Why the AMA and governments refuse to treat Covid with Ivermectin

Letter to the Editor

This vid amongst other things explains why they will not acknowledge invermectin or any other drug to fight Covid.

The EUA emergency use authority can only operate when there is no viable alternative.

Any alternative would immediately take all current vaccines off the market and that would stop the billions of dollars profits the big pharma are currently reaping.

Hence I revert to my first assumption:  Follow the money.

If you support the vaccines or not it is irrelevant, the point is there is a concerted and very well managed effort, world wide, to dupe the public where people who should be looking out for us are either stupid or on the take.

If they were concerned about our health they would try any drug to slow down or stop this covid, as presently they are forcing us to believe there is NO option other than the vaccines.

I wonder how many `trusted’ officials are on the take from the WHO down.

When you consider how many medical teams in universities and other places (govt and private industry) rely on big pharma grants to survive you can see how insidious it is and how the game is being played at the publics (how many deaths so far?) expense.

I could go on but I think the vid speaks for its self.

from Geoff Chester, Brisbane

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Unfortunately, we did not save the youtube video to file so we cannot show this video anymore ..ED


  2. The video has been removed. I’m speculating, but did the video state the reason the corrupt gov’t won’t accept another treatment for COVID-19 (other than the jäb) because if we have a treatment for COVID-19, the government can’t mandate the jab?

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  3. Richard Noakes

    Ivermectin is used to remove worms inside horses, so I have read and it remains to be seen if it cures the body from Covid, when medicines like mRNA vaccines are no longer used, or at least, as much.

    It has been noted that when mRNA vaccines are used, the numbers of people with Covid increases by a lot and when countries decide to let people live with Coronavirus Delta, the numbers drop like a lift, like in England at the moment, with deaths, so I can but wonder if the vaccines drive the epidemic and if so what their real purpose is, since they don’t seem to be much good in stopping Covid at all.

    Bill Gates Daddy was behind the vaccines for Spanish Flu and everyone who had his vaccines died ( according to what I read online?) – so Bill Gates Daddy in Hell, must be very proud of his son so far, with, thanks to Biden, over 5.5 billion of the world’s population now vaccinated with the big 4’s vaccines out of 7.2 billion, I read today – so just 1.7 billion left to go, bearing in mind that The Royal Family, Bill Gates and others of their ilk, believe we are overpopulated and with computers and robotics, basic work forces are no longer required and who is going to feed and house and pay them, to sit around all day, doing nothing?

    It is theorized that 50 million humans left on this planet would solve all of the future problems that the world will suffer, if the cut is not made and it is suggested that dear old Bill ran a trial projection to see what the numbers killed would be, if “they” went ahead with the cull (meant for 2025) and whatever the results, Covid was released a few days later on an unsuspecting world and here we are today.

    So those vaccines are an ideal way to achieve the final result, by confusion and scare tactics and a bit of nudging here and there.

