Laboratory goldmines do not reveal DELTA stats

Why is NSW Premier announcing DELTA strain of COVID-19 figures out of fresh air when there are no factual stats available

NSW Health Laboratories have performed 3.4 million tests and private providers have carried out 5.2 million tests up to July 25, running up a Medicare bill of $587 million.

Laboratories have performed 2.2 million COVID-19 tests since the Sydney outbreak began several weeks ago and more than 8.6 million tests since the pandemic started last year. Private pathology companies receive a Medicare subsidy of $85 per test and public laboratories receive a benefit of $42.50.

Australian Clinical Labs is Australia’s third largest private pathology network and expects $621 million revenue by December 31st

Australian government spent over $19 million on imported testing kits to identify COVID-19 antibodies that the government conceded are of “limited use”.

Taking the lead from Government Public Service as Australia’s top growth industry, pathology, swimming in taxpayer money, is riding this panic-pandemic agenda for all it is worth.

This recorded conversation inquiry to a pathology laboratory paints a picture of lies and deceit portrayed yet again by the spin doctors in power. There are no records available differentiating covid-19 from DELTA, so how is NSW puppet master Gladys quoting delta figures of mayhem engulfing NSW when they do not exist?

You may always confirm when politician’s are lying, their lips are moving.

Do you feel being subservient to this political control is Australian?

At what point will you feel enough is enough?

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thank you Cairns News.
    It is such a relief to have a news service that tells the truth…


  2. You think you have picked up Delta and you want to find out really quickly, do my free iodine salt water cure and if you have, you have the solution on how to kill it really quick, while it is still Coronavirus and before it gets to be Covid anything. Simple.
    “Even so, a key issue is that the current vaccines block severe disease but do not prevent infection, said Dr. Gregory Poland, a vaccine scientist at the Mayo Clinic. That is because the virus is still capable of replicating in the nose, even among vaccinated people, who can then transmit the disease through tiny, aerosolized droplets”
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    Please pass it around to everyone who wants to give it a try.

    He added that “Current vaccines are great at preventing [CO1] serious infection deep in the lungs, but not at blocking infection in the upper airways. What’s needed is a nasal-spray (vaccine) that would stop the coronavirus from taking hold at all.” – what my free salt water cure does and stops.

    Keep safe. Richard


  3. Re: “experimental vaccine” and using “vaccine” In America, the vaccines are still “Experimental Test Vaccines” for emergency use only and “you” have to volunteer to have them, being well aware of the side effects and that you must pay from your own medical expenses if/when anything goes wrong, because the vaccine makers have blanket immunity against prosecution.

    In Australia, the Government rubber stamped the “test vaccines” as being safe for general use, even though they are not in America, so in Australia they are vaccines and in America they are still test vaccines!!

    Bearing in mind that some doctors are calling vaccines an extermination policy, then you might wonder why.

    Well, the vials which contain the vaccines clearly say Covid-19 on the vials, so they were designed for Covid-19 in 2019 and not Covid Delta in 2021, which is a whole different ball game and it is determined that whereas the vaccines worked for Covid-19, Coronavirus found out how to get around that back in 2019, so when Coronavirus comes across the 2019 vaccines in your body, instead of protecting you against Delta, the 2019 vaccines act as a Trojan horse and via ADE, allow the virus to infect your cells and your body, murdering you.

    Let me put that another way. You go to the supermarket to buy a joint of meat to cook from your family and you see all of the meat has use by dates in 2019, 2 years ago, so all of the meat is unsafe to cook and eat as it might injure you or kill you and your family, now in late 2021, but good old Joe Biden tells you it is perfectly safe to eat and because he knows best, you do what you are told and cook and eat the meat – only to discover you have all sorts of medical problems which you never had before, including severe injury and death.

    you follow my drift here?


  4. truthtellertonni

    FREEDOMTAKER has letters of Liability which are totally legal & work compared to everything governments worldwide are doing.
    For eg letters that you give your employer to sign & medical professionals to sign if they want you to take the jab. THEY WON’T SIGN because they know better.
    Know Your Rights Group. Join them. Learn everything you can while you can.
    On the front page of Cairns News there is a link to Common Law (Law of the land). Listen to it.
    Your birth certificate is the contract between you and your government. Learn about the Strawman, the illegal fiction the government makes from your birth certificate. Join a Common Law Assembly. Register your live birth & get a copy of it.
    Knowledge is Power.
    If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any.


