Kiwi freedom fighters Billy TK and Vinny Eastwood arrested in Auckland

Billy TK Jnr at the Auckland protest on Wednesday.


NEW Zealand’s two leading pro-freedom activists Billy Te Kahika and Vinny Eastwood, have been arrested and were being held in custody on Wednesday night following an anti-lockdown protest in Auckland. A third person, Debbie Bartlett, was also arrested.

The charges allege offences against the Covid 19 Response Act which bans gatherings under level 4 restrictions, announced because of seven “cases” of Covid linked to an Auckland man who allegedly has “the Delta variant”, which Australian health authorities cannot distinguish from the phoney SARS-Cov-2 “novel corona virus”.

The protest was held outside the outside building of the Ardern tyranny cheer squad, TVNZ. New Zealand’s mainstream media cheers on everything done by the “charming” Kiwi COVID dictator Ardern, who is a personal friend of Bill and Melinda Gates and funneled tens of millions of taxpayer funds to their foundation and the Clinton Foundation.

Auckland has been plunged into the lockdown over three co-called cases. The lockdown also mandates mask wearing and locks people in their homes. On Tuesday night after the lockdown announcement thousands of cars were seen heading south from Auckland to country locations.

Popular online broadcaster Vinny Eastwood who was recently a victim of YouTube censorship probably facilitated by Ardern’s friends in the Gates-Clinton criminal network.

The exodus was recorded by Eastwood and Te Kahika in a livestream as they drove north into the city. The mass exit from Auckland prompted locals in one small town on the Coromandel Peninsula to block the road. But police took advantage of the situation to turn the motorists back.

Shortly before his arrest at the protest Te Kahika said he had been issued with a warning that he did not understand or stand under. “I do not stand under the jurisdiction of a corrupt government,” he told the crowd. “Now I accept that the police have a job to do, but what they are doing is wrong – there is no doubt about it. And I know if I get a $4000 fine you’ll pay it for me.” Protesters cheered in response.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I posted this update on Vinny and Billy:

    A few days after Vinny Eastwood and Billy Te Kahika appeared on the Dr. Rima Truth Reports last month (August 2021) Vinny and Billy were arrested in New Zealand. 

    They were arrested for violating NZ’s COVID lockdown laws which apparently forbid public political expression.  Since the arrests we have sought information about these two Freedom Fighters, noting that there were several articles the day after but no follow-up and no word. 

    We reached out by email and over Skype, finally writing and calling the NZ Embassy and calling the NZ National Police. The police suggested we contact Interpol if we were concerned about Vinny and Billy!

    Yesterday the NZ police got back to us.  This is what we can report:

    Paul from Police Communications Center

    Billy Te K has been on faceBook during the last month according to Paul from Police Communications Center. [Apparently they are monitoring him.]

    For Vinney, “There are conditions in place and he is not allowed to use the internet” so they have not disappeared, but they are not responding.

    When will Vinny and Billy be allowed to speak freely?  When will New Zealand rejoin the Free Nations of the World (if there are any of those remaining)? 

    COVID is not about a “pandemic disease” with a 98% survival rate.  It is about tyranny.  It’s just that simple.


  2. I am President of the Institute for Health Research — — and am seeking information regarding Billy and Vinny (both of whom were guests on a podcast which I and Rima Laibow MD host a week before the arrests). We have been unable to reach them since. I have made written inquiry of the NZ embassy in the USA and we have called the NZ National Police without being able to reach them. The NZ police have no information for us and suggest we contact Interpol. We will.

    So, New Zealanders, what is happening to your country? Please reply.

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  3. I came here looking for loonies and I have not been disappointed.


  4. Make no mistake. This is World War Three, this is the one world global government acting through it’s branches in Canberra, Washington, Beijing, London, Moscow etc to wipe out as much of humanity as possible and totally control any survivors. Will you let them win or sill you stop supporting them through your obedience?

    “Obviously there is no need of fighting to overcome this single tyrant, for he is automatically defeated if the country refuses consent to its own enslavement: it is not necessary to deprive him of anything, but simply to give him nothing; there is no need that the country make an effort to do anything for itself provided it does nothing against itself. It is therefore the inhabitants themselves who permit, or, rather, bring about, their own subjection, since by ceasing to submit they would put an end to their servitude.”