    Covid Is A Bioweapon
    · The Awareness Foundation COVID-19 Roundtable is a sign of wakefulness and hope during times of censorship and suppression
    · It includes honest opinions and expertise from 14 high-profile doctors, including myself, with a focus on the potential dangers being posed by the experimental mass COVID-19 vaccination campaign
    · Experts discuss how COVID-19 vaccines may cause a coming tsunami of hospitalization and deaths, along with debilitating chronic disease, early signs of which are already appearing
    · All agree that there’s enough evidence to halt the global COVID-19 vaccination campaign, either for everyone or — particularly — for those to whom the vaccines pose the greatest risks with little to no benefit, namely children and young people, pregnant women and those who have already recovered from COVID-19
    In this time of extreme censorship and suppression of scientific debate, The Awareness Foundation COVID-19 Roundtable,1 hosted by Katherine Macbean of the Awareness Foundation, is a sign of wakefulness and hope. It includes honest opinions and expertise from 14 high-profile doctors, including myself, with a focus on the potential dangers being posed by the experimental mass COVID-19 vaccination campaign.
    Each has faced censorship when speaking out, and though there are some differing viewpoints, all agree that there’s enough evidence to halt the global COVID-19 vaccination campaign, either for everyone or — particularly — for those to whom the vaccines pose the greatest risks with little to no benefit. This includes children and young people, pregnant women and those who have already recovered from COVID-19.
    I highly recommend setting aside two hours to watch this roundtable discussion in full — it’s a rarity in the present day to hear such candor and open debate. However, I’ve also compiled some of the highlights below, which include warnings about the dangers these experimental vaccines may pose to society.
    A Tsunami of Chronic Disease and Death
    Will COVID-19 vaccines cause a coming tsunami of hospitalization and deaths, along with debilitating chronic disease? One expert on the panel, Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and full professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine in Dallas with a master’s degree in public health, said he’s focused more on the short-term adverse effects from the shot. These nonfatal injuries fall into four major categories:
    1. Neurologic
    2. Immunologic
    3. Hematologic
    4. Cardiac
    “What I’m seeing is just the late emergence of various neurologic syndromes. And it probably depends on where the seeding occurs of, uh, of, you know, the uptake of the genetic material in the brain or support cells in the brain, but there’s a whole variety of cerebral, cerebellar, even peripheral nervous system abnormalities,” McCullough said, adding:2
    “I’ve seen it in my clinic and they seem to be emerging three, four or five, six months later after vaccination … So I’m getting increasingly alarmed here that this is not just a simple one- or two-day problem. And so there’s great concern, particularly in younger kids that over a course of three or six or nine months, they’ll end up with heart failure or cardiac death.
    … What I see is, potentially from these signals, not mass death, but just a large number of Americans and people around the world with a new chronic disease of some sort of neurodegenerative disease or cardiac disease. The patients that I’m aware of, these problems seem to be quite disabling.”
    Another panel member, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who has treated thousands of COVID-19 patients using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), azithromycin and zinc sulfate,3 with great success, has a different take. He believes there is a very distinct possibility that everyone who receives the COVID jab may die from complications in the next two to three years:4
    “I’m just going to give you the perspective of a clinician who deals with people that are dying … 4 million dead people can testify to the unique clinical syndrome to put them there. Basically, a natural animal virus was changed to infect humans, and then its lethality was augmented to cause blood clots and lung damage.
    And in concept here, we’re dealing with a Hitler/Stalin type of mentality with weapons of mass destruction and the way to win this war — and it’s very winnable — is in the following manner. It’s a narrative war. So we need to spread the following two ideas … Don’t give into the fear and choose to destroy yourself, No. 1. No. 2, treat your problem early. If these two ideas could penetrate the fixed calls of humanity, then it’s really the end of this crisis.”
    Dr. Tess Lawrie, whose company The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy has worked with the World Health Organization, agreed that the vaccines are unsafe for children and adults alike:5
    “They’re actually not safe for anybody, and it’s clear. The databases are screaming. The databases are early warning systems, and the databases around the world are screaming that we are facing a tsunami of chronic disease.”
    Inflammatory Disorders, Cancer Markers on the Rise
    Dr. Richard Urso, an ophthalmologist in Houston, Texas, is also concerned:6
    “Early on, we were seeing things, mostly thrombotic, but later, as we get into two and three months [after vaccination], we’re seeing a lot of inflammatory issues. I’ve had a host of people with inflammatory ocular disorders, as well as having orbital inflammatory diseases.
    I typically don’t see this rash number of people. For people who don’t know, my clinical practice is probably one of the largest in the United States, if not the largest, and we get a tremendous number, in volume, of patients who come through our office. And I’m seeing late inflammatory disease, and it responds quite well to inflammatory medicines.”
    Some have brushed off the notion that the virus could be a bioweapon because it didn’t cause sudden, mass deaths. But this is a misconception. A successful bioweapon can be something that causes long-term, progressive, chronic-type diseases, noted Dr. Richard Fleming, a physicist, nuclear cardiologist and attorney.
    In 1994, Fleming introduced the theory of inflammation and vascular disease, which explains why these inflammable thrombotic diseases, and the causes, including viruses like SARS-CoV-2, produce disease states like COVID-19.