  5. truthtellertonni

    There is no proof Covid exists either.
    Freedom of information act confirms it.
    It’s all one big evil personified lie.


  6. A lot has ben happening, on many levels, behind the scenes to stop this world-wide genocide. The perpetrators, ie. the Deep State cabal, are known and are being hunted down, as are their many thousands of minions. Many have already been executed, many are imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay awaiting military tribunals for treason and crimes against humanity, including child-sex trafficking.
    USA Military Intelligence, under the direction of Donald Trump, has been busy ‘draining the swamp’. This site details some of the trials, Also this site, but suggest you use discernment …

    On other levels, there are class action lawsuits being prepared, eg. ;
    The Deep State is crumbling – as predicted, there will be a New Earth.


  7. Gabriele Gaven

    well well..! says it all. another name and another Scam . We all know what that means…what to do, when we know is hat we cannot be the same…!


  8. crisscross767 posted a video about Israel, but the commentator was using the word “vaccine”, huh??? That’s a big part of the problem because many alt news commentators have dropped “experimental vaccine” and using “vaccine” because it’s too much of a mouthful I suppose, or is that cognitive dissonance? So their audiences, if not holding their own cognitive space, copy them and drop experimental too!
    I attended a rally recently where speakers to the assembled were also saying “vaccine” leaving out “experimental”.
    Repeat a word often enough to an audience such as the famous George Bush “terrorists” repetition and masses of people parroted him.
    A word spoken conveys a mental image picture in order to get reality with others, drop “experimental” off the words changes the mental image picture.
    People say,”We know he/she means experimental vaccine/jab” to which I agree but then one has to add in experimental part of mental image picture but does every one automatically do that?
    From the mass of comments on telegram channels I notice it’s all becoming very congested with miscommunications occurring often because of a lack of common nomenclature that every one has the same meaning of. People can get very upset because lack of common agreed meanings of the nomenclature and there is no glossary or dictionary to mutually refer to, to get agreement. The moderators will kick people off their channel they are moderating and those kicked off are very puzzled and very upset but my observation is that it’s the words undefined to refer to that moderators haven’t got to solve disputes, so they’ll kick off a poster who is very determined, or passionate, just to settle the randomity of their moderation task.


  9. They are still using the PCR test at cycles over 40 so of course they are using false positives to keep their stats up. They know that CDC has abandoned the PCR test but they are banking on the sheeple not knowing that becoz the sheeple are getting all their info of the idiot box. They don’t do their own research because if they do and report what they find out that get jumped on by their peer group leaders who threaten them with being labelled as “conspiracy theorists” and socially ridiculed so they cave in and go along to get along. I live with a double vaxed and if I say anything that contradicts MSM narrative he jumps down my throat. He’s trying to get out of Aussie but “The Border Force”, aka Aussie Homeland Security, keep knocking him back. But I’ve noticed that the peer group leaders are mostly alcoholics or drug addicts or both and they can become extremely angry if you question their source of info, tantamount to losing face or as we say “one himself/herself’ in a lottery.


  10. Rumble — YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED: Lab admits there is no test for COVID variants….…..html


  11. The Mysterious Death of Dr. Fauci’s Most Notable Critic

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  12. Comment –

    Julius Skoolafish August 18, 2021 at 12:54 pm

    Just thought I would spew this over the Gumsheet …

    • Mayo Clinic, Biden and Israel Confirm Vaccine Wears Off

    I don’t trust any ‘news’ coming out of Israel and not sure why it is the only go-to source of voodoo statistics for this narrative.

    Vaccines appear to be the classic Russian roulette – and you will keep playing until you lose.


  13. Richard Noakes

    Hi Max – I live in a home in complete and absolute silence (originally from Tinnitus) and I enjoy it that way, I download the reality TV programs I want to watch with my female companion and they are all Ad free and I can’t remember the last time I saw an Ad for anything.

