. This genocide is what the Jesuits want to hide. Chapter 13 verse covers the period of the Spanish Inquisition.

The little horn which grew in Daniel Chapter 7 verse 8 and the eighth head of Revelation 13v 11 are the same thing. During this 1260 years, the Papacy became the defacto Roman Empire. The “ Image of the Beast”.

This entity is the “Great Harlot with whom the Kings of the earth have committed fornication”. (Rev. ch 18 v 3). The Jesuits created the false doctrine of the “Rapture”. A false belief that God will take all his people out of the world before the final massive conflict before Christ returns. This was promoted to convince Christians that they don’t have to fight against the political and spiritual evil being forced upon the Nations by the promoters of the one world government. You can sit in your backyard singing kumbaya and ignoring the unfolding evil, just waiting for the airlift to heaven. Revelation Chapter 16 verse 14 puts the lie to this false teaching. We are to be doers of the word not just hearers.

Christ gives further confirmation of the identity of the Beast in Chapter 13 verse 17-18.  The title or Name claimed by all Popes from the beginning, is “The Vicar of Christ”. In Latin this is spelt VICARIVS FILII DEI. If we take the numerical value in Latin which was the language of the Empire this adds up to 666. The number of the “Name of the Beast”. The Romans used letters to double for numbers. This was commonly believed for centuries by Christians until the Jesuits muddied the waters and introduced all sorts of fanciful ideas about what Christ meant.

The global scam of man-made “climate change” has been promoted by the Pope. He was almost singlehanded been responsible for the infamous Paris Accord. He even had a chair of honour at the meeting. This abomination of an accord resulted after the Pope campaigned globally to resurrect the failed Copenhagen conference which blew up when Nations were made aware of the criminal agenda being foisted on them.

The fake science of CO2, (which is a vital trace gas for all life to exist) polluting the planet is promoted because removing affordable fossil fuels will engineer a massive collapse. This is the means being used by the old satanic elites to cull 11 out of 12  people from the world, as agreed to in their Rio Bio Diversity treaty that governments signed in 1986 with great stealth. Revelations 16 verse 19 foretells the fall of all the worlds cities. The Paris Accord with its demands for Nations to destroy their Industry and Agriculture will create mass death and starvation.

The globalist, socialist, Satanist agenda is an open attack on Christ’s Kingship and his laws and people. Prince Charles and the criminals of the Global Banking system and the U.N. make war on the Lamb. (verse `13). But they lose. Christ and his “chosen and faithful” followers win this seemingly impossible conflict. After the treacherous voter fraud of a decent American President forcing him out of office with massive complicity from Judges media, public officials and assorted citizens and the imposition of a socialist/ communist regime in the last nominally Christian Nation on earth there is not much doubt what our time in history is. The global ramifications are huge.

Chapter 13 speaks of the rise of the Papacy. Chapter 18 shows Gods judgement and destruction of Her. Chapter 18 Verse 7 – 8, show that when she gets to the peak of her power over the whole world, her destruction comes quickly. Christs calls for “His people to come out of Her, Lest they share in her plagues”. The worship of Mary is only one of the false doctrines she promoted to make it easier for the Roman Sun worshipers of the cult of Apollo to transition to the nominal “Christianity” promoted by Emperor Constantine.  Mary worship is actually the Pagan worship of Semiramis of the Babylonians. The “mother of God” was Semiramis, the temple prostitute wife of Babylonian King Nimrod.

Nowhere in all of Scripture are we allowed to worship or pray to the dead. It is strictly forbidden. Only Christ has risen from the dead. Chapter 17 verses 15-18. Describe that the ten Nations of Europe and by inference the surrogate kingdoms derived from those 10 such as the USA,  Australia etc will “grow to hate the harlot and burn her with fire”. What more might create the “hatred” foretold in these verses?

Interesting it has just come to light that Italy was deeply involved with facilitating the American vote fraud. Even providing the CIA with a military satellite to target the voting machines to alter the outcome. It has surfaced that Obama had private meetings with the Pope. China was also involved and it has become known that the Vatican has a working business partnership with the CCP since the time of Deng Xaioping, the butcher of Tiennamen Square. Chapter 18 verse 24 says that “in Her (the Papacy), was found all the blood of the saints and all the innocent blood shed on earth”.

The Jesuit order is a melting pot of Cabbalistic Jews and Occultic euro trash. The founder Ignatius Loyola was a Jew and was recruited and assisted in founding this terrorist organisation by the Venetian Contarini family who were Satanists. The Jesuits created and control Freemasonry. The main goal of Masonry is to institute Communism/socialism/Marxism.

Socialism is Satanism. It is the Political outworking of the anti-science fables of Charles Darwin. Socialists fondly hold the view that Darwin abolished the spiritual world, yet Darwin was a devoted occultist and all his family for generations, (God doesn’t exist but the Devil does).  Evolution is occultist Socialism that builds its system on the rejection of the Ten Commandments.

Socialists reject the First Commandment by claiming the State, not God, is the arbiter of Right and Wrong.

The Fifth Commandment; Thou shall not commit murder.   They kill or destroy anyone who questions their legitimacy.

The seventh Commandment; they steal people’s money who work (tax) and give it to those who won’t work. This is Theft!

The Ninth and the Tenth Commandments; Thou shall not Covet your neighbour’s House, wife, property, workers, cattle or anything else that is your neighbours; Socialism lives on creating envy and jealousy. Their whole Marxist “Class struggle” is powered by a sinful appeal to jealousy and envy.     Churches that have alibied Socialism and even sided with it will be held accountable in the Final Judgement.

Socialism is clothed in fake concern for the poor, just as Satan comes as an Angel of light, whilst being a liar and a murderer since the beginning (Christs quote). The great Global Reset is exactly a murderous plan clothed in sweetness and light. The interesting situation developing in America. Is President Trumps battle against “the swamp” and its Globalist evil going to eventually lead to victory against the beast as shown in Revelation Chapter 17 verse 14 of those “called chosen and faithful”, OR does the Lord let the corrupt vote fraudsters and their masters take America as leader of the Free World, down to utter destruction and take everyone else with them? Is his stand and the resultant revelations of massive vote fraud, corruption, paedophile networks in high places, going to spread worldwide under Christs hand, and lead to the Final Victory. Either way we are close to the end?

Remember that Scripture tells us that the former Nations derived from the Roman Empire, will grow to hate the Papacy and utterly destroy it at the pinnacle of its power. Chapter 20 is far into the future after the millennium of Christ’s physical rule over all the Nations of the world. Daniels vision doesn’t mention any Chinese empire. If President Xi was to read his Bible instead of the psychopathic rantings of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book, he might spend his country’s wealth, making a better life for his people instead of wasting it on armies and weapons.  Cabbalistic Jews and global banksters should read Revelation Chapter 3 verse 9.

The monstrosity that rises to fight Christ and rule the world at the end will be a coalition of Christ haters of all stripes. Socialists, Cabbalistic Jews, sodomites, pagans, paedophiles, Islamists and an all-round collection of sick puppies. They fail. To our Lord Jesus Christ belongs the Honour, the Power and the Glory forever. Revelations chapter 1 verse 17-18. Says everything, “Fear not, I am the First and the Last, and The Living One; I died, and behold I am alive for evermore; and I have the keys of Death and Hell”.