    “As I laid out in the theory in 1994,” Fleming said, “you’re going to see an inflammable thrombotic response. That’s the primary thing that people are noticing, be that heart disease or retinol disease.” The other factor is a prion component of this virus, “which is also a chronic smoldering disease.” Fleming noted:7
    “If you’re going to actually develop something that’s going to have a massive effect on your ‘enemy,’ your goal isn’t to kill the enemy any more than it was the goal of the United States in Vietnam to kill the enemy.
    The goal was to maim the enemy so that more of the enemy would be taken off the field. What we’ve seen is something that’s been implemented that is an ideal by a weapon designed to demoralize and to feed people the enemy, and to cause a slow smoldering process.”
    Fleming cited data from Pfizer that showed in the 12 to 14 days following the second injection of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, elderly individuals had a 2.6-fold increase in symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. “This is an inflammable thrombotic process affecting every organ system and prion diseases that not only affect the brain, but also affect the heart and other vital organs of the body.”8
    Dr. Ryan Cole, a Mayo Clinic-trained, triple-boarded pathologist, also said that he’s seeing potential cancer-causing changes, including decreases in receptors that keep cancer in check, and other adverse events post-vaccine:9
    “I’m seeing countless adverse reactions … it’s really post-vaccine immunodeficiency syndrome … I’m seeing a marked increase in herpetic family viruses, human papilloma viruses in the post-vaccinated. I’m seeing a marked uptick in a laboratory setting from what I see year over year of an increase of usually quiescent diseases.
    In addition to that — and correlation is not causation — but in the last six months I have seen — you know, I read a fair amount of women’s health biopsies — about a 10- to 20-fold increase of uterine cancer compared to what I see on an annual basis. Now we know that the CD8 cells are one of our T-cells to keep our cancers in check.
    I am seeing early signals … what I’m seeing is an early signal in the laboratory setting that post-vaccinated patients are having diseases that we normally don’t see at rates that are already early considerably alarming.”
    Do the Vaccinated Pose a Risk to the Unvaccinated?
    Sherri Tenpenny has heard thousands of anecdotal reports that something is being transmitted from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated:10
    “We’re injecting a synthetically made messenger RNA and strips of synthetically made double-stranded DNA by different mechanisms, and if that transmission goes to the other person, they don’t get COVID, they don’t get COVID symptoms that we typically recognize as COVID. They get bleeding, they get blood clots, they get headaches, they get heart disease, they get all of these different things.”
    Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology,11 doesn’t agree that anything is being “passed” from vaccinated people to others, adding that while it may be possible for mRNA to be shed through breast milk to nursing infants, possibly causing gastrointestinal symptoms, anything else is just speculation.
    Others suggest it could be more of a hormonal or pheromonal issue than some type of “shedding,” which may help explain why women are also reporting abnormalities with their menstrual cycles following vaccination. Dr. Lee Merritt, an orthopedic and spinal surgeon, brought up a 2015 report by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which looked at “shedding” in mRNA vaccines, which they call gene therapies.12 She explained:13
    “They talk about, they’re very concerned about the shedding — and they do call it shedding, whether that’s technically correct … And they tell you in this thing who to protect, they tell you to protect neonates, immunocompromised people and elderly with bad immune systems.
    They also say, we don’t know what’s being shed. They say it could be genetic material. It could be activated viruses and it could be a recombinant product. This is what’s in the FDA data.”
    Immediately Halt the Vaccine Program
    All of the experts agreed that evidence suggests the mass COVID-19 vaccination program should be halted. “There is enough evidence now just from the European Medicines Agency alone, 1.7 million in reported adverse events and 17,000 deaths that the four clinical trials should be stopped,” said Dolores Cahill, a professor at the school of medicine at the University College Dublin.
    “They are detailed in the classifications, cardiac related immune, uh neuropathological and fertility associated.
    So I think we all have duties as doctors and scientists to say, if something is causing more harm than good, which this clearly is, we should, I think, unify and called for a stop to the clinical trials worldwide, and also that any individual prime ministers and regulators that continue the trial would have to be liable for any adverse events.”
    Malone believes that the vaccines have merit for certain populations, namely the elderly, but is advocating for prohibition on vaccination for infants and newborns, through young adults up to ages 30 to 35. “And specifically,” he said, “I’m trying to stop this crazy effort to force universities and schools to have universal vaccination.” In addition, he added:
    “We can argue about risk-benefit for elderly, but the risk-benefit ratio for newborns through young adults is explicitly clear. It is upside down. It’s not subtle there. You’re going to kill more. And, and personally, I also feel that we can dig in really hard on the reproductive health in pregnancy, in women, that there just aren’t data to support the use of this product because of the potential female reproductive health consequences.”
    Dr. Urso added the other significant population that has far more to risk than gain from vaccination: the COVID-recovered. “The immune status should be more important than the vaccination status,” he said.
    “So I think there’s three groups that are easily winnable arguments [to avoid vaccination]: pregnant women, the young and … the COVID recovered … I mean, that’s a, that’s a lousy thing to do to get all these people that are COVID recovered, good immune status and give them a vaccination for something they don’t need.”