    The things you subject yourselves too are your choice, as is me, mine – I don’t watch the news, because to my way of thinking, it is all politically motivated and what I think has no impact on whatever happens and I am happy to let those who do whatever they do, do, as long as they leave me and mine alone.

    As a result, I am not bound by the impressions I get from TV or Radio (I don’t own a radio) and I feel relaxed and happy and dare I say it content, along with my 2 rescue Greyhounds and my “flatmate” – live long and be happy, is what I strive to achieve now, in a large home with all of the bells and whistles.

    At our ages, almost 3/4 of a Century, both of us – she is 6 months older than me and ANCIENT!! – it is up to our betters to do whatever they do to run the country and the world now and hopefully neither of us will die from immediate vaccines, the kill shot, which is probably the final outcome for us, anyway, one way or another!!

    Richard (smile)


  14. Cairns News is publishing information you can make an informed decision from. Without solidarity in a nation by the people the establishment will win and Australia is not even close to any solidarity that matters “YET” and I do live in hope for that day having seen Australia before the takeover..ED

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  15. Richard Noakes

    To Laura – you can turn off tracking on your iPhone and if you look through my posts on my Twitter Blog RichardNoakes19 you will find several articles there which will tell you how to do that.

    There are databases which show the numbers of reported deaths and injuries from vaccines, however they represent between 1% and 10% of actual cases recorded, they are called VAERS and the English Yellow Card System and the European Database – Google them and follow the links – the numbers will horrify you – man in his greatest folly yet!!.

    With World jabs of vaccines, now approaching 5 to 6 billion, of 7.2 billion people on the planet, which is pretty impressive with only 7 months gone, since test vaccines were first introduced, not counting say a few million anti vaxxers like “us”, bearing in mind that in America, they are still “Experimental Test Vaccines” and the vaccine makers have blanket immunity from prosecution, not many left to go before we start to see the results of those vaccinated and what happens to them, if nothing else, it should be an interesting winter.

    Bear in mind that vaxxers want everyone vaccinated, like themselves, but they have volunteered to be “Crash Test Dummies” and you know what happens to them, so why would we want to volunteer for anything – better to wait and see what happens next, I’d say!!

    The advantage we have over those vaccinated is that as they die off and the current theory is from minute blood clots which block their extremities, organs and the porous part of their lungs, they will become the minority and won’t be around for much longer than 2-3 years and probably a lot less and we only have to put up with them, for that long, so a trip into the city or for a drive into the country, will pretty much be an individual experience, if you follow my drift and a good opportunity to upgrade your car with a new free fancy model, which is what Bill Gates Daddy tried to achieve with The Spanish Flu after World War One and he must be totally proud of his son Bill, for knocking off billions – from Hell or wherever he went, after he died.

    The silly thing is that Globalists can see the end result they want to achieve, but they obviously have not thought that their money or wealth or position, won’t be worth much, if there is nobody to look after them, or for them to pay to do that, because our environment relies on lots of people to do the shit jobs which nobody else wants to do and once that starts to collapse, so does everything else.

    The people who don’t die, could very easily become human/robots powered by nanotechnology and not exactly able to think for themselves, which would be interesting to experiment with, you might say?

    You can’t put an old head on young shoulders and only time will tell what the outcome of all of this will be, however, if we survive it, remember that payback is a bitch and the people we should be looking at are Bill and his cohorts, so they join the deceased and don’t get to enjoy what they have achieved from killing all of us!!

    With respect to tests to see if you have Delta or one of the other variants, a nice easy way, from the comforts of your home, is with my free salt water treatment – you will know instantly, if you have a virus and what to do then about it, if you follow my advice to the letter (smile)




  16. When are the people going to be told all of these lies? There’s only a few people that are aware. As much as i tell them what’s really going on they shake there heads and laugh.How can we air what’s going on?.I have put things on facebook only for them to remove it and ban me.I think the mainstream people are hypnotized. My immediate family are with me on this and know somethings not right.I listen to talk back radio and all they are talking about is covid and getting everyone the jab.I have to ask are they in on all of this.Or they just blind.

    I bet you anything the pollies didn’t have the jab at all.Please have you any idea when the truth is going to come out.

