Jab junta won’t retreat until people rise up, with the help of Clive Palmer

by Jim O’Toole, Townsville Bureau

Mining magnate Clive Palmer has upset the Deep State by running front page advertisements and radio ads about the Covid follies and calling for lock downs to stop.

Palmer is being regaled by the silent majority which has seen through the lies of the medical mafia, self-interested politicians, the lying media and medical bureaucrats.

Time only will tell how many pockets have been lined by the vaccine carpetbaggers of Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and Moderna.

Pfizer alone reported a $48 billion profit last financial year, which is plenty to throw around  compliant pollies.

Mining magnate Clive Palmer has a habit of upsetting the political class with his advertising about dangerous vaccines and lockdowns. Unsurprisingly, Channel 9 and the medical regulator TGA have rejected some of his anti-Covid ads as ‘misleading’, but readers would acknowledge his message is far more accurate than the diatribe we are being fed by the media and the medical mafia.

From the top of the Liberal/Labor apparatus to the stupid Greens, to Channel 9 and regional dailies all have criticised Clive’s great ads.

Clive is playing a similar game to Donald Trump when he allowed his corporate detractors to fully expend their ammo boxes then Trump was able to ascertain and identify the full extent of the adversarial forces.

Ditto Australia as the enemy Covid forces have exposed themselves and shown their hands as both traitors and imbeciles amid their vaccine and lockdown mania.

Remember these names and brands and deal with them when the repercussions begin.

Ads for the Palmer United Party have featured prominently on the front page of The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian Financial Review in recent weeks.

They have also run on the front pages of Rupert Murdoch’s The Australian the Herald Sun and regional mastheads.

Clive Palmer, has outraged the ringleader of the medical mafia, the Therapeutic Goods Administration with accurate information about the dangerous Covid response. Is Clive another emerging hero?

The ads – in PUP’s signature bright yellow and with the headline “Freedom, freedom” – say the Liberal and Labor parties are untrustworthy. Others claim “lockdowns destroy jobs”.

PUP’s campaign also drew criticism from five federal crossbench MPs, including the Australian Greens leader Adam Bandt. This week, they wrote a joint letter to Nine Entertainment and News Corp, calling on both to stop publishing ads from Mr Palmer that spread misinformation about the virus.

Note these political quislings, Adam Bandt, Helen Haines, Rebekha Sharkie, Zali Steggall and Andrew Wilkie all of whom urged both major media companies to reject the advertisements.

“We call on Nine Entertainment and News Corporation to acknowledge the harm done, live up to their civic duties as a national publisher and broadcaster in relation to the pandemic, and refuse to publish advertisements of this nature in future,” the letter said.

Fortunately for the majority of the population which it seems does not want to risk experimental, gene altering inoculations, Clive Palmer is championing small business and everyday mums and dads and their kids, the latest targets of the jab junta.

Mr Palmer has been criticised for advertisements discussing so-called COVID-19 vaccine concerns, and for ads claiming the treatment hydroxychloroquine as Australia’s best hope for COVID sufferers.

The ringleader of the medical mafia, the Therapeutic Goods Administration has previously called on him to stop spreading “misleading information” after a pamphlet outlining disputed claims about vaccinations was distributed across the country.

Radio ads from Mr Palmer that claimed COVID vaccinations had caused hundreds of deaths were also pulled after the TGA labelled them misleading.

This week, Nine Entertainment confirmed it had rejected other ads that Mr Palmer wanted to publish that went against health advice or ATAGI’s vaccine guidance.

“Nine has been vocal in our support for the health advice and has actively used our TV, newspaper, digital and radio properties and ad space to urge Australians to get vaccinated,” a Nine spokesman said.

Clive, on his present trajectory could be hailed as a freedom hero, in line with MP’s Craig Kelly, George Christensen and Senators Jacquie Lambie, Malcolm Roberts and broadcaster Alan Jones.

How much longer the locked-up populace will tolerate the world’s biggest ever scam which has obliterated economies and caused far more harm to the people of cities and regions than ever could a strain of influenza, is unknown.

As Senator Roberts lamented this week, the introduction of martial law in NSW has society nearly at “tipping point”.

Fortunately this time around the LNP/ALP/Greens triumvirate has dug a hole for itself from which it will never emerge.  