  4. Richard Noakes

    To Andrea, there are always other options, like my free salt water cure, which the experts say does not exist, if it has not been approved by them and patented and used to make millions of Dollars for them – I give it away for free, because this is not about money, but to me, saving lives, when anyone is willing to try it, after all, (untested in animals) vaccines should be the very last resort and never the first one:

    “Even so, a key issue is that the current vaccines block severe disease but do not prevent infection, said Dr. Gregory Poland, a vaccine scientist at the Mayo Clinic. That is because the virus is still capable of replicating in the nose, even among vaccinated people, who can then transmit the disease through tiny, aerosolized droplets”
    Reuters – what my free salt water cure stops.

    The Achilles Heel of Coronavirus, is while it is still in the developing stage as Coronavirus/Covid in the warm, wet areas inside the nasal passages of your head (nose) and before it gets to become Covid in your head and lungs, 10 to 14 days later. If Coronavirus is not treated with my free salt clean water cure to flush out your nasal passages, as soon as possible, or during self isolation, it becomes Covid, which is where the money is. You cannot catch Covid! Always breathe through your nose and keep your mouth shut, because you really don’t want the Coronavirus to seed itself in your lungs!! My free salt water cure has “absolutely nothing” to do with mRNA test vaccines. Treating Coronavirus with my free salt clean water cure, flushes out the nasal cavity and kills Coronavirus, before it gets to be Covid, irrespective of if you have had mRNA vaccines or not. Mix one heaped teaspoon of salt in a mug of warm or cold clean water, cup a hand and pour some of the solution in, then sniff or snort that mugful up into your nose, spitting out everything which comes down into your mouth, by so doing, you flush out your nasal cavity, where Coronavirus lives. If you get a burning sensation (which lasts for 2-3 minutes) then you have a Coronavirus infection.When the soreness goes away, blow out your head with toilet paper and flush away, washing your hands afterwards and continue doing my salt clean water nasal cavity flush cure, morning, noon and night, or more often, if you want, until, when you do my free salt water cure, you don’t experience any soreness at all in your nasal cavity. While you are at it, swallow a couple of mouthfulls and if you get a burning sensation in your chest, then you are killing the Covid/Bronchitis there too, so keep it up, each time you do a salt water sniffle, until the soreness in your head and lungs goes away – job done. Pour some of the solution on a flat surface and allow to dry and see what you have then. This is what coats the nasal passages in your head and kills Coronavirus/Covid off. You can see why it is so effective. This is what I have done for the past 26.5 years and I am NEVER ill, nor do you need to be either.

    Please pass it around to everyone who wants to give it a try.

    Your life, your choice.

    Keep safe. Richard


  5. Gabriele Gaven

    Thank you….is this incompetence or will full Doing? this goes often hand in hand…


  6. Gabriele Gaven

    thank you Jeff. this article is great for it is also about Common Sense, which seems to be lost also from Us, we have to be more critical and no longer being the ball those shoot in any corner as they wish….


  7. Just FYI, Australia does not operate under the “Emergency Use Only” system – that is the USA. We operate on an approval status – the current vaccines have provisional approval from the TGA, which on receipt of further data moves to “Full Approval” – it does not mean what America’s system of approvals do. We are not constrained by only being able to use these IF there is no other option, like they seem to be.


  8. Richard Noakes

    To Alison, When you voted your Premier into Government, to all intents and purposes,you gave him your approval to do whatever he felt was necessary for him to look after you all, even if in principal you don’t now agree with the choices he has taken.
    If you think McGowan is any better, well, he is, BUT he also believes in vaccines and wants everyone to have them and he is Labour.
    It seems to me that these days, all politicians march to the beat of the same drum, they just carry different flags.
    So we come down to those who believe in vaccines and those who don’t.
    I choose not too, but I am full of admiration for those who do, bearing in mind that in America, they are still “Experimental Test Vaccines” and as such, have not been approved for general use in humans, unless people volunteer to have them and whatever the outcome to those people, well, what did you expect?
    Have you been following Obama’s 60th Birthday celebrations – over 400 “elite” party goers descended to take part in his birthday celebrations and now they all seem to have been infected with Delta, although signs are just now starting to appear, with 50% vaccinated and 50% not.
    Hopefully, we will see a lot less Elite in the not too distant future and I can only hope that Bill Gates was there, although I imagine he was not, as all of the money in the world won’t save them from Covid, once it takes hold.
    My own decision is to avoid the vaccines like the plague, which they could in fact bring on and what remaining life I have left, will be enjoyably spent, saying, that’s somebody else I have outlived, just like I did when Kennedy was shot by Oswald, who in turn was shot by Jack Ruby who had cancer and died shortly afterwards – good on you Jack, you had my blessing.