    -A discourse on voluntary servitude.


  5. What happened in New Zealand with these 2 Freedom Fighters this would happen due to one case and entire New Zealand went into a Level 4 lockdown I believe was for 7 days.

    We need to focus also what’s going on in Sydney, would you expect a 12 year old to have pepper sprayed in the face of this young girl while her sister is recording the entire incident. This all happened when this 12 year old girl was not wearing a mask. This came from Health Impact News.

    How about 24,000 children being lead into a Stadium to be Inoculated and Brainwashed while with No Parents allowed and 2 children dead on the first day, how many will eventually die down the track it’s sickening to know this is happening in Sydney! Stew Peters brought this up maybe not first definitely has an impact.


  6. Yes, there ARE people in hospitals struggling to stay alive, but what are they struggling with?
    I’d be prepared to bet that it is something that the “authorities” have engineered to kill them.
    A (now deceased) friend of mine, struggled with the local council for about 18 months gradually amassing evidence against them until it amounted around $15000 at which point he filed against them to pay the debt. Their response to that was to ask him if he really had to go down that road. his reply was that they had been harassing him for a very long time, now it was his turn.
    He died of a heart attack within 2 weeks. Now I know that that is not proof, but you will never convince me that he was not murdered.

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  7. I was watching the protest and it was peaceful, shortly before watching that I was watching a video, that shows their glorious dictator Ardern smoking a crack pipe


  8. If they were treated with ivermectin,they wouldn’t be struggling to stay alive.

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  9. Make these reprobates work in the hospital wards where people are struggling to stay alive.


  10. truthtellertonni

    I can’t exactly remember the exact wording Mike Holt said to use but if you go to court, underneath your shirt, be sure to wear say a t-shirt with the Australian flag on it & from your pocket pull out some small Australian flags (even a toothpick flag, is serfice, you know the ones they put in cocktails) place in front of the judge, all solicitors, anyone associated with the court room etc & ask if they serve the crown & the Commonwealth of Australia & as they can’t, your case will be thrown out.

    Also, concerning the Name of their fake new virus strain DELTA. Max Logan of The Crowhouse’s new video exposes how the graphene oxide in the jab turns the body into a battery & shows the power boxes running these towers from where the 5g will control those ppl infected with the graphene oxide & guess what the boxes are called?
    The name on them is DELTA!
    Yep. You really can’t make this stuff up can you.


  11. We the people of this earth have nothing to fear from our government’s & political leaders. The Bible clearly warns and predicts that the nations will finally revolt & rise up against their own corrupt government’s & political dictators’ in this end-time! This will happen or will take place during what is called in the Bible as the time of the Great Tribulation Period and during the time of the Mark of the Beast, a global SUN-DAY worship law that will be enforced someday very soon by the satanic luciferian Jesuit Vatican Church-State New World Order!!!

    To learn about the diabolical Mark of the Beast & what it means for you & your future, please watch this important video titled: BREAKING UN & POPE PROPHECY ALERT: WILL FIREGEDDON & NAT. DISASTERS LEAD TO MARK OF BEAST? Presented by Mark Fox
    of Forever Free Ministries and Amazing Prophecies. Visit the link below, you will be blessed abundantly by our Lord Saviour God Jesus Christ! God bless!


  12. You are saying Australian health authorities have isolated the original covid 19 virus then?


  13. My first thought to this story is, if he goes to Court on the objection on paying the Fine, he can ask the Court if they can Prove and Show the actual Scientific Legal Proof and Documentation for the Isolation and containment of the Covid 19 Virus that is supposedly causing their Health Pandemic. So without any real actual evidence, that the Medical experts have Isolated and contained that virus, they cannot pay their Fine, as they have not breached or broken any Legal legitimate Laws, seeing as the Government and Health Officials have not been able to prove that a Pandemic actually exists.
    But you see where I was going with this. The Government and Health Officials have to prove the existence isolation and containment in Court and if they cant show Proof then it is a Fake just as other cases have been thrown out of court from around the world.
    No Proof, No Existence. And that is what everyone has to do when they go to court. You don’t have to prove that it doesn’t exist, they have to prove that it does.


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