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  17. Lorna thank you for the comment. Your SIM card suggestion would throw the establishment into a well-deserved tizzy. Voting out the serpent is a passive option unfortunately flawed with establishment fraud and entrenched corruption unless massive controls were set in place for the people’s gatekeepers to mount vigilance. One term of office from anywhere outside our duopoly government would be their total demise.

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  18. People must understand that Covid is a smokescreen. It is a vehicle to ensure control, the destruction of small business and total reliance on the state in order to exist. Australians will lose more freedoms and rights including property rights as this develops. Private farms will cease to exist. Overseas entities will own and control everything-including you. All governments are sign onto this and the police and army do not work in the people\s interest. The only chance would be to vote both parties out of office and elect One Nation and independents who may abrogate the existing agreements.However Australia would probably never be able to borrow money again if it did that and I suspect there won’t be many more (fair) elections. and perhaps none if marshal law is declared. World bank documents have revealed they will will fund the cost of covid for 4 more years. By then business will be gone and most will be on UBI subject to digital id and vaccination verification.. The ongoing vaccinations will weaken immune systems ans shorten life spans thereby reducing liabilities and population. Steriliization is also a component, Once you realize it\s not about covid directly the end game is obvious.Only a overwhelming response from citizens can stop this now

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  19. The Mysterious Death of Dr Fauci’s Most Notable Critic, Just Before COVID-19: Dr. Kary Mullis, the Inventor of the PCR Technique

    May 23, 2021

    by Greg Reese

    Dr. Kary Mullis had been a constant thorn in Big Pharma‘s side – then he suddenly died in 2019, just months before the plandemic started.

    The late Dr Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR “test,” has been blowing the whistle on Fauci and Big Pharma for 30 years.

    Inventor of the PCR Technique, Dr Kary Mullis, About Anthony Fauci: He’s Not a Scientist and Doesn’t Understand Medicine.

    The PCR Testing Scam: According to Its Inventor, Dr Kary Mullis, the Technique CANNOT Be Used to Detect Viruses.

    And Here’s Exactly How the PCR is Being Misused in Detecting the Supposed Sars-Cov-2 Cases.

    Watch below:

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  20. Dear Editor, you ask when enough is enough?
    Clearly the response to that question is that fury is rising and coming to the boil among vast numbers of people in this country.
    You put this question to a population half paralysed by a ‘medical’ fear campaign and who are witnessing the destruction of their working lives without knowing where the truth, if any, lies..
    Having asked that question, what do you suggest Australians DO to register their disgust and alarm regarding these ever-increasing measures of Govt.control? except to display their strength of numbers and community protest by organised marching ?
    You know and we know the people are gagged and denied any voice in/on any main media platforms or outlets – there is no debate nor contrary opinion allowed to surface to provide any choices, and the population is being kept completely in the dark regarding the true numbers of adverse reactions and deaths from this vx campaign, worldwide or Australia.
    The truth is horrifying and can be confirmed on many other platforms other than FB..
    Another point is that when people are marching for their freedoms, they can be identified by carrying their mobile phones. Would it be a useful exercise to remove the SIM card for that time and simply use it as a camera ?
    But back to the beginning: what measures do you suggest Australians take right now to help turn this tsunami tide of evil and repression that is rising in this Country?

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  21. How do we know these ‘cases’ are not just the flu? Many are asymptomatic? How do we know these are ‘cases’ of anything at all? WOW.


  22. Nor is the government revealing how many of those outbreak ‘Delta Variant’ cases have been vaccinated. This ‘outbreak’ looks very much like it could be the result of ‘shedding’ by vaccinated people, being infected themselves and infecting others, including children.
    The TGA is hiding figures. In their 8 Aug 2021 report they said that 7 out of 477 post-vaccine deaths were ‘possibly’ linked to the vaccines. These were due to heart blood-clotting.
    While they over-report COVID-19 cases due to PCR tests and report deaths WITH COVID-19 as deaths FROM COVID-19, they minimize and under-report deaths and serious injury DUE to the vaccines.
    This article explains what the Delta variant is about. Bottom line is, ‘Stay away from vaccinated people’, and beware of your kids in school where teachers are vaccinated.
    The vaccines have been proved to be neither safe, nor effective. When will this charade stop?
    The answer is, when the world’s population has been reduced and One World Government is in power. Are we going to let that happen?

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