  9. “This contract with Pfizer, sells your health and welfare, to Pfizer”” @Richard Noakes
    This is exactly what the Ballarat Uni, Vic. (Federation University Australia) Professor Mr Battersby did when he signed the staff and students onto United Nations education for sustainable development (ESD) in 2012 and reoriented their minds away from true science. ESD is a social contract…undertaken by unelected bureaucrats and seduced politicians working globally making changes, without the consent of the people. Remember the Liberals were in government then. Next election…we have thousands more aware now because of this health care fiasco.


  10. With the “controversy” being well examined now the average person can see clearly the errors of our public health advisors and their manipulating schemes.
    Those persons who practise in the health fields certainly have a bigger job to face the truth.
    A pediatrician, blinded by pride in the profession, refused to listen or talk about the possibility of deadly vaccines, so this is a real stumbling block against spreading truthful information knowledge. Sadly, they are the losers.
    Thanks Dr Marik


  11. To maintain a corrupt government you require corrupt officials and this QLD dictatorship has achieved that with Dr Young on top of the heap.


  12. Absolutely correct Geoff Chester our chief health officer and her husband are doing just that. They are criminals just as our premier is.

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  13. Dr Jeanette Young at one stage was saying the only ‘Vaccine’ to have was AstraZenica. Some time later she stated that Phizer was now the only one which will be on the approval list. I suggest you have a look at Wikipedia and have a look at who her husband Dr Graeme Nimmo. He has been receiving travel perks and other benefits from Pfizer. He has also served on advisory boards for Pfizer and other drug companies. Nepotism at its best with those two and our Premier. Ivermectin has been proven to work better by a number of scientists but their results have been changed by ghost writers.

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  14. Patrick Donnelly

    Excellent analysis, Geoff!


  15. When the election is over no matter which side wins they will mandate the jab for every one in Australia and try and kill as many of us as they can.


  16. Thank you so much for spreading the word! I have already obtained some small quantities of Ivermectin through a GP in Sydney, and ordered more bulk online from overseas. In countries such as Mexico a Covid positive patient is sent home with a course of Ivermectin for themselves and family. In the majority of cases the patient recovers and avoids hospitalisation/serious illness and death. In Australia on the other hand (& most Western countries), if a patient tests positive we send them home to ‘self isolate’ with no treatment. We then wait for them to recover, and hope that meanwhile their condition doesn’t deteriorate enough for them to be sent to hospital or even die.
    Criminal charges should be brought down on our authorities for refusing Australian Covid sufferers this vital, safe and cost effective treatment. Meanwhile telling them the ‘only way out’ of this pandemic is via the experimental gene therapy jabs, which are already proving ineffective overseas and resulting in tens of thousands of deaths and vaccine related illness and unjury. Not to mention the billions of tax payer dollars being squandered on Big Pharma & unnecessary lockdowns.
    Keep up the good work Cairns News!


  17. The Pfizer secret contract, signed by your Premier, specifically says that no other treatment can be used, other than Pfizer’s, that Pfizer will decide how many shots it will supply and that Australia will pay whatever price Pfizer charges for them, with a 25% increase just made.
    The contract with Pfizer is binding and Pfizer has blanket immunity from prosecution, but any attempts to prosecute Pfizer will be paid by the host government at no cost to Pfizer.
    Pfizer goes on to say they don’t know if the vaccines will work and if a better treatment becomes available, the host government is still contracted to Pfizer, to accept whatever vaccine quantities Pfizer will send and pay whatever price Pfizer decides is suitable for its treatment.
    Biden was told Pfizer thought 50% efficiency and his comeback was that any cure was better than none at all, as I recall.
    This contract with Pfizer, sells your health and welfare, to Pfizer and your governments politicians are now representatives for Pfizer and do what Pfizer tells them to do with regards to each of you, as reported by CairnsNews

