The freedom rallies will keep going

Posted on August 13, 2021, in coronavirus, Covid Cops, Covid passport, Covid vaccines, Covid-19 and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Karen~ Stupidity is not hereditary, Glady accomplished that all by herself ..ED


  2. On nightly TV Evil Nanny Gladys (nsw) is looking more and more distraught, is losing it ! Her
    desperation is such that she is imposing more extreme laws to deter citizens exercising their rights. Days before a Freedom rally 5km restrictions on movements, $5000 fines.

    What’s causing your desperation Evil Nanny ? Are opinion polls showing your days of servitude to the drug companies, of imposing their dangerous Risky injections on citizens, registering citizens rejection of you ? Are the polls showing that the millions you invested in a massive media Terror campaign havent achieved the desired results of obtaining total submission to your RISKY dangerous injections ? Have your lockdowns not destroyed enough jobs and business to compel total compliance with your dictates ?

    Dear Evil Nanny Gladys, you look so distressed. Take a Bex powder, a hot cup of tea, and have a lie down…


  3. Darryl Sheenan

    Can some one get me into the position of a Marshall, I was a Registered Nurse for over 25 years and Know what is happening and I can really help. Please contact me and lets get training. Our rallies need guidance. My name is Darryl ex NZ RN


  4. I do not have the expertise to do this, but, would we not be better off banding together to organize indictments against ALL of the pollies for treason and get rid of them all?
    And the corrupt judges as well for that matter. Since under the 1901, judges must be appointed by the Queen (heir and successor of Queen Victoria not their paper copy) or her envoy the Governor General, who according to Dick Yardley, has not existed since 2nd February 1962, Any judge now sitting,needs to be better than 82 years old to have been lawfully appointed. All others are personating magistrates.


  5. Step O'Rafferty

    The comments that Gladys Berejiklian made about last month’s protest in Sydney are not only reprehensible, they are spine chilling and treasonous to the highest degree. The protest was not illegal, there are no laws in Australia that prohibit protests. There may be directives issued by utterly corrupt public servants and political figureheads but they are not enshrined in law. By inciting hatred towards people who are legitimately demanding their freedom from tyranny, Gladys has now stepped onto the same platform as the leaders of the Nazis in 1930s Germany. If she does not yet realize that COVID 19 is a scam perpetrated by the greedy and power lusting elite she is stupid beyond belief. If she does understand that it is a scam and continues to perpetrate this crime against humanity she is evil beyond contempt.


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