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Belsen Nazi concentration camp prisoners were told the bathroom shower was for cleansing … the Nazis blasted their newly developed sarin gas into the locked bathrooms exterminating millions


  2. But some of these politicians & broadcasters believe in the ‘vaccines’ and advise their listeners to get the jab!


  3. Truus~ you seem to be under an illusion there are awake politicians to what is going on. They are awake only to maintain the regular taxpayer filling of their bank account and maintaining the staus-quo ..ED


  4. All been bought off! That’s the trouble with Australia- too many traitors within


  5. no one else has coughed up with any decent Aussie DOLLARS except CLIVE himself, remember the mighty P.M said we,re all in this together, he did NOT however share the burden with the millions who lost so much, fat cats keep raking it in, whilst the people who PAY THEM get treated like slaves. Payback, and ACCOUNTABILITY is what all AUSTRALIANS WANT.


  6. I am ever so gratefull that Clive Palmer has the courage to give his opinion
    Where are the awake politicians , who support Clive ?


  7. Clive needs to rally the people and not waste time and money on running candidates.


  8. Patrick Donnelly

    To get mass revolt, just remove TV ….


  9. Good on Clive.At least he is a patriotic Aussie which can’t be said of our treacherous government!

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  10. I don’t like Clive Palmer very much – but I certainly agree with him on this 100%. SO many people just dont get what is happening.


  11. It seems to me that the Therapeutic Goods Administration has placed themselves in a position of “show cause”, prove your case.




  13. Today, in text, I came across the word “quisling”. First time in about 10 years. It was used in a news report out of Queensland {quoted below}. I thought quisling was loosely defined as a young and stupid chicken. Sort of like a chicken, or several chickens, chirping loudly and all running round in circles similar to the reels on an old fashioned NASA-style tape recorder. Seemed a quisling was fairly harmless. Even the more active ones.

    Someone told me once a quisling was something sometimes, served up on a plate and delicately devoured in a French restaurant. Seems a fairly harmless entity.

    Just looked it up. Low and behold: Basically a Traitor. Bugger! “Holy Shit” some might say, or think. There goes my stupid chooks. There goes my fairly harmless animals. Even the more active ones. We gotta fire the chef who got the spelling wrong on the restaurant menu.

    Please bear with me. Feeling a bit unstable because, at this minute, I don’t feel real safe. We actually do have traitors in our midst? Sorry. I’ve been out in the paddock for a long time. Now I’m free to roam. And besides, we didn’t have dictionaries out there in my paddock. We had mostly only food and flies and foxes and fences. Those were allowed in my neck of the woods and no internet. I hear some have bears or tigers in their neck of their woods. But I digress.

    The quisling thing is news to the mind from what we see happening in Australia today. In particular, what’s going on in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, and from our Federal Government including State police actions.

    “Quisling is a term originating in Norway, which is used in Scandinavian languages and in English for a person who collaborates with an enemy occupying force – or more generally as a synonym for traitor”. (From Wiki… not always trustworthy).

    Recent videos from Arvi, and many others, has shown that even the head Police pilot/s, and some rogue gung-ho angry buggers in charge, in those States, are quislings as traitors to their minds because they are buying lock stock and barrel the political lines of the day.

    Strangely also, the chief pilots are buying up real big on what the health gurus are saying on the day, then on-selling that BS to us, lock-stock-and-barrel in truck loads. Then, using that single element to force the people to comply with their orders as ordered from the medical charlatans.

    The top order, seriously, need to take a look-around in the wider field and take some wake-up pills or a serious electrical jolt. Maybe, even, jump on a YT (or other) video here and their to refresh the grey matter.

    Seems to me most (say using Pareto 80/20 math) of the lower and mid-rank officers on the ground also have family and friends and skin (and heart) in the game of law enforcement. One could feel compassion for those who are conflicted by orders from above and yet have a job to do.

    We need to go down at least one rabbit hole, preferably with a ferret-like one or two at the lead. Perhaps some unnamed, unheard of and within the deeper shadows, will steady, be ready to step out and step up.

    Over the past 55 years, most of the police (including dozens of detectives) I’ve come into contact within my State (on both the right and wrong side of the law) are bonza genuine blokes and great women. Straight as a dye. Respect plus.