    Pfizer vaccine contracts with governments strangle people’s rights with no recourse for obvious malfeasance
    Aug 4
    Cybersecurity Expert Ehden Biber has legally obtained copies of the Pfizer contracts with Albania, Brazil, Israel and the EU.
    He discovered the first one on an Albanian website, where it was published on January 2021. Its veracity was confirmed when he was able to see Brazil’s Pfizer contract, which is virtually identical on that country’s health ministry website, with a signature that was verified by DocuSign. He has since seen virtually same contract with the EU and heard the details of Israel’s Pfizer contract.
    The contract, which exposes Pfizer to zero liability for anything and places the liability for everything on the government, which is called the “Purchaser” in the contract.
    The deal is a criminal shakedown of epic proportions, the likes of which it is hard to even fathom. Why would anybody sign it?
    Reading the contract’s language sheds some light on the inexplicable behavior of the government authorities of the world and on the true nature of this whole COVID operation.
    It also may shed light on the untimely deaths of two African presidents and the Haitian president, who all very understandably refused to sign this contract!
    In his blog, Biber wrote, “If you were wondering why #Ivermectin was suppressed, well, it is because the agreement that countries had with Pfizer does not allow them to escape their contract, which states that even if a drug will be found to treat COVID19, the contract cannot be voided.”
    And here’s a shocking clause about supplying the product:
    “Pfizer shall have no liability for any failure to deliver doses in accordance with any estimated delivery dates… nor shall any such failure give Purchaser any right to cancel orders for any quantities of Product.
    “Pfizer shall decide on necessary adjustments to the number of Contracted Doses and Delivery Schedule due to the Purchaser … based on principles to be determined by Pfizer … Purchaser shall be deemed to agree to any revision.”
    So Pfizer can breach its own contract but their hitmen will kill you if you refuse to sign it!
    You can really see how this Globalist entity that is Pfizer hates nation states and will not recognize their laws but it acts like a “government that dictates to other governments around the world,” as Biber says. If we look around at the complete lawlessness and the meltdown of once-solid institutions all over the world, you can see that Big Pharma is being used like a massive battering ram against the national laws and national sovereignty of all nations.
    The contract forces the “Purchaser”, which is how they refer to the nation that is contracting with them to defend Pfizer’s interests and not those of the citizens they’re supposed to be representing and defending – and whose taxpayer money they’re using to pay Pfizer these billions of dollars.
    As Biber tweeted, Israel has turned into a pharmaceutical #BananaRepublic, where the priorities of a multinational supercedes the priorities of its citizens.
    Not only is Pfizer held completely harmless from all claims, the “Purchaser”, ie, the national government is responsible for Pfizer’s legal defense against any and all claims!
    However, “Pfizer shall have the right to assume control of such defense… and Purchaser shall pay all Losses, including, without limitation, the reasonable attorneys’ fees and other expenses incurred.” Pfizer makes sure the country will pay for everything.
    I really don’t get why governments across the world have signed this. What’s in it for them? Did they sign this voluntarily? It really seems like a colossal shakedown and a complete abdication on the part of these governments to protect their people. It’s malfeasance on a scale that beggars belief.
    THE ONLY WAY to get a product recall on these shots is if you can prove fault in Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP), which is regulated by the FDA.
    However, CGMP will tell you NOTHING about mRNA, because we don’t have CGMP for an mRNA vaccine, so you cannot prove CGMP malpractice.

    The silly thing is, my free salt water cure kills the Coronavirus dead in the nasal passages of the head, before it ever gets to mutate into Covid in the body, when these and other vaccines are supposed to stop it and I have been treating myself and others with it for over 26.7 years and we are never ill from viruses or if we get Delta – that too.

    That is 26 years longer than these vaccines have been around.



  18. It’s all in here if you want the logical questions answered. Join up and find out. I-Frightening


  19. I’m a trifle confused. Your article dated August 13 stating that Australian GPs can legally prescribe Ivermectin Triple Therapy Protocol https://cairnsnews.org/2021/08/13/australian-gps-can-legally-prescribe-ivermectin-triple-therapy-protocol/
    They can but they won’t? Bribes or Blackmail could achieve such a result IMO.


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