    What I see and hear on video, about what’s happening to the treatment of citizens in both the public and private (community) domain in other States, I feel sick. I hope that essence of truly bad shit stewardship doesn’t come here real soon. I still have great respect for the police here in my patch. If it is so I lived elsewhere in this great country I might feel to pack my bags and leave. Oh shit. I cant piss off because My CV 19 Passport is invalid. Time to call those in charge so I can get outta here.

    The “duty thing”, and “just doing my job” thing reminds me of a song way back. I think it was back in the cave days. It wasn’t about policing in the sense of those on-the-ground in magnificent blue Australian police uniforms. Nor about the guys and women in suits and ties. Nor about the undercover police dressed in all sorts of manner including shorts and t-shirts and jeans and dresses. And some of those, of course, wearing sunglasses

    The concept and essence of the Rule of Law is under threat – again. It reminds me of “Hoss” the character embedded in the John Mellencamp – Rain On The Scarecrow song at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joNzRzZhR2Y. And the line: “Hey calling it your job ol’ Hoss sure don’t make it right”.

    The moral core and the core objective duty sometimes conflict when the incoming light is bent or skewed disproportionately to group-think. Sometimes I think its amazing many in power fell for the Globalist Manufactured View. The balance of the law and its order in this land in communities is shifting at a rapid pace. The moral and core duty ought not be hijacked solely for political purposes.

    Reminds me of the lyrics and music to John Mellencamp’s – “Rain On The Scarecrow: Specifically at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joNzRzZhR2Y. And the line: “Hey calling it your job ol’ Hoss sure don’t make it right”.

    Reminds me also of the several ideas and concepts going down the main false road leading to elements described by Aleksandr I Solzhenitsyn contained in all three parts of the Gulag Archipelago.

    Need a strategy … a plan … keep an eye on these people … quisling … record what the say and do in the public domain. Support those politicians who support the objective truth and support all people in all communities across this great land. Tell your friends. If you get time, or make the time, check out Reignite Democracy Australia at: https://www.reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au/informed-consent/

    I’ve only seen three politicians stand up in a parliament and in public in support of the objective truth. Those are only a few members and their friends who support freedom for all living in communities across this great land.

    Clive Palmer, love him or hate him, like or dislike him, is on the right track to help us out this mess. And lead into an even bigger mess. Bring it on. That’s where the fight needs to go, and beyond.

    One of Australia’s greatest attractions was its citizen-wide freedoms including the freedom to move or move-on to seek an open potential for a better life for one, and one’s family. Or stay put. Open choices that are under threat. Opportunities are under threat.

    Its up to all of us Australians in this Great Land to keep a destination here free and overwhelmingly a place of open opportunity. The blast radius of an idea …. more … nation as a family …

    Quote: “Note these political quislings, Adam Bandt, Helen Haines, Rebekha Sharkie, Zali Steggall and Andrew Wilkie all of whom urged both major media companies to reject the advertisements.” The blast radius of this freedom-losing idea, as nation and as a family will, spread fast and and wide. Even my friends in the paddocks will feel that one. Time to take stock and plan.

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  14. That Lambie thing is a snake in the grass! She said with much glee as a bully in a school yard, that them antivaxxs are going feel the heat!


  15. Clive has them covered.
    The disinformation they “scream” about is easily sorted out by “discovery” in court, where the Truth could be set free about all of the issues on the PCR tests, the spike protein toxins and more.
    Have at it you screamers, keep going.
    Are your screams brave enough to take it to court where through discovery All the Evidence & Truths can be found out about all the happenings on the virus event, the actual science, data, facts & evidence including all about HCQ & Ivermectin, whilst other things were pushed.
    Clive knows all of this, especially about HCQ which he sourced & donated 32,000,000 doses of right at the start of it all.
    Was that a little “trap set” by Clive & team, with HCQ being made available for use in abundance if required so there could be no excuses for it not being available to Australians?
    Here’s to one day soon, through discovery in a trial in Australia to the rest of Australia finding out the truth as well.
    Go get them Clive.

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  16. Who needs enemies when AUSTRALIA has its own Australian enemies! Time to hang all the greedy traitors

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  17. Clive for PM
    Love your work mate keep it up.
    All thinking Australians are with you.

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  18. horsecowsheeps

    Very good, & Clive should be smart enough to see that he can thrive in this environment even though he hasn’t got all the facts BUT, Jaquie Lambie & Little Malcolm,..have demonstrated inexcusable ignorance recently,…they need to go back to kindergarten

    Sent from my iPhone


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